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Hour 3: Taylor Twellman

Jun 18, 2018|

The guys talk with ESPN Soccer Analyst Taylor Twellman about the World Cup and then the guys clarify the scoring from our World Cup fantasy draft and more.

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My goal a tree wearing go Taylor Twellman joins us in studio our soccer analyst give a straight talk brought to a straight talk wireless has phones best network conference till we got a lot to get into here but more importantly can you break and the England Tunisia match is they get -- problem is a critical match for I think you should why who what where are rock doesn't here's the deal that we we do we get a fancy new round look that we their fantasy draft everywhere the World Cup fantasy draft. And I thought I had a really good weekend because next will be Germany and a Switzerland at the tie with Brazil. Renaldo totally you know wanted me by the hatreds Ohio how do you win this explain a record for scoring it's just like just like there's burn three points lower and one more fertile environment on Michael on your team's wrote a book where last place right now we're now that good myself let's write novels have past ten points my son has eight points in France six point then I got a lot of time I. Well a lot of time ice at all on my first round was crafted clearly with the idea of England beating Tunisia I mean that's that's like 63 points and votes you're gonna miss some -- did for about 88 minutes and I think game I went up 10 late but it's gonna be back on again I'll say that's why he's that kind of did my strategy is a pay off a audited all of that with Taylor the first really get through. What's trending and we start with the big news from the big guy although not as big as we think he is Mike because he's looking at other golf. Yeah I've worked Jericho wins zero so for the second hero first time since Curtis Strange at the end of the eighties. But I thought he looked to me when I looked at Burks kappa he looked about 6263 about 220 dollars like a linebacker no looks really good yup he's six foot 61 about 185. Saul that just means all of the other golfers are really really small safer Dustin Johnson is workout buddy Dustin 64 correct and those guys like it when they golf on the afternoon presented to work out together in the morning a series and they're really that's right absolutely true. Bucking gripes two up. Capped off for. Are really the Saturday when it was a massacre for everybody including your leader. Dustin Johnson who was seven over he was only what two over three over Ramirez he only a couple of strokes but he was tied for the lead. Going into that last round because of it when when everybody else who just fallen apart. On Saturday even though we shot over par on Saturday and it he regrets that Tommy Fleetwood what he did go on seven under question I mean incredible and missed what we've the way he was putting. One look like a gimme putt at eighteen to make at least 62 itself. He admitted that what what is about to hole playoff yes that loss Lilian how's all of that but tough. I've got your back to back winner it was great unfortunately there's more to lose this US open without tougher course was and what Phil Mickelson then on Saturday what. I know terrorism golfers of Taylor what did you think of Mickelson you don't get me started right not all right this early America what's rule one dash two Brees and bush got no right so so for the life for me what I don't understand. Is that if it is a sport built on honesty and you. Roughing yourself correct. So how does he not teach you himself in you want the answer on how film vault. Did you speak to media after the round yesterday is more suited. No I did yesterday or Saturday Saturday quite happy doing yesterday because the number one what she's gonna be what Phil why do you need GQ yourself correct and now if on the PGA tour brought. On fifteen N Augusta if I triple ball over the green. And Ellis running towards the water in order to save myself I'm desperate over there knock the ball back. Save myself and say wait you just set the president right now yes sure I agree with that is because everybody in goal Taylor coming in hot everybody loved at all at first number one. Rules and etiquette is now gray area right. Now what is. Always wants you tell me your definition of Medicare and mine are two different things if you exert any kind of mobility are movement that changes the way you play the game rule one dash two what do you can be disqualified different than etiquette you start with Medicare and Medicaid is a gray area of I do want to give you wanna give me different or use our coverage. Ellen is yet you know ball then you're talking about iron rule turn up and and I guess my thought is while. I kind of I kind of chuckle that what Phil did but I get it as far as the seriousness of what he did. Everybody in golf can't stand up for what he did so that's why I don't think this is gonna become a thing in golf because people in golf. Know how egregious that was yeah so who is gonna really wanna say I'm gonna go big