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Hour 3: Taylor Twellman & Julie Foudy

Jul 11, 2018|

The guys are joined by Taylor Twellman & Julie Foudy for the whole hour and preview the England/Croatia match, react to the concussion protocol in soccer and more.

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As people who love the outdoors we know what we stand for. We stand for fish wildlife and conserving places they call home we stand for the traditions we inherited and that we must pass on. We stand for great year fair prices expert service and memorable experiences. Bass pro shops and Cabela's we stand together for you. Great news here's a quick way you can save money switched to Geico gecko could help you did great coverage at a great price then and only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save 15% or more on car insurance go to judge Joseph Doug come today and see how much you could say it's. We do in studio to two over favorite people just redo you still dominate whose beat yet probably there is becoming irregular and the rarest of rare the sun is shining on my side of the says Julie felony is ones. I look forward to talk to her about the anniversary that was yesterday. Be nice to know literally ran her nineteen year I go. I didn't annihilate any jet. Oh it's those amend that nineteen years ago is when the women's national team won the World Cup 19991990. And do. Joining I'm on the day Alia you should czar yesterday ungodly yeah I like it crown I'll. He didn't pocket perfect in the well hey don't want to. Yeah I. Back and check out brilliant idea. That's kind of Doug Rogers who still hang out with that answer was yours you know led today's. For those view on the radio there's a trophy in front of me which I won for or being and the miners died years ago. That's the only team to buy have like cling to that like grim death where 100 app like I do an excellent gonna make that in when necklace and where to put on a gold chains. You'll hold on that that idea that night night that that World Cup as long yeah we were you wearing that hat yesterday when your parishioner cardinal no I'm. Mom I wish we started the shows that are not yell lights I believe that the war the phrase I started the show with. I'm an idiot yes vote goes I did not hear that I'd try it was golfing and his golf cart ran his own golf around the Jews first and you don't push it home if so holes back train Dana. Lennon just mean I don't wanna be that than any cushion to its. High quality on these plus you understand what you lift up the CIA and the batteries there's a switch the ghost polling that makes a pusher he's equal now I do vocals and now we're where you care. Today it is been through this he's the last guy this is. Way this always goes what I ask him play golf you don't play golf no there it is so that's the standing opera I wanted to share it thank you mistake in my our beat thank you for not being married me this hour gold you're going to brought Dubai elect inns and suites book at LQ dot com and women business we're gonna get to our guest so let's get through. What's trending and there's an interesting and potentially ugly story are going on or NFL. Georgia police in the NFL are investigating a home invasion Tuesday at a suburban Atlanta house owned by bills running back LeSean McCoy. In which is estranged girlfriend was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry. Yet the victim on the leash record was set at a hospital as a result of Tuesday's home invasion with unknown injuries and add a second woman also sustained minor injuries now. If you saw our social media you know yesterday's sell the pictures of her which looked riff which have since been deleted right and loose and do woman who post that said it's her lawyer that says delete those pictures you know while we go through. The process here McCoy denied accusations made on social media earlier today by a friend of the victim. That he was responsible for injuries said he had not had direct contact with her in months. Now the attorneys for the young lady released a statement saying. That you were sleeping in the home when a male assailant and the house early Tuesday and demanded specific items of jewelry. That she had been given by McCoy. Or no signs of forced entry the attorney said adding that McCoy previously made comments watching the jewelry back from corn. And said she could be robbed because the jewelry. Was expensive. So that's where this story is I mean the bottom line is it to listen more and got beat minutes. Horrible horrendous for a and and and somebody capsule he needs to pay for that but this this is a the investigation is ongoing certainly the NFL will be looking into this as well but let's let the police investigator on this one as as they said. It is a active investigation right now. These are investigating the bills released a statement saying they're gathering information in the NFL's investigating and again Cheney has denied it. Look we'll see where this goes with the investigation take place and won't come or explosions went all that comes to an end but is certainly not a good look in any way shape or form. I knew I was trying to get Manny Machado isn't happening pressure dealing with the idea that might be traded. By witnessing what happened last night two home runs against the Yankees three for four Baltimore 65 win over the yanks in which they got the game winning RBI single in the. But I know it's a swore I'd never really dealt within my sport of football dealing with trades a lot your number one on the radio last couple years and has probably were not were something you have to wonder about that we see and other sport current