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Hour 2: Dunkin vs. Starbucks

Jul 12, 2018|

Jason Fitz in with Golic Jr. and Trey. The guys talk about our Summer Take Bracket question which is Dunkin vs. Starbucks and speak with Joe Tessitore and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did a lot of time to pack up for a drive or relax and watch the best races of the year. Before he didn't make sure your vehicle's engine is performing at its best with the Pennzoil synthetics you get complete protection for top engine performance to make the switch to. And they'll synthetics today. Glad you're with a score doing a Wii is in radio news in news. We are presented by progressive insurance cell phone just join us on the shell pencil performance on my goal junior Jason fits a tray we go here with you Michael Wood senior. Is eating liquefied meals at some oral surgery so we can't chew that has to be. Honestly the worst thing for your debt because I'm not sure anybody likes eating more than he'd. Yeah he's our he's a big eater I think that's kind of got a in this situation to begin with a lot of eating and now a lot of brush and floss and so it. It might the only one that really wants him to call in and leave a voicemail wanna hear what the ball annunciation actually armor I wanted to yesterday right after the third only at I want the picture with the drool cup yoga I've done other you can't dribble your faces frozen true savaged your opted not to go under siege just bear while they're drilling teeth into his head let me be clear there's and their views known overcame illness. Now when it completely raw I don't I don't use you know to sleep and gas button but none in this is just a strategy question here why do that on a Wednesday. I mean because and so he can miss work on Thursday never want to do it on a selfless play and on and you do it on a Friday said the here you've you missed Friday's you're human and growing your weekend Jason you. You all my guy he is not only a robot would think that way but why would you not want glory day week and I know but now he's got to come out I was an unmarked suit you gotta come back and tomorrow embraced the holding. Why don't they just use a wrench in what I want to. Insert into two sockets open the pod bay door Howard. By the way researcher Brett who obviously doesn't get a fair to came up with a great theory Brett would you like to. Sort of opened pandora's box as to why Jason bits who's all in by the way the robot revolution is probably actually wrote. Yeah so I don't know if you guys are fans of the HBO or show west world but he escorts me and advanced robot world. And the robots in the show. Called. Posts molesters it's his job. Hosts. Popped out yeah I know today Eminem on a strike I don't I don't know today your robot or talk about. Can we build a glass cage not that I outrageous for iRobot are different that's that's that that's the litmus tests around and that we need to find out whether your assembly robot they were getting technical trade. Your host to. Fair point moon am I the only real wanna hear from the did bleeds we can keep it nice and I thought it was a close shortly too by the way I lost world is a terrifying how else gave it created there and HBO let's get through what stranding. Insisted through my fault bump up the music one more time for our good friends or Croatia. Let's hear it. This is the the most croatians thing I think I've ever heard. And Mike granted right now my samples very small there. But this this you can take some of Croatia and a song this is Croatia although quicker pride as they beat England in extra time. To meet frauds in the World Cup final. Our Merriman deuce which was a hero scoring in the 190 minute or 21 triumph that smashed England's and my hopes of reaching the worst World Cup final since 1966. Croatia. What its third straight game stoppage time junior which had never happened before. Never ever foresee of the good first bear good first first team to do that Croatia reaching its first World Cup final and on the other side. At first for England England became the first team to lose a World Cup semifinal after taking a lead into halftime seventeen of the previous eighteen teams to do so had advance would 1990 Italy. Being the only team failing to advance getting eliminated in the shoot out against Argentina. This is one of those things as much as we joked about how it all went wrong. Fact is that England is a team is gonna look back on this with a lot of what is they had so many scoring chances early in the game that they just. Couldn't capitalize on. And once momentum shifted of shifted so hard I do have to his own massive haven't but I do wanna give credit in the extra time down a man's still fight and try to get the ball. It was amazing when they didn't have possession down a man and they were still. Putting that fourth fourth that level of effort I mean. They had a free kick with like a public on the 119 I get an app frankly I was like this is David we're just we're gonna get a predicates it's gonna happen. And knew that no such luck you got to give Croatia