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Best Of: NFL Draft Is Near

Apr 20, 2018|

Chris Canty is in for Golic. The guys talk about the news and notes around the NFL with Dan Graziano and Darren Woodson. Then, they talk NBA with Kara Lawson and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey what's up everybody I'm Carl tartan Jackie's kneel an amicable loser and we are the host of a new show called culture kings on how stuff works. We cover a whole range of topics on the show a lot of things we talk about the most is sports because we. Judge he's a sports thing you have. The cubs are the best team of all times as ridiculous and your gym and Iran as the greatest player of all time nonsense. My favorite adult whereas LeBron James he's the king of the world and we'll get into that carjackings download it wherever you get to broadcast apple podcast or anywhere. Until Wednesday. This is about to go again we go podcasts. We are investing in your future in the NFL but for you know he has yen. NFL insider extraordinary Dan. Gutsy out there good to see about it. I wish you'd put my Cardoso and I it's on now I wish I'd say my baseball cards you have your real killer line ahead. The entry line ahead here to being laid into the studio are you currently known we were don't watch any of watching Nolan would have no no one would have known. Keep like two will be used to mask the mask was working early as fair as sixers got used Darth Vader. I don't think that's fair but I think in my and he should be upset but we we were tried doing maybe you'll you can contribute to this we wanted to name him beat masked man movie. I have invincible the eve mass kill later. I love this line he's not the girl we deserve right now he's the hero we indeed. The process of elimination. The nightmare on broad street silence of the heat. The process is ready player 10 well I calendars accommodations so clearly got a lot out there are there's a lot on your plate right now obviously with the schedule be released and everything else that's going on. It doesn't seem despite being worked out videos about Alberto junior and Dez Bryant together it doesn't seem like this is going to be a marriage that the giants want to pull off. It would be interesting if they players you give the wanna despite posting workout video straighten in the works and it doesn't sort it out together put us on the same team but I don't think that's going to play. In Dave get woman's office I don't Egan rule at a 100% out there right now that doesn't seem to be the way the giants are thinking. I think from a x.s and o.s standpoint might make a little bit sets his Dez Bryant at this point what is he I think he's gonna probably be a red zone target a dead body red zone target for somebody I don't think he's going to go somewhere. To be the number one receiver and he used to be. But I don't think the giants are ready to bring that in right now and I think the you know they have other issues. On their plate not the least of which is trying to get that oh don't contract. I mean and that's the next question I have for you is wins they're gonna get that deal done because the thought is O'Dell has shown them a good faith gesture by showing up on the first day of offseason workouts. Is this something that it's done before week one and that is a big deal they wanted him in the building yet he can't pressure got to be there for voluntary workouts. But they wanna Dominican that would seem run he's coming off major ankle injury they wanna see where he is physically. So it matters that he's there. Will it ultimately lead to a deal before training camp before the start of the regular season I still leaves too early to say I don't think those conversations have really progressed anywhere at this point. The giants have him under contract for this year for a very very low price which is the big the issue and they can franchising next year they really want to. The question is how big a stink is he willing to make about it in the meantime so. I at this point it being mid April everyone focused on the draft. I don't think there's been any real progress that's not to say there can't be this summer I think the relationship seems like it's a little bit better place and it was maybe 34 weeks ago. But a long way to go on that. The address Yana with a sore ESP NFL insider giving us the straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless has phones to us that are no contracts. Let's get to that because you said it may make sense from a football perspective if they did signed as prime but because of what we just talked about with O'Dell. It might not make dollars and cents or because as much as they like working out together I'm sure if Dez gets a ten million dollar deal. From a giants O'Dell's like wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute you're gonna take care of him before you take Jeremy. I did that seem like that would be you said the relationship was come forward that seems to me like sewing that would make the relationship take a step back. And you know obviously I mean that that's always on players' minds right let everybody knows thereby making as we just as you guys are just talking about. I think. The question is what's there's going to get an image he gonna get ten million dollars a year at this point if that's true. Then I think he's out of the giants' ballpark I mean I just saw that number out there what I mean that's that's there's gonna get it he's gonna get what Brandon Marshall was making them I think in my make more sense Miami I don't think O'Dell Beckham has a problem bring in a number two wide receiver number three wide receiver at that price. So. Ultimately it really comes down to. What what contract O'Dell Owens of getting and I don't think imminent if everyone else routines make money is not gonna bother him as well as he gets what he wants so if public feel that. I'm bothered as long as you get what I want right now we can say that about anybody there. What do you want as long as I get why so. So I think it of Dez Bryant comes in and he's making whatever he's making and that affects the ability of them to sign don't know back and then I think it becomes a problem but I don't think they're going to make a move. That affect their ability to sign Odom back a long term I think that's in that's in one bucket. And the other issues are dealing with her in our and other bucket so I don't think that that's this is that the two were tied together. Then you know that O'Dell Beckham junior is one day one of the biggest story lines in New York this all season but the other big story lines around and the giants is what are they gonna do with the second overall pick. A lot of people are saying they gonna go with the quarterback sit while Barkley is an option will they trade down what are you hearing right now. They I I've heard of a fair bit of chatter about Bradley Chubb to lead the North Carolina State defense menacing guys Dave Gelman likes and people on the giant building like a lot. When they take him at number 20 would they take him at four or five if they move down into that spot. You know he's an easy name to watch and I don't think with Barkley is is I think the favorite at this point to be their pick at number two. I personally think they should be thinking quarterback with the Eli Manning at 37 