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Hour 3: Jeff Darlington

Apr 17, 2018|

The guys talk with ESPN NFL Reporter Jeff Darlington about the Patriots and more and then dish on why Giancarlo Stanton might be playing poorly and more.

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It's April and some things are winding up like baseball and some things are winding down like hockey thankfully Pennzoil synthetics provide tour vehicle with complete protection for Todd mentioned performance no matter what season it is so you don't have to worry about ups and downs Pennzoil. Make the switch. A barrier on the phone rang me picking up always pick up the phone. To show whose early but inside that offers its stand on hold his head and shoulders above the only ones and that's the guy they want. I would not even. Answer the phone. I kind of feel like they're making you a human pinata and I can answer your question your in my right or wrong which time. Your cover that you are covered fix. All that frustration and I can be sure I was right all I was wrong newcomer. You're covered that's that's that's the brilliance do you think you're pulling one over on me when I'm pulling one over on mule when you think you're. Pulling something over on all of nevermind goal can we go ESPN radio ESPN news presented by progressive insurance. All phone just join us on the show pencil performance line in this hour goal when. Is brought to you by and lacking in some suites net book you know if you don't count. And when a business really you know you know Q&A dynamic into down and down a little too bored of that will be a good time will be down to the draft next week. Our show will be there what Wednesday through Friday a source I'll be doing the draft Thursday and Friday and Saturday. And will talk a lot about the draft with. Florida and then be used in a reporter Jeff Darlington joins us in studio guys straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless device that works no contracts what are the under threat of death coverage are actually the giants would be crazy. Not the drastic one Barkley. Norman do the other way the giants would be crazy if they drafted sequel border and I double or record ul pulled out a I'm just here to help them by the way master of the field what you look. Catholic. Her. Pretty athletic they got pretty good Gosling we moral threat and also enjoy warlord maverick that's a low bar across what's the farthest you've ever run yeah it is six degrees from sideways range. You'll have to do our look intelligent at all because if you ever in that regard. Oh never you're never my dad used to run marathons Newton threw across the finish line and ask for respect of cigarettes right. Or younger it's about how. The series record again referencing the Boston Marathon yesterday 3637. Degrees sideways rain unbelievable the way and a well a player people by the way the first thing I said when I knew Jeff was coming on the Joyce's dead don't don't bother bringing mystics. Yes we like to play a little golf. Not that golf whether noon it is not it's okay for spring to start on April 7 new do Uganda Saul. We're thinking I did you do this was my fault I said this two weeks ago I think the worst part of his over gaffe. We've had three snowstorm I look look at all the people in Green Bay or day outside out right now I they they yeah they should. By the way our Packers reporter rob the mosque you wanna raise possible time who. As it was snowing at the feet of snow mode you the middle finger at all I don't know what outside in shorts cracked open a beer and put a post find your B saw that it was Santana is absolutely agree or corona camera doesn't up robbed him off ski let me just say well they're good welled up America. All right we got a lot to get to win with Florida man you're Jeff I don't let's start. It's trendy. Do well and beat is not happy he vented on insert Graham after the loss to the Miami Heat. Weeping sickened darted being baby he has not played down the stretch of the regular season nor either the first two playoff games because of that injury to his orbital bone fracture. And he may not playing game three Mike and he's got to understand the sixers are looking up for his best interest. Only he didn't say the word flow he says G war and were the mother of all words adolescent. I get a he's a frustrated athlete everybody wants to play now is the best thing in the world would draw on your your into a story in him and basically call your team out for baby you know know what. Listen I get it today this is how these players they vent on Twitter and on and to Graham and all the different ways that you can social media. I'm not saying it's a great to see him well but I jetted more we always talk about joy Allenby being. Not during a great player ever really fits that mold. Are the athlete of today embracing the social media using social media he's a very good glorious guided the incredible. Personality that he had various gregarious CV resume is Gerber good spirit runs audience yes five to write a it is a great personality and ended shelves. There is no doubt about that so. I don't I don't mind him saying that he wants to play doubtful still I think. For game three which is gonna be in Miami may do get him in game four but