he's gonna become a verb and Mickelson this thing outside of a hack like me who does that I've done that 120 times anyway but it doesn't matter and I what I dvds who went out of breath but I don't think a probe because all the pro skill and fell for the killing them yeah so we gave the roads are gonna go off there in the masters and do that same thing all but Lee Westwood to weeded exactly the scenario I just gave yourself what would stop me from on fifteen and gusto by. Literally chip a ball. That's what we talked about in my youth. When I thought Lee Westwood Swede has said it's a very good and because that's exactly. The type of scenario that Phil Mickelson was in I guess she just make it you make it concrete yet you did you. Judy for something like what I don't ever know Riley Jenna normally that's the case yet I think the but got that the other thing there's the US GA and their rules are not the same governing body of the agree that other Gaza hot Cadillac a household impaired they know what our goal is another topic did you break Erica does well I don't care what people think Tiger Woods should have been DQ from the masters a few years going through that would do is deemed to be illegal dropped changes for two and eight. I was 2013 I Kaymer be the exact I think it was 2030 might have been 2012. And they. Found a way to keep tiger in the tournament. We we said that was out offering Milt Nicholson's that a Phil Mickelson. Hollywood good be cute right. The fact it was Phil Mickelson probably kept him in the dark of course this course that it did Spezza when they're getting withering criticism from the setup of the course that didn't wanna quit what part of the reason why Jerry he did it now correct yes all ebitda is now that this was a blatant. Hey guys this RBIs and of course no question about it. Well we got that settled. Don't talk on these costs and they're very robust quarterback market Ben rivals borders says he isn't concerned with winning a record deal because well. He has two years left on his contract. Was he says I couldn't care about record breaking Super Bowl wins and things like that that's more important to me as well always know Ben the question. How do you play well and he brought that on himself and are now these kind of changes tune on that about his offensive line of their health Leona keep playing two more years 23 mil per year or so. Nice paycheck is coming a lot of this on the heels of what everybody is being paid now and now the potential. All of what Aaron Rodgers is going to get paid so already it's always then the next quarterback after that great quarterback what are they going to get paid. And this is just been saying that doesn't matter so much would rather you know I guess you like to hear that from the team aspect of let's make it Super Bowl wins. And not so much money because you know what he's he's getting paid good money now but I also understand if you make a lot of money there's no they're all wanting more. That it was well what's enough the answer is always more the answer is always more. And look there was a there was a few years stretch where I believe he'll I was making more than patent. On got to probably never happen. This time he well knows for sure all sports at all I can't. And say whatever you want about Brady he's never been the highest paid quarterback in the NFL he's always managed to worked a contract to be very. Teen friendly day here Roger revise their quarterback you're well on me thank her yes. Yes. Ownership he does what he can be seen as we continue on goal can we go brought to buy the key to inns and suites Boca Nokia dot com when business. We can talk to soccer analyst jailed for all of forever about golf is and always big golf god. Is this World Cup thing going on May be too so we get into that first Aussie you feel I'm good with England over and you know my right yeah this party at a score. I hope party plays because I think he's a little bit more dynamic in this game but to give it to you Tunisia is gonna park a bus and some 47 everything they can. To stop England going forward I think party's gonna score if not Harry can only if I get to take one of the McCain a party who are you more lame name. Arctic and our adult who we certainly wanna get into the joins could ever join John again because of our snake draft here we betray myself my son in the staff for different teams. Everybody has eighteen Q you've taken a quick look. At the team to rethink how has the advantage right now thank you to do OPI express that's a big Belgium's gonna ever results or you're out there I think Spain even though they tied Portugal 33. I still think Spain is. Going to be in the World Cup finals so you are okay right now the staff pleased with ten points Mike in DeVon at eight can train I have 60 yeah that was Russian wonder if I generally Saudi and they get breaks so that tour. Russia anyway and that's before we give in to conversation about Alan what's going out on the field would we we have to continue to ask. US soccer. You know not MS. Why are at the end this and how close are they to being where they weren't where. We you'll