all the credit in the world book is a right they were down early first five minutes for BA gets at the office set piece another set piece goal which was absolutely fantastic. But about midway through the first half. Croatia just turned it up an odd to me they were. England was hanging on by a thread for most of that second half from me they were under relentless attack. So you gotta give Croatia all the credit in the world they absolutely deserted so they'll walk against France now. In the World Cup final on Sunday. Of course Saturday is Bastille day in France and we have the epic of makings of an epic epic weekend for the entire country of France absolutely should be great reader what we thought it was going to be a great weekend bringing the with the Wimbledon final World Cup final on Sunday is now gone ball on France's court as a Davies will be made in the city of love will again there there is no question about how we still have week. Do you want. Again we're talking about the World Cup so we have to. I know again a Croatian so that we got this idea. Fits and and bread we decided because there is that wacky third place game which may have an implication in our fantasy World Cup rally. I am stunned by how many people you know and an Alley totally disagree stimulate. The U leaving count the game there's an extra game happening. There has to be something far right having a whole lot of minutes. You play to win the game I mean the artists so but there's there's an argument coming through Alley is mechanisms leads to record it then why would we won't reward the third place finisher. And not give something for whoever finishes in second hole on not a no I mean c'mon immediate right this is about. The games that you are picking games so. At some point there's another game that has to be. Factored in I understand but there is something confusing about this because we'd be rewarding a team for not being as good as friends or Croatia. A that's essentially be happening I'd get another game is being played and I do think port should be awarded were giving another game I'm appreciative of that but there is some sort of cognitive dissonance here haven't they they already got points for for winning their respective I mean they got the points for beating. The threat of France got their points for beating Belgium and and Croatian it's a points for beating England minister doesn't their point of the points are all factored and have the real reason that everybody is so hot on this is because. Let's face it there's a situation here. Where you know you couldn't junior Devin can have Croatia win. You guys think you've got the title but goalie senior when's the third place game. Lot of side actually so what I was appointed to I think the point total I'm I'm I'm all in on get a half as many points as the championship three and a half points. Perhaps point com. So too did three and a half points than their goal is guaranteed. To get to 67. And a half. I was a Gary Indiana he gets if he gets the third place went yeah yeah I overheard or was ours is not guaranteed right. That is why does the US would not regional map. Primary that's what I saw I can't I get back to the standings into it. Into a decision here I just think it's worth three and a apple it's like I'm not looking at the board early this needs some more discussion Alberto workshop there's a bear because this is making great radio right now my understanding that there would be no math math. His just ruin the show so we continue. Is a very troubling story in the NFL. Bills running back shady McCoy has hired a defense attorney amid the investigation that's going on. McCoy hired prominent Atlanta defense attorney Don Samuel amid the police investigation into a home invasion Tuesday. That sent the bills running backs former girlfriend of the hospital after she was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry. There's a lot going on here. There is as a Samuel represented some high profile clients in the past including Ray Lewis. No suspect's name court is denied any accusations made on social media. By a friend of the victim. That claim that he was responsible for injuries so still waiting for a lot of information on this again LeSean McCoy was in four at the time training for the upcoming season but this is a piece of property he owns were cordoned. Has apparently been living for awhile waiting for more information to come out the NFL the bills. Everywhere on investigating this now will have to wait and see what durable over a you update in addition to what the law decides where I was able to do. Waiting is the key words you said there it is so easy to hop on what we think we know and at some point there is no harm. In waiting until we actually get information from the police investigation and then from whatever the NFL decides to then start to decide what we think it means. For LeSean McCoy his future what we think it means for the bills we can have all those discussions this isn't a drama played out at the time right now is to wait and let the legal process to and I will say this though if climate bills fan