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Best Of: World Cup Thursday

Jun 14, 2018|

The guys talk about the World Cup opening up today, play Book It, talk with Stugotz, Max Bretos and more.

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. Listen up people we get a big favorite task and we promise it won't take too much your time you know our show supported by some fantastic sponsors right. Well we'd love to hear your feedback at the ESPN podcast study dot com and thought a short anonymous survey that's it we swear no more again that's ESPN podcast study dot com. This is the best to go again we go podcasts. Good morning go doing go reais in radio and ESPN do. My goal Michael junior tray we go we're World Cup fever red catch it let's go let me tell. And I I'm actually very except I do love watching the World Cup it is a bummer we are not there we have a lot of questions about. The sport of soccer today as we go forward and we talked about yesterday down two dollars and 46. The World Cup will be here in Canada and Mexico all. But I mean think about my my. Last channel but will be getting worked for World Cup. And US open I me for for the next you know for the next four days at least for the US Oprah World Cup what. This thing I just fantastic for a Thursday in general can't ask for much better it will commit violent predator you kitten Will Smith on the track this is really good now so the World Cup starts today obviously we aren't in it neither is Switzerland and Paris Italy now so who we wanna know brother who are you rooting for why some phone in a lot of snow 8605065505. And I don't wanna hear. Well you know I'm half German on my mother's side now I'm I'm. Rooting for his no I GE he can't go down that road. Yeah you have to give us a real reason why your engine one of these teams or the superstars that are on the seem like a mall and on message that's why I'm going Amal and on. And Chris general that's hormone for Portugal that's what I wanna hear. I got a Brazilian wax one time that you don't all suddenly and looks like he just had a Brazilian bonds are tied for your idea hindsight maybe I don't know so he inherited the idea about a month right. I don't know I don't really keep track like I mean it's just it's really I think he's a second time he's cut. What's left up there are among men let that's a faster as a sand and why you're so concerned reminder cut accounts are to creep yeah I do seem overly concerned about is I've just kind of shocked at the lack apparently led the locker room with a that you would have have to saying. Panama gotta react got to be on TV and I got to that's normal hours and sports nation tomorrow man -- I'm on the TV were delivered a high Def cameras actually yes I know I have everything in check I can't of the bad fairway up front there's so the tiger folder is now given way to Mike's here Fuld has really got multiple fold well -- definitely -- and I I just say I I I I wanna personally don't listen much to seven I just watched the end of the the beloved arsenal on on ninja warrior and it was just painful it's due to take up a large portion of all our troops for. Those who don't know I mean the dental avatars are guys on that show did the American ninja warrior course they didn't have a couple months ago Warner just came out it's unreal we asked who got Jon today like we normally during weeks of talk Jim Della he'd endured is going to be a whole lot of fog took has. I would love to do that course and art have no shot at a volatile. Sort was sure you can you can certainly see it. On Twitter as well. But also as far as what we're gonna draft correct. We need to address where you're drowning they were war prick and he'd say yes yes we are rule rule a rule on pick Brazil or Germany and you're good well all depends on who gets the first check your pets if I'm certainly. Normally you know pretty good to begin to pick one of those again we are presented by progress been turns off phone guests will join us. On the shell Pennzoil performance line. So would get in much more the World Cup and what does it mean because I gotta tell you. I was in Saint Louis. When the World Cup came in nineteen I write for and every all it was incas able assistance considers itself. The soccer capital of the United States and public guys from saying those prime McKenna. And in Mike's or were on were on a nine to fourteen were from Saint Louis it was a big deal there. On and you you hear all these things eight this is gonna change soccer in this country. I'm kind of still wait and I mean it's it's grown a little definitely grown but I mean I'm kind of still waiting to report to be what everyone keeps telling me it's going to be right have we've been doing this is a lot. Oil we have what we have some some of our our own analysts say may think you could be one of the top four majors by the time we get there in 2026. I I'm gonna do a lot of questions to soccer people out there because I'm willing to learn. More about it I watch it very casually I certainly watched all the World Cup I would love to learn more about it I have questions about. Are America's best players playing in Germany right now Bundesliga I saw I mean I I really wanna learn a little bit more about this thing but. That is going to be the big question how much is growing I mean for this World Cup obviously Russia sold the most tickets after that Americans have sold the most tickets for this thing so. What we it is deathly getting poplar circle with a younger crowd. In America and where but where will this take I don't know. Yes I as far as our attendance in these certain things that makes it easier amount of sense to me because. We do big events well we love wrap ourselves in the flag and all honesty we love events allow us to do that and get really drunk at the same time which is what we do we throw good parties and we what to believe. Even if we don't care about something as much as you we're going to do it better than you that is the true definition of being an American right is it everything we can do pretty much everything better than new America exceptional is yes exactly so. Now if you take that coupled with our eight this is eight years down the road now we're looking we've seen all that develop but we know everything's kind of ratcheted up the pace of everything has ratcheted up so. And his concern about will be one of the four majors. But is it gonna continue to be a park as it is definitely carved out a niche in the American psyche of what they're going to pay attention to whether it's the MLS growing here now whether it's people paying more attention to soccer in the -- leagues like the PL. Over there it it I feel like it's got enough of a space to work were already contending with the way we get. Go back to a city yesterday 1994. When it was here. Best attendance through point six million without plus so it hit it we we definitely will show for it without and a juniors that we throw good party and we travel that I don't I'm the South Africa where it was and 2014. When I was and 2014. Was it in Germany and 2014. I do not know the answer to that Brazil was it was a result a frozen result only fourteen that's almost all of those massive stadiums that are now. Basically concrete now graveyards not doing right when that is the beautiful part about us I know with the when it came down Austin I was so as the united did it was. All of the money that we could promise you don't feet so we would make it revenue for lamp was effective we've got stadiums don't need to be ready to go what we doubled host this and Ben's saw in Morocco would be facing some of those stadium graveyards so. USA Katie Leslie let's let's be honest we can hosted every year and as we can we we have to in effect we should just make of the US coming at nearby thrust of the world all right that's the way it should be. It's the World Cup Ressa wrote coming here because we got to take care we won't have these scenarios. Where did you America. Yeah I'm just I'm glad they don't we start. That way you won't get on to other things. How about one Soto marriage year old nationals rookie. Peril home runs in the 54 road win over the Yankees the fourth teenager ever to have multi homer games at Yankee Stadium and the first. To do it since Ken Griffey did it many many years. Yeah you read Mel Lott actually on the road youngest would multi homer games on the road Mel Ott did it two times in 1928. And and Griffey in 1989 and then. Sort alas I'm at Daiwa I was watching that game. No way that first hole about I was once all right I hear the follow all. You said they indirect gamers like I did they got hit that well he said that it is Kerry Kerry did cared. And laughed so they're down 31 you get to three run shot the girl for 35440. Put tomorrow. 