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Hour 1: Roger Federer Goes Down

Jul 12, 2018|

Jason Fitz in with Golic Jr. and Trey. The guys talk about England and Roger Federer going down in their respective sports and Lakers GM Rob Pelinka addressing free agency

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did a lot of time to pack up for a drive or relax and watch the best races of the year. Before he didn't make sure your vehicle's engine is performing at its best with the Pennzoil synthetics you get complete protection for top engine performance to make the switch to. And they'll synthetics today. Welcome Paula can only go is feed radio is paean to present about her residence and phone does join us on the show opens all forms like. Michael junior Jason fits in here. Armed 'cause daddy's tunnel surgery at dad's Dick didn't hit good enough care of his mouth that this amounts to brushing and flossing were not enough of a priority now he's got to pay the cost so he's a handsome well oral surgery. So he's local flying every usually qualifying everything right now which really makes life tougher for my mom because she's got to take care reminded giant baby which isn't that much different from usual fare and so there's a lot of crying for him and another is a lot of crying for you yesterday tray at the hands of my Croatian lords over there. Why the way Croatia music. You're greater than sign that England coming home song that they bought what what is it what was that song gonna tell me what that song was. We know what that is. What did you just like ghoulish totally out of an average Croatian songs for 500 Allah knows I mean it does sort of have that light 80s90s viability of the delegates appear commercial right now back in somebody's low running over the hill towards it and so sadistic is telling us that apparently that was some pop group from Croatia that made that song for the World Cup. Our series that's rocks off and he's got to pump but vibe too I feel like that's the song that was playing in the heads of the Croatian players as they rallied from back down one nil. And managed to dismantle 'cause I. Just so people know it'll. We have wonderful outdoor area here at the SP and complex that plays tunes. Outside that where you can have breakfast or whatever. And as I'm walking into the studio you know it's argued blaring over the speakers. Don't fear the reaper by blue oyster cult's. And I thought that so appropriate because the reaper came for Reid came for me hard yesterday and English came for me hard and England and I'd just. I just the name of the song is. All and all this they that's all there does pop up that Jim McGee only cliff this this is this ought podcast audience it's called. If personal it's bizarre Prescott boys that would go that we don't have the name of the song is a grudge small holes parts ago. And I think as ours is Croatian for Croatia because I think that's right Bret that that's when my back there there. Their outfits on for the World Cup that is correct I don't know over any branch in January near comedy your guests are the strong lobby and have a true. I will save as you announced that with enough certainty and confidence to work I don't believe you speak Croatian now if only if England had played with that sort of companies have been going up. One mil on the first five minutes. At least stay where you go it's not coming home it's not coming home and then Roger Federer and what else could have gone wrong for me. I'm an army could get stranded in golf guardian now that you have to bed early bed two days. If we did that that that means it's a business and epitomize first world problem and Daria this was my day yesterday. And it was terrible. It was terrible but somehow find a way to get through this and do the show where you for your body bag and it is going to be one big old group hug for the next more hours plus we got takes we got that. Summer take thing that we got to do it's. It's all meaningless now it's all pointless it doesn't matter of life goes on a broken and why I just crushed right now so let let's do what's true and well good Roger Federer lost. I'm so thrilled it was one point away from a straight set match which would have broken his own record. Of thirty more straight us sets one Wimbledon. It would have been 35 straight he had match point in fact I stay after the show yesterday to watch Federer close out Kevin Anderson but now. Instead Federer decided to lose I if you would have told me what are the odds that Roger Federer gonna walk two sets love. At a Wimbledon quarterfinal against Kevin Anderson and lose the next three sets I would have bet everything I own on Roger Federer media did a swarms of upset. It's Kevin Anderson. Anderson. A six states out African comes back with that ridiculous had a hard to take three straight sets and take down Roger fed. Are in the quarter mile who really gonna have a talk about the hack a busy day trader the tennis aficionado on here does he do got all the time that's that is on all the time it was to the point I was asking myself do they actually made the bill of the hat all crooked and dumb looking like bad boy that that hat look like it'd been born since 1984. Look like as I look at the guy wins in your Hayden on the had a had a ball that Russell were the only ones are giving Kevin Anderson a ton of credit in this way and believe you may have but it was his first career win over Roger Federer and you mention it straight just the third time. That Federer is blown a 20 set lead the best of five match second time in a major 2011 was slim slated to slam excuse me now. About. 