all want them and we all want them to be asked me about Phil Mickelson Jeff on top. Any way you went off you went up pretty strong when it loses it wasn't Trinidad Tobago Trinidad Tobago third string for the record yeah another version their third straight cuts of neither here nor there. It's difficult. I honestly guys it's difficult to put into words what the feeling is for a lot of us that have read it that have worn the red white and blue to sit here and say. In this region with Mexico and Costa Rica and Panama where we've dominated over the last twenty years in this conversation we wanna compete against Messi Argentina Colombia is a world. And we can't be Trinidad's thirteen you know again it's a real wake up call. But for the American sports fan it happened in Europe. For Germany. And it happened fourteen years ago and after they had the debacle with the European championships they came together they wrote a ten year plan that's what happened ten years later. I'm on the World Cup so I hope. And I'm not saying the United States go when I woke up that someone I'm saying. I hope Mike and trade that you've they'd look at this. And say you know what this is the moment that we regrouped we look ourselves in the mirror and say we've got to change a couple of things. And we've got to really look at how we develop later K what are you did you set look at there we needed change he what do they need to do they've got. It changed the focus about making money and developing. Why is our sport my sport the only sport our country. That is so pay to play in its exclusive not inclusive. So he did the most difficult thing is you don't have to be a sock you dubious soccer dead. We had just an American citizen that looks at soccer in our country a privilege sport. That's first and foremost. It's a suburbia and white sport. You need that you have to pay coaches you have to pay fields and go on and on on on national rule on the radio show with us that's about our Foreman yeah. But pick Iceland has them looking over here and so got Iceland and I got to know that's the same size of Corpus Christi, Texas right if you wanna get the highest level of coaching in Europe in Iceland it cost you roughly. A thousand dollars if you wanna get that exact same coaching license in the United States America. Russia 40000 dollars travel. All through the process follow I'm going yet so Iceland fifteen years ago said if we're gonna maximize our 330000. Population. We've got to make the coaches easily accessible they've got to all be better coaches that's just one example now. Compared to what we're doing here if that makes any cigars are the Iceland coach is a deadly disaster strikes me Demi actual dollars and that this coaching the World Cup team of the national team is is actually his side job OK so speaking of Iceland. They were in choosing the first round they got the draw with Argentina because Messi came up short on a free kick and had a penalty kick and you know the rap on both for and although. And messy that they've come up short. On the big stage is finally over and although got Portugal to the euronav when his team then ironically or whatever or he got engine that went on to win that game when beer. When the euros he comes through with a hat trick. For the ages against Spain which really killed me in the first round but Messi comes up short again and everyone knows Messi is. How unbelievably is does he need a seminal moment. In this World Cup to cement his like slowly went to the final two of those imports and won the golden ball but you just hit the nail on the head in him when it Diego Maradona wanna yes and for all the trials and tribulations that the air rumored donors had. In his life he's still one day and Messi is one B no matter how you slice it. Why is when all those corner hat trick in the first game was all the pressure's off of them he's won a major championship with the European championships help I don't find it ironic. That he has that kind of game against one of the favorites. In Spain so. When I look at Messi is an unfair sure but life isn't on that life isn't always fair and that's kind of the it the burden he carries right now. But were taken away with what Iceland did Iceland in the euro's. Chris general had ten shots no balls right in the World Cup two years later. Messi had eleven shots no balls it's more about what Iceland did it. And it is what Argentina didn't. And I think that's what needs to be the storyline but as we all know superstars takedown alliance in Messi didn't show up yet this is the LeBron Michael Jordan situations sort of of these two guys going for. How big was the upset of Mexico larger mass of CONCACAF had never beaten Germany in the state not massive massive trade it's hard to put into words because when you look at what Mexico's gone. In the World Cup. This may be their biggest moment. This group if you finish second more often than not as you guys what did your board your plane Spain in the round of sixteen in the last six woke up from Mexico round of sixteen. They go home so that's been their nemesis they wanna win this group. I didn't think they can