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Hour 2: Notre Dame and Bama Match

Apr 20, 2018|

Chris Canty in for Golic. The guys talk about and home-and-home series between Notre Dame and Alabama and then talk with Adrian Wojnarowski about the NBA and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey what's up everybody I'm Carl tartan Jackie's kneel an amicable loser and we are the host of a new show called culture kings on how stuff works. We cover a whole range of topics on the show a lot of things we talk about the most is sports because we. Judge he's a sports thing you have. The cubs are the best team of all times as ridiculous and your gym and Iran as the greatest player of all time nonsense. My favorite adult whereas LeBron James he's the king of the world and will give Internet carjackings download it every bit of broadcast apple podcast or anyway. Until Wednesday. Both doing your earliest in radio ESPN news present about progress insurance. All fungus on the shell Wenzel performance on join us that's came off from Cameron songs without our. Also featured on Amazon music playlist it's the simplest way to listen to the music you love. New customers are just thirty day free trial Amazon music dot com renews automatically. Cancels and any time but again why would you want to cancel. True we go here Chris candy and for my goal today from the is in 97 net. Radio station in New York is in radian ninety's have a New York is a better way to say that from the kiddie show of course. A drafted by the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl with the New York football giants and his crew with the Baltimore Ravens Michael junior. There with us is well guess coming up in just a little bit got great ones Adrian awards announced he. Probably got drugs the most bombs on us are used in NBA insider Dan got sick on our basement influence federal joins top 8 o'clock hour. Darren Woodson who by the way did the schedule release show with me last night and actually had the audacity to say to me. And we Joni meet tomorrow duty I need to sleep and like. You're coming in at nine of the gesture by a four hours I want none of that from you Darren Woodson none of that. The ought knowing your audience man as I said that's an awfully pampered statement right there you know your audience I hope there were some moment internally after that reset it to use specifically what who arena. Mean maybe not the one guy yell what he's been so good to be over the years I can't I can't be mad at him but I I look at what that's like really. Really you're telling me that exact replay it again Kara Lawson will join us are used in a basketball analyst with calling her first NBA playoff games we can you overt sideline reporter as for the game and you don't. Our very own a feisty little nugget that himself mr. Bruins. It's advisor Chester is expanding his rapids walk. More than anything doesn't like during the schedule early show yesterday was to get in just a minute. He kept looking as phonies and he's looking at the heat score like. Daily Adam. Focus for two hours on this then you can do that the rest of the night he was diving into the NBA as we're trying to dive and digest the NFL schedule please. But I love so our it was. We'll threatening and became that actually animals watching us vote the sixers beat the heat won 281. Awaits to get to one series lead joy Allenby. Was the villain you want him to be point three points the most by a 76ers player in his play after views since Allen Iverson in 1999. That is the difference Gregor there's no two ways about it he's a difference maker when he's on our court he just presents so many challenges. So many matchup problems for the Miami Heat and you saw that the difference between game two in game three in this series. Of course the 76ers being able to have that huge fourth quarter last night woody outscored the heat thirty to fourteen. Jolt MB had seven straight down the stretch to put the game on ice is just when he has the ball in his hands at the end of the game you have confidence that he's gonna be able to make the plays that it takes to be able to win the game exactly what happened last night and oh by the way it opens up everything for everybody deals. And it was able to open upping get back to his offensive game late in the game because as defensive presence was so strong you needed him on the court. They're shooting percentage Miami's a full fourteen percentage points lower with him on the court he saw the shot blocking ability inside and he's a guy who brings that conference that swagger back he said after the game I believe I'm the best defensive player in the week he went out last night act like it well to that point the sixers held Miami to forty for its percent shooting from the field with him on the floor 54% when he was offered. Of course I just was a tried to break the mask this is that they've got a fifty of its Alaska they're about that. But we put it out there on the Twitter feed I go can we go he has that mask it's a dark carbon filled mass into Starker than most of the clear lose sight Massa players where. So named the and MB villain or movie that you would have put that mask on. Some things in between during the process or South Beach