5490. Your got a lot but the last one against the Yankees you renters Ken Griffey junior army and you have love of the of the possible potential of this guy in nineteen years old Tim months been doing now they're going to be thirty right in general I think you played in the in them. Young stud belts two home runs in the Bronx you would expect this to be a net positive for the Yankees right and instead they faced the one weapon that. Right now went out against them and had a little bit of prosperity as a good for him in that will CO egos continues to plague on four again I'm watching and again that was. On how to it was a file is amazing sex or no doubt I got a question about SSI and no doubt that are out of that out of there and a hustle continued checks and things that may have happened while you were sleeping brought you by Tempur-Pedic loved by owners and ranked highest in customer satisfaction with mattresses by JD power. Find out why at Tempur-Pedic dot com. Not only we have the World Cup we also have the US open chick cocktails beginning today the 118 playing of the US open. Tiger Woods' world number one doesn't Johnson and world number two Justin Thomas will tee up on 147 that is one hell of a group yeah Andre really is gonna. As far as you know tiger the talk of tiger again his last US open on last major two thousand eighties played in 25 majors since. That win. And in in the majors up to that you're a soap world of course you won fourteen of viewers to 126 under par in the 25 regulars. That's really good in the 25 majors after that he's missed six cuts and he's 35. Over par so we know hasn't gone. As well we'll see you struck the ball well didn't putted well at memorial so we'll see work goes but. Love to seal off the tee him and Dustin Johnson Dustin Johnson number one the war right now the last number wonder when you're sober was tiger. In 00 by the way. Good to Thomas Justin Thomas is. He's simply as what seven win since last season the most of anybody out there. Has outside of his one major win hasn't played the majors great at all so it's a great grouping as well as Mickelson speech and Rory yup you know together as well. You did tiger would DJ tired though you think bombs off the tee and dad was here Andy North talk earlier that the weather today is actually animate this course probably play a little bit softer so those guys that can hammer off the tee maybe this could be the medicine for Thursday Friday tiger who seems to constantly let down weekend tiger that's exactly right you're exactly right he's been much but on the weekends he struggles to make the cut but to your point about bombs away because. But the there's the those fairways usually run very fast they've had a little what little rain which means it means. Cried a lot Dustin Johnson his his three wood 316 yards. Never take out your driver Hamid just who. Hit it 360 with a three wood and now that's gonna stop the sort of running and that rough is that profits synagogue is like hey it's ridiculous you won't be able find your ball goes in there. Suppose we windier over the weekend which means it'll dry up right now. Today might be the data trying get a score and hold on because of the rain they've had that soften up the fairways and the the greens that a junior was talking about. Well boxing triple zenger no operas are on again off again on again off again rematch ought again. September 15 at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas according to ESPN's Dan ray full. Both parties went back and forth after that tested positive for a Alvarez from banned substance in February yet just a warm lost between the two over Melrose loss to Floyd Mayweather. 49 warning to topology 38011. A missile remember again for a quick history. They thought if this fight will be based Goodyear from the last like they fought September 16 of last year the rematch was set for May fifth and then you know. We had the congestion of the the bad. Back at either the bad being married that does set off that this. This you wonder if anything was going to happen then it with this rematch and then. The the the. Negotiating for the seat he took it as they reported a hail Mary to get this thing done before both parties we're gonna move on I mean they were literally on the phone with some of our people saying this is authors isn't gonna work and then they called the absolute last hour makes this happened this is had to happen but it had to happen in between this the heavyweight bout we talked about the other day I mean this fight took place not long after Mayweather McGregor last year right now it was not long after that fight that was supposed to captivate the world and we all figured to hang over after that would prevent anything else the boxing trotted out from being viable. And triple AG and Alvarez really was an entertaining product for all of us after that it was over by the way it was a draw for those who don't remember media player had all the controversy due to julliard to lead to this point made a lot of people put on their tin foil hats but this is going to be great and exciting time boxing right now a lot of momentum. A lot more momentum actually then a lot of other sports that thought we're gonna take over from boxing and they've got a great job with this so hopefully despite now with audience permanently what weapon before this. Back and forth. Jimenez 3% of the top 21 World Cup begins today as host Russia faces Saudi Arabia at. Losing key stadium in Moscow putra thank you got dozens of blue the blue and stadium you know the blue involves a game for him stadium. Five double to Brazil's abetting favorite followed closely by defending champions from Jamal let me. Practiced six to one Argentina eight to once being thirteen to two in this cell. Listen again it's something I'd like to watch I enjoy the the talent out there of of how they play but. Now the men's side of it was like you kept your fingers crossed on how America how there are adore the women near the expectation is they're going to be you know playing for the title. Robin Norman to watch this year but still still very very popular we're gonna talk about a time as I said I've some some really. I think interesting questions about soccer going forward and where where it is now and where it can end up. From the US side of it but no US this time but looking for a tournament. Crazy start already strained just go ahead fire their head coach how right now for this gets going decides he's going to silent Real Madrid doesn't tell the Spanish federation and they just three can punt on this and I thought it was interesting because they said a lot of the Spanish players were hoping that their coach would be able to stay on at. For this tournament was never lost. I mean he's never lost the match there had been a twenty game unbeaten streak to start his career so. It's it's an interesting time for them going and I mean could you imagine going into what is essentially a play off ram your passport and an approach as a player and you can understand the federation because they're basically saying you took this job without giving us any sort of notice on this but if you're employer. What kind of let bygones be by not committed you know your best chance usually probably is going to cope with this guy who. This is the Mac sort of micro the micro as a player saying wait a match. The World Cup here you guys doing that later right what does that arm you're headed now to help those who thought well one of the things is really into one of the players Gerard Pique tweeted this a missing in Spanish and then all haven't translated. University that the Michigan bottled system 1989 Gambia and then NCAA. Just yet a lot of about a base get a recorded total stimulus or a mosque Imke. In other words University of Michigan basketball 1989 NCAA champion would be the first time it happened it all together now more than ever basically talking about how. OSHA Bakalar right is George PK put that up and defender but basically bush ever fired. Now what was his name stuff. Bill Friedman right bill Friedman and and see particularly want to implement internal I was talking to expect that bull from drug today I don't want a bigger hole I don't know how fragile just for that so that's sort of their there reminds that right now as we are gold doing you'll present about progressive insurance. Commercial insurance through progressive. Protects your business and your dream choose from over thirty coverage options at progressive commercial dot com. So sort of where we don't get into the US open a little bit later but. It is it is the biggest sporting event in the world there's no other way around the World Cup is the biggest of big deals but the question then becomes. Not so much for what's gonna happen this World Cup but what will happen with eight years when we get the tournament back we had a 1994. And we're gonna get it back in 20/20 six again it's also mean Canada and mex got six he would the games they're just sort of along for the ride because. Guys well and America and am I wrong to where where's the final going