years old boy you put on twittered they'd be crazy if they yeah I think they went crazy if they don't take a quarterback because. How often are you picking number two there and how awfully big number to a draft that has quarterback to the top that are like this. You don't know Demi down the road Eli Manning has to even guess three years left let's say as three years well there's one here from drives people with a guess three years left. If that's the case you still need some in three years now are you going to be in a position we have to trade up made one of these crazy deals with multiple first round picks. This is an opportunity to tested to really help yourself in terms of securing the long term successor in creating a better situation for yourself. At the most important position and I really think they shouldn't pass it up but I think they will. Then Rosie unaware of this and studio RE ESPN and the felon setter it does feel like the giants sort of hold the linchpin to how well yeah some of the draft is going to go as we know. The browns are going to take you quarterback we know the jets traded up to take a quarterback. You know and we know the browns have four if he's still there will probably OC on Barkley and have that one to war they could also go Bradley doubled he's not taken there. But then you have you don't. Teams like buffalo who sits at twelve with 21 round picks you have Arizona who has some capitals well they have Sam Bradford but not much. And then the really crazy out wire in all of this would be the New England Patriots yet mean Tom Brady is going to be 41 I'm sorry eventually and it's way sooner than later. His time will be done that's just the way it's going to be mean out of genders even said. You know that there they haven't got a commitment that he's going to play this year but let's start there before getting to the draft where you want me Tom Brady will warm up plant community. I think he probably will but I I mean this is Adam shift or give glad they finally just you got to trust me on this atoms information with this solid ice data center while I mean that that there's there's no reason that I'm putting something out there there's nothing behind it so. Is obviously some issues there and there's obviously some things have to be worked out between Tom Brady in the New England Patriots. I personally think there's there's a chance at those things do get work down but. They're not they're yet and I think you know that because of that as an an even if there isn't 2018 uncertainty about Tom Brady even if you don't wanna believe that. There's long term uncertainty because he's 41 and he's not gonna play forever so I think the patriots sitting with 21 round picks now are are in. The market for a quarterback. And they get up high enough to get one of the big four additional ones in June 2 yes they have the breast it capped you know it you know is that how you want usually draft rattled the patriots if they're gonna be competitive this Hewitt Tom Brady are going to need to address the left tackle position that's still something they need to do early in the draft they've lost two of their three starting tackles are allowed Fleming went to Dallas so you have to I guess the question is. It is their quarterback it's worth. Mortgaging almost export at the answers yes I wouldn't be surprised to see them make that move. But if the answer is no then maybe they play in that secondary market they start thinking about Lamar Jackson. Or Mason Rudolph later in the round you might have to move up a little bit to get one of those guys tomb from where they're sitting but. I don't think it's crazy to to put the patriots in the quarterback mark especially now they're sitting there with those 21 round pick. We'll see that would be the most un patriot thing of all time to normal web pages of their origin race down they trade granite and hope they hit on that but. See this would be really interesting dynamic if they chose to go down this road because if Brady isn't there yet. And then they use that capital to to draft his replacement as opposed to stopping these things around him. It might be all a lot longer form reads for you find out what's going on with brilliant 2018 right. A track got to believe that Tom Brady is coming back otherwise why would Robert Kraft agreed to trades in the garage below last year I think he's got some assurances from Tom Brady that he's going to be around for a couple of years. That only makes sense you'll have a successor in the building for Tom Brady right now. All that makes cents. But we do know that there is tension there pins you know that there are issues that my limited knowledge I don't know that I believe the tension is between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick got Tom Brady probably ran. Pass to get worked out look what we've the other thing we know about Tom Brady is. If you were walk you need this. I feel to walk away tomorrow he'd be totally fine right no it's not if he decides he is a wanna play anymore it's not as if there's gonna be some other poll so I think that's. I think I think there's some conversations need to happen in that patriots building that haven't happened yet if we're gonna get to a place of peace and tranquility for the 2018 patriots and number. Well let's be clear peace and tranquility don't really mattered the votes are winning matters to the votes but what does it matter to Tom Brady as the others it was a again he doesn't have to do it though. Will say de gras Yana witness by the way are we focusing in on the wrong patriot here because it was immediately after the Super Bowl in which. Tight end Rob Gronkowski was asked me art by reporter I heard. But you were maybe talking about retiring and I'll never forget his reaction wasn't all that's just talk our item I don't know lawyer that he said where did you hear that. Which led me to believe yuck I said that I can't believe that you heard it already broken your credit good so mean because you know listen he's had the back surgeries. From everything that we've been able to gather he hasn't spent any of his NFL money he's been living off his. He's been living off his endorsements and he has a very healthy growing a little. Messed stake in the bank so would all the celebrating what Adams reporting always focusing on the eve blow blow less likely these to be an issue with ground. LS demos here which is the other side of the the big exciting and thrilling Disney cruise into with my family last week who we were talking about gronkowski were talking about Tom Brady and it was all issues of growth in the pages now I come back from vacation it's issues of Brady and the patriots. So I think there's there's two prongs there and I think you know gronkowski is certainly not a resolve the issue yet either. I still think some he has to have when his contract to make him happy. Our crew dead there I think it's a combination of the different factors the tension with Bill Belichick 'cause it's clear that Rob Gronkowski is in that Tom Brady campaign how everything went down with Alex Guerrero MTB twelve. I feel like all of that tension is starting to building gronkowski say OK listen. I'm willing to continue to play but I wanna be compensated like the number one receiving option and not just as the highest paid tight and of one of the high speed Titus in