or shady McCoy fan I you might wanna think about preparing. For a a bad outcome in terms of a suspension members he Kelly got six games and with a was never charged in anything so. It did league's gonna do was due diligence and come up what they what they believe happened and they'll make their suspension or non suspension based on Matt. So again just keep that in mind we'll see what happens houses plays out. And in the in the court system are in the legal system and well on the the NFL court. Those are two completely separate entities. Don't do anything that might upset Kobe Bryant forums. Artists Jonas never paid that mural about LA with the tag the king of LA about LeBron last Friday in Venice. It's been vandalized twice already so he revenue dissolution junior himself. He did went back and handed over it. Again in white. So I thought I learn a long time ago to never touch religion or politics I jets is never touch a religion politics. Or anyone against Colby you know that's oral report in the nation of Kobe standards among the more insane groups of people on earth went this like when this happened I mean series I grew up a lakers fan as kid. And for much in my life as a lakers fan growing up. When a free agent would go to the lakers when somebody with some of the lakers it was never about anything other than a cap the lakers are such a big brand everybody wants to come play here. I thought this would be a majestic appreciated moment by lakers fans. There is a section of them that is loud though that is anti LeBron because they're so worried about what it means for Kobe what it means for legacy. This is a great moment for the lakers and it's the beginning of what steps up the next chapter for the lakers. Why are lakers fans so salty. I'm not sure that's the motivation behind this because we had the I've heard ever once say well the minute LeBron James puts on a Laker Jersey he becomes the best player to have ever worn a Laker uniform. But not the best Laker and I think this franchise in particular like the Celtics and like the other franchises in sports that great history. Pride people work. Have that is part of their identity being a Laker and for LeBron it's going to be more means to an end than any sort of identification for which I agree with the lakers fans be careful because at the very least there's a conversation and culture being created that makes players feel like LA doesn't have free and appreciate. Great players next summer. Is that part of your sales but tonight we want another great reason to come there well. And only I can be treated as well as LeBron what's that mean if they're going to be the salty to LeBron. Why would anybody wanna go jab but it's also different for LeBron because he's LeBron because he threatens Kobe's legacy there. And because he is still the best player in the game right now and all that leads a seamlessly to our next topic gold and we go and we are in our summer of takes. So not today. And we are in the result of those summer takes brought to buy out ozone. AutoZone helps you do more with their free services and helpful friendly advice. Get in the zone. Autos so again junior you wanna set up the premise because once again were basically stealing material from leadership yes so essentially we created a bracket March Madness style to pay all the takes the you've heard across our airwaves and others over the years we rounded a mall. And we pitted them against each other so the move on the face each other in successive rounds and we'll try and find the best take amongst the group and so we pitted digs against each other like offensive line vs defense of line. Yesterday it was -- paper playing college sports was a big topic of conversation hot dog is a sandwich is not a sandwich and today. We add to that chapter. With another sit round of go leveled debates. Are today starting off with trade some and it's going to be interesting for you know as a newcomer on the scene I. I don't feel like I'm even qualified to enter this discussion but you put it out there. It is what's the hotter take Starbucks. Has the best coffee. Or Duncan. As the best coffee. Now. Many people know or may not know I am very new does whole coffee thing I've been a diet soda guy my caffeine and forever. I have sort of detested the taste of coffee for a long long time and then suddenly. Over the last few days I've. Road to have a little appreciation the last few days last few days welcome to the thank you I'm not sure I'm happy to be there to the Philip I'm giving up I'm close cling on to childhood. Like a La Hoya man clings to life. But I'm I'm biting a moved on to coffee and it's quite delicious clearly has been shut out Galarraga I I have to tell you as they call show as the aficionado of diet soda you know you don't have to pick one or the other to go balls to him and that's the key is just because what I need is more caffeine right above us and I'm not I'm not high enough yet well you know you may or may not because people value is that this same studios to one and I'm usually interest benefits which you can hear Monday to Friday six to 9 PM