to be headlights radio data in America. America's hat and beard then they go after a separate this atmosphere. America's had a belt buckles. So the question then becomes what happens going forward because we've heard this for afternoon we've worked for ever and they look the MOS is doing. Decent they're doing they're doing a good job but is it. Did we is the MLS. And soccer love in this country where everyone thought it would be after we got the World Cup in 1994. I don't think it is true that that's the question I've always ask now I ask that it and that's OAS and I'm not asking me saying this I'm asking soccer fan out there. Is it where you thought it would be around when we had no weeds got the record. And we still hold the record for the most attendance in 94 when two women won the World Cup in 99 the pro league started after that and there was now I don't. Roddy can tell my how many years that the women's pro league last before it if it folded and they tried to differently isn't at all they did sell so you have that initial momentum and then it kind of levels out so. For the soccer people out there and I truly want who are really wanna know from your side of it correct has it grown because. Was it the more sports the better for me the mail is a moment by everybody you know people would sit there and they all they don't like soccer lesson. So means more involvement for kids are talking to kids that are playing and if it can be popular in this country we are all fourth that's why I hope there's other football leagues that make opportunity. For more people kids everybody to place something and have good role in this country is soccer. Grown. Your satisfaction has a grown as much as you thought or has that kind of leveled off or petered out and some. And I think building off that better leagues make better leagues the more competition you have for the attention of American fans. The more competition you have amongst leagues on the top and the MLS does get better. It's league start adapting like the way the NBA has and drive innovation it makes leagues like the NFL who because of their size and success can get stagnant after awhile. Have to innovate so the bigger this gets the better it is for everyone else. Weather gets to that point now remains to be seen. I I look at this is the way that you and the way I consume things now is someone who falls under that millennial tag in the way that I hear the conversation about this go with people my age. Is it kind of a falls and the way everything else does right now there's a lot of content available and we more than ever kind of just pull from all different direction that's why TV ratings for most things are there flat or dipping is because we're putting a lot of our attention in a lot of different places and I think soccer is proven. It's gonna hold one of those places comfortable. It it'll hold a place but the question becomes is it the place that everybody thought it would be at this point for example right now analysts' average attendance this season's about twentieth house. Slightly down from last year's 22000. Most highly ten game this season wasn't when a 72000 people showed up in March. As for ratings. We can't find anything to this season but we according to his article we found on USA today viewers average under 300000. For nationally televised regular season matches last season. Which sounds pretty good but that's fewer than the average for New York Yankees game when the regional sports network so the question really becomes is has soccer taken off to the it's exciting as when there's a passionate fan he's about it there's no question about it but what is it gonna take for soccer mean. We are Taylor Twellman talking about it saying I believe it's not can be done the fifth sports can be one of the four major sports. One could take place. What is that can happen what would it take what that to happen here yet blocked a lot to get into and we will there since were lose and Mike here to overthrow a plane right we gotta get your quick take on this subject or we got the Tony feet now yeah we had on the offer you know who dislocated his ankle on came out we talked to reuniting the interview that he and his body said a world record. 410 yard shot he had and it's bloody caught twelve problem. In who has time for the former minor league player right in one minute caught twelve balls broke the world record of it. That's basically how many you can catch in a manner in a minute Booker to which Mike. And Devin said. They can do bubble boy Jay has. That they can play boy break this record. Devin you're gonna hit correct that is correct and Mike the former our offense of lime in the worth athlete on the field it's gonna catch correct. Yes I like to point out lateral quickness is our fort OK okay it's all we need it we're gonna do this next week Euribor live by the golf course we go on that hole by her house and do with that Tony but it was just an economic dogwood if that's cool bush but Williams an unwritten no no audio not only okay what would you do that though intruded here okay Asher OK so that it's gonna be our next Tuesday or Wednesday perfect you get one minute it has many balls you can make that big picture get third they think only break the record did you drug test. For example was out or did it touches and yesterday DeVon posted videos on his Twitter pagelets you know yesterday at where we had those balls. Under ten yards nowhere where you where you were governor rod Wright and Rahal. Now a Buick Tiger Woods calls himself these days I'll point ranger Rick yes great on the range on the go on the court and tiger's old and broken dead in his young and strong yeah. Talk tigers all the broken in DeVon is young so you have the 35 ranked ball from a role in fi now and elevate the former. Minor League Baseball player catching the balls. Setting a world record annual and Debbie think you can break you have zero chance hearted Tony sent him in his famous now yeah now Tony finalised this is sentenced yet. Zero chance and I wanted to George stated guys got famous relatives are all yesterday about all this morning good outing out of it got I got famous relatives and I was a minor league player in my own right so what do we have that they don't the skill and and Japan are checked checked the tape. Checked Behar will see guys they used a professional golfer. And eight Minor League Baseball player got twelve if you guys get for a put children three and a half yeah yeah you guys get for Albie impressed. Four if you get 13 really quickly regret is that if they do it I take my paychecks split it and give them half the each wheel that's the safest bet it'll government and if they don't know which they won't they have to wash my car for a month and speed oh yes oh god why would you wish that I'm not watching what was able to showman now. Marital rights Eliot called good luck it's far right that's never gonna happen it's. Goal is simply no. Great way to go one might call it senior. This is not a major thing phenomenon I stumbled upon that he did advocate at the end of any phrase the shorter the better it makes it immediately hot days Owen says the jaguars win the Super Bowl booked it I like Tim's good team sport and that's a strong point pretend that does not LeBron is Toronto's Kryptonite all caucus. I like Steve is better Josh down low rated cable for the season starts passionate bills mafia post it. Sports editor is brought to my ultimate software and business just like in sports success comes down having a talented team and a strong game plan that's were ultimate tough work comes in. They HR payroll talent management technology report your people first. Our gold doing deal with you on ESPN radio and ESPN news we are presented by progressive insurance again the World Cup the world's sporting party. Under way today. We're excited about even though the US and my second favorite team Italy is not in that in so we've been asking people to call an 8605065505. Because the USA is that it who're you reform why. We got a couple those voicemails and here's one just to get to go on what we wanna hear. Our state. In the World Cup Spain let Albert do anything would be better be a bunch of British hooligans celebrating a lot out burgers a Russian vodka. That is certainly there are OK okay that is certainly wanna wait ago we asked for reasons it's like that that line from Europe trip soccer who would why not why I hate if if if if you wanna who'll get it up in Russia. Good luck drive on your list let's see how that plays out. But so AA you know what. He's taken the hooligans and you can book it Newser seeking a book yet are we ready we're ready playbook hit let's look at a junior is not here no so playing the part. Of junior will be. Debbie I guess maybe you have a bubble boy. Here we go. Basically you're gonna read us stay I'm gonna say whether we bookend or we do not their some fumbles on the go along with a higher