260 stores 66 Venturi net 266 and three I that's a sort of record you you know you can use. Without an off stage right sometimes it just doesn't it just doesn't work out for him but it it's a. And 2009 US open he was obtuse it's global and Joker lost when he eleven to Joseph Willie stronger at Wimbledon and now Kevin Anderson and congratulations Kevin Anderson. Don't have. I actually anticipate they're ruining Wimbledon again and ended up in DeVon Anderson played really well give all the credit in the world which we're doing. I'm not sure Roger Federer is this this was Roger after the match. I wasn't feeling particularly well off the baseline you know I couldn't really get the Rezko into it I want to specially 12 punch wasn't working at all today I don't know ovitz had something to do was a breeze are just you know a bad day from my side except the first set after that I never really felt exactly a 100% and does nothing to do was my opponent of this is one of those days where you hope to get by somehow once almost could we should have Sanaa wasn't surprised that you know once I couldn't get the 12 punch going that wants those in the rally it's hard to to get him moving because like you said in its. Hard and strong. Checked in with the members of team sat on this one because we always hear about the class of Roger Federer does class include dismissing your opponent blaming the breeze. Yet the wind got more credit an opponent I mean let me out if LeBron did on the sending of LeBron and a finals game came up with three points and afterwards as I can out. Really had nothing to do with the opponent I just sort of was issued as well as I wanted to do and and you know it's all about that we would be crushing and San Antonio turned the ACL off to dad does is well I don't little windy outside I mean he did more than three points and I think that they. He did take the first two sets broken three times in the first of the I get it. The same way you come out afterwards you know I it's fair but it did it surprise. Considering the source because it goes against everything we always hear about Roger what I what I love about Federer he will always be honest you know here is like yeah. I play better like I probably should straits this guy it's that I had some issues about giving lip I watched that match. I was like. Intuition is not given up anything. You can run that clock all you want it doesn't matter there's gonna hurt branded a year out of you can't bomb our heart and holy thing that I feel better is that I know I feel better right now than at Denver to some are Latin America's crushed in a plot point someone check on the captain please we make sure he's actually okay. But what's what's really interesting now is John Isner of the America in the ninth seed got by newest round it's a Canadian so again at a really bad day. As a candidate goes down and now you have Kevin Anderson who 68. Against John Isner who 610. And is in a Wimbledon so this like a rebounding title yes bunch of guys who clearly could play basketball I suddenly wanna know Brian Collins can play. An attendance like that's what I wanna see now is Ryan Allison tennis courts and future. By the way Jason fits it's nice to have a year could as I said again it's nice that Jason this year for the show. Utterly they Smith and what better welcome I'm. An item about that yeah. Can't think this is out of control drunk with power areas and now we continual what's trending and we continue with my miserable day. I really hate this not going to be O. It's not over and hope. You play the song what more time just like him at Joel. I met the other one an idea that Daryn we're playing we're playing the right. Croatia. Overcame an early England goal to win 21 an extra time. Hey unity. So bad you but feel what I gotta give praise to the all the credit in the world they were down early. That was that they've that's the most they've been behind in mr. represented the behind the term they came back and scored again like the five minutes. But really after that goal and after about the 25 minute of the first half. Which was by. For the better team by far the better team by far so much so I'm not just to give me credit DeMar the people of the week please do it because I can't. Visit cliff. The music a white given to the Croatia song. Croatia power musical lifting them it's brought you by sport clubs did a double MVP it's sport clips haircuts for the price of an MVP hurried ends July 31. Believe by July 31. Croatia already be World Cup champion so I really looking forward down one addiction helmet effort donate it was a Croatian training should really get a not for this one because absolute. Legs are those guys laid in this game into extra time when England the capsule. Gas you mentioned as you mentioned extra time. Three three games that they acknowledged prayers at its and that's I'd never been damaged Florida made the final that's a significant moment and also. I felt like early on and I came into the kind of what you're century England looks so much faster Ohman got any. And I other get up to nobody by far than I mr. blanch opportunities early and I was Watson I think thing in this is about to get out of control. And then the opposite happened once it flipped it was Croatia that was missing opportunities late in the game for them to have the legs and they had a late. Was really is surprising to me and I think it plays forward into the final I think you're right Croatia's going to be the World Cup I don't know maybe they were the. Stay the second smallest country ever. To make it to a World Cup final only worldwide in terms of population is smaller countries so of course that sets up the World Cup