get three points. What's more shocking is how old slow. Anemic one dimensional Germany look throughout the entire game and look like they were running in quicksand. It was remarkable to meet you he loved got completely out managed by Juan Carlos is Oreo. But I warn everyone Mexico traditionally. Well then lay an age to have a flat performance because. For they put all this into one basket. They've got to make sure they at least get a point nexus so quickly on Germany because I talk a lot in sports about the mental side of things we just talked about I would golf when the courses are tough mentally I handle it. How did they handle it Germany after getting upset like this and obviously that they can still put themselves in a great position but. Former soccer player standpoint when you lose a game console okay the one thing you don't have to worry about Germany's mentality in quite honestly you just punch them right in the face I'd be scared of housing is Sweden South Korea because now hold in Germany looks at and says six points we're going through. Our suite is going to be more difficult task for Germany then they think they obviously got passed in a week to get to this staged. But I'd be scared of Germany because you you love has hit a Eads push all the right buttons with the situation. A when be shocked if couple of those old slow players are out of the lineup he brings in a little bit more years. I'd be stunned if Germany doesn't get through and quite honestly I'd still be shocked if Germany doesn't when the group I still think Mexico. Is gonna finish with 45 points or not gonna finish was sixth. I see Germany one in the last two games are based on more into it absolutely does as a soccer analyst Taylor Twellman is here in studio with a so for talking about Mexico. I have to bring this up. What is going on with the former US our star Landon Donovan openly saying that people should pull from Mexico. What was your reaction read that I was a little taken aback actually I. And any sort of went back and forth with some BII performer with former G yes exactly why it Berry before it was really diving into what I my first thought I thought well. The US isn't and it's so easy just pick and somebody else to root for brought up how deep does that go door to be like god Notre Dame rooting for Michigan in the BCS would you do what would you hold up a Michigan flak for for me it would be more USC which I could a guy who fun but I doubt my apologies with the analogy I'm. If you review the puppet you throw up a good way to cut in sites waited I'd rather cut off and tell them root for Mexico you know this the same Mexican team. That when we're plane at NASDAQ and Obama gets. Elected there's scream and Osama like it's it's healthy to be rivals no problem with that everyone has a price tag apparently what about. Finish it with us. Because of former teammate of ours Carlos spoke Integra tweet of Landon Donovan. Wind and went from zero to a hundred about building bridges not barriers about Mexican Americans and whatnot. And yet this is the same guy that question German Americans and whether or not they were passionate enough. To Wear the red white and blue I'm confused. All I'm saying is much rough Mexico that's the same team that tried they'd literally kicked our rear ends woke up all fine it's the same team. But the players tried to break my late point. Why why after reform it's healthy it doesn't mean I hate Mexican Americans it doesn't mean we need to build a walk and that it's healthy rivalry so. Arrival into an eighteen apparently we can't do this but how we do with this for you guys. Would you what would you do if Messi was holed up of Brazilian flag yesterday it never happened so isn't healthy he's not saying anything about resilient is this just Mexico or order of Landon was you know had to deal and to root for Portugal are a completely different okay car with a different guy that is are bitter rival that is our rival look at the other aspect of this that the listeners need to know this is Wells Fargo. Fired 5000 plus employees for creating fake accounts neighbor find one billion dollar a majority of those people customers. Mexican. Americans. Only but it yeah. So it just came across as extremely tone deaf to meet. But it's all for me about a rivalry I don't know how much money asked me for Mexico I'm sorry but as an analyst I'll tip my cap and say well done. I'm red white blue I wore red white and blue and I killed look at the American soccer fan of sports fan it's a nice we're not there so let's root for Mexico where your green and red and white. Yeah yeah. That's that I'm a lot of people don't wanna ask you MITRE it's on a cubs have right now grown up in Saint Louis yes on 80 point zero chance that that's not fat Jack I'm glad you brought that up because that the whole Saint Louis thing that does these soccer blog nobody does a soccer have the 94 gimmick was happy to answer right it was a pick you sort it all I mean is unbelievable how many of those guys. Brought that 9014 OK you mentioned Jerry youth. Brazil a tie with Switzerland via power you can how much are you concerned about