ago ozone. Tiger Woods will finish in the top five at the US open book. There's no I would love to see it but there's no way I can booked. There there's no way it if we keep saying he's getting there he's getting there he's getting there is party let him down last week and man you gotta be good potter in this one and maybe he'll putt fighter here we always hit the ball in the fairway better but. I just don't see it not at this point no I can import it. Top five top five at home walking. Top five that he's gonna win the open than the PGA. I'm hopeful but a book it. He's going to be in the top but absolutely to share your tiger file you wanna kill Adam buddy last five glass top five of the old was 2010. Glass top five minute major was a masters 2013 or 2010 was at Pebble Beach and put in charge there. Well on Saturday but couldn't back it up okay what he got what's next LeBron James Lee playing for the lakers next season. We'll get third every favor right now our job minus 130 they're the they're the Vegas favorite I I don't shoot I mean again. We hear more more about you know it's going to be about lifestyle as well I I'd. Am not mourn those of believes that he wants in the entertainment world we already yeah it's. That needs to be an LA right now all. For that and to meet Ian Paul George on the lakers is not. Not going to win the NBA not gonna get that a finals of the MBA in my opinion so I can't book I want anger be better team for him to win a championship to go to. Really a loser. You know. I kind of feel like. Everything is telling me that just gonna help me I know does so. I'm with you it doesn't make the most sense to me Philadelphia it would seem to make a lot of sense. Especially if he wants to trying. Continue when champ but I think the book hit I think a little book and people can. Los Angeles everybody seems to think and that's always gonna go people that know more about this than me you're all in on that's normal and look at. Are they willing go as a real despite stacking their manager two days before a World Cup Spain will still win. Well I did pick him with the first overall pick did so we just this guy get the subtle way I've book you can walk. I've been. Channeling their 1989. Michigan Wolverines bill Frida was fired Steve pitcher comes in they roll past Seton Hall in the NCAA championship you can. It. Strain as the third best odds six don't want our own soccer analyst until it's Ballmer has picked him to win. I did not pick them as one of my teams because they are off the board so I can't baucus and not not not book and I'm not note don't make don't tell them you have some book tell me what I have to know no I don't know boss AM I'm not walking it's okay. Our mission are gonna win players got to feel real great at the manager got sacked two days before the series started to rally. It's a rallying cry terms of rallying cry by the way they never lost a match with him so they lose a match in the cubs. It'll be a little lot right DeVon what's next. The Mets will trade Jacob the ground before the non wavered trade deadline which is July 31 we'll get. Told the Mets are nine and a half back of the Braves who were lead the NL east dramas this is amazing. He's only allowed six earned runs in his last ten starts. The match or to aid those candidates unbelievable it's incredible and all the other pitchers are are falling by the wayside with the injuries. Picked. It. And not get mad fans more reason to be disgruntled were thirteenth. BI oh by the way disc rentals one of those they were words 'cause you putting out a prefix in front of Gruntal that Gruntal is not words who are you disgruntled would you just be Gruntal. I did it makes no sense there's not many they window there's not many people more hated than the English police and that's me so just been just an all snow said just more. All disgruntled if you're not Gruntal I am also got a book this book event. Right I mean he has he has been getting nothing. Promise from is teammates and I think the Mets are in a spiral that the market recover financially a book to have one more no more grown up. You would rather have more ball games and more teams in the NCAA tournament book what we've said again. You would rather have more bowl games then more teams in the end featured at a three more ball games throughout the look at me yeah the 79 bowl tie into extremes by 2000 Torre there could be as many as 43 gold and holding Mac picked. You can walk. And why you don't have to watch them don't win. So I don't know why people on the ball games. Much amend so. We can have a for an eight team and a bowl game at some point. We're probably wall what do we do so. Don't. Watching it from remember whether or like five when we were kids are now it's in now with liquid in your if your including pitcher kids heavy went to a bowl game. Three and six we want to you got ten seconds your book and EnerNOC a book and I want a great sports night last night no doubt about it and window what are Dey wanna show what kind. Ever or Michael care support from a bullet when gold podcast comes from our friends. At rocket mortgage I could get loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall with rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup your idea of a different look is sunglasses now through but McCain Danes and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces the alleged settlement or chill our front of a big flat screen like the riddler you know it. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with like you're dead ends into each book now don't you Dhaka. It was all in on soccer team he's the biggest soccer guy out there not a lot of people don't know this but he is. The biggest soccer World Cup and those used. Maybe in the history of the world. It's two guys who joins us now from the Daria I chose to God's still you're all in right you your biggest soccer guy out there right. Yeah I'm all in on this Mike that was so well done I'm so proud of you you guys are laughing at that and that transition from you know and speaking of snakes why am I laughing at it that we've caught this is it right eight. Why don't like by that somebody might that was so well dot. God I'm tired of soccer got to forget got me pockets unaudited fit in this World Cup at all because since I was born in 1970 do. Everyone would tell me that US soccer is on the rise United States men's soccer is on the right than I do woke up. And that we have the host the World Cup at like eight years without actually be a part of the World Cup. So I'm bothered on this at all obvious and it in the United States will go to soccer board I go to soccer there war. I am not in on this thing at all. Well you know we're in our greatest soccer so where we have to separate that do their work and are proud that there had met her waited more than 97 and so I so so. This is what I asked of soccer fan can may get any soccer fan legitimately say suing your mind that soccer has grown. How they thought it would grow all that it would get that it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger since that the World Cup was here. In 94. Or can they not say that did it can they say that it's grown as big as they thought award or it's Peter out a little bit. I don't they get him a good today it is grown as big as they thought it was gonna grow like Mike when I was growing up it was like every woman talked about it every couple years how the growth of soccer in the United States we have the cops Mosul when I was growing up in New York. And the New York arrows in the indoor soccer league at a felt like it was growing but when he got the big stage. The United States is never really the men's I was never really a big part of it when it came to the World Cup. And here we argue about that and eighteen and there's typical hot. A big part of the World Cup in fact they're not even in the World Cup and so no I don't think you can say it's grown in the way people have expected it to go out but I've no doubt that it's grown inside the United States especially the youth level. The problem is that the biggest stage at the highest level it is not where I think people expected to debate. Yeah I'd still got I was in Saint Louis in 1994 when the for the World Cup first came to the United States and like I think. Three or for the guys on the World Cup team were from Saint Louis and people kept telling me since 2004 this is it this is gonna be the year this is gonna try to turn this over and we're still kind of waiting right I mean so what do you think you got to take. Port for soccer to grab hold like all the other major sports have in this country. I have no idea because Mike Ryan who loves soccer and he's into a World Cup he's the producer and our show and he's into the he's in the World Cup regardless of the United States whether they're it it or not. I he can spell me like you know got legs locked up and coming over and playing in the and the allows