eastern on ESB radio. And I also am in aficionados could cost zeros which frequently you leave. Their way to finish your show. 19 M airman Adam accidentally drank your Coke zero because I thought it was Michael it's allowed in a so you could do both cars and those there's a lot it's been a. Illusion of caffeine man over here because you've got trade who's in the Genesis of his caffeine love. You've gotten me who is right in the middle been pounding coffee for a while now and then you've got fits who's about to supernova at that moment because he's pouring coffee and espresso inside a monster energy toward a five hour in there. And slowly slowly wearing away his life but that's not what to discuss write about this discussion is about coffee coffee places so we Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. It's where you fall as a very very difficult conversation because there's two types coffee there's just I wanna go in and have a couple regular every day coffee like black coffee with a little bit agreement resplendent and that's my regular go to. If I'm gonna have the regular everyday coffee I usually lean towards Duncan however as you well know. I've got a passion for every flavored drink that Starbucks is ever put out skinny Vanilla Lott is rule my world like ice skinny Vanilla lattes. You know so on and now stoppers has this new nitro charged third coffee you can get in some cities that has the like the texture of Guinness with a little cream on top little sweet to it. So as much as I think the actual regular coffee goes Duncan if I'm taking the entire experience which I have to in this are gonna start. Here's my question and I'm a newbie on this completely and what makes a lot today. A lot today as opposed to coffee is it just not coffee that's a different way I mean what what makes a lot tale lots and Rembrandt would like to chime in there's a shocker a lot day. As milk. I guess that milk based there in the book you could put some milk and coffee but a lot today they have public steam the milk and a special machine. To make a lot reality is there's various forms of foam and such they are all sorts yeah I would out of Maki Otto cappuccinos you try to add up front having mainline Americana Wallace yeah I just mentioned days and then you ran down to our Starbucks here on campus. And immediately just said that first being told me give you as much of it is possible. And then it went down so this is were becomes interest into this debate goes I think gain and Dillinger Kobe play this game all the time called cultural regional. And this is a very regional debate Dunkin' Donuts is everywhere on the East Coast you can find him across the street from one another out here. For God's sakes and you have Starbucks certainly the Pacific northwest is home base but. I think that's word this argument is largely due to senator. I'm not sure that's true anymore I think for a long time you're absolutely right but if you fly ever mean you go to the DFW airport you'll find Duncan's. Everywhere in this point airport really airport and results are as well yeah star Sharon Claudia a fair point you make a really good point part where my Starbucks sort of habit was formed is because when when I was on tour for so it's a life. You've got to drive that when I was on tour you know is musical director Fred Perry I don't wanna drop names and I'm bouncer with my rocks our country transplant so when you're on tour will event there I want consistency myself I go to our random city. I want I wanna know what I'm getting coffee Obama spent five bucks for coffee. I don't wanna go somewhere I have no idea if it's going to be good and a lot of times I'll send like. You give money and they send somebody from the arena to go get coffee for everybody say you're out five bucks you know like it's not like you can take. So starlets becomes sort of got several dozen things for you when you're on tour with have been well at least I'm clean up my own 20 is that what I was apparently on him up to which you bring something that well but though the point being I think if you look nationally there are a lot more Starbucks just street corners. Everywhere you go some that is spot I didn't I didn't remember Duncan known as being this big a deal and tell him that can OK so where are what's your take Starbucks what are you. He Starbucks. This one hurts me because I grew up soul Duncan at the especially being someone who grew up on the East Coast put. I think I mean Starbucks at this point but again I want to remind everyone asks it this enemy was about to take so it's what you big. Is gonna make a bigger splash although this is a clash of two titans. This wasn't just coffee to right now food this is just coffee we are announcing anything else into it just makes so well but can you really take that into account and a vacuum because nobody's gonna. Say wiley and I like this about this or like just say it would just mean you may not you may think to yourself it's just about the coffee. But you're not gonna stop yourself from going down that erosion factor of this decision I understand that I'm asking