the result the second betting favorite going anxiety crusher I don't think any of us in this room and I know goal it played at the highest level and I've played at the highest of contrary we do we all do things pressure's one thing. When you lose four years ago 71 on the national stage at home I don't think people fully understand. The magnitude of what that did to the people result let alone these players now it's a different team. So there are a little bit more balance I think it's the best team they've had in the last five World Cup's. Oh my goodness there's pressure you're up 10 against Switzerland they completely outplayed him I looked at a couple people on the green room I said they're gonna win this game 230. But their name are starts doing his tricky Dicky stuff and then all of a sudden in the corner. Switzerland comes in knows a follow on video review should change it besides appoint the and score 11. Pressure in anxiety or Brazil is unlike any other team in this world. In I think that showed in the second half in Switzerland so it is far as overall I don't know how many teams you have like a top tier like these are the apps of 1 Q I am in probably three forest so after those three in that next group. Which team. Could win the whole thing people are gonna laugh at this because I don't have France in my Brazil Spain Germany and before the tournament or France is not heard that from a lot of people are yep France and a France is the most trade France is the most talented team there. Bolick. But they always have the mentality big US involvement now right. Jury does have to worry about France Doug French the French do when that I have France yeah I'm starting the good thing is though the most talented team there. So if state dinner all together and come together for three and a half weeks then it decides appointed they get along the recipe the 2010 guys in the World Cup in South Africa and walked off the field yeah boycott it's still you don't expect the unexpected with the French but they're the one team where. If they collect in do everything right they could run away tomorrow okay we we were in Paris actually on vacation during the 2006 World Cup. Never was not a Leila blue that's how they were screaming everywhere then they got to the final and somehow. It was a Don hat but this topic is. I just lost right. At cal lost his mind if you'll people chemicals of people and ultimately good or you could say Mickelson pulled his editing Saddam might be a better way to say chronological at the Don didn't have the choice of whether or not to GQ absolved whereas Europe but more importantly I'm good with England overseas or vet yeah you're -- -- by day and a new trick got limited time 00 today. Lose my number yeah I mean I have. Taylor Twellman was Melissa thank you for that work that you back for more break on this. As all's rompuy is your homered ADT home if not you have to get ADT help protect. Against break in fire and carbon monoxide. For a limited time get ADT's lowest rates starting at just 2899 a month. From the most trusted name in home security go to ADT dot com slash podcast to take advantage of ADT's lowest rate with 36 month monitoring contract early termination of the installation fees apply excludes taxes increased simplest traditional services only certain markets exclude lessons available at ABC dunhill. There are micro here support for the bullet we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number thirty. Thirty all doing your earliest he radio ESPN news we wanna know on not on our voice mail ID 605065505. What did you think of a fills actions on Saturday and Mike we do have a voice mail here not about Phil. But about what we're doing with our snake draft in the World Cup. And you guys are far Harry's you know gore for your World Cup tournament are very welcome towards Stewart there got to beat her anyway I'd like to know I did score or are you actually become the winner ridiculous point teams get her big redraw. Their come about alerts. We're out that little more journalists and we do this every did suggest that they paid sports is that there should feel good about your series should put your poll of any standing you see the points that's how we're going to do to win this three points a draws one point. And you get nothing for a loss yeah of that tower doing it throughout. And right now the staff has ten points. I junior I guess reporting devil were junior because DeVon picked junior seems of their our team. Deborah junior had eight points. Trade you and I have six points you have got a little setup for delicacy just starting out now and so we want every game to matter so that's how we're doing a three point for the when. One point for the draw no points yet Edwards and it carries over into the knock out listed based all the points that we garner through. Through group play will run Jerry your absolutely right I hang on so. It's Tunisia meeting on today like they're going to Vegas Ari points ya then they championship match is also only three points just everywhere is only three era three point everywhere along the way is having its share of