would put a pass Philadelphia valls said maybe you can get some minutes in this game well it. Again this game three in Miami is the most pressure packed game for the sixers in five nurse byters. As a series is tied it one of lost on court demand and haven't beat and they could go down two games to once or see how they play that out when they get to game three which will be like you know it's six weeks. Why you mentioned the Boston Marathon broad in horrific conditions who on Monday and congratulations to dazzle and and apparently she's a moderate. The first US woman went to Boston Marathon since 1985. Incredible incredible story and in especially in this race when they were watching a lot of it in the rain. How the direction was gonna go all were when people were gonna make the passion did out heartbreak hill heartbreak I believe made her move for that put. Just just just two to finish that run let alone obviously. The competitive runners are still running competitively bid the people that are just training to run and are trying to find anywhere they can. To get through and I think there were hundreds who had had to seek. Medical attention to the media of all cold and wet it was but you know these competitive runners they are doing their thing and congrats to her. Or a monster went a slower times because of the rain between regular thirty miles. And nobody is expecting any kind of a record times here but are really impressed and Dura. Are ridiculous. And Jeff don't you lose your dad did run marathons or your company. I think the four spot drill bit like a cigarette and early twentieth the New York marathon while plug in back there with uproot one he's authentic as well I think it was John Belushi. Log a lot of miles trainee to that day as he it's cigarettes and a bottle of doughnuts a longer auto line I watched in the green room with Damien Woody I watched the marathon we want apple to bring her on that dot should be a small box recorder because that was entertainment and felt really watching that now the -- befuddled. Mind of him as he's watching people run for alleged fund or whatever they're doing a four. We're zero that was villages Jamey and about yesterday about the thought of him running America and what you have asthma problem and I didn't realize you regulations in Indus this track as well yeah I mean it is. It is not know what it does not Rihanna I ran a 10 K in Central Park once and you think of south Central Park being you know flat. It is not flat at notre Lotta hills. Why honestly -- for prostate cancer well so because you realize now that there could feel like I just so I don't know I don't just sit next to somebody yelled by the way I do after creditor or did stanza he wants ran a half marathon in Syracuse in a snowstorm he did great in them yet you wanna say yes she's nodding to me that I had the idea incoming dead again and you read how many marathons too which are best time. 338 like an hour slower than no female winner yesterday would you ever I don't know. Probably 338 what does the average out what what your arm out like eight when he imam he's very impressed. That's 820 for 26 months she ran and the winner a desert and 605. I played eighteen holes and threw 38. I don't 127. Yeah yeah we've witnessed the competitors that are expected to win and do these kind of things and there's he's unbelievable stories like Sarah sellers she finished. Four minutes and ten seconds behind the winner in second place in her second ever marathon yet she you know why is she finished second. Anti pocketed 75000 box she is a full time nurse. From Arizona came there with her husband some other family members are similar to that ran in and she she ran to turn ninety dollar new balance should crucial never papers usually have no idea what place you finish in when she finished. By now she did running college found out your second ended up winning 75000. Dollars in prize money. She did wanna be in the top fifteen of American women that would qualify. Her four Olympic trials so she finished second yeah amongst American women so mission accomplished is that an address to the 75 grand in your second marathon pace said the coming marathon did you run again. Do I didn't finish second neither one of Davenport she's just absolutely stomped all over you didn't shoot featured it in a year ago I have a buddy of mine that finished. Next to last in a marathon and he said you what they call. Last place finisher in a marathon without a marathon front. Don't matter of time. Crawl behavior. Also it's just of what they call the last place finisher of miss school doctor death got it or all of the buffalo or. Oakland at odds with him all the way around case from Florida mansion at Darlington with us are fine NFL reporter and you editorial last and Europe are a couple of weeks ago about. Rob Gronkowski leaning towards coming back and playing. But a couple of weeks later he's not at the beginning of offseason workouts for the patriots neither is Tom Brady who's in Cotter I believe. Dominating TB twelve you worldwide enterprise Campbell's old Leo so the fact that we haven't heard anything definitive still yet from gronkowski what are the odds that that retirement thing is still play. I would say it's it's the same as it was based on the conversation on on