everyone put aside their biases as best they can't do I love the convenience of the Starbucks app that allows me and not have to talk to people when I go absolutely Don has more drive through so you don't to get out of your car do I like being able to eat two donuts in line while I wait for my coffee a Dunkin' Donuts yes absolutely. Like him if we're factoring in food in the double talk Madonna makes this total different decision for me so language that that by happily they would call yet you you have to do your wedge that people most thoughtful part mutate into the in the process for people and I will say this about. Again I'm a newbie on this. One of the things have to like about Duncan. Is that this is a business that has revolutionized itself number eight used to be. Dunkin' Donuts they made doughnuts one now I think most people go to Duncan for the drinks the coffees. And the breakfast sandwiches and outside the bullet family. If they get don't series the gold's gym is like all in all the donuts most feel like Duckett. Yeah I'll give myself a beverage may be picked up some hash browns open like that I think it's a good thing I don't know is a big huddle at this stage you are and they're. They're named him just don't get. You don't like you know wells tried to change their name in a while anyway and I guess I hop yeah exactly how they came crawling back that would -- they did edit that was a total campaign that that was they did that on purpose to to get people talk about it and I think it failed miserably because we offer a stupid dot elicited did this Domino's changed their name to guess are there still sling and go on their for the flat bread about it I've ever -- -- they had the pasta bowls that were in the little garlic to all I the possible all the time so -- -- so I'm I'm gonna have to go with Duncan just on the respective that they managed to carve out a new niche for themselves and they got me started drink coffee also put that up boards on our to a boy you can vote or other results to see which one moves on. As our summer brackets we got to know and coming up in just a little bit. But golden week for a minute that the 2018 as these auction is live now through July 18 at eBay dot com slash ESPN you can read that festive event coffee. And it could be you let me I want satellite time sports experience like a one on one private quarterback session with the hassle bucked broader than the one thing about that you'll never know which brother is which because there identically bald. People so you take a look at that you got a one on one private hitting session with Mark Teixeira that's awesome. And again the most important thing all of this benefits the V foundation for cancer research yesterday's auction now through July 18. At eBay dot com slash ESPN and remind you once again we are presented gold dwindle by progressive farm insurance. Get your quote at Today all right we'll have the other half of our summer take brackets Knology showed a little bit later but coming up. The voice of Monday Night Football will join us ladies don't. And so forth to the good stuff. 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Are equal housing lender license and all fifty states. And MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Hi I'm Bryce Harper joined me in the thousands tweeting or posting their appreciation for our military veterans by using team almost hash tag had suffered heroes. When you shared your photo or video let's hash tag that's suffering heroes T-Mobile will donate one dollar just more vets with teams in the so America keep posting without sag has suffered heroes and T-Mobile is he giving. Fresh fish licensing music these players. Glad you're with a skillet to where you're he has the radio ESP news. We are presented by progressive insurance cellphone guests join us on the show opens on performance line. Again we're in our summer of takes our first one. Starbucks has the best coffee against Duncan has the best golf you can vote at golden winged Lucy which one moves on trade I appreciate you by the way represented both sides that you started off this morning with a couple Dunkin' Donuts and go through your now proudly sporting some Starbucks cold brew well you know we have a Starbucks on campus here. And the the they've overreached who's been here with us forever Donna. Was very mad at me. That I actually set I like Duncan so. Don I'm sorry. And she's watching I know she's watching what I'd she made she scolded me basically and I don't know sweetheart yeah god is a wonderful woman and I'm good how we will Colebrook Donna this is for you. Regard organic sort iMac had gold only saw 100 flowers dot com Twitter feed that Starbucks or donkey in our summer term tactics I would that in mind let's move on we'll get to that a minute but we're delighted to be joined now by Joseph Testa tore the voice of money in a football or boxing joints. Whoa whoa whoa I was promised poker what is what's going what do you mean you approach it means the voice of Monday Night Football that would be Joseph just adore. That would be Joseph Thomas at this till I will