the NFL I remember last year they loaded up with contrary to some incentives that were specific to last year and and now that those aren't in this year's country still you look at this number it's much lower than. There where it should be relative to his production as the top tight end site I still think that they could make him happy with doing something with the contract. OK so that's wrong and that's Brady. And then there's the issue of what we're talking about with sick on Barkley. Do we really believe they. When push comes to show we talk by the second overall pick for the giants I know you believe they should go quarter Britain but right now they're turning in that card do you think it'll be job. Oh or Barkley. If I had to bet and I don't you do because I would already dollar I don't that pool but hold on achingly trick plays to one dollar and I had to bet I've been Barkley mark. But I am not rule out job. I thought I had it doesn't learn much. I don't let dollar its own Barca but it's not an easy decision for me. Do you are a citizen if they stay at two if they don't pay out they can't maybe that's a better question don't trade out of the pick and I believe they'll take take on May be that's a better question Chris you can win this is you know I was in the organization as well. What's the likelihood what's more likely that they stay at two or that they move attitude. Apology to the first one I think he'll probably move out of two if their quarterback that they want is not to go public and out of ten and you believe they want one quarter I think they want one quarterback and they don't want I have to remember that name jade is name rhymes with Pam Parnell. I'm just was all right I'm assuming Sam Donald's is because you have the highest lot I don't know that to be a fact but I do know that they like one quarterback in the giants organization is not interest didn't reliving that decade between Phil Simms. And Eli Manning so they wanna stabilized the franchise I have a hard time seeing how they do that without securing the successor for Eli Manning. I just made no sense. We're on the same page I just don't know if they've got a minute and if BA is he's doing a real good job trying to convince everybody is not because everything he's saying is indicating. That he doesn't have to go quarter and here's why I want everywhere if you win have we seen a general manager reveals his out its grant lying on your back even more months before the draft if big government has been openly gushing about that while Barkley. I have to assume that he's not telling us the prospered got a really low remember he was GM of the peppers last year and we knew at this point that they were goal with Christian McCaffery. But that was that was a that was open secret at that point so the wouldn't be the first time I added that he had telegraphed his intentions. So do you think they'll stay or will they move out of that number two I think they'll move because I think they're gonna get her off for the stupid pass. From one of those teams going up to get a quarter yeah let's say buffalo teacher who it would and again the irony there is the jets moved from six to three to get a quarterback may have to believe that there's more than one that they like because of what may or may not be there. And the ball they did that to get ahead of buffalo yeah and ball flowing out get ahead of them thanks to the jets. City counterpart the giants got about a fascinating thing about all six days ago exactly who it with the with all that said and done the team that they shares data with maybe the one that just goes. No thank you and I don't give bad opponent 21 of the teams in the division it is going to be a fascinating thing we can't wait. Again goal can we will be there for the draft Wednesday Thursday Friday LB hosting the draft Thursday Friday and Saturday. Will be a lot of fun Chris Canty will we host in the draft Sony's. He's gonna make the giants' third round pick gap in Dallas how much should he troll the cowboys as a former cowboys second round draft pick much in the same way drew Pearson. At Torrey entire really felt that argues that the bar pretty high you'd have yet to be careful we don't look like you just try to copy yet I don't want Karl yeah there's all you want Chris Canty. There's only one plus that's another when he teamed guy that's sort of say all the depends on the reception that the Dallas fans I mean he's got a gun and I have earlier radio Chris Kidd because the little cool reception I can't troll here wouldn't they do I can always drop the mark with the Super Bowl ring you could you could are I'd I'd I have a feeling. That that it'll be a mixed reception. Remember that guy Chris skinny but then you started the Johnson like one he's now the thought I thought he is now one of us and him. By the giants give you what forty something million reasons lately we've all just going to kind of isn't he really likes soccer magic yeah. I straight I know my pocket I need a little loan. But I did I mean we management that's exactly what get a from Evan Mathis wanna get a two point eighty million. Always good windows. And they way your Mike Cole sear. Hey by the ocean go doing go ESPN radio and ESPN news. Evident clever very happy in the in the vote don't know what happened there are all right we are presented by progressive insurance. All phone just join us on the show pencil performance line. Trim lingo here Chris Kenny and for my goal it from 97. You can radio new York and that was one of your caller from the home team candy show whitehouse Tony from Akron yeah okay so. Well we don't want people so this is she's the reason by the way that that Rick was very madness yet you know Rick DiPietro he still has a little be pretty much balkanized Robert that had been. And they brought the burden for a great about it even odds are there co host but listen Tony didn't give. Credit where credit was due she should have told you guys but that was you guys dressed like DiPietro yeah annoyed as you called in a series of vice to a mug and we read and what that. In fact when we come on the draft. His his name on the scream lobby at I'm sure after that Adam Sheffield out of chapter hash tag feisty little might doom are you that's what we're doing there but the last story in sports and was. About the cavaliers taking on the pacers tonight in game three and Brian would horse just posted a very interesting article. On You can check it out and the question is. Is this supporting cast for LeBron James the worst supporting cast. He's had in any playoff run and immediately your mind goes back to 2007. When they made their first trip to the finals and they were swept I think by the spurs. There and that was really the brunt Jane and LeBron James and others yes you know but. But it's an interesting discussion from Wendy because first of all. This is I take a group that hasn't been together very long really balsam just since that since the trade deadline. But it is one of the least expensive supporting cast for sure. The question then become the cavs I had the oldest and most expensive roster in the playoffs and Jan James said the heavy lifting so. You know where where do we see these other points coming from from the bronze team because they're not gonna survive. They're not gonna survive if it's just LeBron and oh by the way everyone