final which would France. Against Croatia on Sunday the third place game by the way. Also between England and Belgium which is it to sink. Now they're coming on bit taken abroad coming home to third where it takes a bronze medal that's all that matters. The interesting thing there is that this will be the second time that England and Belgium meet. With literally nothing on the line number they they had that one game where they play each other neither one wanted to win Daria because it would have it would hurt the seating in the brackets where they would fall. But if we are setting up for what could be an epic weekend in France because Saturday is Bastille day bear fourth of July essentially. And then they're gonna wake up the next day and through bleary eyes watch. I'll let live blue bring it home France over Croatia not only by the ways Croatia and it is a song better there's celebration. I think celebrations better than party industry with road flares via a mall in fat like that that just seems more citing want things to be light on fire when I'm party they get it they understand it now we need to understand something here because this third place game introduces. A bit of a conundrum for us our World Cup standings now. Aggies so here's the deal I hate I'm out. The staff is out so it's now between union debt essentially is your dad has France and you guys have a UN DeVon bubble boy have Croatia however. In the third place game. Belgium is playing England so I think it's a meaningless points but yes if Belgium should win the third place game. Your dad could put a stranglehold on this tournament so we need to decide in junior Devin cannot be part of this because they haven't Arab bias. Should we be awarding points in our fan is a World Cup draft. For the world player of the for the third what's game of the World Cup the forty thing. Absolutely not okay. Stay as it. I don't think we're kind of in this two adding Jason Fitz is the only one without a dog and while we need to totally unbiased third party's got to decide I don't have every match so far has had some sort of point rewarded you can't suddenly are not allow points for a mass it's happening so. There's got to be some sort of point and how many points you get for winning at all well what Gavin above the World Cup final rival what should we give for the third place Jason fit test that decide to. More for the round of sixteen and five in the days and seven so what do you kick you seven to 9170. That that was certain places like in between the semis in the final session to be six and a half full half point. Makes things very bread is bread is grimacing in pain with the idea that half point. I'm just grimacing in pain because it makes no sense to get anywhere near the amount of points for the third place game but he would define riddles and Joseph to have it there placed me. Yeah so it is if they're placed in the NCAA tournament by the way. He's the played how we believe it or not until it based on based on absolutely nothing I would. Have the third place came behalf as much as the championship three and a half points a lot of what do you look why don't you would Brett. During the first commercial break sort of come up with a plan Campbell will figure out what that plan is going to be in the next segment right like Jason just decided it it's three and a half immediately jury to want you're always telling me to teasing and hang them over so that's what I. Try to give us a little nugget the figures of value. Don't know announced this period. Oh my god I'm trying so hard I feel like mommy and daddy are fighting here where's my issue when all of this is my understanding that there would be no match so I don't wanna be a part of math so if you guys. Or have we decided. What would read I can thumb wrestle during the end of the Russell or configured you have you have a point to wanna make their juniors are now in our government ready to Gomorrah were worried about winning a forward about Croatia. I'm worried about my my lines and until they will be back there are young team. Four years it is. Meanwhile there will be homers in the district when the 2018 T-Mobile home run derby gets underway at Nationals Park on Monday night and now we know who will be hitting them. We've got the brackets and everything set up. We got he's a zag are from the brewers vs Reese Hopkins that's the 18 battle. Alex Bregman against Kyle's former is the 45 and on the other side of the bracket Bryce Harper. Against Freddie Freeman Max Monty. And hobby Baez on the other side of the bracket really gonna be all about the hometown kid though Bryce Harper rapping for the host nationals to 22 appearance he's gonna face Freddie Freeman. In the first round he lost to UN assessment as in the finals of the 2013. Home run derby and he's the only player in the Nat slash Expos franchise history to advance past the first round in a home run derby five of competed including him. Yeah I can't decide if I love or hate the fact that there's so many new faces right as a non baseball and I'm the first two met like I don't find myself gravitating to baseball day in and day out. So I you know I just sort of I have resigned myself to the fact that we were gonna get deceived stand in judge in the home run derby every year for the next ten years and that will be epic in and of itself so the fact that the best piece that we have a returning peace brand that people now. Is Bryce Harper. Is should be good for the sport so why don't feel like it like I don't I don't feel isn't deuces I thought it would I'm with you want to see the big guys just fuel the skin off you know what happened last year with judges it