not stand for this Lander. The voice of sordid little sordid support. Via de. Top I would go with more in some goal was. Around he's bleeding from the mouth is not coming up just. Hate Gordon Georgia should the person are not candidates at every day out. And goal would shoot her down all juniors around the corner mom and dad have thrown in Nadal Joseph doesn't. Torres won the congratulate. You know I do you spell nor what apple caught like nowhere. You are god he's been a lot of time looking at bad three star prospect is here I don't so I apologize directly to face a Monday Night Football and it ESPN's Joseph tacit or joining us in the show opens on performance line which is taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level make the switch to pencil synthetics today. Joseph you can coffee got by the my big got to guard were all about six Brussels and by about seven yah okay so that's the debate we're having today on a summer about takes Starbucks does the best coffee. Duncan has the best coffee Joseph. Rest in the wrong guy about this man that's like saying you wanna buy yours or more per hour Starbucks or Dunkin' opt. I mean Lucy you even Connecticut drive down the Yale. Admire America Ottawa blue state called the sit back. Watched all the ID readers claim that they know all the temporary nuclear. I am all pork or a sport so guy nonstop. Every morning Starbucks is completely equal roasted that's why you have beaten or me or labor Duncan at notes styrofoam columns. And the temperature that burned through look soft and not a done. While Joseph has an aura when she got a strong opinion about it. Every 1 down this morning you know what to say who else do we go after John LC Holland limit I. Thought went the extra pillow up yet but I nearly grew up waking up this morning that's been started out robots to combat sports and football thank you discussed in all the world deliberately played likely guide tutor calling a live event and blood splattering a court order it wouldn't side. And mixed reaction your children in the septic light it easily once a week for me I cannot throw out some two weeks ago. And it's likelier to summit hit man Roebuck stopped. Both John don't let me let me isolate what we're gonna replay this for the rest of the two and a half hours so it's done and I pray I got bad news. And expire partly book is getting on a plane to what you are forward. To go to the fight on Saturday night because we got five hours of boxing. Ron you want at 7 o'clock eastern regions for a great leaders I swear the next Erin fired back about thirty site York. Your receipts that undisputed power punch and relentless attacker so borders come back to his home state the siblings side door and watched it. And we got packed elevator and they are the what are your stress so ramp up this that's yeah on air about five and a half hours. Listen as as a guy who sits through the draft for three days respect OK I think there are standard joke so let's duds deal of why we actually had you on but your takedown of both junior and Fitz made my morning. I'll let the let's talk about Manny Pacquiao on gays and Grossman t.s in this fight. When he is him plus the nine on Saturday he's going to be forty years old is next birth you know what does he actually have left what what would we see out of many paktia. Contrary he's got quickness slapped YouTube booed or in an Al. He has the experience of having been a dark spots or on turn to you are all the rounds and what you're Kruger. He has all the still. It's what he doesn't have that makes this more interest and try. He's sent to the slaughter this one we saw that record it's just or he's gonna take. You can get hit by arch is like we saw lectured obscure or. Make it about like we saw lecture in your report which happened to make for one of the most exciting fights which in the last ten years of boxing. As this will be. The commitment to save Lucas TC brutal world champion and has now Q division into that aren't sure. He's more on the attack he's more devastating and aggressive and when you get diminished duels in the deep all the look up auctions cool rear. You can get great action and sites you get a lesser skilled guy and a more exciting. Now that's not good for Manny Pacquiao but that good when Europe plate span. I think it's going to be a wildly entertaining fight. On but Pacquiao out. It's not gonna be with Freddie Roach anymore they have not spoken since last summer Pacquiao is not going to be the pact yell out yesteryear that eliminates guys. Hasn't had a knock out some 2009. He's going to be in the world if the election fights. Because they never can say no disputes the long standing story of boxing whether it's Joseph Louis whether it's Lloyd Jones what hurts ray Leonard or Tommy Burns are never ready to retire. It's ego its financial little bit in the case of Pacquiao. But time and time again it's used in the long or mirror that said. Our Joseph tested torque. ESPN a voice of Monday Night Football and boxing and getting ready to call. This many packed young Lucas Matisse like on ES PM Claussen 9 PM Saturday night so