having millions continue to put our heads famous ever was was there ever was exactly and I would say that. He's still preparing his body to play and when you can you still telling people close to him that good. Still pretty much 2018 for him but but this is a situation where. You know I think he's he wants to get away from the facility wants to clear his head physically and mentally once you get himself actor who plays is one thing that was explained to me is that. He knows if he's gonna continue with the patriots you have to be ready for the grind it. Bill Belichick is not going to somehow change his ways and make things easier on the one thing I will add to this though is that he still has an underpaid Qaeda and and Drew Rosenhaus called the patriots. Very soon. Talk about. They I gotta come back him avoid him avoid. That should not surprise and improve those you don't know two years left on a deal I believe little over eight million supposed to make this year and ten million some right in that area for next here. I thought I and as Jeff tell me who were what you think is. There does seem to be. We wanna sit there caller cracks in the armor for team that you know has won a ton of Super Bowls and just had a loss in as Super Bowl so they were still there. You're the Demi and I Danny Amendola interview about Al check Tabasco was sometimes he could be a blanket blanket how hard it is so arteries start to go wall. My thought is. I think Ron come back to play Brady is definitely coming back to play a bill Belichick's going to be the coach once they all walk in that building. Tim that talk is over because you sign up for they all know Bill Belichick is not going to change so if you step back in the building. You know it's going to be the grind that it's normally been within your chosen to go back to. If and when they step got into that building though and that's the one area that I think that there is some empowerment right now. Don't ask me about the judge give you use this is this a mutiny being led by Tom Brady I would not take it that far but I would say this. If guys are feeling empowered. By the actions and behavior Tom Brady saying hey guys pick stand because. It's not just about money it's about treatment and it's ultimately about. You know I pick one or the other you're gonna grind on these guys diehard as Bill Belichick often does. At some point you might have to one opinion that this has worked for years and years and years and some people so why you watch injured now. People change I mean. We got a 41 year old quarterback now he's not a twenty year old 23 year old die if so I can see behavioral change within the organization and that's gonna make a hard decision for build. I get it I definitely get the attitude changes but I stole my thought is that they've walked back in that building. Who who else is think it would take about a mutiny outside of group rock or Brady and I know you didn't mean immunity idol but you know you did you I answered your job as a minute delay England even any lock it down even any other players and are thinking yeah we should be treated this way I'm Damian Ortiz said here's that I spent four years airborne a couple of super wal. And it was some of the hardest stuff I ever did and I knew they weren't going to pay me so I went somewhere else wrote and it is sitting there reporting to. Saying all of it looked across the field and I saw. You know how much on the Eagles drama that was the Eagles. Super ball thing okay Eagles the FC championship game. Every year like the patriots are you haven't it is hard work or not it's not our work but menu you. Play the game. To get paid off and that we're getting the Pentagon. Going to be very important and difficult for people to treat all of these situations uniquely whether it's Rob Gronkowski Danny Amendola Amendola is is one of dozens of guys who did exactly that and the patriots moved on and charged on one more suitable. Number he is a very different views in this regard and that one I think that we're going to have to watched extremely closely. Because there isn't assumption that this will all go away and it will all be fine and for the most part that is a strong possibility. Because when you guys do get a room they recognize that were really good at this together and we need to charge on but I would not dismiss. This situation I would not just say I would not just a huge because the patriot way has succeeded in the past that it will continue to do just that. Jeff Darlington are Afro yeah ESPN reporters would listen studio. You're right. But we're talking about the situation here with New England that is never we're talking less seventeen year death threats this has never happened that's why Mike I think what you said is so significant. Yes well occasionally I'll Philadelphia win their first ever Super Bowl absolutely will there be a year like Super Bowl fifty. Where dot Peyton Manning on his last legs has is unbelievable defense that carries them to a championship. But let's just look at what happened before that their Super Bowl 49. The patriots won Super Bowl fifty they had to get through the patriots to get there Super Bowl 51 the patriots come back and win answerable 52 the patriots had a chance to win every minute every year there and it every year