was absolutely right epic and now to have them as candidates may be yet. I would have been fun that would been fun well but maybe dig the flip side of the argument we're gonna gets a lot of new guys and there's maybe there's some of that beyond trying to be folly positive Isaiah. Auburn or fifth I'm tight number four's the lady Jeter closet door late mid season charge for Max Muncie there. Guy who had before this I think it no more than three career homer spent last year in triple way. And it rattled off what twenty faster than almost anyone before the all star break. Book at third. Third seed right now is another signal. So don't don't get ahead yourself you know hot bothered by the with a home run derby can be seen on ESPN heard on ESPN radio in the ESP NF Monday at 7 o'clock eastern on ESPN and again. Gold do we go reminding you that we will be live from the district winery on water street in Washington DC on Monday. Doors open at 5 AM and again the question we've been asking took one out and join us will the spigots be open and the vats of wind be flowing. At 5 AM because right now not to be honest I'm Riyaz leave I could use a little get through. Get through today took what happened yesterday at a gas class and I'm going to be in DC and I'm going to be hanging out and I don't have to work in the morning so can I come to the winery. And just drink the wine even if you guys can't control you from yes absolutely this amoled peanut gallery. The what the pinot noir gallery. No hard out there Basil and I had poster board missile against district one it was on water street is I would just wondering on water street. I will be their doors open at 5 AM and hopefully the bats of wind will be flowing. And we'll get we'll get through this together like we're trying to get through this together today. Michelle what's driving with the final vote getters for the all. Our game Jeanne securities whose angle are head of the all star game after winning junior the online fan votes for the 32 and final roster spots on the American and National League teams secure a 28 year old Seattle shortstop hit 3292. In the majors to a 116 hits and angle are. The old. Twenty years old. First baseman for the first time the NL lead 23 homers so there you go we got diggers in full for the you are 120 point two million votes second all time SOA. Everybody turned up forms a brewers fans can came out in droves I see do you look like this like the fans to just knowing him like we wanna put it's absolutely everybody and doing those campaigns a number of broke out of Israel play that's the thing as long as you're rewarded for his stellar campaign right and I really did enjoy though we believe and he's Zeus which reads we believe in Jesus online site rat right. Yeah yeah. Join the right things you deserve the war you know I am with you guys average guys talk about the fact that I don't necessarily love that every team gets a represented about one mile stars all the all stars right correct but at the end of the day when you do something specific like this it's ten initiated in let's and have a say in it. But he that's different by the way one of the baseball there are more rumors out there that the Yankees are ramping up the reference to get Manny Machado. We still haven't heard about what happens if a child gets traded before Tuesday what happens is is he still going to be or a representative at the all star game is he now become a Yankee represented that they after replace him as the oil represented of there's a lot going on what another Aurilia it's a deal like that pro ball or they'll let arm Jeff Saturday July at one more happy with Peyton Manning to just let him go back over put the o's cap bottom one more time and rip one yard just for just for the old time. I want to trade reveal in the middle of the game like he comes down to reveal comes out in the middle of the game throws one thing down puts the other like all of a sudden reveals his new team right smack in the middle of the all star game after four or yeah we had to bust on the that he thought the brewers were more bottom image on what appears to place that's what is what I meant in the middle of the game he's just site are he walks and one dugout to the other puts on a new Jeter I'll let me know and it's a mile when those high school kids announce which college they're going to mania which I don't with a bunch of hats out front of armies in their picks. No gonna go to the Yankees and win a World Series I wonder if he'll be as excited as Gordon Hayward was with the gender revealed evidence but it is like I gotta go here I got a dead he's always had a do what we we can ask their Major League Baseball mr. rob Bradford because will be with us on Monday. From the district winery in DC and water streets of come on out. And if we know if nothing else Jason this will be drunk as we're doing yourself. Which by the way I will be envious of that well them on your part let him go the way he'll presented by progressive insurance would more than thirty unique coverage options available progressive no small business. Learn more at the rest of commercial dot com. Coming up everybody in the NBA is taking so one general manager has decided to zag. We'll get to the bottom of that. Support for the gold you win go show podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans let's talk about buying homes for a minute because of rising interest rate. There's a lot of unpredictability when it comes to buying a home these days it's causing a whole lot of anxiety were full well our friends at Quicken Loans are doing something about it they're calling it a power buying process and here's how it works. 