else doing 151266. And two well first of all. Asked to start with Kevin love the other all star now know he's got the the ligament in the thumb issue but he's not going to be OK he's going to be out there he's got to be better. Rodney hood is definitely got to be better you know you bought it meant to be one of those spot up shooters and perimeter score. That kind of guy he hasn't necessarily fill that role that they thought reward JR Smith we know we can be streaky. And he can be hot but when he's Cole he's ice cold and so. Goals of the guys that are really gonna have to carry the load in terms of being better offensively but where are worried about this cavs team defensively yeah you got these guys at the trade deadline because they were younger and more athletic you thought that you would improve defensively and that hasn't necessarily been the case so that's put a lot more on the bronze age right now. And this is the first time we see them in a long time struggle in a first round. A playoff series well the energy thing there is the defense has been the one thing that's been kind of okay. During the first two games of the classic held Indiana to under a hundred points in each of those games but you're right that was a huge problem for them in the regular season. But as windy points out this article and it's a really interesting article is I think most people they clearly 2007 was the worst team he had around him and that might be the case eventually. But the five leading scores in the regular season after LeBron Kevin Love Kyle Korver Jordan Clarkson Jeff Green and Rodney hood. They are combined 22 of 68 shooting so far. In the first two games so James is basically scored or assisted on 62%. Of his team's buckets now if that it would hold out that would be the highest number of his playoff career or ESPN stats and information his current high. Was back in 2009 at 54%. So. Again this goes back to the MVP argument we've had before. For example the rockets won the other night by twenty when James Harden went two of eighteen jump if you would Brian James has two of eighteen shooting performance. The casual win by Tony they'll lose by forty. Do I'm we saw that in game one when you got off to a slow start I don't think he took his first shot until less than two minutes left and still triple double and still had a triple double what you saw that tie Louie LeBron James won the same page and warned him to get off to a fast start offensively. In game soup some say is gonna take another effort like that for LeBron James to be out of move past this Indiana Pacers team in game three it's gonna have to look like dubbed supporting cast is gonna have to pull their weight on the offensive end. You've got to give more production from guys like Rodney hood and Jordan clocks and Clarkson and George Hill. Those guys have got to be better. And that ladies and gentlemen is what Chris Canty is a radio professional because that leads a seamlessly into. Over under. With the Lincoln wind down. By the way is a really interesting local boy windy and his conduct on you should check it out as the stats are overwhelming so let's start over under at 29 and a half. Points from LeBron James tonight in game three against the pacers again he's averaging 35 points for the first two games. I'm going over I'm going over because it has to be over even when may have to be way over illegal when you look at the 46 point Jamie hadn't game to the pacers still have an opportunity with less than a minute to go picked all the people miss is a wide open three. So when you start looking at how that sequence of events happened in the last minute. Definitely do yourself okay. The brawn James has to do this just to make sure they and his team have a chance of being able to win because you saw the decrease is due to the jazz in game one who's a blowout win for them yet 24 points LeBron in game 146 points in game two. What is this these 33 years old right that's 33 ominously the over under really need to be 33 just had a Vanessa wanted to take the overall and 29 and a half and I think it's going to be somewhere in the 33 to 38 range of they're gonna have any chance of winning this game. Over under brought to buy grasshopper the entrepreneurs phone system I've always wanted to be entrepreneur. Run your business from your mobile phone CL works at grasshopper dot com okay. We continue on over under. One and a half losses for the warriors before the Western Conference finals I'm one under. A lawyer and not like us could be out I don't think this team is going to lose and even though they're gonna match up against the tough pelicans seam in the second round. Just a lack of experience I think is gonna hurt them in that series going up against the Golden State Warriors and so we're Kevin Durant Klay Thompson out there. They complete their pores in those two guys can be a widget they're shot anytime they want they Golden State is just so much better defensively than every other team that they're going up against including the pelicans so. I like Golden State I don't think they're they're gonna lose the game until they get to the Western Conference final. It certainly doesn't seem like the spurs are gonna offer them much resistance and again their one game away from sweeping that so the question then becomes a pelicans gonna win one or two games. Guess it's possible but Anthony Davis could go bonkers and a couple of games and if you go that way but now I'm in drawl is you have to do what he did the other night that's gonna continue you don't get a couple of games off off gold states on the go under as well I think get at. The most they'll lose one game before what we're thinking is going to be a potential Western Conference finals match up with. Houston okay. Baker mayfield said an ASI dot com and QB article. He took a look at our paper and drew a line underneath the number five selects in the draft which is held by the Broncos and said. I'm not going later than this so over under the fifth pick were baker mayfield will be drafted next Thursday. I'm gonna go under and I know that there are a lot of teams that are trying to move up in the top five to position themselves to get a quarterback but I really do believe. It's about the Big Three and as Josh Rosen Josh Allen and Sam Donald in that territory. I don't think bicker mayfield will slide past the top half of the first round I've got the Miami Dolphins at eleven circle. They've been a team that's so a lot of interest in bicker mayfield in the pre draft process. And they're not sold on Ryan Taylor hill being their future franchise growth quarterback of course is coming off injury so. I like the idea of the committee field goal and into that Miami Dolphins organization and completely changing the culture we're just see if Adams days is on the same page tonight. So you're saying that he think you think he goes to Miami but do you think he goes to Miami because they move up. So which are sang do I mean Miami might I'm saying I don't think bicker mayfield is going to go in the top spot so okay so I don't think he's going to be a tough one clear taken on a regular on. The overload over jumps again children that the U I was could come look at drew I was like I I I don't wish her daughter but I'm not George you're actually say there and I think he's gonna. He's not gonna go bad a