players are wondering in my it was the baseball trade dime a deadline come out of Vienna month. My getting traded in my not. Energy I don't know she's getting treatment until I mean I think he is completely set their understands. That his walk to Camden yards is ending as far as it being the home stadium for him and he's going to be somewhere else and seems to be. Pretty easily that. It seems for mark RR. Analysts that. The Milwaukee Brewers seem to be one of the favorites for him though there are number of teams that are looking for his services and oh by the way of services are fantastic self. We will go to sleep but he's a guy who knows he's going somewhere in north going to be traded so it's not a matter of if it's a matter of one and they don't you think you went into the year with a mind on jury did it was contract year you what you do have experience with and we all do is when athletes during a contract here all the sudden a lot of them something clicked he has amenities that if it is amazing little look at Bryce Harper in that sense though pressure's been may be a little too strong for him. But when you look at what made much out of many Machado who's kidding me pork in case seems a better position of free agency than Bryce Harper got this you know that the Yankees Syria and being discussed makes me want. Oh well you know you what people call him a job that Taylor Twellman based I don't get what are you go yeah. That for many if you heard that I am sorry yeah yeah for no home runs from months to save Taylor for career home run just let you guys pulled that oh yeah well. We went a deep I Taylor added Oklahoma why it's really easy I just maximize that there are no hills home here's everything you wanted to get. He knows about it being the life long but the the best part was he's that I really don't like to know. But congratulations to Serena Williams with a comeback win to reach the semi finals at Wimbledon beating Camilla Giorgio of Italy. 366364. In the quarter essential now being matchup against number thirteen junior herders who beat. Kiki Burton's campaign. Emma. How you judge Jackie me every time I think yeah. BD I know I'm showing my age on a couple of you know I'm John King TV don't go breaking my heart but I tried. Some. And the and mark again it you have your eyes taken out of your scholar athlete that I. I've tried to avoid but again Serena is doing this what ten months after the birth of her child deaths as a mother can you know what she's. And finally I bowed to you via yet and she goes down the first set yeah. And has an immense relief when you're fine back you know having played with a lot of moms who come back from having two children. I think that's the hardest hurdle to get over is. Can I do it again right and how fast can I do it again and then if you go down you started out. And to hurt for her to go down in 9%. And to lose a percent and then just pull through and what it called. And I still have to give the credit there are three were out there who have won eight Graham multiple grants tournaments Kim Clijsters and Margaret court of 13 each inning on grew are gonna want to. As mothers as well so. Let's just gonna Chretien's account that she won one while she was pregnant I know I don't know how does the like having fun as a mother that is true but just an another milestone for surrendering eventually do join how many how many grand slams as you win at her head unit job. Think two is the perspective you get as a mom and she's talked about its earnest talked about it a little bit myself with teammate Matt yeah. Yeah all of a sudden it's not lifes now about ten so an important leisure sport is in this competitive as you want to be you have this other perspective and I think that's a healthy thing and you end up. Doing well because of that outside there's. It's always amazing because guys we always agree ignored all but this is once you know Jack Reed on the this is one so we know nothing should never give our opinion on how you perform as an athlete after giving murder yeah I got out before it. So hard. When I'm in nine doesn't ranked in the cold waters of all we're really that are really. And I get out of badcaps release or less I've got to hang out that is if you we came today. I like Amy give a bottle admit that I know is I'm rooting I didn't take a no pillow under my arm and how did you do this. And then gave early removal Taylor drama. Julie cloudy areas prince soccer analyst. In studio giving us the straight talk brought to restrict our wireless test follows those networks no contracts get we alluded to this off the top but I think it is important to recognize the nineteen years ago yesterday. You guys pulled off the unbelievable at the Rose Bowl beating China in PK is pretty testing and hopefully Scott met planned for weeks now. Scoring the only game winner at this and all heck does that does it feel like it's been almost twenty years ago no no you. No longer had no longer it. I said yesterday and feels like it's nineteen weeks ago. Not a lot of that has to do with the fact that the team is still very close which is nice and alien is texting going a distance out there are a lot of CNET nation and I communication. Isn't in nineteen seemed to be to draw a little more attention because the work of Sapp and Brian ran out and helps. But yet there's there is in this constant communication that's the nice thing about that team that that it was authentic engineer in the fact that we actually 92. Why I got a long way because that's what I've always said when I watch the Super Bowl how jealous because I never got to one is. Get that culmination you've got to the World Cup right talk about it that the Super Bowl