ride it like I don't know why that's also very very good. Those are used as a nicely done what the process it was on the sweet cheat so you're just stealing says he's just playing in a broad that's me that's me. So you'd you'd I'll give you full credit for South Beach write we good. I give you full credit for that role now there are you. I'm not gonna fry president plus. That is so hard for what's trending what judges found interest in the warriors beat the spurs in the Balkans beat the trailblazers to both take three having series leads. Golden State has won nineteen of its last when he plat games so I guess they may be all right. They're going to be fine I mean barring everybody's maintain and help. Older they wars are going to be in the NBA finals sources this you know that this is one of those teams offensively nobody has that type of our power and defensively. They're the best in the league when you got god like Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant under you would dollop Shaun Livingston a command itself with a lot of different guys the two threes and fours on the opposing teams just makes life really difficult for whoever they're playing against so. You know the golds they wars they're going to be there at yen is all those guys are healthy Kevin the red that ankles finding and stuff curry being able to come back from that knee injury. And that's just figure right now this series we knew going into this San Antonio for his proud tradition rich as they are. What you gonna have horses to match ups and now your Golden State you have those couple injury scares last night Livingston and direct get out the rest this series healthy complete the sweep give yourself some time for the start of that next series. And hope that you could start to get staff back in that lineup to get ready that all important matchup we're looking forward to against Houston. By the way stands accused continuing to contribute to the Joseph Allenby names letting the air conditioner heat cools the heat. Bonus points certainly and oh yeah our right. Yeah I pass Smith both debt deal like that you enjoyed double negative with the hands love lose a loved amber knows we are. Well. That's a no from cloud that's a hard task from DeVon and by the way Devin has the power of the White Sox organization behind him so we have we have two previous of that. Then there's this. Resist the rock doesn't have enough honestly. He's the latest celebrities jump on the doozy bandwagon. You professional wrestler turned actor turned mogul turned whatever he wants to be. Is launching his own tequila brand Mon. Officials reportedly filed the documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office in January for the name which is a Polynesian term for spirit. Now when I heard motto the first thing I thought it was like manna falling from have a yes but that makes sense remembered well rock was a big part of the animated movie mole on. Oka and maybe that's sort of where -- enabled right maybe it was a little playoff but I don't know playoff events the Polynesian term for spirit cells give some of the spirit in Europe if anyone's ball the rock on social media as uplifting as he is he's always hustling he's always do is the one thing you know is that you love his tequila he's made no bones about that prolonged time so what better way in the go to crew gold including around you get rich off your own tequila and absolutely right he's got the Midas touch right now everything that he's involved in turns to gold and he's able to capitalize on missile. Good don't know rock for coming out his own too cute to well listen as if he didn't need another revenue income but I think you'll be fine he's got another revenue stream level ball by it yet. And they'll let you know I got three guys up here that would gladly take some free tequila and showing off run timeout today this right here. Next to us on the set a good job so congratulations again monuc is the name of the rocks new tequila that will be coming to shelves soon. We'll find out went by the way speaking of coming to something relatively soon I'm just hoping to be alive long enough. But. I got to ask you junior are you OK with this because Alabama and Notre Dame have worked out at home and home series for the 20228. Series and twice 48 season two point 19 series basically ten years from now. Does that are you OK with this and usually it's shivers when you think about playing Alabama because of what happened in the national championship game Delis and others also. Bad memories associated with a fifth minute gave me hope was that it's okay it's a decade from maybe maybe something happens may mean exe to lose interest and as a 176 to do the math in my head now realize 76 as we've seen plenty of great college coaches. Go well into their seventies coaching Nick Saban is a guy who seems to enjoy all the parts of the process that. And Chris you certainly know this we hear about this of players and coaches when you get sick of doing the day to day things. Behind closed doors begin to that point Nick Saban seems to relish those are some sick pleasure for him. In all part of the process and why can't count on him being gone in ten years I don't know what notre Dame's gonna look like