day the interesting thing there is because once you get. Pass these teams. You know obviously you have the browns have for the Broncos have five and then. You know six through ten there's really not a huge need for quarterback there's so if somehow he doesn't. Goal by the top five it's conceivable that Miami could still get him at number eleven so let's just say for whatever reason it goes. Josh Allen number one mean Sam darn old number two. Josh Rosen number three. I say one Barkley number four and then a number five Bradley job if they go tell go Bradley jump to pair against Von Miller which by the way. I think we'll be really Smart thing to do. There's sort out their Denver case keen it was a pretty good option right now quarterback for U. And then you have your bookends like you have with DeMarcus Ware our guy you were drafted with for the cowboys in 2005 on one end and Von Miller on the other side. Suddenly that defense is going to be very very interesting for people. So if that happens I think it's very conceivable that Miami would even have to move up. From number eleven so I think I'm gonna take the over there as well they're if you are I think if if those two spots go the way they are. I think that we might see baker mayfield sitting their past pass the five spot and maybe getting to lose eleven because once you get six to ten those teams are reeling a quarterback need. I know that our quarterback needy would it be innocent and see if some of those other teams like Arizona and like buffalo are trying to move up in front of a team like Miami. With one of those teams and other new quarterback in those six Olympics. And and again the whole thing which I think is hilarious is that it's it's really up to the giants on what they wanna do and whether the night. They can stick that knife in the defense looked up from six a very. Let god tell you what a great sports night last night no doubt about it and lingo what are they wanna show what kind. 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To learn more about all the outdoor solutions trek has to offer call 180289. Tracks or visit Trex dot com that's GR EX dot com. Go doing go reminding you of the global lives next Thursday and Friday from Arlington Texas for the NFL draft brought to buy keen to instance weeks Bogut LQ dot com and win that business straight wing go here. Chris Canty infamy is being your 987. As Mike is off today on talking about a little over under the we were playing and we stopped on baker mayfield and during the break we had an extended dance mix discussion on different from what I really like. Yeah so before we get to the finish of over under let's let's continue this discussion would baker. Because if he doesn't go in the top five here the team's sixth through tenth the colts probably actually taken quarterback. The Bucs probably not beaten new quarterback. The bears definitely not to do about it. The niners definitively that taking a quarterback the raiders at ten. Absolutely not taking a quarterback and that leads you to Miami so Miami sits there at eleven and buffalo is at twelve. Then if if if bigger doesn't go to the top five then you have maybe did the jostling between eleven and twelve whether it's Miami or buffalo trying to move up. But with those six through ten guys and get the quarterback mean but the energy thing here Bob Baker is that look obviously. He's very competitive guy. His teammates and Oklahoma love him. And he's been very productive. But I think there are a couple of things that are going to be real question marks at the next level first of all you can't get around the sides know he's barely six feet tall. The only to Puerto rice that I know there have been very successful. I think Michael it was 6261. He was he was he was not as short as Beirut very it was a it was a freakish act like you're like a 434 so exacts a let's exclude him. Then there's Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. So if you're Russell but you're baker size you essentially have to have these capability. In the imagination of Russell Wilson. Well here's the problem there. Baker ran a 48 and a 4940. Russell read a 45 what did you running your forty. I ran a 41 although I just goes to show you look really context with NFL defensive linemen and in edged past Russians are doing. Von Miller runs like a 45 so they committee feels not out running any of those guys today as the defense yet and so what I think about baker mayfield and trying to project him and what he's gonna do. At the pro level I always go back to something that Bill Parcells said if you don't remind me of somebody that I've had success with that I'm probably not gonna draft you. Big gourmet field doesn't remind me of a lot of NFL quarterbacks that have had success with that stature in steals it. In the at this level so I'm a little bit worried about Woody's gonna be capable of doing and how whatever team drafts implants when using them because his skills that is very unique and you have to have a plan and I don't know. Ed baker mayfield is necessarily going to be that guy that's gonna be able to take over franchise and have the success in terms of production. OK so I think we can establish he's not fast enough to get away from the best pass rushers in the NF dipped so that eliminates the Russell Wilson comparison. Then the question becomes Drew Brees he's fantastic he's 61 I think just over six feet. And he's been phenomenal. There have been 95000 passing yards seasons in NFL history. Drew has over half of them he has five so why are we going to believe then that baker mayfield can be Drew Brees. I'm every got to play the odds straight how many Drew Brees is have we seen there's only one Drew Brees saw me when you start talking about comparing him. The vols type of athletes I don't think that's that's fair to assume a baker made there was going to be able to have the same level of success so. Baker's baker Greg feels game has been so much about. Being able to use his legs to extend plays in college he's played the spread system really like a run and shoot type of system. I don't know that baker made cooking consistently win from the pocket especially at his stature because. It's gonna be a different game when he gets to the NFL level and if you have a quarterback that can consistently win from the pocket and he doesn't have the athleticism and his capability to get away from mostly for the mom and it's going to be you know. World of hurt yet and looking authored the bill authored so Lauren wasn't really ought pure spread it was a little more based on a couple of things but you're right it's not the same kind of office he'll be asked run in the NFL. So he's not going to be Drew Brees and he doesn't have the escape ability. Of a guy like Russell Wilson. Those are two things that as a quarterback and smaller stature they're going to be a problem and one of the things that people always say available baker. Always competitive spirit his competitive fire his teammates love from the get him fired up. Well it's easy. To be fired up by that kind of behavior when everyone else in your team is nineteen to 21 to actually at let's say it how old were you when you play your last receives with the ravens I was 33 years old OK you're 33 years old you've made some money. You've got some things you got to take care when you have a 22 year