win. When the clock it's all zeros and you have achieved that you know with all those teammates there. What what what are what an added bonus if you actually got a law like each other explicit. Everybody doesn't like everybody else we know that not an antique but for the most part are you all know if you all get along with one of the others show didn't just just how cool that is because you can re limit so many so many years. Examine the night before that final. And we are Allison Gary Indiana we always have like an extra room suite that was like the gathering room in the snack room in the gamer and and we're sitting in their half staying in carrying nine. And we looked around and send I don't know who doesn't have to stop like this group was so much fun when you to that mom and a house in your life ego. Conan I want this moment to freeze in I'm getting painful. Sure along those lines what did you feel more pressure in the semi get to the finals or was the pressure off when you buy you got a surprising you know earlier in the final answer. Yeah similar to probably what England is feeling today. Our French Israelis have heard that yet now or France and Belgium in that semi final game is the big game because you don't want to be distracted to the final. Of course and all eyes are on the final year like we just gonna get there not let's not forget the stomach and inciting definitely more of the pressures on them. The one thing about enjoying won't talk about this but for me when I graduate and that at that time I was what 1415161718. And we're playing with the youth national teams. Is that group of women they were pioneers for the sport for both male and female and I often talked to him many your teammates me him be one of home. I think I saw you was a ushered off like I heart you have pretty much similar yet it I asked her out on a date I cannot imagine that now I'm dating. This guy named Omar Al Gore but the reality was they they gave back. They understood what they were at that time based understand that we joke with them now that it's needed and whatnot but the reality is. Is up for how many women that are now playing that this sport which is millions of girls in this country. That's not happening actually found he's not here to go to winged it's not happening of mediums that part owner of LA FC not still involved in the sport as women. I don't think they realized that impacts because they weren't at. They were all get along there were some fun they were winning. But here I am as a fourteen year old boy watching that. They've been huge pioneers of the sport whether your mailer faced only nineteen years later do you realize your guys impact on again no. Now I don't. The 99 or special that we did ya he like our guys were really in touch. About W Youkilis knew the impact you're having when all you see others. I get frustrated that for women's sports has happened to slows and we not. Oh my gosh the bigger reaction religious and it's paying off yet and a little bit of planning. In my engine they spent you know the never before had a woman's event had. An organizing committee that spent four years working in grassroots working the nation's soccer clubs and the result was pack stadiums and all this momentum. And so we thought if other sports season right with a little bit of marketing an investment there's a big return. And that's been I think probably the most frustrating thing is it's hard to sustain obviously a World Cup as an Olympic moment is different. But to sustain it week in week out on the league basis has been. What you got but I guess we're all I can understand that so I understand your frustration there but overall the the winds seem has been at or near the top since that I mean all yeah of one of the high ranking insult. From that part of it is work but you're not seeing enough of it at the grassroots levels were two Cessna and just an energy towards woman sports an actor at the pro league. Or even to Julie's point though guys I I run a foundation on concussion education and awareness in the hardest thing to get people to buy into the reality is concussion numbers are so high. For girls soccer players I get heating organizations and committees. Why is it data parliament what do you mean is it that important did the girls are playing if not Maurer. And the boys are so that's still is a weird to. Odd struggle for me especially when 99 in especially in 2018 how good the women's team is now. My bigger concern not to bring in on the field I think the women's team that gap from the women around the world now. Is much closer than a white man because I think the rest of the world technically and tactically is catching up in the United States soccer federation doesn't recognize it. And we're gonna have a real competition when the World Cup coming on and taken away from when Julian those girls in those women did. But what they're competing against now the Fred Francis at the world English teams a world. They're they're actually real teams have and one of those that nine is a lot of those other teams started on yeah maybe if we put little funding I just. We shouldn't happen fast front. Well let's Y wish I was on go dwindled a service that only took me to have your debit and lied and now we are you ready which we have now. Do you. Know enough. Yeah britney's got as real sports and he does it better that's awesome eight years but now this years appreciate your anti Christ who really want to tackle real drama Juli Dottie with us he's been soccer finals with a studio has a lot to get into result let's start obvious who what happened. That's a loan companies aren't we have got in on new music and I had. Ours is still on. It's done