them playing. In the United States is gonna help soccer. With a growth of sop of the popularity of soccer. Inside the United States I don't know that translates into a bunch of kids going out there. And why don't play soccer at the highest level like you bureau of world class athlete I think soccer's probably. The last place you go because I mean what's it reported like fight actually he will what is there to gain. But like in soccer if you're good enough to play up another sport so I don't know I I not right I honestly don't know. Because the good people are right in the not a bright kids playing youth football do you think that would translate the soccer and it's of that happening that I don't know what does it take for us to be at our house. At soccer perhaps we should consult. A woman state and Appleby and I'd that would follow their follow their lead we'll see if we figured out from their still got there's a by the if you're not watching. On ESPN news I have to say Stu doctor Hairston is glorious. I don't know what do you know what not not there yet I don't know it's don't know I can't look at myself right now to be quite odd little spiky in the back yeah I don't know what's happening politically allowed too much you know it's. Let's just say okay it's impressive but what's not impressive Stu got and I need to get to the bottom of this because you are. Yeah many levels you're the three syllable guy you're not an athlete you're an athlete OK you get you weren't a tremendous lacrosse player in college. Why didn't you compete in the American ninja warrior thing with the rest of the show. I had lay out across Smith that weekend I had a combination lacrosse tournament and a bar mitzvah it's much to go to excuses when I don't wanna do so they tried did you see how hopeful that would did you see what happens more producers we are all what happened to me if there's no way of doing got a 44 years old there's no way of doing that and surviving that. Happening. For those that that archer were talking a Marta American injure or your loved the show was in Miami and before they had a taping that night they had the announcers there and everything and players from the in the leverage our show went through or so who all went through woods who got Mike Bryan right Roy yeah my prior. All all of our producers went through it I mean I'll pass in went through it I'll let its guard was there are did not go through it he was he was pure in the crap it's odd. I did not go through word as well also so basically entire shipping container I mean I'll pass in and some of our TV producers as well and gear. Oh I think made it the first this city naked through the third the third obstacle but then fell backward into the water I believe. Yes he became so close to Guillermo and they sneak a good athlete like you don't look like audio ads out like what many of these sneaky is Rhett is Jack. And he's a very very good athlete but like you would do direct thread are you would do it like there's no what you're doing that there are no old shot the how quickly the pin would pop out of my shoulder or how would you like all of that water would be ridiculous they're. I want to say man what I wanna try that and I watch. What they have to do as a there's no way on God's green earth I would last too long and that look we are well at Motorola when I was doing it. Nobody auto windows Garnett had tried to direct 48 hours a recoverable around a golf what about to do and I had no chance amoeba I'd be right watching Mike Ryan trying to hang on for dear life on the things that people don't let the right look. I I'm I'm laughing with him not ask him out all I wanted to get it about that because he he did something that I would even think about doing but I was a little that I won the union participant I would move on we'll get on. Bottom yet another bottle I might arrive at the thirty year old men had been physical conditioning that it is about the good ship that was around it was something to be ruled out US open at that he got. We got. Threat you're going to yacht others are dead and address the broader focus on the Roger taunted and we're Mickelson digging up right now would allow it yeah I'm sort of like split between. I'll be there this week are likely taken. You know it it's pictures into I. Let's that we all want the story lines on Sunday rightly want tiger we want bill I don't think either of those guys are going to win I do desperately want to see both those guys. Condit in the mix on Sunday I'd love to see Phil went. By his first US open to be such a great story he's only got a couple real mr. cracked that this thing right is maybe got. Two or three more where you think okay fill out the realistic chance of actually going out and winning the US WB fifty soon. I thought I bought those two guys to be the next I would love what those two guys to win I just don't think it's gonna happen I know everyone's raving about tiger but. He doesn't putted well enough straight enough for me to be convinced that tiger's gonna what would a US open like I heard what is that earlier. He hasn't won one of those cancel every tournament it's hard to think he's gonna go out there and the first when he's gonna get quite some time is going to be. I actually got at the US open all the ago we were to god it's you got to get a lot. I think Dustin Johnson's players while Dustin Johnson I had been playing since he got had that injury before. Augusta. Last year or two years ago I should tonight. And that I adding Jason Dag Jason Day at one point I think many people thought right after he won that major. What the best player in the world then took a step back and start to see signs of Jason Day becoming. One of the two or three best players in the world's Auburn got Dustin Johnson org Jason Day. As the US open winners again that's right. Real quickly I'm an old one of the Justin's either adjust and Thomas are Justin Rose this is a course this of course by the way that I think is gonna set up pretty well the what the scores going to be is going to be close what was in 2004. And a four under one Marion is a very short golf course outside of Philadelphia and Bay's good when he scored two dozen thirteen was the same as it was in the early seventies it's just not of course you can score are. So why I think the guys to keep it in the fairway I like Justin Rose a lot and Justin Thomas die love. Gruber a Dustin Johnson Justin Thomas and tiger along with Phil Rory. And speak to new grouping as well. It's as tiger when we all understand. Too that have tigers do while the ratings go through the roof everybody log especially the networks I I get all that. But I heard people talking about saying. Another young great player. And if they had back surgery and miss all that time and we're just eleven tournaments back there is no way we would have any kind of expectations for them. Tiger's the betting favorite at the masters were all waiting for tiger won another tournament or major. Our our way over selling this or we we're hoping and thinking tiger Hindu way too much. We're just coming back eleven tournaments after another surgery. Marketing a lot of it is wishful thinking right we want tiger to be that we want tiger to win this thing we want tiger to be in that final pairing the final two pairings. I'll come Sunday of the US open and just with the I don't think. I don't think it's realistic to expect that from tiger. At this point what biggest part of buzz warning him to be there and then I think partly I think people again ignore centigrade I heard about your joke guys he's hitting the ball as well as ever you just applauding the ball. As well ever I think there's a belief out there that Tiger Woods if he's playing his they gave his a game and the potter is working. That back eight game is still better. That anyone else's a game on two war I had the way he's hit the ball you look at the west at the stats of how is it in the long ballot what do we do actually be war. I got the back surgery it's incredible he really is playing well. I just don't trust the potter bought it do you put it all together at that I think visible leap out there that is a game is still the best in the world trade that fair. Do I do think that's fair. Dario and I was watching the Americans are I know you I could ask my bad my bad yes go ahead might you take it then. I don't know if they're headed by ideology that I would listen I don't Leslie Leslie either. I passed. Let's focus let's focus on this then I hear you were you still are giving Kevin Durant no credit whatsoever he still has an image image of your personal record book. Up it is not what I know a lot of people YE I know a lot because it took me lets it. Drag you wanna know what validation looks like you wanna know what it feels like you wanna know what a lot like blood sweat tears all that more work look like. It looks like Alexandra bench okay that's how you do it in professional sports