because of this dynamic that set in place. And I think that a guy like Bill Belichick is going to change at all because the carnival barking at him for it but how has yeah but but how has that happened hasn't happened also due to the fact that Tom Brady. Is back they're taking less absolutely up and there's only what really good job let alone what they know what they've all signed up for right so the idea that suddenly they're gonna change the dynamic seventeen years in. I think his fools what I guess that's my point. When they all decide and I think they're all well these three were talking or will bills coach there were no Tom's quarterback and he wants quarterback that he's eighty. Rocks John a question mark I still think he's going back I guess that's back to my point Jeff again has once they all. Get back in the building than they all know what the game plan is I don't think there's any. I can't believe in my mind that Tom Brady or grunt Fink said Bill Belichick is gonna change one bit as they stepped back in that building they knew exactly what the script is going to be. Every single day through that season. I I think that is very accurate and that is. Partly why both guys are in the building right now there are now at a mile and emit their bodies. And it and continuing to and the thing isn't this sloppy made adults grew out there should be that is of. A very regional well right throws it to oust road Tom's trainer here as the whole TB twelve experience and the Bill Belichick was upset that some of the players were going to Alice grow its head of the page in training staff right and that's a legitimate thing by the way if you're the head coach. What is very unique about this situation this year as we move forward just something to watch. It's something to keep in mind. In 2010. When Brady was dealing with a contract situation stay where you offseason program he's gotten Los Angeles with his first born. Child spend more time with family out there. This time around we'll be in Boston. During throughout this offseason program. The TV total facility is about 500 or five football field away from Gillette Stadium. So like when I'm up there covering games I walked past the TV to a facility to get a coffee. Like that's so close it's right there to the stadium. And hint at April I was you know are going to be over there if that doesn't give you some fence you can old old. The dissension and frustration. I don't know how to better symbolizes there's some nuisance to a low. That is that is pretty familiar being tackled me south south quicker share in that article that the patriots that is not true with central they found a couple things that in like about that had maybe been dispute about the overall tone of that article came out was true this is vinegar yeah and Robert Kraft that eluded to it. As they got to zobel it's been a very difficult year for them by the way on the contract numbers for Barack according to our fund researcher and occasional contributor to the show Brad. A crock is averaging nine per year and his current deal. Our whole averaged nine and a half per year over the next to Jimmy Graham is adamant ten. Travis Kelsey and Jordan readable than nine point three so mean he's really bright they're separate Jimmy Graham was deals more recent and you can certainly. Make a very compelling case that brought gronkowski should be paid more than Jimmy Graham. If you could here's one thing I'll say if you're gonna grind on guys this is the sentiment that a talking to all these different people have spoken to if you're gonna grind on guys. Sometimes you're gonna have to came forward and in this case I would with mark this down. I would guess that gronkowski. Is being paid more than that number by the start of training camp if you still with the pitcher really. If he's if he's still playing for the progressive with Iraq trade I'll still be still playing for the it will sit. But just let this but the boy let this thing oil and Elway finally got to do it now we did it ever broadcast from just are all the same is that there's not takes a stronger the Brady Bob Dylan are what we need to remember here is that everybody is trying to create. I. They're trying to decide fans out there are all trying to decide what's going to happen based on what they'd seen before when I think that it's very important for everybody. To throw our assumptions and just let this thing play out and not. Just assume the gronkowski. Is gonna come back without getting paid I'm not saying that's where it's about but I think. If there is this preconceived notion that the patriot where we'll just continue to prosper. We we have four hours of so we can't just let things play out there no yeah but you don't out of touch and obviously IRS just said that proximity to trade and there's a minute ago I got on the bottom line is grow old we're putting on the top of ESPN dot following a marriage it's going I was a blast news alert all the let's not let's let's go in Orange as a restaurant let's goal with the with another pass catcher Dez Bryant what what's the what's the market going to beforehand not only by teens for by money you think you can get a month after freeagent. As art it hasn't been great and of course. Are you could argue that the cowboys did in the disservice