it's. Hey there artists aren't they don't and what I what I outrageous in my area so we we got the second semi final but it France's and even a France and in the blue they took care of the Belgian waffles. And the crates go into the World Cup final now we have England against Croatia. Taylor let's start with you clearly the lines are bringing home so they're going let's that is the only thing about it the only guys I woke up draft I have England London the mobile. Well being imagine alone in June by violence Julie's significant other her lovely husband is English so you acknowledge that a starter with her I'll take it from here. England England went and having it in the reason why it's real simple and ask if anyone plays it's coming home right now late windows this being the World Cup for the semi final semifinal at Kansas national completely different this is very and I are looking. Croatia I'm not sure they can recover after 240. Minutes to go only kick shootouts. Those legs I just don't think they can recover in three and a half days time. I think England in the first 152025. Minutes or so she'd shove it right down their throat punch him in the face you know more on their heels haven't chased the game. I think this is England's to lose which means. Croatia is gonna somehow step up they're gonna take this game to stoppage time which is what they've done the entire tournament. But in all seriousness I'd be shocked of England as a went. I've the the I've gone against myself and say I hate that it ends and UK's have been so exciting. I don't people say let's just take player all I had an easy play anglers are dressed. Do you bit and I feel after Fred put in a. I mean changed his mind and without question plus as I said the Taylor is one of their legs how much in an act it's more running than certainly in my sport of football. How much does adrenaline carried how much does okay we week. Maybe haven't had a lot of time to recover but this is a semi is now we got to draw from somewhere does that negate any kind of heavy legs. I'm going to know I mean it's a point in first half but when you get into the 75. Eightieth to ninetieth minute I mean your gas in detail his point. The England Croatia is an older team. England is the second youngest team in the entire World Cup they actually had only three I just read this incredible stat they only had three people born. On the team when they last were in the semis I don't quarrel in 1990 am in their crops are at their average ages like 25 and a half yet there's so we young. Am so one you have. The legs of of youth and that energy that all seen have this great innocence to them there's. A NG and you won appreciation to be in this moment which you haven't seen with past English teams. And they have clearly. You know busted the curse that has plagued them for so many years when he does penalty kicks and I attribute all of that says Garry South Gate their coach I. When it goes Wednesday by the way that's whether we wears a -- yeah East Coast winds that we spoke Wednesday you know our ways to honestly the only good West Coast is the continent it's mr. Bobby did Bobby give me you know and couldn't upon a proportionate and we can go ahead but first world proud I was my golf cart I wasn't you always pick on you ready to Oman and all that hard and gotten fifteen inch rims on it it's like stop the story and my golf aren't harsh blow my god don't struggle whose roots to world are upon us and the charger coordinate under the current set I didn't. About a foot expense accord. I don't know throughout about it. All right I I don't that's not stopping them that I called my drive out saying yes. Now he's and you come bring me a daughter's name is Cadbury can get the story right please let's just get it right I got a lot more to get noticed and you stick around because supposedly has scheduled event here. Other reject it yet you didn't bother to get to something happened at the end of the game yesterday that I didn't like at all to a deeper dive into England Croatia plus. What it means for Ronaldo going to Aventis we'll get to all of that my. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage Guizhou that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Guys know more is better so this month sport clips here cats is thanking our clients with the sport clips instant replay. It's double BM VP experience for the price of a single yeah. So after your fresh cut we've doubled its time on your relaxing massaging shampoo and are legendary hot steam itself. You can even turn your hot shower into refreshing shields out to get beat him beat Shia. This sport clips instantly. Replay it's that double header on a single head checked in online today at sport clips dot com slash jagged. Nobody else advertisements yes people in Britain say advertisements or adverse. In America it's weak US led advertisements and it's nice fitting into word you grow all thank you Cleveland Cleveland oh Cleveland UC Martinez. Bush and I think can take it you're telling me advertisement is wrong I've never I've read it don't really need that. That is a British where they're hurting. Yes it was very hundred is that I wasn't wrong very soon we just didn't it. And I'd like to and Gonchar. It is it that controversy hurt and drivers that these say. Gary Raja. And no I never thought Julie Saudi with a studio Marty controversial when everybody's at an anomaly is not wait a second trial ever does it now are they doing good record date that's the birdies let's say or Cleveland is that the vertebrae controversial every time we got a good game but by the there you are fantasy it is dating and covers it a look at an Atlanta we're very here's the real and