that's the way fans want you to do a trend but do you agree with me or not. That's got fans. Why do it okay it's not tech can't beat the Pittsburgh Penguins. So already go join the Pittsburgh Penguins now it's gonna come back again with these teammates this organization. This team for this city. Amid a clot that about I don't care how many times it takes me. And Ovechkin finally climbed the mountain and he led all the emotion out of the yet because that's what sports is supposed to look like it feel like it's not supposed to be right. I can't beat the Golden State Warriors therefore. I'm gonna join the Golden State Warriors it just a different thing I love the voice mail from boulder this week a dress you wore here. I thought it might have read you what you can be the rested. Every Reggie White you love Reggie White light when that out of your fairly young doesn't love Reggie White what the most things in life like every read you like decide today. I'm tired of goal look I'm tired of Clyde Simmons and tired of these guys are tired is this bad for years. I am leaving the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm on the joy in the watching the Redskins might go look you would not be a bit of that move by Reggie White you would not yeah I do listen listen the more I thought about that the more I understand now I don't know. Reggie would sit down on us and say hey I'm I'm tired of carrying your guys and I'm leaving your I don't know if you quite I don't think Reggie would do. Something like that but. It would be is it now we want to Green Bay won a super ball when I get what you're saying that you don't to a teammate that that you know I just previously beat new. That would be a tough pill to swallow I understand that but but but that it would negate the fact that he won a Super Bowl right right I mean Saul. I am not on Durant like a lot of other people including you are he has a right to move any move somewhere I mean. This is a day and age where guys are doing this to win championships. You know what's the last few more guys didn't move around to win a championship. Right about the little bit deliberate info all because Reggie White leaving still doesn't guarantee the other team championship right but in the NBA one got me so much bureau of iPod it's odd. One gotten so much longer I can change the fortunes of your entire franchise. That's over Kevin Durant who believe Oklahoma City which essentially ended their chances of putting it gently agent and then don't to a team that was hurting considered an all time great. To me just doesn't feel right it doesn't feel like that's what sports is all about Hank because we all agree that there it was more than two or three best players before he left for Golden State. At a I think a largely gotten there what are what are championship when Russell Westbrook and I would like to see the dog that play I think he would've gotten the validation that he so desperately seeking. Had he done that like he's not gonna get in the Golden State he's never eat like Jennifer drag he might get a couple other people he's not gonna get universal validation. About playing would that team there were to Britain where got there. It instead they'll just take millions and championship brings us out of our ballot and I know it's spicy and spiky. That's got to within Lebanon joined soon as we get miners are okay. I yes that's the US open era this weekend next weekend the US so it'll be great and this is just for years ago. That's maybe at the party. Not out of my proponent of that like image is the guy in guy talk more than you Andretti takes it takes over from Britain breasts on your during a recent I know it. It is a good thing guys figures showed on talk known. I. I don't know how yeah it's got. It was all sort of one big Jaya jello mold is very interest in where that's why. I'm worn tree road literally for children two birdies the next shoe it's pretty much is so we're used me for being bitter when Doug Coe says not only to receive your money on car insurance but we do more quick you 24/7 access on line over the phone or even be overworked removal route Momo loan or do multi talented. Clerics are soon there are terrorists. Geico expect her savings and a whole lot more. We got the World Cup coming back from 20/20 six and I've been here in this. But when Phil is now three over par is dismissive of parliament on. I've been here in the since 1994. I was working in Saint Louis on the World Cup team in 1994 and was the most attended World Cup. Over well over all I think almost four million people attended it was great the TV ratings were good this is going to be the boom for soccer. As a soccer guy has soccer taken off in this country to where you thought it would be at this point. It has it's it's definitely grown by a lot but it's lies so splintered because people watched the US national teams that you watch Major League soccer. Not enough or certainly getting there. I think the Ed development of the Premier League here's a television property. Has blown up in people I've fans are there kids watch it I know that for a fact illustrate about it's it's early in the morning and he watches what's great about the World Cup people complain about the hours but now you wake up you can do little sneaky get on your phone and watch. Russia Saudi Arabia right and that is very appealing so I think the hours are good but when you're colliding with the American sports are some issues I think. Having a World Cup only helps that but. For it to be really successful the US has to be successful. There's going to be a trickle down effect from there are a couple of things first as far as a homegrown player Christian holistic so he's played over in Germany now and and and and how I was guessing but obviously I really do I've asked this because I'm looking to be educated some on this is it better to have our best player. Play overseas and being you know on the brand stage of the world or to be at home where you can see him in the MLS and most are saying. Overseas but at some point. You want. Them to please play here where you can actually go watch our how should that that that Peter taught or what might we've discussed this a lot in world trying to figure out where. The the development of the player kind of goes awry and it's right. Kids are really well equipped by coaches here in the United States tiller thirteen fourteen and then after that. That's that that void that's where the development kind of flattens out and I think that's for these young kids if they have the talent or better equipped. Go to Europe where they have coaching up the Yang Yang at day beating with the American college in technical term by the way is getting getting coaching to German term I got to from the Bundesliga coverage specialist and a lot of human movement who did. We'll go to baton but I think that's where is a lot of coaches here. Once you get the 14151617. Year old group they're looking to get to the next thing where they're coaching professionally or college or what have you. But that's that the gray area where we need to keep developing I think ballistic and west of McKinney. And a bunch of other kids from the United States go there and their immersed in it it's kind of in reverse we see these European kids like a Jonas. Coming over here and getting better at MBA or guys go to college student that went Burgos obstacle I don't know I don't know and I he's ever say that. He said it southerners call me got a good honest dog don't want to. Let Iran a lot of people gall is when kids are playing soccer they get to a certain age in the may go over to the sports where you can make money as they say. I asked. Whenever we do with the highest paid athletes soccer players are always at the top so now I'm not saying you always go to the top of it but dare to me this so. A football were basically the NFL or you can make a lot of money. And you certainly can make some money in the Canadian Football League and arena but but not not NFL level and not a ton okay. Baseball enough for a long time either baseball the miners you can go play you know outside the country's while basketball you know you can go play some more. But shocker there's a lot of places to go play as well right you have them a lot but I mean outside the country so from a money standpoint. Talk about a kid growing up. And getting Didier George he's really good and comply Al a lot of the sports maybe not at the top to make that that huge huge money. But their best I could still be worldwide to be soccer with the most chances to make a really good live at this again I don't know. I think for length of career yes this football you know in the NFL it's like five C writers average is the longest. Is the average of a career. Baseball makes sense but you have to Major League Baseball now other than that it's you maybe play in Japan. But Europe and give the European leagues. You have chuck all of these