by cutting him or is that division there didn't have a signing bonus in his contract for the first day of free agency so that that decision had to make the sooner right point but. There really isn't a great market for right now and whether it's the Joseph I talked to some general managers and coaches even some. But some franchise quarterbacks about like you want this guy gonna you gonna try to get him in the building. And there's really not a ton of sentiment. Does this favor and 11. Quarterback told me that they feel like. Shoes ability at this point does not matched some of the antics then you also to do with them. A lot of times there's that sliding scale like you know bill Beckum it's like. Guilt that but you get him on achieved document that's that's the thing now it feels like you can get him on the cheap so all the sudden a team like the giants who I thought would have to reserve all the money for oil Beckham. Maybe he's like away we can get him in Britain got him in for you know I don't wanna desperate. A lot tell us now Jesse and a half million dollars he was never making that not dollar for let's be clear about that and then that we've seen the last years he was never gonna make doesn't get cannot. Electoral we're a question you know so and thought about the giants because you can be what are they thought Brent marsh I was going to rally which she isn't in New York that would be an interesting thing. And does still. This is personal opinion to the atomic doesn't he like a fiery guy you put it. But you the most loyal soldier. You can get it if you can get him into the right situation so it came out there that's looking at Dez Bryant fan. Now about those antics like if you just think about your locker room and if they can handle it you're the veteran presence handle it. This could be a bit of a super team. But when he broke his foot in the first game of the 2015 season look at Tony Romo had a great comeback against the giants in the Sunday night game he waited around. Without anything on that foot to go ahead and congratulate Tony on living the game winning drive the you you look you love the passion of says because it. In many ways translates into the positive things but at the end of the day. He's a physical receiver not a speed receiver and he's been banged up the last few years and you wonder okay how much longer in the body play that physical level. It's more about that than anything else write about Aaron Rodgers and a I mean the thing about Dez Bryant is like. He's not he's a quarterback who's gonna put the ball exactly where it needs to be Matilda so Dez will catch it now entering its legends match as well yeah. That would be very interesting and I can tell you that Aaron is looking around saying hey. Guys this time help me out lonely here help me out a lot of Jordan Gross joining mortgages and I'm watching that and does Brian grow and grow me a courtroom please throw me a bone. Florida man just don't actually have always courtesy and cinema of Austin to I'm. It depends that would make it but it's quite a while taking it was all right off your moaning at the yoke is on me or we're human being that's also true coming up an interesting theory and interesting theory on the slow start of one of the new kings of New York. Ever on Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage buy equipment loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Winning at sports and of sports broadcasting means change things up just like like he'd get into to each his changeup looked. Renovated lobby the so contemporary even make Scola looked cool as it does that it totally updated fitness center that even has wing though feeling like a work out primary up plus plenty of comfortable spaces to hang out yet this licking it though look definitely has saved 50 victory so you can just relax refresh and get ready for your next big meeting prepared when a business with more keep things in tweets. Book now LQ Dhaka. Go to going go if you funniest gay radio ESPN news for survivors of insurance cellphone just join us on the shell pencil performance or insult. I might do it I know we'd like to complain about the weather because I think we're gonna go straight from winter to July 4. It is it usually hear what day we're gonna wake up can be nine being human and we're gonna complain about humidity yet exactly right that's what we try to wrap Andrew Brandt who used were present course a long time up front office guy with the Packers and a dozen great work. He always have when he was when he got to Green Day. Of the legendary Bob wolf who was Ron Wolf tease me bro is that knows that the GM there's that there are two seasons in Green Day winter and fourth of July. And I feel like let's play this for the rest of us now. And that is actually having an adverse affect the Major League Baseball there'd been what twenty. Five or twenty postponement so they Gordy can write this year I think there are 25 all of corny seventeen. And attendance is way down not a lot a lot of that obviously is related to the weather but there was that White Sox home opener you know for bubble boy's team right DeVon. Where they said 9000 people were. Were paid to his public 900 people showed right right and we're having attendants really dipping in baseball driven cities