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Hour 2: U.S. Open Begins

Jun 14, 2018|

The guys talk about the U.S. Open beginning and then speak with Terence Crawford who is the WBO Welterweight Champion and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. All going go with you on ESPN radio and ESPN news on a Thursday in June glad your with us we are presented by progress insurance cellphone guess we'll join us on the show pencil performance on again. There's a lot to get to the World Cup starts today in Russia. The host nation Russert hosting Saudi Arabia we've also got the start of the US open to a 118. Situation there are so we have a lot to get into their graduate this and again that the topic we're having we started last hour when junior were here and they just left us. Jerk. America. And World Cup starts today were not in it we meaning the United States because we didn't qualify hashed access to hash tag bad Margie. So the question is if you're here who were you rooting for and why give us call 8605065505. And we will have. Those for you a little bit later but I'm curious to see. What teams people rooting for yeah I mean obviously I'll be rooting for the US put us overnight and it's not an option and so I personally am not rooting I don't have a rooting interest outside of the draft that we are doing as a staff. We have four different picker view me in my son and the and the staff. Are are doing a snake draft who went through the first round would do the second round in a minute solely Chevy teams so that'll be fun you know to keep an eye and teams that we pick and draft but. Personally I don't really have. A a favorite you know unlike the the US a US operative I told you right now. Bet that you have that you had to pick one who you who you would want to win at who'd a big one to win or hold our nose gonna cool you would want to win it now to anger of the race through not me. The hole he looked good yeah tiger poll out today. I. I don't see Phil Phil sixth. Six times runner on sectors and only one that that is held him back he's what forty the 4848. This weekend right right during the tournament. So he's a guy look I I and our Michael columnist Steven there'll have Michael Collins on a little later than Phil basically has no shot but or talking about wanting to win. I would like him I would like to finish his career Grand Slam against that after being a runner up so many times. So that's we're hour ago. Yet again the career Grand Slam in terms of the professional majors that are now in play because Bobby Jones on the Grand Slam right and writes a different set of circumstances the US and British opens. And the amateurs US and British amateurs but now of course it's the PGA the masters. On the open in the US open only five people Don that right now of the gene Sarazen. Ben Hogan Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods and who minus. There's someone. I do not know like the odd I'm mad at myself but I can't remember the fifth person as a gene Sarazen and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger Woods. Instruments. I look that up probably feel that Arnold no Arnold number one of the of the PGA was or wasn't number not when I got say Hogan. Oh player Gary Blair there we go to acquire their replies that's who our Gary Player ago and so it's it's the rarest of feats if you rule. Turkey or back out to shoot a cock today Micah what would you shoot well I. Actually this well 943. But there's a there's a better discussion out there to somebody did this comedy Mulligan would you need to shoot level par. Like OK but how many would you how many does that look. The fairways are faster not as fast as normal because that'll rain if you run into that rough your your post you are Dunn's. You mean you'd be there to be looking for you with like you spew walkers in caves trying to find your ball in that hey right there. So the question that. Would be how many millions would you need to break the most smaller diver had around it was a scrambles for Hannah and friends Charlie Weis is tournament that was golf with Pat White Charlie's brother a couple of guys and we are 35 mile against. You pay former track is exactly yeah for the kit for the kids a what did you say what did you shoot thirty odd I think we're nineteen under exactly and that was at a decent track and short nothing like he. I literally think I might need a hundred mile against I might need a hundred volumes up to par on that course I need ten if out of here amid the talk right now and we did I just remembered that I am terrified to that's actually up where I don't recall I play you retreat. But did you greatest scam of all time since coming up next week night. We'll look back all the steps up one Soto congratulations you're young and you're doing great things vol nineteen year old nationals rookie apparel home runs in that 54 win over the Yankees. Becoming just the fourth teenager ever to have a multi homer game at any. Iteration of Yankee Stadium which is not wasting any place of the Yankees have played has been called unity state and the third youngest will. Multi homer in game on the road Mel lot Mel Ott did well twice in 1928. When he was nineteen years old and and Ken Griffey in 1989. And then now. Once total yesterday they were down 31 U three run shot maker for three tied 44. He had to go ahead for the win five for the first one. No no chance I thought I was out I thought it on what I follow all the while ball they even said to see you left there went