harder yeah I mean no I'm not saying it's difficult understands you know you should be more rewarded for winning the entire thing arguing for employees in England and where you want to not say is on our about it. Merrill Cain if you're playing or I might get a regular game and you know it's insecurity. If you if you score a goal in any irregular than anywhere and score a goal in in the World Cup visible one point. Or go to Augusta and Maria. Touchdown in the regular season that is touch on the super ball they say amount of points semi point attributed trophy for one that's a we were trophy you're in with a trophy is the cash. We got to figure out what the winner gets a what I'm very young when I will split a goal paycheck and don't argue just as I'm done with putting my paycheck on August at some point I'll lose that again. We're probably mature tomorrow. We're looking to do tomorrow Tony fi now and his buddy who is as a Minor League Baseball player. They set the world record it beat out hit a 110 yards shot had a pass go over line and that a dude caught twelve album and that was a in a minute in one minute yeah. Nor walker too which DeVon and my son Mike said. He should pick you know we are holding their feet and a fire they earned two and embarrass themselves probably tomorrow after a short commuter tomorrow Wednesday afternoon show. Where DeVon is getting hit the shots Mike's gonna try catch him I'm putting the over under three and a half balls that are actually caught the bad is if they get the world record. I am taking one of my paycheck splitting it and giving them each half of it. And by the way even if they win is not speak I happened it's now well don't tell my wife that he and when they lose and still they have a wash my car for a month which would be three for washing studio in studio it's okay. How is it a win for use that's like a siren for me it's good to win for lose either way guys like a bigger noted that don't win for -- they get embarrassed which is what I want because everybody sees their speed nobody gets that you'll be there watching it all are well why are there while drops I'll leave I had that had you know they actually did it I don't care there and there's dolby dolby picture for its integrity when do you take the car wash vet and they have to use their bodies as the rags and wash their car worth are not to four bit so much by the. We duo voicemail on Phil we wanna know what you thought of and again we had. A Brandel Chamblee on talking about it he thought he should have been. Disqualified or withdrew himself. While Brad Faxon coming up a little later on from fox sports Taylor Twellman was all in on it 8605065505. Here is somebody else's take on. He tears at PGA tries to bring down on the U Spielberg apparently that's great golf today it breaks your recourse to make it almost sounds terrible I think so just got tired nervous you know once. We are handled moments stand as far as him millions be used Ted name always gets two different good doubts because the way it is here and every that's. Well he's right on that couple indoor clarified that the PGA the number jury had nothing to do with this is the United States Golf Association suffered at the PGA's professional golfers of America in the PGA records upper right on the PGA so. I Andersen racing this is the US GA they control. Our national championships whether it's women's junior sermons. And so it's an error saying Phil did it to kind you know. For lack of a better term public often you know that they. Why why would you do something like dad and embarrass yourself for I think he did it out of frustration I think he entered into rain and it'll be just. Said that afterward I think a lot of people were reported to rest a little quicker they'd still be offended that he did it. But his explanation of the had this rule is have pocketed continuity was doing. Was completely. You know. The way I knocked out because of what they actually were talked about after of not knowing what was gonna go on. There is she cute or not but I'm trying to find out and the only thing I've heard maybe it is. As far as the comparison one of the other 4001 and it is talk about coming off the sideline a football right. Exactly in you don't remember after Super Bowl or dirt at the end of civil 47 between the ravens and the 49ers that. They just stop them on fourth down the ravens defense and it was 3429 they took the safety to make 3431. To get a free kick to get it out right past midfield. And the only way really that the the foreigners to win the game was it that touched down upon his return for a touchdown all right Joseph Flacco was Micah during that game. And he said hey man if he looks like he's even coming close to scoring on the Iran on the field and tackle yeah. And that what can they do. But what can they do it right because then it was just I don't know what it is now I've that is just a penalty he via you know but I don't think you're at it but if you're running unabated get tackled would they give them a touch I don't know if that rule change or not to be out through their. But that that's about as close as I've. Scene