like single season so how would you want how much of that as weather related how much of that is not a larger issue that baseball's not to do. You're also deal with that whether he'll sue mangers from players as well playing in the cold weather in the bad weather it's it's increasing the injuries so. No Bueno right now for four baseball with that going on but milk mother nature's into a mother nature does a mother nature's gonna drug twenty inches of snow on. Green Bay and ahead gonna dump three inches of rain here on us and in derby couldn unfortunately dump a lot of rain and wind and cold in Boston for the Merrill. Found its. It's brutal Cutler brutal on which it isn't what the weather's so bad we had eight ice out in Toronto when they have a doled out there ripe old and the game was postponed because of ice you know what happened was that when I was there was that the CNET towers what is. CN tower the CN tower there next wed ice and it was falling falling out building now and people they were afraid that you would get hurt walking in to the Roger senator. So and by the way let's be clear that's a real finger receivable 45 and all our assets and they had reached no magic and there was some east there was some ice that I fell off the roof. At Cowboys Stadium and kill little work not acted so you do undertake an abundance of caution but it is just crazy. How the weather has affected the baseball schedule for normalcy in your fault it is all my fault and that's fair one thing that has not stopped in any way shape or form because of the weather. Is that's Bryce Harper Bryce Harper did it last night again and did it with a broken back. Here's a pitch swung on a broken back. Fly ball to deep right center field nibbled at the warning track at the all in his mind. Okay. He broke his. Any Ballmer and the unveiling of a ball. Zone goes Bryce Harper. His Major League leading eighth home run of the year. So we breaks is bad it didn't say Rupert that's on the movement like Brock mark I don't you talking about the limit and sue are checking how broke you back about national radio now. But there's good stuff. Good stuff there's a little Brock mired every bit and has brought her religion there's a Little Rock goes a little brown Larry every Major League play by play guy but. Isn't that call that's a broken bats libel. It's still going it's still going it's still going Bryce Harper is amazing and it's funny we talk about your Jon Karl stand minera judge. Right sharper still bad dude I mean he's still the guy carrying that torch for the for the young players he's actually six months younger. And -- judge and he's doing all these things and he's been don't know what for five years now. Well I mean it's been like to Bryce Harper Mike trial yet saying you know we're with the two best in the league certainly are judged jumping on their what would what he's done just obviously last year but. Over the few over the years over the last few years. It's been Trotta harper who were self. Young players in doing what they're doing when I sir Robert Bryce Harper and you know high school now on the cover Sports Illustrated. Now one final question bra now let's iCloud question cloned question. Unreal ball was given us a lot earlier on and is now leading lead the league and they were in home runs with eight. So I think you guys really know RBIs as well death seventeen as well I mean 77 a monster begins season but we're we've certainly seen it. Before out of him and he org and we kept talking about is he going to be that first 400 million dollar contract as a member Stan got the 325. Boy the way the money took a hit this past offseason started they've OK maybe that's not going to average he's going to be well compensated but you know. We're look good for all time numbers just because we can donate our money were given away and that's exactly right and by the way if there is a soft market for Bryce Harper next year. Major League baseball's gonna have a lot of explaining to do now a lot of explaining to do if there's a soft market for Bryce Harper you mentioned that he six months younger than error in judgment. A lawyer and judge did something last night as well. So that of course Mike OK on the yes network. His sixtieth career home run he's out of fastest player for made games played standpoint to get to sixty home runs it was a 197. Game. Mark McGwire had been the fastest to sixty in 1988. He did it in his 202. Game saw my math my quick math says. Five fewer games right through it up to yeah minus 1975. 5 do you did you know that aren't very bid Notre Dame well done and I want to notice of it didn't think Cuba harper we look at it in fifteen games April. 