toe to left field I mean about his left field as you can grow just kept carried him when he was out. Kept carrying carrying and carrying. Mexico and Arizona sector always wouldn't know no doubt about that one. But mail one out. We're a young sorrow they have for this Washington team. We've talked about I certainly have the window closing from the pitching staff to all the talk a Bryce Harper's a free agent is he going to be there's not going to be there. But this young kid only 32 games in the minors and how this coming out of the gates pretty darn strong in the majors nineteen years 231 days old what was your greatest accomplishment as a nineteen year old and 231 days we starting at that point for noted and I was I was. Software York couple starts junior junior senior I was the start is that sunny morning or know somebody would have been nineteen right so soft Briere started one game that played all the games are one game Katrina but yeah I wasn't hitting home runs in the major leagues I think in nineteen my greatest accomplishment was getting to class now and and not general Notre Dame witches and you know were there can be bad snow you know about walking to class and I slipped and fell down I was just I was not going because I was going back later on how many times did you slip and fall well not enough how many times a -- myself sort of event. And I've got to how they can't do it. Professor I have to know I didn't miss one class in Notre Dame yet. I've every finger crossed let us about isn't it we would there was a mandatory attendance policy as well at a fur for players we have we can only have for not for players this was for the teachers three mrs. Jeffrey. Excused absences we has semester we had a few more than that and I managed to hit the mark and every single time I'm hitting the mark right now is it to displaying the Washington with me. Job you very much what he first World Cup begins today as host Russia faces Saudi Arabia at. Lose Mickey that's all right auto Saudi rated us it was a legend in music Saudi Arabia Iran as well in the stadium and. My naive. It's. Russia faces Saudi Arabia. At the lose Nicky stadium in Moscow now Charles good to settle its connections reserve stadium now that was and to make your five time winner Brazil I'm convicted there's the betting favorite followed closely by the defending champs from Germany. History says the pool of title contenders and small only eight countries have ever won the World Cup over the last nine only two teams have been first time winners France in 98 in Spain and 20% so again we are doing a draft here goal going though we did the first round you had the first pick -- you took Spain I did. Mike had the second picky took Brazil. The staff pick Germany and I took France so we're gonna do this all talk where is exactly right we're gonna do the second round right here. And I get the first pick in the snake draft I am going to take. I I I am seeking help on the Internet. And a lot of people are saying be careful and seeking help on the Internet a lot of people in trouble troop. You have to look at looking for a puck off I'm wrong with Belgium. Merritt from all night that they would be one of the next betting favorite one of the neck not being next betting favorite but one of the next so I'm going Belgium OK so now it goes to move staff to elaborate heck thank you Kevin to griner. The necklace okay staff who who has the senate today is ours now it was a staff taking next. The staff is telling meant we want Argentina we run message. I'd like that that's that's probably a good way to go so now my son Mike who was on his way to LA to do sports nation DeVon your picking for him yes I am glad. Go to guy who's never won before one of best players in world. Portugal are you just took my are clear up most of my tech I was older I was hoping the Portugal. Is that they won they won the Euro last year right in there when the Euro. I think they did with render and although got hurt in that in that Gateway's sixteen it was a senior us and he got hurt in the in the final is still on on to win. OK see you deport schools looks up to me. I think I'm gonna do this. I think along with the lions immortal lines from England. Our all right let them the next betting favorite and they only won one World Cup break absolute league soccer crazy nation. But I'm I'm I'm gonna go England and and I don't feel good about our would have felt better with Portugal second round I went Belgium. Junior when Portugal staff when Argentina trade. Went England third round you will lead off again in the state draft parent I may go just completely off the charts and one surprise two rounds in the books in. Then he'll. Listen we so the World Cup's are severe he got a huge warning event going on but an eighteenth playing of the US open China cocktails on Long Island getting under way. Tiger Woods' world number one Dustin Johnson and world number two Justin Thomas will tee up at 147 but to your point. Our Phil Mickelson will tee off with Rory McIlroy. And Jordan's speech I think it 802 eastern. And that is also a very interesting grouping those three players together. All while I'm here without a doubt are you kidding me out or what what are group for you to see play for a couple days but again fell five time major champ. They're trying to get his first US own brand. Six run Iraq what was up. Which one was when he was that where it was Retief Goosen worst part of this first hole action action a cock and you double bogeyed he he he he three putted his way out of yeah Retief Goosen holed everything had a ton of great one but it should've got in 2004. And Mickelson could not find the cup. He putted his way out of his US open in 2000 fortunate cock is the only course to have hosted the US open in three different. Centuries. The tenth US open played on Long Island and the fifth posted by should attract 1896. 