countries have Lee's visit developing. So I think in China now if you're 35 you're in the twilight of your career grape or you can go make a ton of money over there so if if you're okay we're traveling there's a lot of options kept talking really about the the kid at that age to make that decision. You know Hollywood if you gave this information and you Friday hey can you look look what's ahead of viewed these are possible as you might have to get you will get out your comfort zone because you're not going to be at home the United States. I hate traveling I'd love to trial I hate leaving the United States to the creature comforts here. We have if if you're really serious about it. And you you can tell these guys to go have a long career and you could play in Europe you can come back home in Major League soccer as many American players at noon it's a good living if you are one of those top athletes that can do. Or two. Outside of those two guys that you mentioned who is the next best guy. That were were counting on who's gotta we gotta more than a couple of guys to make your team tremendous that's that's the difference in soccer and almost any other sport well it's it's pretty good right now. For whatever reason there's a lot of young kids some who. The last double World Cup cycle when your includes I was there had these. German kids American kids are from German servicemen there and that was that kind of brought the attention of vocal worldwide scope to where you get the next players but. And this last group that didn't make the World Cup was a little bit older in the tooth and now this new group this maybe the good thing that comes at a miss in the World Cup now there's these young players that are afforded opportunities now. And they just played and there's a guy Josh sergeant who's playing in Germany he's 1819. He's doing very well. I took the way is the son of G George whale was a former world yet all the years now present Liberia he plays a part precise amount but they play. They've the US has got a look at them. And these guys as long as they keep on the right path there's a lot of talent I have not seen this much good young talent between ages of seventeen and when he. Ever in the united flying so now we have the talent at what time are we. How are we at developing that in the United States where are we bear as far as growth. I think we have room for growth than that and I think with the change is happening India. Allows you to do that I think host in the World Cup is a huge money stream where you can. Start preparing for that because. Look everything monies changed every day development in Germany they devoutly spent 500 million dollars in Germany spent 500 million dollars in England for player development. We're like the 12140. We can give that up a little bit. Money talks and coaches come and you can bring that and develop players and that's the next step into any people soccer know how weather in the United States and they are here. Or if you gonna go overseas and not just Europe South America Argentina there's there's people who will be court looking to come here and helped coach would know at a very high level okay Max and Bob Brett goes from Max and her podcast the voice of LA FC is with us in studio today instead of LA he's joining us we appreciate that. We're not and I'll add much to talk about it feels like an outside right now are you mentioned a urine Clinton a lot of people were blaming him. For some of the problems that the US soccer team is that. Yes or no you do agree with that I. Ever has to show held I SF for a reason ago. Why not I ever shoulder the burden I mean at this point that we been there's a lot of port finger pointing still going on and I'm like come over let's start thinking of solutions but. You're include the he took a few missteps along the way in he. He wanted to be empowered a lot and I kind of blew up in his face a bit. Maybe he didn't get to the comfort levels with the players and the US seem as much as he could hasten the reason why I'm asking him because one of the best teams in the world. Just sat there manager despite the fact that he was. Undefeated. As a manager and that we're talking about Spain so. Is this team need a manager are they that go I mean how much is that is this gonna affect one of the betting favorites in the World Cup. It's hard to say I don't think is gonna affect them too much the only thing that I concede that could rear its ugly head for Spain. Okay yeah the old coach who comes and he likes his he has his starting eleven already in it right his vision of these as Harlem a new coach becoming a well. I'd like this guy better at Centre back like this guy at forward. That could really cause disarray I mean I don't think they're gonna shake it too much they have to be Smart about the prospects say we have to make this change right now. And this is the way it's going to be let's minimize the amount of disarray as much as possible but it's still it's I've this is unprecedented and the premise of how it happened. Is bizarre and the fact that he's going around Madrid right where we internally people as a rail Madrid camping a Barcelona can be just that is the calculus in the money used in alike each other Ichiro and Romeo Juliet referenced some light reading on the way if you're like yeah right. The way Riley just sent me some info on the MLS now as of 2016 the average salary was 3161000. The median. The middle was a 1171000. Which is pretty good living going up outside. The four majors to their minor system and would you make that so down and make it in the NFL ark are you making that in the CFL some are. Off are you make an that in Minor League Baseball are you making that. Overseas in the NBA and I am in basketball I know certainly saw mark but a median and average in an average of media are two different things. It's it's it's pretty nice payday and that's here that's not even before even go overseas and like you said you can go overseas and come back and play in the MLS as well. Right correct and that is made huge strides and there was a lot it was. Don't leaks up right where they release someone leaks the salaries of all the players like 1015 years ago there were guys making twelve grant it was. It was instructive in this league got a lot of backlash because of the but now they've upped that and that's gonna continue to grow but they that's allowed them to invest more. In American players in overseas they have to fold a little bit more on the American players who that's the you want these guys come and say I wanna make money here in my own country. OK so max's with a Cinemax brought us who knows everything about soccer by the way did you notice about Max who was a former male model did you notice. Really yeah had to pay the bills. He's. I literally money maker can literally can I ask you something though I mean. If you have that on your resume in your hand somebody they know your guy do you have to say male model if there's no tomorrow. Is directly OK I mean you know neither male models as models have a much better run and it because that that when we are a few memos are very young that their moms there wasn't the guys can go on have a good time right and it was a great experience to go overseas and try and some original work and then we Euro I was in Italy you would have to find work or. Neither coy or mom so how we do our jobs but it was a great. We do cement mixing. Sometimes we just sit there and at at a club and danced to it's weird. You all those and using human ash and cement mixing in my a lot of friends that Charlize Theron right. Yeah I I do which is very young and sir reporter in the right direction to stop the Molly do the acting thing you got to go littler duration say match. Rob I welcome my current pricing got to help us network for a draft OK look by the way let's let's tell everybody what our teams are deserve re nosy entire team. With the first pick I would I don't know MI II issued Germany because they're the defending champs I issued Brazil went Spain. With my first Oprah we do is just kind of on a limb that I went England's second. Bob then Iceland and taken Switzerland in Mexico so that's my team my your team is off France. Belgium hole and your way and Nigeria. Sulu governor who is Mike's in your trigger for my sons on plane yet so Brazil. Portugal Croatia. Egypt in Denmark today and stands at what's the staff path. I'm not gonna go and order undone in order groups we have Russia Argentina Serbia Germany and Columbia. I've divesting our solar sail at the the cruise is the worst by far. Top 5 o'clock and I give you was advised them that Allen's offer a good there's a lot of guys that I while I like ally you ladies and I don't like seniors drug best I yeah yes but yeah that's. I'm a military sources close up there to your very strong god uses fear not the middle of Europe the middle of what you gave me was a little a little soft so nervous at the tick