in ten years I know Nick Saban and Alabama exactly would that still looks like you're terrified. Though you have fluoride Nick Saban loves going through the process and building a championship team each and every season and he doesn't seem like he's gonna get tired of it anytime soon so. Do love seeing greatness and Nick Saban is one of the greatest if not the greatest college football coach abort all time and so have a mismatch or would these two stored programs can be also. Now I will say Imus and I have all the confidence the world Brian Kelly in the staff go forward gonna do it this season and I'm the relentless homer so when it comes time ten years from now. To pick these games as long as I'm still gainfully employed behind a microphone guys. But it is listening view or I am a little. I am going to pick this one overwhelmingly in favor of Notre Dame regardless of what the current situation looks like because that's who I am an ethnic Karabakh well you don't eat eat you there's a precedent for that yes the last meeting didn't go well for you guys in the twenty to a national championship game 4214 the final score roll tide tied ruled. Do you look at however however. The fighting Irish lead the series between these two written proof programs that is not even close. 522. Buys into open. Well wait a minute so got a really adjust the Internet we got them now on an island historical precedent wowed a group of scrubs down in Tuscaloosa good lord uh oh here we don't respect what producers are adjusted Joseph Paterno didn't even know their quarterback is anymore edit this unannounced due to I'll buy low let's not ours on her it's gonna be a great free agent in college football at all start to unravel their for. Nick right now is losing grip what we'll do that point this is the issues jail nurse came in there and and and put it altogether. As a as a freshman it only got things going and then to a Tonga by lord came in the second half of the game against. Georgia and absolutely had an unbelievable second half leading them to the victory. And now you deal hurts his dad as saying hey you know my son is going to be the greatest college football freeagent of all time. Which of course is and not really a true statement but then he would be coveted let's be let's put that away. For his running skills more than his passing skills and Nick Saban bam as head coach who will be 76 by the time they sweep the hormonal one point 829. From Notre Dame was asked about his quarterback situation. I think what we're focused on and I'm had a meeting with Jerry Jones then on Saturday after the scrimmage and it was very positive meeting. I think we all want the same thing for all players that compete on our team regardless of the position. And even though there's going to be. A significant effort on a lot of folks as part. None. In this room obviously we'll want to make this a very public thing but it's going to be handled in a very private matter. That is true however it was. Put out there in a very public way as we said she says junior by Jalen hurts father in a Bleacher Report article Thursday he says his son become the biggest free agent in college football history. If you were decide to leave the program and I'm not sure about that although I will say that's it we all said this at the time the way Jalen handled the benching. In the champs of game was one of the class sees things have ever seen of all time I mean Jalen Rose one of those guys like Russell Wilson. He just acts ten to fifteen years older than me actually is like the first time I met Russell. Before it was drafted him twice twelve I felt like I was talking to a forty year old guy. Not someone that had just gone from mode you know from North Carolina State Wisconsin sort kind of stuff and you get that feeling with Jalen hurts as well so. He'll handle this as well as possible. But there's no way to Tonga vinyl is in the starting quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide hill handle it well I'm wondering if Alabama well when Nick Saban says that were going to handle this privately. I wonder if that translates to play those close to the best you wonder how clear there going to be with this because it would benefit Camelot to bring Jalen heard spec is a very capable backup. For guys that will be going into his first year is the full time starter for this team. You wonder how clear that situations going to be for Jay wanted to be able to make that decision because at Chris I'm sure you've seen this employ anywhere. You make a lot of promises when your college if you're a coach for this team in the favor of debt in creating that for your roster. Absolutely you know that Alabama Crimson Tide are always looking to compete for national championship and so when you start talking about the most critical. Positioned to winning is the quarterback and if you have a first year quarterback in his will be to his first year as a starter. You wanna make sure that you do have an insurance policy behind him but it all comes down to Jalen heard in his and game and how he alternately once they handle this because. If you're in a situation where you're thinking about trying to get to the next level. I mean that nobody's gonna get through give you an