96 to 198619952004. Obviously this time around there will be held there again in 2026. Told we talking about the World Cup starting in the US in 2046. And US over its unified vision goggle down that people some I've never played I'm gonna be out there this weekend I'm really excited about that. People say it's one of the greatest golf courses in the world should I know you would love to play I I've I would have trepidation I I I'd be terrified I iMac one player I would want to play just to say boy aren't you what I can do there. But I would be out there all day the amount of beer that would have to fall lonely out there would have to be ridiculous to the idea there for six ourselves. Of the people might be saying dude you need speeded up. Now let's go because they people depletion docket it they take very seriously Mickell meet my seven yeah I don't know no robbers and perjured under. That's and I don't feel like a promise you that. So let's sound off on the US open some office brought you by ADT considering home security consider this for a 140 years ADT has helped a lot of people be protected and some more crime than any other home security company. Visit ADT dot com to learn more since it's killing me by the way OK so we talk so much about Rory McIlroy and he wins the masters is a chance when the career Grand Slam and only five people don't I can't believe I forgot about the black night Gary Player and I'm upset with myself but it took me that want to remember. But Phil is going to be 48. He's. Come so close so many times he skipped last year's US open. Because of his daughters graduate graduated valedictorian congratulations. But he came so close in 2004 he finished two strokes behind Retief Goosen. Who won at four under and Phil was at two under par. But we got Andy North on the show yesterday and he thinks when it's all said and done that guy. Not till the tiger is going to be there. If not winning at all in the next on Sunday. I think he's striking it I was woes I've ever seen. I'll use is controlling it nicely controlling the flight. As drivers gotten. Remarkable is improved. From the first half of this season. And it just struggled the potter will but it memorial and in it looks like he's got that triggered back go to get so I'd be shocked if she wasn't. In the mix come Sunday. Now we both had the same question I wasn't here yesterday he was our follow up about. Where exactly he he got his Zelaya tried I great I don't I thought about that unfortunately two late and I thought wait a minute what how windy straighten his putter out I don't remember that aura was a last tournament you played him like are talking about. The practice greens are which again tiger calls himself ranger Rick right you know that that he gets better and arraigned and then Missouri in the tournament so. I don't know Fiat and and you better get your putter straightened out in in this on this course yeah no doubt about it so. There was a fun fact I had. With any north when he joined she won 78. In 85 wrecked. 78 when he won I believe the number was off 45000. Dollars he won in 1985. When he won you 103000. Dollars. Last year Brooks Cochran won he won two Duncan Capcom sarcasm that he won two point one million dollars. To bring out we know the money obviously is different ball boy oh boy yeah what a huge difference there and a and an agenda by the way trying to be the first to win back to back since I don't that would be our guy Curtis Strange exactly right last got to do it and 8889. And I think before him Alaska and it was Ben Hogan so that if we were talking about repeating that at the World Cup. It is almost impossible not to repeat as US open champ. So you know it's it's it's interesting too because. I just did the tiger things Anderson I I'd like to see him win but let's be honest about something you're okay. It's always this year it's seemed to be something like three fourths of his game is going right two thirds of his game is going well. But to win you have to have all four and the idea that he's gonna win a major first. Before. He would beep he wins a regular tour. I that's hard for me to swallow if you won at the Honda. If you run at the memorial feed one at the Valspar I'd feel a lot better after tiger winning. At the US freaking open OK clearly hurting the idea that he's gonna put it altogether in these circumstances. That to me seems exceedingly difficult. We'll have our our great former caddie and analyst Michael Collins on around hour fifty minute when you get for good he actually I heard it. I'll give oil and instead has where he thinks what exact place. Tiger will really he's gotten that's specific to what place and if he thinks Phil Mickelson has a chance to win his first. I US open so we will see that don't be surprised you Jordan's brief. Up at the top of the leaderboard since starting prone 2016. He's led or cold led sixteen rounds in a major nine more. Now than any other player when he's always there yeah there is here and and that's really what you need more than anything else does you know you've got to be able to put yourself in those situations. And they and they say well