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When you shared your photo or video let's hash tag that's suffering heroes T-Mobile will donate one dollar to swear vets with teams in the so America keep posting without sag has suffered heroes and T-Mobile is he giving. Official licensee of major league baseball players. Does this give you a little bit of confidence that the machines are not yet correct. Correct sky that is not yet fully fully formed or you saw that robot the other day they gave made that walks on water seriously. What they did Jesus what are we doing. Literally till I'm all impetus mode I like yes I'm all him for robots policy you're trying to just cuddle up to the machine over lives up not think about what you think about this all right anywhere guys with a our judges that shade there aren't here it is that's what did you leave gotta make sure they shine bright trades and tattoo wanna one. A second piece of news especially light were awful Paul guys write a lot of National Football League is my favorite things advice read. We're gonna eventually be able to put. My beloved raiders on the field as a bunch of robots in the law go at each other that is the future of football know that it is it's an avid you'll have to be offended by that haven't doing your you must be offended by the venerable. In favor of your armor or. A I guess I am real suspicions about what team that has played four at this point I'm looking for the plug is stopped. Seems like a U version from within that's what's happened you don't Fitz is undermining the human rights I'm olympians from undermining human rally for robot you suddenly get resolutely human results discussed you have your wife says that how many of you guys that might have looked or bought it like one of those rumba like robots it just goes around housing and sweeps. Well good for that like there's a line for everybody yeah I don't like if I salon robot made that we go through the whole house to clean everything scrub down. I'm all in those allies there's a line. Demarcation that you have crossed that will that will seriously endanger the human race our existence our existence is is what you deal you and Ilan mosque and take a walk aria I guess that's unbelievable I can't I saw it I toll could just off the rails that that's what happened I can't believe he's going there Nam well eventually. Two robots on that each other controlled by some twelve year old cadet at that that's a world I don't want eleven I applaud your tactics because you're clearly Howard trying to just make sure that the robots look kindly upon you once they take overall I'm going to counseling -- -- on Iran and I'm going down with a machete and something no like electrocuted shorts or does exactly get aboard a cattle prod you have -- and I just a little maybe a little stronger and I don't Daniel is that maybe the only thing you have not eventually it just wanna be a robot currency and that's all the public face of -- and a -- retired -- theory MR ID it was -- but none of you who you and your your bad. Time for straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts. So you know beat the lakers are in this rebuilding situation with LeBron James of the players are putting around him and a lot of things have been curious in the fact that. None of the players that they've surrounded LeBron James with can actually shoot. Then of course we that Brian when Hearst and now Britain prime when Orson Ramona schober an article on his conduct on the that was sort of the point. That they wanted to do things differently because they felt like. They couldn't do with the status quo and trying to beat the warriors at their own game. So then I yesterday lakers GM and Rob Lowe lookalike rob point Kara. Seemingly. And address the entire issue on the peculiar roster construction around the project. Irvin and I had a conversation. And you know LeBron echoed this sentiment that I think to try to play the warriors and their own game is a trap. No one's going to be lament their own game and so that's why we wanted to add these elements of sort of defense and toughness and depth. And try to look at areas where. We will have an advantage. Okay first and foremost always having an issue with urban and mean I know that's his given name the magic right he's magic. Jack I know I don't know rob try to do the differentiator there is just Stephen Robert then revert in his later Jim Robert Bullock not I think he's trying to show off that he knows them on a better level like he does that column magic he's he gets called buys first like that that's definitely that is true to more exclusive club which is good for Robert. Unfortunately that line of logic is kind of were the rest of this goes too because. Identifying this is a strategy and I applaud them for trying to execute a strategy if you've got a plan and you've executed the way you see fit in the offseason. Bet at least indicate some level of intent some level of being focused on the goal what. I still think it's premises and has gotten a good. Ultimately what the strategy for the lakers has been is throw spaghetti against the wall as he with sticks and now they're trying to revisionist history seller something because. Frankly they RD came out and said look this isn't a one year plan magic told us its two year. And that's one piece in the the other piece of it is you got going to come out talk about how they wanted to get better defensively the defensive metrics I mean specifically Lance Stephenson somebody that that. We all think of as a defensive player because of his success against LeBron was a 105 among shooting guards. Second Spector step their 