opportunity to the next hole like Nick Saban wards so I mean it's this all comes down to. No willingness to be a part of this process and would you be willing to be tobacco or would you be willing to trade positions palatable we saw at Ohio State were Braxton Miller decided he would like number four wide receiver. I mean go from quarterback to wide receiver when JT Miller emerged as a starting quarterback. What is your role and a being on this team and what is Alabama telling him his role could be are you a guy that we could use in certain pack. Packages especially when you get down near the goal line thought Penn State use multiple quarterbacks at certain times last year in their season. It there's a lot of variables and which your point if you wanna get to that next level. Alabama helped but also your quarterback there's only when he on the field at a given time until getting out there and being on the field and showings doubts hey. This is where I've improved my passing ability this is where I've improved my ability to read defense. Only works if you're actually playing on the field. Right in this is obviously a big topic right now because the bam a spring game is this weekend and people wondering okay how much we do a seat to how much we gonna see jailed hurts look. Hertz is handled this thing as well as anybody could and no he needs he did so well as a freshman. You'd think okay we wanna. Hey I got us where we needed to be you know I I we you should you would think they would I can keep that going but it's pretty clear that who has the skill set that. Real I'm not sure of Nixon has ever had a quarterback and Alabama for that armed a throw. All over the field. At its best I mean you think Betemit who was at Blake Sims a couple of years before my first season when they had armed Lane Kiffin at the Helm and you saw a lot of those plays. Down the field but you're right you heard rumblings of this for awhile and Al mammals for to a finally took over the flash as you've seen in practice all these different parts. It was interesting to at. Very telling an honest of his dad to choose the word free agent and only noticed because. As we look more and more the world of college athletics and certainly went through this with the NCAA tournament basketball. This spring but the influx of money the way this system operates that's really the way you could almost look at it is. This is the guys services to be very valuable to whatever program not only on the field but the attention that it would bring potentially having to guide his caliber. Every also inched in the Shia Nick Saban handles this and whether they allow whatever trance Japanese would Jalen hurts so that's that's another part of this equation that we have to consider because they had an Alabama player a couple of years ago that one to transfer to George W was out and they decided that they were gonna block. That transfer so is it ultimately depends on how they handle this thing but you know they Jalen Hertz is gonna bring a degree off. I guess professionalism the irony is they professionalism with a college football player he's gonna have lived with a degree of professionalism and we saw that after the national championship game. Let the great point especially considering what's going on right now in the SEC with Ole miss in shape Paterson and his potential transfer to the University of Michigan it's had a bunch of hang ups. Go right now so we understand that's. Always a part of us well and let's be clear the other thing that's happening with the NCAA right now is they're deciding this offseason or this summer whether they're gonna change that rule number but you can transfer without impunity in other words a you can go to the same levels. School that'd same level played a different school. And you would have to sit out a year which by the way way forward. Coaches do all the ties with her so maybe we should let the young man who have a limited opportunity that that's the thing that's always the deciding argument this for me. Coaches can coach as you said into their late seventies. At best you get five years to play your chosen sport at a very high level. On the collegiate level of summer we're gonna penalize these kids and they have to sit at a year that's ridiculous. And I'm sure the Nick Saban is thinking okay. If he does transfer they can't in my you have to play. SEC schools where his style quarterback might. Might that a little better than than than some of the of schools literal more passing oriented but I look. It be amazing about Alabama and what Nick Saban has done is that even with this unbelievable run of success that they had. I mean AJ McCarron was okay he might be you know he's on the he's on the bills' roster are right now we'll see what happens when for what not he's going to be the starter. They haven't had a bunch of great quarterbacks they've been able to win basically with a ground game an efficient quarterback. And monsters on defense and the occasional stud wide receiver Julio Jones Marty Cooper now Calvin Ridley. But they've never had that guy at a quarterback with the on the makes you think hey whoa. This guy to throw it all over the field and they finally have that guy with two with on the bylaw and they got to three