here's the real I speak aluminum or aluminium. And it many M yeah. Aluminium colored harbored. Know you'll miracle you buy a coastal by country whatever you'd use you you have expanded our roles that's how you are. But I base has been heard all that is the a goal of going to Oprah settle at Surprise of frontal Wednesday with a bouquet from Warner and under flowers. When you order a dozen multi colored roses for only 299 in Indian another dozen absolutely free. But why are flowers dot com slash ESPN OK Julie Saudi Taylor Twellman with a some studio we'll get to the game today it's not a self. But I wanted to bring a song that you tweet about yesterday in which I think is a really in the topping the Julie you can comment on as well. Up there was a player for France a camera will be reading between by the way. Between you tweet it out between the necessary that's perfect I've I've got the first and it came to my mind it happened in the 82 minute where it sure looked like he had a concussion. Is a two minute valuation and he stayed on the two minute evaluation. For a concussion right. In so it in the man next to me Bolick is done a wonderful job of telling both sides of the story in my biggest issue on the topic of concussions. Is it it is not just in and a file problem. It is a sports problem and about how what are Robinson as in soccer to mess about but it's also when you look at the numbers because numbers don't lie people do. It also is in cheerleading it also is an equestrian so concussion is an issue all of around sports and we need to revolve it's not just an and a follow issue. We have looked at this sport in this sport at the biggest stage. Bigger than any stage in the world the 2014 World Cup Christoph Cramer was knocked out unconscious cold. Russians find Steiger the captain of Germany looks at him says where are you in he says. I have no idea I can't believe we're winning. 32 or 43 was his quote. Fifa after that game says you know what he was properly assess you only need to would have three minutes. Now why do some digging on the fifa medical committee it says you need six this governments to assess them in fury are four years later doing the exact same thing it is hypocritical it is pathetic in it is a straight middle finger to the players and what it's gonna take unfortunately his second impact syndrome. For one of these players to die in order for fifa. Actually wake up because there's been way too much of this in the World Cup in Russia. Is there is there like in the NFL dollar plan to there's independent doctors like a pull wires off your overall it is they've grown to that gives their now what's in soccer is there any. Now guidelines at all. Well there there's most are run by the fifa got a there's a prank call yen but the. Whether there is a pro or correct supposedly rapid we all know what a protocol that is hiding it in order of one in place oh yeah there's there's a protocol that was. Changed after the 2014 World Cup and art and refused to know and there's no independent doctor on the side and I'm right that it's gonna. As SaaS and did Taylor's play at a players. Dennis AM I'm fine. Soon we all went through that as I said during part of my courier hold up fingers if there was too and I said three they take closer local YIRA you know what as a player was finally because I wanted to play that's why the whole idea is take the decision away from the play correct is not let them decide what I did what employers are not longer goal goal. Kenny was that bad doesn't it had ended my career in the prime of my career did the exact same thing but might. That's not what some might issue it's it's the fact that science is staring them right in the face don't change that's it. I wrote a substitution rule senate all the way to fifa and 2014. Out of pullback since then crickets. It's just changed the rule. Doctors make the decision and take away from the coaches it's not gonna change the game you should not that we've got way too many players in guys. Rig listeners at home Google. Morocco World Cup concussion. The guy was knocked out cold. In the protocol it says you're not touched a player the doctor from Morocco comes on the field. In slaps yes that are in the face to face yes I saw that. We do bike if you literally it's literally needs to come down to a player dying on the field and what's the point this is stupid it's not. Scottie tougher decision because the the essence of the game is to rip each other's heads are you when it hit each other. At soccer. Or what I saw it. Look at cheat the rule. I just. Yesterday watching it I just found its so symbolic that four years ago. Julian aren't Brazil pub on the World Cup for your speed and in the exact same thing happens in the World Cup final work. Millions of people watch him and I'm still having the stupid discussion. For well and you lived. Young lives every day you livid today everyday I mean that's the thing that. I keen even imagine I hate thankfully I don't I don't feel is usually Ivan got any progress classic ice is Taylor hey can let's go for a run you know whenever we are in its offer on Andy night. I can't run via at and there's no lacking get my heart rate above a certain. Bryant. Round casualty it is summoned as a bigger issuance are of a lot of people know about wanna talk about from ledger brought I feel for Bullock who always has the defendant buffalo is an easy mark and I are like well let's talk but let's have a discussion about sports in general needs faltering out of bed by the way it was smoking out smoking causes cancer just mortem you know and then you make the decision to stop. Opposites just an NFL problem all right so let's move on to something else that