you know you need to lose a couple before you can finally figure how to handle that pressure and that that is part of this and I get that that's whack. But nothing I think would be better for the sport and nothing would be better for the television ratings in the sea tiger in the mix just don't see how high. I don't either I this is one of those especially when he struggles on Thursday you know that hasn't changed you still 87 once every two average so. Fury is there and then what are EST do to make the cut the greatest story coming out of the so the fact that he's staying honest one million dollar yacht. Because he calls a day call that a Ding in your children are already did that put but I guess to traffic there's ridiculous my gosh and summon up big money guys are staying close to the course there in the Hamptons yeah he's staying out of shot which is like you also have like thirty to forty minute Fridays have some of these guys taken two to three hours to get their course. It's crazy are you I know one of DO one of the golf writers there is staying at a hotel that has forty miles away from the court like optimize will be in Manhattan act exactly right it's gonna take that long to get there are so. The logistics of this now a room that this sort of reminds me of the 2013 US open. That was played at Marion. That was won by Justin Rose because Mary is a great old golf course but it's literally in what's called the main line outside of Philadelphia I mean it is a residential area. So there's no there's no highway in and out there's not a ton of there's not a ton of a room for you because the US open. Is like a traveling circus that you don't forget us forget just the the corporate tents and all accounts up and has to go on to make this a a workable space. Then you have the broadcast puts the compound. Whether it's you know the in the US feed the international feeds me it takes up eight of space and places like the main line in Philadelphia. And out the Hamptons there's just not a lot of space it's a hard thing to get in there. And trying get all this stuff going on so I mean that's part of it and dealing with that part of it. It is going to be a nightmare so if you can be like tiger. And park yourself from candidates warning mill sit around 500 dollar million dollar yacht that's it's about always good around now the weather hole blue there's going to be okay because that's always a problem out with my intent and that actually today might be the data total are now because of that era has its gonna get drier and windier. And believe me my neck course dries out. It dries out like that I can't remember which green was. I think it might have been this it's it was at the seventh via the seventh and yes I support whatever it was so bad. They were watering it in between pairings. Are on the weekend me that. That is unheard of now the that at the green was not holding anything to anyone if I had upon out of what goes really fast I'd have been livid evolves so they're watering your for somebody else well I mean it got so bad that they had to do for everybody okay every group that came true and there will be some that didn't know that that had to be the sacrificial lamb did it was it was it was almost an embarrassment now a US GA because they've the US did vote got the US GA always likes to say at the US open well we wanna identified the best golfers. And the golf like no you're honored to embarrass NASCAR like that I do but I'll never forget this from the 1998 US open which was played at Olympic on the eighteenth hole they had the pin. Went right over this ridge. And it was and if you if you miss the if you missed the cut by any set its roll up Payne Stewart god bless him had like a four foot putt for birdie. Okay he missed it by this much the thing ruled all the way down of the firm and he was. Now human I'll never forget that either you forgot and I can remember and Howard in Zagreb Kirk Triplett in fact and that's saying the US open. Was so mad he hit a ball while it was moving on the eight degree just to disqualify himself and this is ridiculous. And so hold a lot of mental toughness heart well I mean it was it was it was bad whatever it was bad hopefully that's the case going forward yes you can but it's still pay for play which is what I laughed you you got you got to make your mark got to make your money. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. You're getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Your batters a different look pick. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like Ringo noise on you know it. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared winning business with lucky day inns and suites book now LQ Dhaka. Oh doing yard ESP Turkey a ESPN news. In the World Cup starts today the US isn't in it who were you rooting for and why give the so caller voicemail will play those later on 860506. 