more years. Good situation to be written in jail and her through the first Alabama quarterback since 2013 to come back and start consecutive CS and I am so this is uncharted territory they continue to wade into it isn't that the sabres philosophy has always been. I'm gonna have better athletes than most of the teams that I played against so I just don't want my quarterback to lose me football games and and that's been a formula that's worked for him over the years but now you've got a guy that's the a proven difference regret the quarterback position so I mean you've got to feel like Alabama Crimson Tide are the favors corn initiatives win another national championship to go back to back. That this is how good they are they had a game changing series of plays from a defensive linemen that involves an interception and touchdown catch. Durante and got beat by the one who who they offered when he was fifteen years old. And that the assistant coach that did that. Said the Saban had did this he said we don't do that that he saw the taping was yet we do we do that we got at the rod Payne is going to be a difference maker and you'll hear his name by the way in the draft coming up very very earlier beyond Thursday knows this and your voters are the way Lowell speaking of difference makers as were your goal can we go Chris Canty infer from my senior from -- in 97 New York. This would be a difference experience com. Can you say bam a themed cruise. A Crimson Tide fans can set sail next federal with some of their favorite Alabama athletes and staff. The Crimson Tide crews will set sail only carnival fantasy February 14 to eighteenth. 2019 the four day night crews will set sail from mobile and had a cousin Mel. According to a news release. University about when athletes and scat staff's schedule be on board include canyon Drake Bobby and Marlon Humphrey and he Jackson Antonio Langham David Palmer. Surround Stacy George Teague Prince William Willie Andrews Al this is an. All out. Fast for anybody that is all about the Crimson Tide I mean that tide will be role the tough that's a good candidate to be careful with the name you called the banana boat crews and also needed another lawsuit on your hands of LeBron as I visited there are you treated there I thought the eighth but he's the main part has to go which included under Nick Saban got that much stroller now that will allow you might will let the lawyers forget that I LeBron Wednesday but a deal this is. But what what would be more intense do you think we just let's if you have I've I've spent a summer and Alabama. They love their Crimson Tide man okay they are all in what would you more intense on the bam a theme cruise going on the grow one McGraw Cruces. Where where would you McGraw crews on a different level but but the love that would be on the Baylor crews would be very hard to be. I think the ground crews would be team no sleep like I don't know I don't imagine that a lot of people are gonna run early proceeding we cruise guys that accrues seemed like you'll be a little bit more respectable he might have more buttoned up crowd. We start thought about that ground crews you know exactly what is going to be we'll look at who's at the Hannibal premiere Red Bulls could be team no sleep for the grounds that because you're never going to sleep and the civic groups conjure up early in meetings it's exactly right up against this budget you're right that's the phantom of Alabama they would dig that okay we're gonna get up on this cruise at 5:30 AM to go to listen to Nick Saban break down film and have a podium with a disarming of one side and the Coke on the other does that sponsorship they'd gone away definitely but coach except with a cruise you know that for sure. All right coming up to joy Allenby really talk his way on the court last night and how much all you'll stuff curry be out. And what can they do about taking in the NBA wait to here. What one inside person to hold. Our aid rewards in husky about the idea tanking. 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To learn more about all the outdoor solutions tracks has to offer or to find the local retailer or certified tracks protect children near you and it's a Trex dot com and that's TR EX dot. Gold doing gaudy as fear radio ESPN news presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line and some guests have their own and throws in this guy's one of them. It's. Well we are on full load Obama learned ladies and gentlemen ESPN NBA insider it rewards and ask you joins us now Michelle pencil performance line. Get the feeling of being rewarded with gold status at shell with a fuel rewards program download the fuel warts app join and start saving five cents a gallon today. All right well quotes thanks for being with us Joseph well MB clearly was a difference maker on the court last night. Did he actually talk his way onto the floor because remember he was doubtful before the game began. No immediate lesson. Really since after game one. In this series on the you know he's been waiting for a chance to. It is time to really get into play out but I don't think he talked himself into it they've always been in Philadelphia committed to. Obviously keeping him healthy. Long term and they