of anybody tweeting I did truck just tough to make a comparison to this because it's not in the normal context of the sport right just as. Coming off the sideline and tackling someone. Wouldn't be as well and if you did it would have to be a star in football to do it is like towards our Marty are generally know the person that did this UD human never hear from and again but it's still so that's why garments headline. Yes and look do they go play the old man Sandra Cuba this actually did happen once in a college ball game. In the 1940s. Are running back for racing date made and no was running for a touchdown. And Alabama player came off the bench and tackles him now as it was a late forties and actually stopped him from scoring. I'd bidding award in the touchdown was apparently but he literally came off the bench and tackle the bars I'm concerned no matter if that happens no matter where the guy is that you reviewed you get touched up ya know I don't doctors were coming off you know we're gonna get in touch and are gonna rob I'm like well that Flacco was Mike companies have what can they do I just thought he's come I'm going up the bad I'm gonna tell Iowa mill ideas I says they change Arun opera and it should be in stone we got a researcher who got that off the sideline and purposely tackle somebody I don't care where you on the field you should get the -- reaching for the microphone I think we have clarity Brett go. So trays twelfth man tackle 1954 cot Mobile, Alabama writes that right to win the game I guess they ran away with the well that was that all we're talking your clarification on the rule or something no I under the rule do well yeah yeah we just want all your nose clarify that your was right in the market. Sir Fred now how does he get his head that's not a I don't do Carla do just want to be out there as well what smokes what but I've. Well they are there. Traders rights. By the way we can't say this about Philly loaded out of the US Obama is a lot of winning moments in his career this was not one of them. When he moments brought you by leaking to inns and suites Boca del you dot com and win at business. All right when we come back I promise. Would get to the hauled away earns an a phobia probably rivals strongly suggests they'll all get to this story about a hall of Famer and a former teammate double bronze. Didn't take the only advice that he's giving to LeBron. Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup your idea of a different look is sunglasses now through bodily Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. If we are Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces the alleged settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like lingo you know it. It's a changing linking to look to help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared a winning business with lucky day ins into each book now LQ Dhaka. I'm a few years ago never complain and watch golf all my life I love golf but watching her parents she's born greatest call ever just we ever never go early and never goes off he was so excited the next shot here. Yeah. I. Why should the parents so other undecided. A little confused I July I loved watching sports on Iraqi vice straight talk warrantless when a player doesn't like contract. They hold up yeah well that's straight talk Corliss you are have to because there's no contract he and the use the exact same forgy LT towers of the big carries out for a lot less. Straight talk more muscle at Wal-Mart refer to terms conditions and service. That's straight talk caca. Our goal can we go with you ESPN radio ESP news presented by progressed insurance cellphone guess on the shell Pennzoil performance on again I'm glad we got that tweet from Carolina would get into this LeBron store your second. But I'm glad we got that tweak it people like oh these golfers their baby the all this kind of stuff. I don't know of another sport my media horse racing if you're a jockey. If you don't do well you're not gonna get paid tennis tennis is all of the same yes and so I mean you can you can you can look at this and say. Well did being baby by they don't like people yelling in their backswing Elvis Canas of all that's true Mac but they don't have contracts. These guys do and I mean yes they have appearance they have apparel contract right start but the majority of those guys out there if they don't play well enough to keep their tour card. And make a living when you talk about all the travel but goes involve this hotel expenses paying your caddie paying your swing coach paying orders up. If you don't make enough money you can't do so you can save golfers are baby on one level. But on the other oil. They are the complete opposite of that Vader there's no guaranteed money in this thing you have to play well you get nothing you get cut. You show for the first two rounds of the US open should nine over par you get a hey thanks for being here and and by the way here's a thousand dollar that you need take your resolve to get your stuff back whatever country called them involved half of those things are so all of those things. Forward it