old kid cumin and fire and brimstone screaming let's go all that kind of stuff. How will that play in the locker. Guys really don't care about that whole fiery let's go this try to rock ross' don't want that would they want is somebody that's gonna show up. Via professional and do their job and as the quarterback you've got to be the first person in the building and the last person to leave I know it sounds cliche but well that's what true and that's what the players on the team and in the locker room wanna see because so much of their livelihood and their success depends on what you do as the quarterback. It's the most important position in team sports and so. We've baker mayfield have been some questions about his character and how he's going to adjust to the pro game and is he going to be that consummate professional when he just to whatever NFL city that drafts and so. I think there's a little bit of concern from players. From that standpoint if you have to deal with the god it's like that. Again. Is teammates love him because they're all the same age they are five that college kid or college kids that robber unless you play like Drew Brees. That rod rust off won't work at the FL level I mean member when James Woodson put his fingers together and we're gonna go to W. I swear he's sold his team is only dude what are you doing good literally what are you saying to me right now I don't care about any of this either W can you make enough plays for us to win this game. So they looked at him like he had four arms and it was going if you don't know what you wanna shoot from their quarterback yellow we get ready to go play and win a football game. It was all sort of one big giant yellow molded very interest in where about why. Darren Woodson is here with us. ESPN analyst three time Super Bowl champ five temporal bullet the leading tackler in Dallas cowboy history and a member of the cowboys' ring of our. Our first and foremost the Dez Bryant situation we have talked much about that with few. The thing that shocked me about that was that there was no discussion. All of a contract renegotiation. It was pretty clear by the time they got together the cowboys were moving on. Was that the thing that surprised you most it wasn't a give and take exactly that's what surprised me the most is knowing that there wasn't. Disgust and over maybe taken a pay cut. And Dez soda without an agent. I think he felt comparable about the since two situation when he walked in the door. And there was no negotiation to cop would have made this decision and and you know listen Jerry Jones is the guys that have final say. But Stephen Jones is set precedence throughout this whole talk about the Dez Bryant situation and he's basically. Been a god has been strong arm and is this entire situation I think Stephen Jones. And the cowboys. Altogether understood look. If the production is not there or are we willing to deal wit. This being late for meetings did not do it hadn't treatment. Aren't willing to deal with all building she how much of that was an issue I think at all played into itself because. You know the numbers work there anymore that they felt like you know even deserve that they have been that big big contract. But I think it that plated too wood is well hoses you know sometimes you could forgive the warts. The guy still one up late. The guys not getting treatment you can forgive those works because on Sundays he's making big play after big plays OK well. He didn't do this but a big on Sundays he's big he's big place horse. I think that it is all set itself now now it's like on both sides. Are you willing to build towards and the lack of production and they were not willing to deal would be the one and I think that's were the decision came in the sale atlases. Part ways ought to get a no no no we're not cut his salary. He's gonna go while Eaton he's gonna Google release them he's back on the market I think that's where the cowboys were an early date I think that's a Jerry I think that the Stephen Jones decision that came down here yet. And to me I think it's more to do with the chemistry and culture part of him behind the scenes rather than just production. Because from a production standpoint if the guy's not giving you a certain level that matches the pay scale. Did you go back to the negotiating table exactly got the fact that there was no restructure there was no conversations around that lets me know that there was some coaches and maybe some players their employer or what I don't want him in the building saucepan and is hoping forward Dez Bryant. And knowing the way that he left saying that he's gonna see them twice a year do you think that this will likely land spout formed an NFC east. You know I think that's what I want to be exact he desperately wants what does the businessman as well I think the business has to be right for dazzle us up firm believer in Dez Bryant. That he still has something left in the tank that he has at least two or three years left that we can be he can show you he's had a dominant receiver. I still think the business needs to be right for you just don't make a decision to go to do with the the New York Giants or whomever it is and if he's. And then take less money that's not a bad business decision. In the Jerry Joseph taught him any thing for it to make good business decision so it. If there's a team that's out there if there's a Green Bay Packers seem willing to offer him more money with a great quarterback was categorical but it is this if it's New Orleans Saints will Drew Brees. I think he has to look at the best fit for him that makes financial sense for him he kit be well O bill Beckham's on the other side I'm going to be over there and wanna give back the cowboys. Asked not a good businesses. Darren Woodson with a story is an NFL analyst of course longtime Dallas cowboy was so the question then becomes you know him better than most he's not a guy that he wasn't when he fourteen Elliott sixteen touchdown catches. Who is he at this point what is does I think big Dez Bryant is a guy that you don't -- are we looking at the explosiveness that he had in the past and I think there's a lot to do that plays into this and making excuses for days but he's had a couple injuries you know that that never got that you guys never healed and he never took care of those injuries aka and then you try to go out there and play brutal injuries and I didn't work out he went to a quarterback situation where Romo. Who was his guy who could put the ball exactly where he wanted to put it. Had his injuries and happy he dealt with that bit lack of quarterback play at the same time. And men debt debt Prescott's comes in young quarterback may change the whole outlook of the office they wanna run the football. And through that process he became a team player. You can hear dead arguing about you know not getting ball he saw the team was transforming a two run first pass second football team and he bought into. The numbers were there last year in the last couple years and I get I mean I get that part of it before the figures say what his. His talent in production down again that's what they but he his skill set has all his fastball off I don't know his skill set it's all in that much. The think that he he played his game at a high level if he spot if we golds the right quarterback. The