5505. But before we get dare we had to make our next ten. Weren't around three or don't worry we have four different teams here betray me my son and the staff toward during the snake draft for all the teams you can check this out act court doing more on Twitter. Our goal look wing all on in style we are to have the first two rounds all four in the third round. Of which you get the first pick exactly and by the we wrote what you have to do it you can't pick in the same grouping group Russia. A good one the grizzlies explains the world cup of soccer fans how big it is. John Albert just last week tonight and 2014 World Cup was on. He said he's got a picture of David Beckham the kind of tattoo on a right Jesus or his chest. And soccer fans want and it's huge for Jesus you know that's I think that's a big the World Cup is the people's why aren't that she's got a pickax I. Group urine we're gonna get through these junior Terrence you know what. We claps Iceland baby going Iceland. All in on Icelander nor Chrysler debt they were they were a surprise that the euro's going all in Iceland OK it up next would be DeVon your ticker for my son. I am I'm going to go with Croatia Croatia and I'm not bad not bad that I. That you know X next to the group of staff easily got staffing at staffers and were taken host country's Davis Russia they're gonna Russia. By the way you you can make an argument that the best player in the World Cup has yet to be picked to sort that out there the best play Debbie knows and talking about now it's sort of reach of a pick but. Junior I mean senior it would be a little you know what he did it yeah hi I am. I am going to goal with Poland right. Because. Because I want to protect facts about that again arguably the best player initiative rolled up his team is still not been taken. Don't throw throw that out there are that's him in the third round I picked first in the fourth round what are you gonna look at that a little later but we are delighted to be joined now. On the shelf ones of pencil performance line by WWB. A welterweight champion Terrance Crawford. Against the show pencil performance like taking synthetic motor oil conformist to a whole new level. Make the switch to pens all synthetics today chairs we apologize for you having to listen all of that are I'm sure using at this point. What the hell's a show that I'm calling into so again we apologize. Our laws are a little. Appreciate the patience yes I appreciate you being aware the so congratulations how many more weight classes can go up or down in and win. We got just three I think the over under might be five MI stretching it here. Are you you stretching their own currency being. I don't know I don't believe some muscle formula one's sixty. Or Walter for a bird and you know I just moved up the way so. You never know look to future may hold. And as far as what you've done so far let let let's talk quickly about your of your last fight against Jeff warn you you dominated this fight. I'm wondering in a sport where it can end quickly if you're not on the defensive all the time. When your dominating talk talk about what's going through your mind. As you're just when he round after round trying to end this fight against the guy you know your better than but still have to be on guard for. Are you about potential we usually control. Of that nature. Just didn't have to burden me disordered. You don't do Colin mountain to believe. It can turn right around. So gold you're going to would you presented by progressives home insurance what insurance for cars homes bode motorcycles Arby's commercial vehicles of wanted to under Get into that. WB a welterweight champion Terrance Crawford is with us again he took WB a welterweight title by taking down Jeff Horne over the weekend. Or get your reaction to this obviously meta world peace otherwise known as Ron. Of a longtime NBA star just recently tweeted his top five athletes of all time that list says you same bolt Mohammed Ali Michael Phelps. Wilt Chamberlain and you. What does it say to you that meta world peace thinks you're one of the top five athletes in the history of all time in the world ever. Our man that. Some believe. We've accomplishment. You know from me initials a lot of we stayed dead and I light of the world peace have learned are likely. Tarnish Terrence Crawford they're 33 you know 24. Knock outs is are you look at from the next flight to be against Spencer junior I mean it was ranked fifth this farce pound pound pound for pound the world your rank third. Right there and that weight class right now is larger now move up or down anymore in the time being is that the next right you're looking for. This can only control on the champions. You know I don't single out anyone know. Look at the tape over there that welterweight division just like I took over the previous two divisions. That knows millions of you can go to vote this morning. This thing whereas I've been lost for the entire. Terrence Roberts coming for everybody that is well once the mall. Obviously you're doing very well with with a three. Championship belts that you have was there eight a boxer that you watch as a kid that major wanna do this was our guy you wanted to style your game after. All you can work your immune Floyd Mayweather was in our favor outsiders coming out the I just want to be great just like those who. And that same time I want to be muscles. You know and that I believe that we don't loan. Well yeah I'd I think that's working out worked out well 33 you know toy Forte goes. And now has a world title in three separate divisions say terrorists we appreciate you being with us this morning thanks a lot congratulations on the big win over the weekend thanks Derrick. You gotta. A Terrence Crawford they cannot all cover shall we want them all third weight class up again pound for pound ESP and rankings. Best enrollment Shiancoe number Warren triple G number two Crawford three Alvarez forced bench junior. Says that number five so we'll see you were goes next again with a guy I'm overweight the way you're not chore. What he's going to do but. That was no contest against