has happened it's the second time this offseason we've had a 33 year old superstar change teams everybody knows we'll grant from Cleveland LA. Explain to people journalists are we became what it means for run although to leave rail Madrid and go to an event is how big of a deal is that. First of all people are and I why would you leave Real Madrid in Asia students. For a one of them there's got to San Andreas. You know. And this isn't something that's new there has been rumors for awhile that he had some issues with the president Florentino Perez there at around Madrid. And a lot of it stems from the fact that when Messi receives a pay raise and name are receives a pay raise peace. Now underneath them and they kept saying we will get there we'll get there and they didn't Rea. Renegotiate his contract and I can imagine as a player when you're Cristiano Rinaldo how frustrating that must be given that. If he's the all time leading scorer for Real Madrid. Over a hundred goals more than the second person behind him they've won four champions leagues he's won four mile indoors which is the world's. I Laramie area and so the guy. You know is LeBron status he's a beast on the field still a 33 years old so. I think that was frustrating to them and I think he also knew you know I have a chance to go play for a team that's good. And so it's unlike those that later than I say that as a Laker right Andhra. I have a chance to go play for you Ventas is won the last seven serie odd titles. And yet they haven't been able to be successful at the stage that he's been most successful which is champions he's. 33 yeah that's the biggest talking point rice's that he wanted a real commitment from Real Madrid. And their you know front office and what not and they're not gonna give that to a woman by the way Ramadan is a 100% right I don't care who you are father time. At some point is gonna knock on the door now I'm not saying burn all those knocked it to be successful event as over the next eighteen months. But the reality is he warning for your commitment you're committing to him authorities Saturdays seven you're not doing that at that level. Now I think it's an unbelievable businessmen are for Real Madrid because by the way I'd be shocked if killing NM bop A is not the new starlet of Real Madrid because you were present now Beaulieu burn although for a hundred million. But when I look at Bob that they this is simply about Christiane staying in Europe and playing at a high level but going to a league. We're at that age you can still compete. At the champions league level and take a little bit of a break so to speak in Syria out because this is all about winning champions league get. Against this club that. One last three or else is pretty interesting about all this is look we're talking about. Arguably the best player. In soccer Rome 33 bronze at best player in the NBA he's 33 big guy won the MVP in the NFL. Forty or what is it what is it saying about the athletes of the other day I auto social rule you know I'll I. How I got a lot of great I think how we all to me but not only when we don't know who are one we all train how how we train and how they're trained today and their longevity to where. The normal thought as well yeah you can't pay a guy past 333536. But we're seeing guys are aiming to do the three guys you mentioned goal did Julian I've actually talk. About this off camera those guys are spending millions of dollars on the body to say all right so it's a high cost for that. But in this sport very few players I know you guys have the same conversation about Brady. Playing quarterback in so there is the quote unquote Astrid next Iran although the father time is common in its gonna come quick in the moment you can't run. At the clip he wants to run out. And then it's over because the killing and a copies of the world are all coming through these. This system. The difference is you've Ventas can win champions they've with a 3334. Year old crush on Arnold though because the way. Syria is a by the way every owner and serial red nose on my goodness. We're back on the map of every everybody I winners everybody went astray everyone forgets Syria out when I was growing up as a best legal world that's for the best players play. A long time you know what if I push your way and when you went other athletes and other sports are to get older and lose what they do and they they're able to shift could you do that soccer. If you start to lose what are we don't know you can't write it here he's not running as much as everybody else or. He he is strategic considered it positive and and run his agent messy way. You know recently seen in L Massey add in and many say. The man walks all the time and I will he wants him and he does a lot of great things on the other side for a when he's not doing great things the other side when the locking becomes an issue. But yeah. Zero point goal like that. You know in my day they plank in your thirties you're able. Man in in May it was more of a mental thing as well like you just relate as time. I am I'm not going to be able to hold on even though I feel that I can go another four year cycle with the World Cup and that's. That's the amazing thing when you see them play and it made. We're not a scored the first four goals for Portugal. We're Baidu and all the nasty aren't all out in a World Cup. I by the way speaking agrees to -- well Roger Federer has just won his 33 and I'm asset forgot to mention him 36 years old 36 million one away thirty sick he's one away from animal own record for the most conspicuous by law he's a wanna always not rank number one with Nadal who was what 33 correct thirty through whatever you're golden age of members ridiculous no question about it accordingly go on the road present about the risk insurance will be live this coming under from the Washington DC area for the Major League Baseball all star game and drivers can switch to progressive and you save an average of 620 bucks okay let's and we've got Julian tailors and using insightful thoughts and most important opposite soccer. Now gonna get the most insightful and important topics on the most important thing of today. Our summer take our own Brian Williams and that. 