right office to ski you still see some of that production I must say you're gonna see that production and he had 34 years ago right but I think you'll see more than sixty some catches you'll see that 7080 kitrey. Now down the question becomes how did the cowboys were placed production from Dez Bryant or more importantly what he means that offense because it to me it's all about trying to did that press got back on track you have the most valuable commodity were in the NFL which is a starting quarterback what a rookie contract so. Dallas is got a did that back on track I'm regressed in his second year. How are they gonna do that without Dez Bryant. Now listen I gotta get back to the running game what's made this team special is there identity. An ass running game that's getting behind their big off both alive. Establishing that though the line of scrimmage. And meg getting into the third and twos and a third and Boris in wood and I think that's where you see the best of that press got option route to Colby easily. Outside the slant to Terrence Williams you'll see is Jason Witten BM a bigger part of game. That's the Dak really offense that they want to see run the ball first giving the third is sort let him convert there wouldn't either in the passing game what his legs. That's the deck Prescott's situation. They had in my opinion. They have to get better as SARS taking those shots when those shots are there and I think that's where it does hurt them the most last year it is a good job without arousal when he came to. On the ball deep down to build a make him a big splash plays. They are very consistent and I think at least to back press that he needs to get better. Well they can certainly use a burn on the outs after we don't have a bus Bieber wide receiver Greg Darren Woodson would this year we this is the most important question of the morning. Chris Canty was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 20052. Round. I had to find seasons with the cow was but had sue will success with the giants in any classic trolling job. The giants are asking Chris Canty to be in Dallas next week. To announce the third round pick. I hope it doesn't matter and rep so the question. Wow it is is this gonna get booed at this time don't come all all or get on the I would look at the cowboys that's gonna come out. Knoll there not ask you commanded become you know what man is the setup Chris don't know I don't know I know. At the door though load you down I. I can leave Dallas because I wanted to like him pummelled businessman. And I'm literally a business man I had to go to New York to detect threat. I still haven't that I wanna Super Bowl is well exactly and I'm. Well obviously when you so. You so up and you introduce. That there was a third round that are relevant third round pick Friday night. The boos there bill I'll be the first look like they're too but knew Chris you're I'm right in front. Back wow is wow you can go on the road they go to Oklahoma got Wellemeyer a right abdominal wave at the crowd with my Super Bowl Marino on then all of driver and sand and and Dallas for job I am so glad I. And if I don't and I got rid of them wanted to play for the bullying. About it and so he's got to go full Drew Peterson like drew did all you do and do well they don't always I don't know what they'll play AT&T stadium where the giants have a winning record with the Eli Manning he won his first three attempts in this building you got to go all out embrace it you have got to vigil Allen Breed embrace the villain embraced and embraced the villain. When you the best moment and look dude I'm Daryn within this and that slowed. You know plays to get out. What's not expect too much there's only one person out there that's expecting way too much part of this guy who really we know that is they did. His father. Here's a little insider travel secret and there are tons of anti hotel rooms out there just waiting to be booked weeks. That's why there's hotel tonight portal tonight partners with Boston hotels to help them fill their unsold rooms which means you get incredible deals. And even though the names hotel tonight. You can actually broke a two week in advance in the 200 days in advance of top destinations. To download the hotel tonight app to start scoring better deals and better hotels now. Kara Lawson ESPN basketball analyst she's calling the raptors a wizards game. Three united and thunder a jazz on ESPN's Robin back to DC for the raptors and wasn't Sunday in other words she's busy she's also good. Our Kara thanks for being with us first and foremost you've got to kill club with a stroke what's he doing what's he don't. Things got out of accountability duck boat there and how it. Again. And making it cannot put the pain like that I'm a bit. But by the way dishonest. Are you doing this in a wind tunnel because I love your assets are committed you apparently are going through a hurricane as your joining us on the are. Yeah. I am going to hurt and his wife Wendy did. But committed to think about W yes. Think that's a bachelor Aaron renew that sushi is okay what did you make of Joseph well MB last night and the performance that he put together it just seems like right now. Out no matter if it's not supposed to be their time it's it feels like the sixers are embracing this moment and maybe they're just young enough that they don't know they're not supposed to be doing news. Allison Joseph Ellis at pat that's the kind of season he's pat I mean a performance he had last night and it's been recording dot on the agreement got a court the most dominant forces. In the NBA all year long. He's he's 200 most difficult guys to game plan port so what he did last night didn't surprise me in the sense that that's where this skill level is right now. But when you talk about him sitting out the amount of time they did and coming back in and still having such a great impact in the game. You know that. That's certainly something that that not a lot of guys could do itself really looks incredible I mean they they definitely have our work like any other team in the league but. When Merrill playing well they have all the guys help me. I'm that they're they're really difficult in the beat. Arab Bristol which you saw last night from a Philadelphia seven sixers is this team talented enough. The B ought to make it to the Eastern Conference finals. I mean I think they're talented enough cars to make the NBA on the we're talking about how right when you look at what they have on their roster I mean. It would then be you have them and what they did glorifying their grant put it it's over Belinelli. Not to they were bought out by a hock. This is to keep that talented enough to make the final yet we could say that about. Probably three that you he would I would say in the in Cleveland or Toronto Billy goat is the big Eastern Conference final at. I'm it would come from polite. And they count enough now. Know how we're gonna react in a situation where. Bet you know they're down in the series or they're playing on the road or you face somebody adversity that all states in the course along quite a lot we. That experience with them didn't know how primitive you're gonna react in note in those situations we don't know that yet so what part of its heart the Jack. Account standpoint. It BP guys are good at any community. What