or every I move we had down. We are talking about that fight. It did there was only one person I think that ticked toward are all you know hundred other boxing analysts were saying tko just a matter what round. Offer Crawford against pork and and the best part we had to Seattle's on he's like barring a head but yeah military jacket yet as Jeff Gordon leads with his with his skull a couple of times now that did not happen again that was the greatest boxer pound for pound. But meta world peace man. He is all in now he actually chairs cropper in the top of the list I don't know if he did it 12345. Rice dry federal he's put out there it's week. Of the top five athletes of all time then yes Terrance Crawford followed by Wilt Chamberlain Michael Phelps Mohammed Ali and you same bolt how ominous say Terrance was five anyone 5432 I'm guessing that's that's the I am a little while but Betty as you see bowled over I'll leave that can't be same poll now is his best athlete. Five athletes you've expanded your definition of athlete we did this one time here real horse on it's always where I you know couldn't say. Secretary and number 31 length are we going back to more sex Joan no I headed for the good. Probably the worst Edward Newman's I mean seriously now that we've come off well did have on our hearts almost twice his size he give orders it all at all. Comes down to your definition I guess of greatest in your sport what you did organized actual athletes but by the way when that that when absentia blows it. Was it was a 3230 was that some century it wasn't that that's the name of that thing we did. I don't of the best athletes of the sent out a camera be back with a touch this call at that yet thank you but I never would that question everyone is known that I beat the horse now know that I come in ahead of the war started secretary so I mean. It just shows you are competitive. You you have to be to be. Alpha male who were athletic. Everyone and Al and personals are on the list. And that was that I beat the army who did I beat the horse is really looking there was are dominant dog racer and now we are now about lassie lassie may Lotta movies and a lot of movies. I mean what's your girl bark bark bark what animal house is on fire Moore embarked park I need to go and save the three children bark bark bark francs last Canada to the top ten and that's not athlete that's magic whatever that's movie magic this month that it thirty for thirty podcast by the way have returned subscribe to thirty for thirty podcasts right now in the listen tablet ESPN app or. On apple podcasts brought you by delta. Where it's our goal to connect your life in the air to your life on the ground and we are connecting ourselves Mike to the World Cup in Israel USA isn't into it. Again you don't seem I'm talking about when I say the arguably the best player in the field. This team has now been taken I absolutely no group. That's correct and most solids or Kerry I wasn't sure he's asleep. Okay he's looking at me like that was a stretch that he might not have known that states that I askew with that was a legitimate question to ask you never doubt face Angola really my dad fans sick it. DeVon was there no. More solid feel bad I feel bad you should feel right feel bad. That idea that idea I'll see if I don't work there minimized and the snake rafter or both of you with their nickname is the pharaohs that's a great that's that's a great nickname and why wouldn't it be exactly did. Are you there are some like the lions would have gotten. The Ferrer the pharaoh that that's about as good as it yet so we'll see how quickly. A most solid and Egypt is taken. In our sneaker but we do we get points for how far everybody else there's a whole point system that LA has that we don't wanna explain how zoning our show Chrysler and let's just make sure we each can get a team in each group yes we do that that's a success slot on his leg got beat you this story mile boo somebody else that they give the hardest part this is dead and I don't I didn't know aside affiliate on that went. Don't worry about the score and okay nobody. I was I was told there would be no matter how hot. Yeah she's yeah oh yeah. I'm a shower curtain thank you one thing keep water from leaking everywhere she's she might kill useless compared to Geico who does so much more like not only could Geico save money but they've been around for over 75 years and giving 20% of axis online over the phone or on the Geico app and he got in 97% customers. Satisfaction ratings do all this while I have to listen list chuckle and how could he stopped last. I'll create an encore Geico I expect great savings and a whole lot more. Old doing deal with you on ESPN radio NE SPN news we are presented by progressive insurance again the World Cup the world's sporting party under way today. We're excited about even though the US and my second favorite team Italy is not in written so we've been asking people to call an 8605065505. Because the USA is minute who were you reform why. We've got a couple those voicemails and here's one just to get to go on what we wanna hear. I tell you and the World Cup but he let Albert do anything we better be a bunch of British hooligans celebrating your luck out Gregor a Russian vodka. That is certainly alert OK okay that is certainly one way to go we asked for reasons it's like that that line from Europe trip soccer who would slide the odds are eight if if if if you wanna who'll get it up in Russia. Good luck drive well here let's