313 833 slugging percentage 507 on base percentage eight home runs fifteen RBIs twenty waksal case there. Pretty good not bad at all and then the six months younger men are judged he'd been doing this for a -- for a while you're still going to keep going John Carlos Stanton has its moments but they have not been as consistent as the Yankees would like him to be obviously for what they thought when they now when the media knew more about moments have been strike three drawn back to rebel platinum sombrero and Weis are ready which is never happened before a single season he did it in ten games which is five strikeouts no hits in the game. But but there may be a reason Mike and it's sort of an odd one when you look at it on surface as to why John Carlo may be struggling. Yeah now under struggling with the smell ironies of. Kind of I mean OK so we just for the New York Times by the way moving to a new cities leasing an apartment. There and basically it seems he's having trouble getting the furniture there Coca other stole the furniture hasn't yet arrived there still some repairs and upgrades that need to be done. He's dealing with a lot of that is said to stay in the hotel some nights and when he's not playing ball he's dealing with some of that. I you know he was asked you know in Boston last Tuesday. If you've been trying to do too much at the plate he said no I just felt like there's a lot going on. Focusing on May be too many things by not trying too hard I don't think. And he acts who was asked then about is setting up your place a distraction. He said I'm not going to make any excuses so. Oh good friends say among our vacation yeah I I mean exactly and and could could that be did I mean. Stanton is worrying about. The furniture or. He's I mean. Listen the easy easy thing to sit there and say oh why does have his assistant about everybody has an assistant yet you know and and people around and took people doctor Carlo and he furnaces and a half you have don't you have the spare change this sounds like he's doing a lot of this on his own set of you know yeah. Much cooler is nothing wrong with that they had to do that and. Already but to the point of yo. The hotel being the issue stays in the hotel on the road right oh yeah I can it's all here it is we we broke it down okay great researcher Brett has come out of this on the home. On the whole stance 32816. Strikeouts to fourteen slugging percentage. On the road when he's always in a hotel and a 319 strikeouts 677 slugging percentage I see where we should go here can't. Can't say it's about the hotels that what is should do is you stay in hotel there it is hordes of Robbie Alomar. Those also Robbie Alomar was the blue jays as he lived it's at skydome hotel right you never even if there are older that he never left the hotel opening fire and if it sort of different place there's plenty of extended stay hotels you know would have been nice kitchen I think there Williams like that in fact you can do that at looking to and you could win a business see there you go there you go ha ha so we'll have a little bit there on that plus we've got feuding voicemails Michael. Unity voice calls for I don't voicemail line 8605065505. OK we'll hear those. I'm a one trick pony who literally quiz show for two parties in action it's pretty much is so we're used me for being bitter when Doug Coe says not only to receive your money on car insurance but we do more what do you 24/7 access on line over the phone or even be overworked removal route Momo. Thornton multi talented. Perished are soon there's terrorists. Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. Just how creative we deal with cracked nickname the radio call it's a dream I got kids in the little warriors. Insert communicate with the work for all holds a little cool he's a little rafters all the little Nick's little meg com all rattle Little Rock group good blue Iraq. Felt let or dropped it a little magic. And not know what you're doing that we do we seriously did the best one that I miss a little nuggets star. I. That was definitely the winner note on about a goal to win don't present about progressive insurance what insurance for cars home boat. Motorcycles RVs and commercial vehicles. I wanted on a progressive and We continue here on Gordon Ringo we are presented about progress insurance off longest onus on the show opens a performance line. Well we have asked you guys to be our Staley cup playoff correspondents via our voicemail line 8605065505. Some of you have listened to that. Jason threats to does that since that Spain is its benefits of that in Spain produced industry is Fitzsimmons and also is in your occasionally. As obviously from nationally a huge predators fan. Well some people don't care about him being a huge predators. Yeah as this is still in Denver Colorado. Squeaking I at Nashville the avalanche dominated the Prez I disagree with it and getting many tools. Showing that this series is all but over. Better luck next. So they don't from Denver. Says the series is all but over when the predators lead to games how adjusters are good the grandeur series to warm I mean. How was just over yeah. I it sounds like he was confident that his team would win now it's certainly did that they were down to get all anything bought all everything that I got. All all all of got the same way we did we did we did. OK so Jason fits obviously has been summoned to say about them. Hey guys it is just appeared not to see you look so perfect it easier or according to return period they wanted to make sure that that couple that are used car got a quality place I was that's really the only thing you need to know about the kids so excellent skills. Prisons. By the way I was half hearted call got a really wasn't didn't sound convicted Pontiac has a loss that we couldn't get too crazy by the way avalanche they stepped a twelve game losing streak to