105 among suiting yards lob those. Third OK so you're really trying to get better defensively how does that make you better develop Rondo and Lance are all players have an edge to it again it. But their players that make you better defensively and if he believes so much in that strategy wise at a much older I someone you're deals. Mean if you're really going all in this is our strategy to beat the warriors then you sign all of them to three year deal I think. He's being honest is our strategy for this year and we'll see if it works I mean that that's the whole thing and you mentioned Lance Stephenson. Link also addressed or summit called take Rob Lowe are also addressed the idea of why Lance Stephenson is there if you studied championship or playoff teams of the past. You look at Michael Jordan having a player like Dennis Rodman. You look at Kobe's team as we've met. Having a tough player that brings on an ends to the game my glance as it is that it is a really nice ingredient that I think. With LeBron leadership will pervade to our young core as well and just gives Obama a sense of swagger and toughness. That that's fine but juveniles Jordan's team had guys that could shoot like Paxson and Kerr and other people some so he's got the buried a jumper on the lakers Jordan. She got a bunch of hall of famers etc. that's what they had on the team you look at this team if you want to recreate some sort of bootleg version of the stay ready all stars could be my guest. When it comes down to it is you look at what beats Golden State it was still a lot of what's almost beaten them in the past when the cavaliers were knocking on the door they were one of the three best three point shooting teams in the NBA beat Houston Rockets last year drain threes by volume all over the place now they did have a measure of toughness to where it looked like at times they physically were able to push around Golden State now Western Conference finals. But they still made the bulk of their hit from beyond the arc. And let's be honest that's the first time Lance Stephenson. And Dennis Rodman have ever been and comparative sentence at all I mean that the fact that you use in the same name. I don't understand I understand that the the idea the concept. The Michael had Dennis I understand the concept. Lance Stephenson is no damage rob I mean. It's so it was so what are your ears as I know Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman is a friend of mine you sir are no dense rock I read. But ultimately that's what I don't I don't fault the strategy for the lakers in the sense that look at opposite he got into win now mode. I thought they should have been more aggressive they didn't do that but now. They signed a bunch of guys to short term deals that don't and they don't lock them in the next summer they can be aggressive just be honest with everybody and there's no wind. In this process of having magic fellas it's a multi year process play got the link is similar actually rebuilt as Barry intentionally I don't see the wind for the lakers. Boy should deadbeat concerning them because if it's been acknowledged by the lakers are your building towards next summer and that's all part of your plan imagine it's been up front about that for awhile is this the way your going to build your team even when you've got those opportunities next summer that should be the wood thing is this going to be. The method in which you decide you're going to attack next year's free you know and there's a really good article Bobbi marsh has on the Points out there's going to be close to 200 free agents Nextel here. In the NBA cutting a clay Thompson Kevin Durant and oh by the way Kohl eyeliner so this this this music in junior made a great point here. It's all what we can't beat the lawyers that would will hold Ottoman just two years ago you did beat the warriors at the the cavs have basically at their own game. And last year. You went the warriors went to game seven on the road in use and and it took. An epic collapse of missing 27 straight threes 27 straight threes if you hit. What you if you only miss twenty don't go to rockets probably win that game and we're not talking about just the way we are so this idea that all we can't beat the warriors at their own game. Can't you just have to not missed 47 straight threes we that's pretty much yet you can't it just really hard however you wanna do it. Yes exactly and that was straight talk Roger by straight talk wireless nationwide coverage in America's largest and most dependable. Four GL TE networks coming up no one likes college triple overtime maybe there's a cop. And we sort of like penalty kicks in soccer boy had something new last night to decide a tied game and it was interesting we'll get to that. AARP can help you become your healthiest self it's why we offer health tips for your body and your brain so take on today and every day with AARP learn how would take on today dot AARP. The this whole driving the cars when our driver that goes on our mayor I don't like that's coming on the road McConnell liked the idea of the automated driver costly. But trust your doctor Norris is no I don't actually don't know what is gonna tell our it's a problem. Al I'm driving cars self driving cars literally robots some somebody nicely yes post news they drove. From San Francisco to LA with a self driving car the entire way that no pro yet city you know out on that right now you wanna talk about some neat I guess I trust I trust a draw what struck more than it throws must humans driving beyoncé and and so the road until the cars lock and all of a sudden the car takes off from the car as much on its own and