get kind of make sure with a mask with the goggles. That there was no. There's really no increased threat of him. Suffering any kind of of a more serious injury that was a serious surgery you had it got to protect. That base and edit and no dice. But. He went through all their protocol there they. Ultimately decided there was no more risk could bring him back now. That there would be in the future but he's obviously pretty you know pretty well covered. With the with the open base third base met again. And the goggles and and they decided he was ready to play in an effort I would played several weeks he used he was terrific last. What he was a presence more than anything else you could fuel that they were aware of where he was on the court at all time but I'm glad you said that vote because. We have a couple people come on it's that well you know it's not his lower. Other leg it's not a knee is not a foot is I think to be concerned about I'm like hold him and now you're talking about an orbital fracture which means the bull and around your IE. Has an issue you that if that cracks in another way in a bad way we can be taught but not having an I and it seems like people were just like always close it's not like Gary Bakalar and they were flying so that there had to be a lot more concern here. It their wives and yeah I think when they edited did the procedure I was told. You know that they like it just wasn't simple is not a simple injury to recover from huge aside and I mean that's. That power of other body and and and here I. But. Dinners you know. They're not putting him back on the court silly without confidence. You know that there's not you know there's not any more of a threat that's going to be there. And then waiting down the road and and obviously you know it's gonna take some getting used to with him. We're. The mask you know the goggles what you are you can't seem history different guys out at literate you're able to end. Just kept it right he kept it is hole I the rest of his career and played with a meant so. You know her and beat at the very least she's gonna. He's going to have that protection here to the rest these playoffs. Well we're talking about god coming back from injuries dubbed her still up in the Golden State Warriors with a neat. What's the update on him and went to we possibly see him in this playoffs. Well that borders are hoping they can close the tunnel. In game four. And then have a rest period here. Before they've got. To play again but the hole is bad that he could be back. Four. The second round there had been they also thought within the warriors I was told they had to go to would keep six. Or game seven against the spurs look so while the spurs were able to push them. You know he could've conceivably have played in this series but. You know as you've seen so far they haven't needed them they're not going to need him and in the end you'll get what's. Likely going to be electrical pole. You know the full ballot took on. Rehab rest you know of up six weeks on that and that the but forty yet to come back. It rewards and ask you whether sir NBA insider taking a look at what we're going on so for the NBA playoffs would. I do love the spice that we've seen so far with his heat and the sixers series look. It's it's we don't I don't I don't think either was really expect our maybe we do expect the sixers to be a full plate. For the Eastern Conference final but it in an early round series like just a little given taken the little. Little bad blood to serve exactly which are looking for right. Yeah this is a great past first sixers team. That hasn't been in the class support and they've got veterans that there are bought what Miami is going to do with Erik Spoelstra. End. Yeah I Kennedy that that he had for years and has not changed. Article and it has she meant leaving it has strategically. The sixers are more talented team. Their star power. Within beat back will likely overwhelm my immediate. Thought. This is a great. Introduction to the playoffs. Are for the sixer team because. You know Miami's just. And their ability to play Smart be physical. Go at you. Is you know a tremendous. Lesson for. That such a scorer and he Miami unity playoff series. They're never backing down and this is of that talent certainly see him at that there have. In championship groups they have which Shaq and Dwyane Wade go with the Big Three there. But but they're just. One of the real consistent. Groups in the NBA you just know what their identity is and it they'd ever really sure it. Tighter more jobs here NBA insider with us this morning on golden wing go but I wasn't so we always talk about the west and how deep the west is but now you have. A Celtics team in the east that is really doing amazing things without carrier ring without Gordon Hayward all season long. You have the raptors have been consistent all season long you have the cat as a level yet LeBron. Who's been unbelievable this year. How how good how far do we think the sixers team can go because. It sometimes what would you feel like those guys that are young and they don't know what they don't know sometimes plays to their advantage. And you could forget those with incidents. And envied. That these these are two players