I Joseph what are we look at what you're it's you know if you had to look at this and say what's the likely. For this fight who we look way. Round secretly round two KOR that's what I cheat you're despite it'll bring all or Malaysia. It was gonna be a title wait all corporate support for Pacquiao and southeast Asia. You have to undersea I think we need to be unpacked yet a mega store state side. When Hugo pool buoyancy in like I am telling colder real birds call. Last year in Australia would 61000. People in a rugby stadium to see Warren who was a nobody at the time. Take Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao and I think I'm back. That'll carry him to something late that's really exciting. Actual you know late tko in all action Paul. Against the teacher the one thing that I find really interesting is this is another one of the spite I know you guys have witnessed here you're not going always and on the top local fox and in the course less orders of the year about continuing now for many years to top put into the paradigm ships in the sport. Whenever Manny Pacquiao fights it's a paper. Reporter over seventy dollars eighty dollars even at this stage of his career not the case last year he ought to be one. This week he's fighting on ESPN plus or 99 street and serve a different business change in boxing as much as the only change in the rear Pacquiao. We saw last month but also one pound pound best fighters in the world fighting idiots you know what. Because it can be monetized and just like in that way. So it's great sort of stand. It's much better experience for the Stanford eighty dollars and you're disappointed or 99 all in apple like. That's gonna be great and Joseph we're glad you're with us but a before we let you go. We're getting closer and closer to the start training camps in the NFL how the preparation go on for your first season in the Monday night Booth with Jason Witten. You know rat pack you knew you were on the border menorah but I mean these guys are not commit a major September based on the state house dinners we have every other week whether it's Connecticut Dallas over Parcells. They're like that's fine but it could dynamic approach we lower the boot unique perspective of having you all pro. You know it's going to be halting tired and at a boat there is no ultimate terror urged that. That nose tackle mentality and into actual I'll own up to the strong opinion. On things have been great word having a lot of fun in the leader brought them we can not wait. Programs. Leaders opening night I think that game is going to be sensational so intrigued region of steam on one side. And then shock he's that. In the black hole I cannot wait to come on the year with the boards. Joseph listen that was awesome we're gonna trying to live up to that segment for the rest of the show that we may just replace this segment for the rest of the show appreciate it was a warning about him earlier thank you sir thanks Gerri protests draw the voice of Monday Night Football and boxing and the voice of reason slapping around Jason fits for his robot takes can connect yourself you can toggle doing your marketing idea from the district wider. On water street to Washington DC on Monday doors open at five come on down. We'll get the wind blowing at 5 AM as well that's the best thing we could possibly do. Look I have no idea how we gonna bring it strong like Joseph test or just did he's got to be eight cappuccinos and but we're gonna try it would look. AARP can help you become your healthiest self it's why we offer health tips for your body and your brain so take on today and every day with AARP. Learn how to take on today dot AARP. This is an interesting phenomenon I stumbled upon that he did advocate at the end of any phrase the shorter the better it makes it immediately Arctic. Owen says the jaguars when the Super Bowl book and I like Kim's routine port and that's a strong point pretend that does not LeBron is Toronto's Kryptonite hell yes I like Steve is better Josh down a British cable for the season starts passionate bills mafia post -- Sports centers brought to you by kings birdie sports fans the sunshine and attempts horizon summer's officially here to grab your friends blasts in tune to ignite those coals because weather like this waits for no one kings for charcoal start something all right. We continue to go doing go junior Jason fifth straight lingo here with you it is time ladies and gentlemen. For book it. Brought to you by ADT's considering home security consider this broader forty years ADT. This helps stop more crime than any other home security company. Is it eighty T dot com to learn more junior are you ready to play your segment book it. I am a bit ignited by the fire that is Joseph Testa towards human lamp and we've got to go to once again the idea behind this your iBook had to any taken and immediately makes it. Joseph tested tore hot. So we're gonna start with this in honor of what we talked about earlier in the show. The lakers plan of not trying to beat the warriors at the road game is brilliant. Your book if that's. Now I absolutely