depress itself while other hadn't beaten them since what march end of march of 2016. Saw a nice win for them in the series obviously is not overbought predators are open that series two games to one. All of the best thing about the entire playoff run right now so far off from from a big picture for yet if you don't have a team in the in the race would probably understand would absolutely be with a bigger school not sure what that is just don't believe him. After the expansion inaugural season that they had and then they have a chance to sweep them in their first ever playoff series just unbelievable point for everybody we arena there yet I certainly hope to are there any slot machines or tables in the area. I've still pushing for that I'm sure there isn't because I'm sure there won't allow that I've said that when the raiders in that stadium the suite should have you know blackjack tables and it clearly inside of me. Out why why wouldn't you. I mean but I really. How is playing blackjack or gambling on the game or does it get better and again I'd Wear a black eye I don't disagree with you now I don't disagree June anyway bush say he's hit me hit me. Hit me and that's so they haven't on the Villa and Larry got all comes together where you go you know who's not saying hit me or Sumi and no beatle brunch and now LeBron James. For those that may not remember took great umbrage. Umbrage great umbrage very underrated word Benoit took umbrage with the fact that Alabama. On their website had the had a show on called shop talk which basically is about Crimson Tide players hang on and barbershop and and in getting their haircut and talking about stuff that that went on. In and around the clubs and I mean the Alabama football pro right so the Bronson whoa whoa whoa hold on a minute now because Harmon dropped him we had the shop. And we patented dad and if you guys you better step off all really at the lawyers and ball right well guess what. Someone else has said something to LeBron. And they have to deal with this now. Which is yet clubs aren't put your foot yet it it side venture enterprises. Is saying that they got a letter. They sent a letter of the lawsuit is seeking an injunction that would ceased production of future episodes of the shop as well as a serious monetary. I compensation. So what basically adventure ever enterprises saying his. We worked with LeBron and and a group from uninterrupted for a couple years. I'm developing something like this right and then we were cast aside and lo and behold. Here comes this show all or like where it's. We work with you rewards with you on the show and now we're no longer part of that we view and the show has come out. And no we we find that to be a violation or we want we want some money for that. And it cinders I'll be curious to see whether or not there were conversations and what legal protections this what adventures venture enterprises. Did to sort of protect themselves because LeBron and sub do have a patent on yes they do they do have a bad but remember. He would vote that patent when he saw a shop talk on the Crimson Tide website and he was very vocal about this they. You know what we built this platform for ourselves and we're going to defended so now LeBron was asked about someone attacking his platform in the story said the lawyers for her this. I had passed ball landed by the way are. Quickly Alabama changed their name they do not call channel like anymore they call a bam cut spit out my drama guys in the haircuts or wherever so they change the name. As far as a a source close to James and maverick Carter told ESPN on Monday the company sought a payment the company being adventure enterprises. The company sought a payment eight months ago and we're told their claim was ridiculous. And they disappeared. They clearly saw the media around the University of Alabama story and saw an opportunity. For a published a publicity stunt. And now the lawsuit. That oh against uninterrupted by this group saying is it now alleging that basically adventure enterprises. Received an apology. From uninterrupted and assurances. It was a one time deal. And wouldn't happen again Durban two episodes in a third is on the way so wasn't a one time deal so. Lawyers will get involved in this O'Brien and we'll see if LeBron is gonna oh. I'd venture enterprise is any thing look at it the end of the day yes if you go out of locally say hey this is ours and we're gonna shut to try and shut down deserving based on legal things somebody that you just sizing all sitting in my wanna handle our situation first for Igor to someone else. That's just the way this goes so again LeBron says the lawyers for her you know why don't they will go to and we got on his billable hours and coming up are growing pains just part of the process and LeBron really going to be asked to do more Steve today will join us next stay with us. Animal one trick pony who literally for children to cordons the next shoe it's pretty much is so we're used me for being bitter when Doug Coe says not only to receive your money on car insurance but we do more quick you 24/7 access on line over the phone or even be overworked removal route Mo loan or do multi talented. Very concerned we're there and terrorists. Geico expect her savings and a whole lot more.