who have a chance to be transcendent talent speaker MVP caliber. That they have and you know MVP caliber futures. There and at the veterans they've brought in around them had just been the perfect compliment their ability to shoot the ball she reads. JJ Redick. Marco Belinelli in and out you're single so what came bolt from Atlanta. After buyouts this season have been tremendous for them and Robert Covington they just have. You know. Unstoppable at home I mean at Miami finally beat them. But you're there's no reason to believe they can't compete with anybody. In this conference and I think that's the exciting parts of that ability it'd be back and and get control of the series again at 21. But you look around east you look at the way they played. You know I had oh Western Conference executive who played. Again slowly. You know in the last month while perhaps say to me. The way they were playing he says there there one to two or three best teams we've played all season legal banquet our counterparts were that soak. What we're used to in the NBA that there's a progression. For a team like here in the lottery event. You know this year made you get the eight seeded east that you try to one seed that you when he gamer Choo hit a successful season. You know with 34 games he did last year and all the certain. Start thinking about a conference final and they just sort of blew the united. The couple of the room awful what the normal expectation of progression is in the leaked you don't see. You don't see what they're doing. In the NB add to that may cause trouble watch. What is going back out wedge one of the series that I was looking forward to in the first round and his MBA post season was the pelicans in the trailblazers. I'm I'm surprised a little learn and McCollum have been outplayed by Rondo and holiday are you. A little bit shocked at how this series has unfolded. Well absolutely I did not expect. I or anybody expected pelicans to be as dominant as they and you know defense complete. The pelicans are just. And it is good as anybody in this. In these playoffs and you're Alvin Gentry has sort of remade this team. Armed offensively they've gone this year and then if they're determined there associate head coach you've got to put together gold state defense that got. To be the third best in the league usually dominate and then you saw them kind of reshape themselves and not end the war. We doubtful because it's plated a certain way I think that this 67 that she delete the spent a week since the first of the year but they have really. Towards. Portland to try to may have other players make plays getting the audience. Outlook column. And lowered and or some other people to beat them and they. They turned the ball over I'll have to make shots and this pelican he right now is. That there just on the roll and any of the Davidson who holiday airplane. It's such a high level. I don't know they wind. I think they're gonna win this round obviously that re all I know I'm not sure they can when account until our final. Bought her a politicking that just hoped he would in the playoffs this season. This does this look at a Renaissance. Or that organization. Pride it's amazing what they've been able to do I was before I let you go let's talk about a team that's not in the playoffs and that's been a consistent theme that would be the next. Where are we in the search for a head coach. Well they've interviewed several candidates so far. Davis Tisdale. Mark Jackson. Stephen. Jerry Stackhouse. It and you know they have or talk to Mike Woodson they had a conversation with. If you hit a competitive market right now with. The other openings in the David Tisdale. Virtually every team that an opening in. You know kind of has a real interest given he may at some point here. You know yet multiple offers. I it I'm sure he'd like to start one. You get back in the leaks. Bought the knicks have shown patience here they don't seem. My sense is they're not a rush. Two to get an offer out there I think they're trying to understand the candidates are out their Mark Jackson and it talked to. At and see who the right it is. But you may start to see this market picked up. Once one team makes an offer. To a candidate like of Brazil and other people are gonna have to react to the marketplace. Or risk losing him so why I think this is the coach is market probably really start to pick up next week. In terms of he's putting offers out of that. You know try to close deals. What we appreciated and we know when the next head coaching us situations announce it'll be announced via. Yeah. Yeah no pressure I think is what your sister brother always I don't appreciate it every weekend. Here's a little insider travel secret and there are tons of empty hotel rooms out there just waiting to be booked us. That's why there's hotel tonight portals tonight partners with Boston hotels to help them fill their unsold rooms which means you get incredible deals. And even though the names hotel tonight. You can actually Boca to a week in advance and you had 200 days in advance top destinations. To download the hotel tonight app to start scoring better deals and better hotels now. And there's just no more news on no you know I made a bad my buddy said