not. This point and yeah that's it no no I don't book. Not Seattle you'll what they're there they're trying to sell you a mediocrity after the dot. They've added mediocre pieces around great guys they're try to sell you. Why that the inevitable outcome isn't the inevitable lack of Smart basketball minds. Can't even decided this is really a play off team right now and if they are playoff team there may be the fifth seed in the west again that's smarter basketball minds in me. And I am looking at that saying you're trying to sell me on why that. Is a plan to greatness don't plan to mediocrity that's gonna bridging gaps to next year I'm absolutely gonna baucus you can walk and here's why. Because mediocrity would be an upgrade from what the lakers have been over the last five years if nothing else right now the lakers are relevant. And they listen they're selling just a rabid fan base that got upset with that mural they defaced LaBroque exit paves the best player one of the two best players in this for the NBA is now on their team. They they a piece to their fan base it's a one year thing and the figured out from here it's a brilliant plan you can book it. I'm forcing I'm not going to be able to booked as well I want draw a lot of I plan to put a plan it's ill conceived is still a bad Clancy don't give bonus points it's a plan that they didn't have a year ago it's a one year plan removal. Are we do move onto our second question. The much bet much awaited Taylor Twellman in the breakout star of the World Cup Kevin Knox and its ninth overall pick in last month's draft has been the breakout star NBA's summer early to start would you trade your book list. I bucket you can walk he's averaging forty points seven boards for game the only it was two rookies this decade to do that in the summer league John Wall and Damian Miller however. I don't book what this actually means going forward 'cause blondes a ball was the star of some early last year when he wasn't the best rookie in the lakers less of those Kyl who's so what book it for what it is but not what it isn't. Ha very literal book could fit 40 book and I am not book in this one and all the guys shooting 39% from the floor. 39%. And it alas some is that Wendell Carter has gone out he's shooting 63% on from the floor. Sort of little less well Carter has been if we're gonna pick a dominant guy that we're all looking at saying wow he's making it look easy. I think Wendell Carter junior has been the absolute breakout star of the summer league game but I still. Agree with trait that in the end none of that really matters I think knicks fans is that they really matter if we think about it desperate for hope in the island desperate for hope for the next. What does one. You can walk. Segment I'm very I'm in on the Kevin Knox height blade he wing defender 69 playmaker. And listen in New York you've got. Finally a coach or an organization that seemed to be heading in the same direction you've got David is dale whose dads well respected around the league you take Kevin Knox there are young draft pick off regular Tina. From a year before. And all the sudden I think you start to maybe build a young core the likes of which were seen pop up all over the MBA this is a long time. From now but our last one we got a big one here for this ones near and dear to my heart. Hardy being. Austin had a baby. They're named it culture spelled with a K and the name cultures fire your book that fits all had to know like not even close yeah. And closer with a can you just was beaten now your child for the rest of their life lesson and tell everybody what you and culture but he's belly culture with a K for the rest of their lives why why do that well again it is all started when I know Glen Poulter and name that they're cute apple and all went downhill from there that's when this all started they've named their kid apple. And I think culture is significantly better than apple soma a book yet but I'm at a book a for another problem they have their second baby. They should name it club with a K so then their family will be the culture club. Their ego while I'm gonna go with the out of the book this one and the book. Like you said. They have another child which I hope everyone happy healthy family huge Carty defense. You can name of the culture to this kid's already got an album let's rationally named after it. Oh culture joke can't wait for the sequel like congratulations guys I'm I'm genuinely very happy for them which is a very strange thing in my world by the way coming up we have our next summer take in the bracket and someone uniquely qualified to settle at one way or the other that's next you can book it. Hi I'm Bryce Harper joined mean and the thousands tweeting or posting their appreciation for our military veterans by using team almost hash tag it pets up for heroes. When you shared your photo or video has sex that's up for heroes T-Mobile will donate one dollar just Wear men's swim team in the so America keep posting without sag has suffered heroes and T-Mobile will keep giving. A special licensing and major league baseball players.