let's see how that plays out. But so AA you know what. He's taken the hooligans and you can book Newser is seeking a book it are we ready we're ready put bucket let's booking a junior is not here no so playing the part. A junior will be. Deadbeat guys paper and you have what the bubble boy. No real. Basically you're gonna read us a stay higher order to say whether we bookend or we do not their some fumbles on the go along with a I'd ever go zone. Tiger Woods will finish in the top five at the US open book. There's no I would love to see it but there's no way I can book that I mean there there's no way it if we keep saying he's getting there he's getting there he's getting there is party let him down last week and man you gotta be good potter in this one and maybe he'll puck fighter here we always hit the ball in the fairway better but. I just don't see it not at this point no I can import it. Top five top five at home walking. The top five that is gonna win the open and then the PGA. I'm hopeful but a book it. He's going to be in the top five absolutely does your view tiger file you want the head of buddy last tire glass top five of the year old boy was 2010. Last top five and a major was a masters 2013 or 2010 was a Pebble Beach and put in charge there. On Saturday but couldn't back it up okay what he got what's next LeBron James Lee playing for the lakers next season we'll fifth. Every favorite right now and minus 130 they're the they're the Vegas favorite. I I don't shoot I mean again. We hear more and more about you know it's gonna be about lifestyle as well I'd I'd. Am not one of those of believes that he wants in the entertainment world they already years. That needs to be an LA right now all. For that and to me that he and Paul George on the lakers is not. Not going to win the NBA not gonna get that a finals of the NBA in my opinion so. I can't booked I wanna anger be better teams for a nordic championship to go to really a loser. You know. I I kind of feel like. Everything is telling me that just gonna help me I know does so I eight I'm with you it doesn't make the most sense to me Philadelphia it would seem to make a lot of sense. Especially if he wants is trying. Continue windshield. But I think the book hit I think a little book and give people can. Los Angeles everybody seems to think that's always gonna go people that know more about this than me are all in on that's normal and book it I'd say we go at a real despite stacking their manager two days before the World Cup Spain will still win. Well I did pick him with the first overall it did so we just this guy get the subtle way I've book you can walk. And I. Channeling in 1989 Michigan Wolverines built Frida was fired state pitcher comes in they rolled past Seton Hall in the NCAA championship you can. It. Spain has the third best odds six don't want our own soccer analyst Taylor Twellman has picked him to win. I did not pick them as one of my teams because there are off the board so I can't book this I'm. Not not not book him. While not a note don't make don't tell employee asked a book we what I have to know till I not boss say am I not booking its okay. Miss what I don't know when players got to feel real great at the renter got sacked two days before the series started to rally. It's a rallying cry parents are rallying cry by the way they never lost the match with him so they lose a match in the bathtub. It'll be a little lot right DeVon what's next. The Mets will trade Jacob to ground before the non wavered trade deadline which is July 31 book. Told the Mets are nine and a half back of the Braves you're lead the NL east to dramas that this is amazing. He's only allowed six earned runs in his last ten starts. The Mets are to date those candidates unbelievable it's incredible and all the other pitchers are are falling by the wayside with the injuries. Picked. It. And not give Matt spends more reason. To be disgruntled with thirteen. BI by the way disgruntled one of those they were words 'cause you putting up a prefix in front of Gruntal the Gruntal is not a word who are you disgruntled would you just be Gruntal. I did it makes no sense there's not many they window there's not many people more hated than the English police that's mission just been just an all snow said just more. All disgruntled if you're not Gruntal I am also got a book this book today won't get. Right I mean he has he has been getting nothing. Promise from his teammates and I think the mattress and a spiral that the market recover frankly a book to have one more Elmore Korea. You would rather have more ball games and more teams in the NCAA tournament book what we've said again. You would rather have more ball games and more teams in the NCAA to get a three more ball games throughout the look at me gap the 79 bowl tie into extremes by 2000 Torre there could be as many as 43 gold and coal Mac picked. You can pull. And why you don't have to watch them don't want him. I don't know why people go to ball games. Much amend so it's. We can have a for an eight team in a bowl game at some point. We're probably Walt what do we do show wants. Don't want. Chipped from remember whether or like five when we were kids are now it's now with liquid if your if your recruiting pitch are kids heavy went to a bowl game. Three and six we want to that idea and second your book and EnerNOC a book and OK both monetary deal what are some book you can walk. I want to hear his take on the bulls' situation and you can that we're back stable.