to shacks advice for LeBron however an update on the rule we said what we're trying to figure comparison to what filled their one of these were brought up was. If a guy is running for an obvious touchdown somebody coming off the sideline. To tackle them and prevent that touched our I said the rules should be very easy automatic touchdown no matter what. Let you have the rules as NFL or college of hot. So they have a great umbrella of friends for this a palpably unfair act palpably help delegates are worried about getting the I get the same hole how you measure palpable. That I don't know I think it's just so they can do whatever they want and it's a player substitute shall not interfere with the play by any act which is palpably unfair. Or a palpably unfair act. Offender may be disqualified the refereeing after consulting with the officiating crew. And forces any distance penalty as they consider equitable and irrespective of any specified code penalty. They may award a score in the wrestling and do whatever they like it award to score. Not that since its and you know what to Timmy it's two great. Yeah if a guy comes off comes off on purpose it's a score and make adaptable. It would make a that it one line and set a whole paragraph exactly yeah. As well yeah as we've seen with recent rule change in the NFL they tend to do things that are little maybe a little more birdie on both sides fight as we're continuing here it's it is the summer of LeBron does LeBron watch and I think a lot of people I know you wanna hear this but I think most people I think he's probably leaving out right is probably gonna happen. Well Shaquille O'Neal who played with LeBron in Cleveland has some advice for LeBron and its advice he himself did not take. Yeah it wasn't because he even said this is Shaq talking my problem toward the end of my career was I was trying to shut everybody up. And I was greedy for more championships. He went on to say an end after I got three titles everybody was saying I couldn't get another so I got four. After I got a fourth. They were saying I couldn't get another once I was just trying to make quick stops to get to Phoenix. Cleveland Boston won the three with a LA with the lakers won one of Miami and they did win another in the final three years. Of his nineteen year career so he was chasing knows he said because others were saying. You know you need more you need more you need more. And what he said is somebody told me a long time ago they said your book is already set. Before the later stages of your career you can add index pages toward the end butcher book is already said sold abroad your book is already set. Don't go chase in the rings that's basically what he's. And had that look that's an interest in self reflection from Shaq on something he probably wishes he hadn't duke. I hadn't done. Building that I would ask you is it was clear that Shaq was on the tail end of his career in the tail end of his ability to play at a very high level LeBron assault topless game best player in the world he is 33 years old fifteen years in is going to be a sixteenth season next year are this fall when the season starts. Mean he's to me he was the MVP of the league Jack was never the well BP Italy or the guys. On what's going through teamster try NBA big piece of the puzzle final. To get those ranks so he's probably not yet you're right in that position rorschach was at the end of his career because I'll while LeBron is why does that change at all for you and that's I guess I don't I don't mind what. He's doing about I I understand it in the course of today sports at all a lot of people are gonna point right go to Washington Capitals who say. Alex Ovechkin right but Rudy demanded there. By the he's been window of doubles as raiders are on the should've made we should have been like parents to say Tom we're Jesse and call our producers and Pelosi got home safely all bought. But you know he stayed through all the losing to Pittsburgh and our everything that went along with the Washington in the futility of all the large. He a lot of people or were like that's the way you do it yeah there's there's one right way to do it anyway to do it is eight way to do would put you know I'd. I understand this day and age of great players and what. They now have the ability to team each other instead of teams just having the ability trader put teams to. No jitters and I got into this great discussion all used discussion because it was a little heated at times on Twitter. About this some people say well you know be the NBA is wrong competitive balance. Because of these super teams met. When do we not had super teams exactly right what is there ever been necessary going back to the fifties we haven't had super teams in the NBA that's the way the league is built to the only way can be upset about these guys going around is that the players are doing is that the team's doing it himself right now and if you have a -- that and you got to ask why you have a problem with the players. Employees being able to dictate their own future. Coming up should. Mickelson have been disqualified lost our next guest.