nobody knows how like Kara Lawson because real recognizes Israel Kara Lawson he is paean basketball analyst for us. WNBA champion Olympic gold medalist went to Tennessee. She does though the wizards are color commentary are on local TV also does great stuff for us and became a mean in the championship game. Our whole group because of the world's by Notre Dame over the radio with the stone Kara Lawson FaceBook everything was going on router I'm focused on the job I'm focused on the job I'm focused on the job. So let's focus in on on LeBron James tonight look he's been phenomenal in the first two games care but somebody else besides Cleveland's got to step up. If they're gonna get past Indiana let alone get. To that to the conference finals here. I mean it has been LeBron James and others kind of in the first two playoff games like it wasn't 2007 when he carried a bunch of no names. To the NBA champ de NBA finals that you were they lost but there are guys did that have got to step up I mean they haven't he contributing either buckets or assists on sixty plus percent of their. Of their points that can sustain itself. Who can step up for them tonight. The number one guy you would expect to step up Kevin Love right there to guide me output or looked at how our performances before. Kind of let talk about the silly guys. A look at guys are now up to the garden trade whether it's Lugar let him with Portugal playoff experience it. I don't know that you could be saying okay we're we're gonna put everything depend everything on guys make it. Haven't done it before so I think you put that a player that that was not locker room and I'll you know Kevin Love that guy that that I think it most equipped. That step up to the situation and helped carry a team for long stretches on the other than that it is it to different Cleveland team and we all know that they don't out. They got like carrier ring back in that you can get the ball to an acute care you are upper or gain they don't happen anymore so. The lines here that in all LeBron I don't think that's going to change true that they continue to win you going to. To take on the on the big gargantuan task of comparing it to mean that he's done all year long we got that can be done all year. I mean. He gonna tell you they'd they'd had gotten now lineup card and went without me he'd gone the entire season and you know I I I just don't know that there's a recipe with what the current roster first for one person to do it. I'm game inning game now but the player most quickly become out. Carol going out west looking at that OK city Utah Jazz series OK she's big freeware open fourteen and a fourth quarter game to. We do look a bit surprised by that and would you make off with this group will look like in game three. I think it's this it could end up being that the best first round here aren't so. NBA playoffs when you look at the underneath time. Yeah yeah man out obviously what gay men and went back a lot create good. You know a lot of looks were good looks I mean they they they just getting go down. Com I look a little surprised yeah a bit but those three guys what Corbett particularly wet and and George because. How well you know they played in that series then when those two guys are going at it didn't matter what currently. I'm they're they're gonna find ways to score. I'm like but you thought this is it's very good on the current event. And Donovan until then been terrific. You know he's really stepped up in and then that the team the team leader in terms of office today and the score in the ball and I'm he he's gone right back at Oakland city in and it's shown great built a fearless itself. I'm I'm excited I think game three going to be incredible. The crowd out because it is great just like it is now okay Ian and I expecting it that it can't be about it's the first round. Who has been a lot of fun and again you're calling that game that was Ryan group go tomorrow night and you're sidelined a portal will be none other than out of chapter so I don't know if you don't know Kara Lawson is nicknamed two's Bono was a little bit. OK get a little bit and now she's got feisty little mud yeah I had just I was real little bit on the feisty little nugget which could make for some really good fun but since we've got on the phone and you're doing that game. Grow quickly who's the rookie of the year Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell. Benjamin. Yet not even ask him. For me it's not good armed with a mean it's not about the first wrong thing you've ever said that that's a couple of I didn't do it got close I mean I think a year. Immediate. All right so then the end the MBV question Harden LeBron. Hard. Wow also to Kara I'm shocks. But at. Why are hard to let me guess you hey. Are you hear my argument you're out of your starting point. Two for eighteen in a playoff game in Houston still won by twenty. If LeBron goes to preteen they'll lose by 47. At a regular season award I understand that what you guys and ever but what what what I'm saying is it's showing the value each one has to its team so we're talking about if you take if you take James Harden away from Houston they still playoff team. Does not let OK if you take Cleveland and LeBron went Cleveland they win 25 games. No they don't which are penalized in the current private bedrock sir. I didn't. But he has a better value and we'll watch it and values matters all right that's got to look I. I don't give it to you because you clearly know more about this and would do this every time we have Kara on the joke she's not just asked golfers and she knows everything about sports she is Norma asking these questions and are far more anyway who do you think will be the first quarterback taken in the draft next Thursday. Cool first quarterback taken. Probably the Arnold. Okay who should be the first quarterback taken. I don't know he should be the first court but my favorite quarterback got a bigger. I don't know he should be I get if you liked Arnold will. I. OK who's that I like big who's the best player in this draft taking the quarterbacks out of Bob Bartley. All right go who's who's the leading favored do you think to win the US open net debt at check cock. Well. I mean I would I would get that masters I'd probably stay with Rory. He'd listen she knows stuff meant I can't even not even a moment's hesitation she's on top of you wanna feel good about yourself when you talk to Kara Lawson about sports you. Have a heart and what are we appreciate you were looking forward to Saturday night little bit and feisty little mug of working together appreciates is always Kara. All right let's go to break the wind tunnel where you're right I don't cheat sheet we're pretty sure that this is what Jerry does she just change the weather so get mad at 100 bring peace to the list goes. Is it you do your hero of the day of the mortgage Jo Ellen B force than anybody else. Just get all right over the net and it goes on the thank you Kara Lawson would see what happens as she Rangel and feisty little nugget atom chip. Had assumed that he Saturday night in. The best of go what can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESP NF. Apple podcast boy. Just ask your smarts beat me to play goal. What can only go plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern on ESPN radio and on ESPN news.