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Early termination and installation fees apply certain markets excluded license is available at ADT. Dot com. I gold doing Joey has been radio is good news we're presented by progressive insurance cellphone guests join us on the shell Pennzoil perform a slime that we are delighted to have Taylor Twellman Julie Saudi. Are used in sovereign it was with a some studio by the way I like seeing Joseph body yet you'd also like saying. Bundesliga yeah. It's Ashley and. The three you bush usually put radioed to read about maturity to order a little bit true yeah. No this can't be news to known and we've done this not work together for sixteen years you know don't pretend like you did Jonas was sixteen years what are run yeah well done boys NFL live 2003. Brunell begin now started the first time and he's regretted it sooner you do in the introduction for the hall of fame for this on and on I've obvious your just drive and got nod I'm just arms to sweeping up afterward donors golf course. It's only yards. Yeah. His fourth hall of fame is wife said he needs at one for the fun for the thumb and I hit a doughnut he needs to be in the national doughnut hole far will they don't have oh he isn't I'd like to really not in the I don't know what I'm like recently donuts is the topic of bullet now guys are nearly even out there don't know about you and you're Euro has. I am yeah of course and I'm in my own all of us that we get evaluated twelve in the family athletic legacy is at all and that's. And I don't and production on its grip I. Well I just to introduce. Myself all right summer summer take bracket. All right so this what we're doing we're doing the hottest takes. And some of the takes you we've done a ready. US men's national team will never win a World Cup against US men's team will win a World Cup. Best franchise the Yankees breast franchise the cobbler ordered to brackets island til we get to the finals of the hottest takes. The two votes today to we'll start with you on this when the first one. What's the hotter take. College athletes should be paid free college is payment enough. College athletes. Should be paid it's a hotter taken your mind by the way how do you feel about that I do you feel that they should be doing some type the senate and don't. That's Stanford grad by the end and let our dog do we have time you know and it's the idea you have two minutes and thirty seven's I would do if you're one more question of agenda ahead agony and welcome back to an art or where you go on that Taylor. College athlete should be paid this is America and this is the way they should be paid obviously there should be a formula but don't tell me free educations enough. When the education classes that a lot of these athletes are taken that I was forced to take off. Painting certain things like that well so that's Obama went to because people say get a free education I'm on a free eligibility. You're free eligibility rules are going I don't get it take advantage of it this. It and let's say yeah. That's up to the athlete but don't tell me that the Reggie Bush is of the world where Nike's make it X number of millions of dollars off the number five Jersey in your tummy it's because a USC folk. No it's not come opened the right formula on every athlete should be paid or how I play some of these X summer camps for example. Eight that they they get 700 kids in the promise all these athletes are gonna show up in the athletes get paid what. You know ranger over yet an Airbus for a week now that they're making a half million dollars on one week of camp off of these kids name. To find a way actually you and I don't think it's as easy as I'm making it sound let me clarify that because I don't that would be easy because it's never been done but right at the start the process someone the competition to really be. Now I know what's it about this one broke quickly is that you both of these guys would play sports that would consider non revenue sport now as opposed to basketball tackler and one of your points is. If all that money goes of football basketball players what happens to those on while that did the school has to pay the school lesson dole out money for football and basketball players. You could lose some of the other sports which I would be a 1000% again against self find another way and let other couldn't find a solution and it clearly there is art let's get to this question. Which is a hotter take Julie hot dog is a sandwich hot dog is not a sandwich. Hot Don is the sandwich. Is the hotter today begets is not really truly does this damage. I do oh. All love. And Taylor head for ground. It may have won the race and really you know everything. Have a hot. Old if you have. Currently. I am completely and not name in the middle and it. If you add a bond Bryant I considered a bun Brad viewpoint if you put peanut butter and tallying up in the middle on that. Did you ever go I just switch I'm I'm leaning toward you know I'm going to remember that well bun we have to continue this conversation. Let's go to break no reason why he had no rain suit my life ladies and gentlemen I hate my life.