somebody is a sort here's the deal weren't worried we each are gonna have AT and value around you can't pick two you have to pick only read a sunny side. And teams from each group so now what kind of been a Dicey situation where we have to go where we don't have a team it in that group. Solo bomb. I if this is the sixth round and I've the first pick there's no need for me to pick Coastr Rica because all the other teams have a victim are I'm going to get them no matter they're getting shelled out right away grocery all of that I I'm not I don't have a word of urine at the opposing fans and Asia that Jeremiah choices Max and Mike Joyce look at. Morocco. I ran. Sweden. South Korea. My choices right now who and I the pick right now through my taken OK so of those four. The most talented Tina maze Morocco. They have some. Good all the players have some really good young up these North African teams are very good so Morocco Egypt Tunisia as you get the in Africa all the North African teams qualified. The rest took on a not as much. Because of what happened in to Spain it was a Morocco's group and because Portugal is a little older in the tooth I like that the world that they want pick and Meredith Marat the other Russians aren't terrible the proximate loss of Holler and accidentally and improve the greatest team going this entire draft we are going to eight. Peru Peru Peru through like a lot as well about time but I don't remember you upgraded they are the best coach in the internment. Evident trigger for my son yes I need some help actually act so I'm digging I'm thinking between Senegal. Japan. Or Sweden. Senegal I've Senegal that's my. One or two surprise team really they have a great striker and they have a great sinner back you get those to you fill the gaps. The guy Saudi a money's gonna score articles on my guys they're going to Senegal while Mack's predecessor the Z. He willingly and gladly stayed over to help us go through our our picks in the World Cup the draft is pretty large dog no because you have to have one team in each of the eight. Our groups now you guys did great you didn't need my help or correctly or how to lock you really don't like I have two left and it has to be what Costa Rican self Korea thought I have to have those two teams you're locked award astray locked into. Dan I got to pick Japan at some point right yet. Japan and Saudi Arabia. And Australia SE airlock Daniel nor picks that makes a Max has all the teams in front so what I've got to counting Japan now in my particularly you're taking a visitor I just meant to address is overlook effort that what got our head now let's go through the entire team my team is Spain. England Iceland. Mexico Switzerland Japan Saudi Arabia in Australia OK I have France Belgium Poland you're way Nigeria Morocco Coastr Rico. And South Korea DeVon who was picker for my son Rudy as my calf. I'm in Brazil and Portugal Croatia the pharaohs greatest name Denmark Senegal Sweden in Panama and Dan shows that forty got. Germany Argentina or Russia Colombia Serbia Peru Iran and Tunisia OK Max Graham what radar whatever little better nickname Tunisia the Eagles of Carthage life. And I am glad that light balance that all really really green Jersey that's a you know we need southern rice denies the rock okay so I don't yet to do this in your show on con reports and do them four to one so who's off the podium at four. OK pushed the ball it's. I'd like trichet oldest crying about Italy in the United States from making what about my Scotland. We have birth we have great players Jeff is going back to but that is now we've got deadly coup. All right mystical look at Busch who sports okay fourth goes to the show stuff. Okay. Serves little fired up by a lot but fourth nonetheless. Diminish the podium. And you'll go home in tears. Apart who has a bronze loser of the front and other drugs I'm going with trait doc and math frail or Shea the gold is within your reach but. Couple picks that's did you download widget which wants woodlands that it. Go back and Japan Saudi Arabia Australia and the Swiss in Ottawa the Swiss about without slapped and OK so who's got that's so important not to. Who's got this over which means the other as you're gonna need a second polish on Friday. Between me and my saw right now big Mike encourage viewership you're sitting next to me in your view a lot larger than I am into play professional football I say you get the gold out. And I are gonna go. Holy that was the way it was not awarded OK so. So right now we've got seniors are a team is the best followed by junior right followed by me and the show's staff his last however will find out how how it plays out at all and how I play them again you can see our tax act goal going on Twitter gull wing guerrillas are into Graham. Alley has an all that would have picked out how how were the points system is that if you Dreyer and explain our panel explored areas are really explain yes you may get out of the round to get a point. Fourth place two points third place three point second place four points first place fight you got now here's the real question opens as Max read this article us all about half an about a let's Notre Dame for four nights you went out and play on this pretty easy so Mac's processor for maximum irks pop matching her podcast the voice of the LA NC. Now more important obviously there are silly rule and suitably pool that we're doing your for the World Cup. When it's all said and done hootie who do you think the two teams that will be playing in the final who will be playing in the final. It's also done three weeks. I hate going chalk talk I hate it with the passionately Germany resort and why he went Brazil and Spain let wait and switching it up. Because him IE. Last night I had this this vision in England is gonna win their group and after the whole bracket out of whack so. I think in and you still don't like my team man okay a movie you silver bullet now and I don't know that that's so close this is why why I want to reiterate how great of a job you guys did and look what it is clear. Thought winners all the way they go. That's a good if that's the governor's right now. Can't do it up but it's been a so I'm going with Brazil beating Belgium Brazil. It's very difficult for anyone outside Europe to win a European World Cup hasn't happened before so this Brazil team has a big task ahead of them especially out in Russia which is. East east East Europe but they have they're so good everywhere. Belgium is a team that can Exide has some fun and get after I mean that's a bit of a good bit of a leap I think Germany it's. I think that their timing is awful little bit in the Spanish coaching things is gonna hurt them at the end at least to get to a farm and you know when when this was when we first started this draft night throughout their onto it or listen not a soccer guy need help who would you draft and most of the people were saying Belgium. You know there there were talking about you have them in the final they're viewed as an outsider but they're not write it this is their tired I got the one of the first sleep they're not yeah that after like the top if you wanna go over sleepy ago for real Colombia are brewers Senegal but I mean from Belgium is so tell me it's. I think timing is perfect for them everyone's like 2829. He didn't your mid thirties early thirties that the ship has sailed you're too young you're not you too green for this. All those guys that they are gonna depend on full that area where there at the right time so. Max before let's go broke quickly bigger surprise that they're not in the World Cup Italy or the medal. Is that though has been the most fun a lot of winning yes how I would say the Netherlands and I'll say Italy the signs were there they were gonna qualify as bait to the point of going to an older generation you know four years ago they flamed out the World Cup in Brazil lost to Costa Rica. So when they didn't call. I wasn't super surprised because they didn't make the adjustments to get on the up enough we did kind of the same thing I think Italy people were surprised I don't think those that shocked the Netherlands. They're tally kind of dried up but I I always thought they found a way because that was their certain style to get through but they've still. To be honest about super spy even more my I think still the best team that there are ones that you. Thank you for Max to the best right now aren't truly enjoyed it and not Britain are going back to LA you're depicting them bring opening up. And the best of go. What can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESPN at apple podcast boy. Just ask your smarts beat me to play goal. What can only go plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern. On ESPN radio and on ESPN news. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico I feel like a whole new person. 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