robots have taken over whether there are promoting by the way to get to this and you know I trust by the way ultimate software sports are brought you my ultimate software a business just like in sports success comes down to having a talented team and strong game plan. That's were ultimate software comes in with HR payroll and talent management technology to put your people first okay gold do we go with you ESPN radio he is paean to a Jason Fitz is in this morning in Europe and on the robot revolution and there's a tweet here along the Randall says I'm with his feet by the robot revolution my man you can be in my cabinet Randall go hide go to a different country. And here's you you've got a great point you think he's pandering to the robots or the like him here's the problem. Robots don't have a motion to get pander to the emotions net and that's why are completely both of devoid of any passions are feelings or emotions die when the great robot revolution takes place in the cars decide that the first thing they're gonna do is be Smart enough. To take over the minds of the self driving car that your him because you want that extra sleep the morning. All of a sudden the self driving cars gonna take you instead the robot take orders. Where you will then be transformed into and you're okay with no I'm saying that's it you're willing you're wanna watch the robot rubble no I'm saying that it did your drawing a weird line he'll take the self driving car which is only going to eventually be part of the one and the more than you know there the rumba that that cleans up the dog hair like all of these things there's our robots part of the revolution this sounds an awful lot like a bunch of arguments that a robot would make. As I say can we compete a scalpel and your cut its open. I think we need to find out there's actual blood has a lot of lot agent let's not harming him and I tell you I want leading the charge against the robots and beats him to do Tim Tebow and what do you last night. I don't want to be or Eastern League all star game. 011 for four with a double and Timmy talked about how much fun it was to be either. It's a really good and everything is really until. Had a really fun feel and pace here I think our guys really enjoy that I know first of how I. Pocketbook is such an English and birthdays. And even last June that you thought I was gonna do you about Monica who of course I'm gonna fight over is that it is actually in those is a lot of fun like that. By the way is that the ultimate Tim Tebow sound bite. Mean the first real fun so what does the time. It really allowed some guys that's the ultimate to deal Osama does it not it is just a guy got a huge and you generally enjoy like all of us are so steeped in sarcasm and snow are actually little slots and lives in this world where he is genuine and enjoys things like he's a robot right you know every that half the business of you can't beat that -- all the time and I'll be robot but the most interesting thing about the easily also a game is how it ended. It ended in 044 tie sort of break the tie. They went to a hitting contest. Basically each manner so each manager select one batter from his team his many balls as he could in two minutes or bronze with a hundred points. Balls at the left and right were five and balls at the senate ten. Will Craig of Altoona hit two home runs at 305 points to be reading Zach green to 75. To give the west to win. Do we like that idea of adding ending its eye hitting contest how much can you in a minute. Hell yes I like that a lot of all hell he had bill would have thought that a robot. I'm not that's human ingenuity right there I don't know a blood come Olympic these random weird things and games night. I think the best way to end and hit an NBA regular season game. One on one. He's best player best player one on one played eleven won by two as a cardinal and that's how recall the Sonoma Linford. For free so N exit to make it stop or Watson about winning by two would be very difficult I think you know while much of that vehicle that's because there would be a lot of defensive stops. I just really only defense we see in a regular exactly hey yeah I think any situation that. Many that manufactures. All the pressure that we like in sports because that's why we do apparently it's now right is that all the pressure on the most important situation. In that particular game until you can do that in baseball going to get a hit when you need it there's just pressure on the hitter it's pressure on whoever is to throw those pitches in two minutes trying to make sure he gives his guys the best possible chance. It's pressure on everyone. In the most heightened spot with the game monoline. Actually I would love to know more about this what was the pitching situation was that somebody from their the group did as a manager the manager actually does the pitches that is I like coach pitch yeah that's exactly it's it's knows whose bench for a little so basically you're grooving your for your guy. I'm part with that I mean look. At some point it's better than playing the 37 inning. You don't let me just dragon this thing out left and right although the one thing I would rob us out because those late game antics my favorite thing position players pitching absolutely by the way golden wiggle presented by the rest of some insurance. Get your quote at Today. Well we put off as long as we can't but coming up next it's time it is time for the takes we will have so yeah. Today. We got some hot ones coming up next get ready. These summer of takes our Brack technology continues right after this. 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