there round was put one more game here didn't and I don't know that it isn't just don't looks and it came in here you know. Well that is our audience a dozen donuts and a case of beer those are our people. That's who we speak to and we are happy to speak to them go through when going as few radio and ESPN news presented. But progressive insurance cars homes boats motorcycles Arby's and minibuses and more at Mike is off today and -- -- him with us and junior was here with us earlier now we're having some fun with two Allenby and what what nickname he should be but. Don't Matt Harvey the Mets pitcher calls himself the Dark Knight you don't may be the Dark Knight that needs to come in the fifth inning now because. Manager Mickey Callaway the Mets wouldn't commit to giving Matt Harvey is next scheduled start after he struggled in that 124 loss to the Braves on Thursday night Harvey is now Owen to. He gave up six runs in six innings gluten a two run homer. But in the first inning Arby's ERA now sits at an even six Callaway says we haven't made the determination yet. We'll see moving forward I'm not sure what we're going to do and Chris for a start of the season for the Mets that has been mostly positive B Matt Harvey situation is. Curious it is and I guess is six audio more just because all of the rest of the pitches on a starting staff have been really really good including Zach Wheeler. Would they send down at the in the spring training and he's come back companies look good in his couple starts so. This one thing we're Matt Harvey just hasn't been able to figure it out last couple seasons he's been dealing with some health concerns and so this was the year that we felt like. Matt Harvey was finally going to give back to what we saw when he got the nickname the Dark Knight. You know back and that's when fifteen years old start look at Matt are being him getting hit hard in his last couple outings and it raises the question what are the Mets and Mickey Callaway gonna do because they're not gonna go to a six man rotation and it just doesn't seem like there's going to be enough room when you start talking about Vargas being able to come back can be healthy as well. Well here's the other part of that Harvey didn't really seem like that was the thing that he wanted to do he was asked about it but possibly moving to the pen after the game and he said I'm a starting pitcher. I've always been a starting pitcher that's my mindset how much does that create even more of an issue. Well it's an issue because I'm big Mac is looking out and in a contract year and saying that he wants to show that he can be a starting pitcher in. And make sure that he has his value for so we ended a long term contract. But in terms of Mickey Callaway and Dave Rodman doing what's best for the club it's clear that Matt is the only starting pitcher that really hasn't come around to. Buying into the philosophy where they're trying to do it he's got to be pitchers more so than just rowers so I think. It's going to be interest thing and and Mickey Callaway again has to do within the best interest of the club because they've been playing really good baseball right now. And it's just one of those things where Matt Harvey has to look at it and be honest with himself and say okay if this is not gonna come around. Then maybe I should resign myself to more of a bullpen role. What again when you look at this Mets team it's a talented team and we know that they're starting pitching is going to be wood carries them. I don't know if they can afford to have met strolled the way he did miss the early innings yesterday not to his credit he was able to. Did it together he retired eleven of his twelve last batters faced what when you look at that first and there are have been done the damage is already done. And then the question is you don't wanna be a part of the problem you will be part of the solution no matter what your mindset of where you are as as Bill Parcells always says your record is what your record is. As for the Yankees are concerned John Carlson and hey. He got a cat he's got a thorn in the order 11 for three and RBIs he's above the Mendoza line at 203. And then Aaron judge continues to do the things that we believe John Carlos and will eventually do for the Yankees. That the call by Michael. Daschle coming going to last as Timothy was that it always 86 at home so I couldn't they couldn't get much worse. But I thought Aaron Boone made a Smart decision to move them down in the order and improve dividends last night because it got all based and in deep do do recourse was able to get RBIs and instant and came up and get him in the fifth inning. Absolutely coming up what the giants could do with that number one pick in do they really have any interest in Dez. Decking and railing and hiding and furniture yeah fencing and frame it. And tricks we make the most an outdoor living. Because you deserve to get more from your life outdoors. So why not start bringing your ideas to life now with the brand that's engineering team what's next. To learn more about all the outdoor solutions tracks has to offer little or to find the local retailer or certified tracks protect children near you the is it tracks dot com and that's TR EX dot com yeah.