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Best Of: England Eliminated

Jul 12, 2018|

Jason Fitz in with Golic Jr. and Trey. The guys talk about England and Roger Federer being eliminated, discuss the LeBron/Jordan debate for our Summer Takes and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today's podcast he's brought to you by team mobile join the thousands tweeting and posting their appreciation for our military and veterans like using hash tag hats off for heroes when you share your photo or video T-Mobile will donate one dollar to supports vets with team rubicon that. The best of both can we go podcasts. Welcome Paula can only go ESPN radio he is he would do present about her residence and phone guess join us on the Shelton's all forms like. Michael junior Jason fits in here. Armed 'cause daddy's double surgery at dead eye Dick didn't hit good enough care of his mouth that's what this amounts to brushing and flossing were not enough of a priority and now he's got to pay the cost so he's a handsome well oral surgery. So he's local flying everything he is local flying everything right now which really makes life tougher for my mom because she's got to take care of him like a giant baby which isn't that much different from usual fair and so there's a lot of crying for him and another is a lot of crying for you yesterday tray at the hands of my Croatian lords over there by the way Croatia music. You're greater than sign that England coming home song that they block what what is it what was that song gonna tell me what that song was. We know that is. What did you just like global recycling out of our reach Croatian songs for 500 Allah knows I mean it does sort of have satellite eighty's and ninety's by Ivanisevic. Delegates appear commercial right now back in some of these low running over the hill towards the can't associate it is telling us that apparently that was some pop group from Croatia that made that song for the World Cup. Our series that's rocks are and one's got to pump but bio tour I feel like that's the song that was playing in the heads of the Croatian players as they rallied from back down one nil. And managed take this thing now because I. Just so people know you know. We have wonderful outdoor area here at the SP and complex that plays tunes. Outside that where you can have breakfast or whatever. And as I'm walking into the studio you what song blaring over the speakers. Don't fear the reaper by blue oyster cult I collect. That is so appropriate because the reaper came for Reid came for me hard yesterday an English came for me hard and England and I just. I just of the name of the song is. All and all this they that's all there just pop up that dim again early cliff this this is this ought podcast audience it's called. First of all it's bizarre Prescott boys embryo that would go to the name of the song is a grudge small holes parts ago. And I think it's hard skit is Croatian for Croatia because I think that's right Bret that that's when my back there there. They're outfits off for the World Cup that is Greg Darren over and it is pronounced in anywhere near correct on your gas is strong body and have a trail. I will save as you announced that with enough certainty and confidence for I don't believe you speak Croatian out of fully if England had played with that sort of companies have been going. One mil on the first five minutes. At least stay where you go it's not coming home it's not coming home. And then Roger Federer what else could have gone wrong for me I'm an army you can get stranded in golf cart and now that you have to bed early bed two days. It's did that that that means is deserted this doesn't epitomize first world problem I don't know aria this was my day yesterday. That was terrible. There was terrible would somehow find a way to get through this and do the show where you for your body language and religion be one big old group hug for the next more hours plus we got takes we got that. Summer take thing that we got to do it's. It's all meaningless now it's all pointless it doesn't matter to life goes on a broken man why did I just crushed right now so let let's do what stressed. Mobile I'm Roger Federer lost. I'm so thrilled he was one point away from a straight set match which would have broken his own record. Of thirty more straight us sets one Wimbledon. It would have been 35 straight he had match point in fact I stayed after the show yesterday to watch Federer close out Kevin Anderson but well. Instead Federer decided to lose I if you would have told me what are the odds that Roger Federer gonna walk two sets love. At a Wimbledon quarterfinal against Kevin Anderson and lose the next three sets. I would have bet everything I own on Roger Federer and maybe it did it warms offset its Kevin Anderson. Anderson a 68 south African comes back with that ridiculous had a hard to take three straight sets and take down Roger fed. In the quarters mile who really don't have a talk about the hack a busy day trader the tennis aficionado on here does he do so all the time that has on all the time it was to appoint or I was asking myself do they actually made the bill of the hat all crooked and dumb looking like tablet that that hat look like it'd been worn since 1984. Look like as I look at the guy wins in your Hayden on the had a having all that but so were the only ones are giving canoneers and a ton of credit ness when I believe you me but it was his first career win over Roger Federer. And you mentioned it straight just the third time. That Federer is blown a 20 set lead the best of five match second time in a major 2011 was lamb slain in a slam is accused me now. About. 266. Or 66 Venturi net 266 and three by that's a sort of record you you know you and he's he's. He's got an offstage right now sometimes it just doesn't it just doesn't work out for him but it it's a in 2009 US open he was up to says global and Joker lost 111 to Joseph Willie stronger at Wimbledon and now Kevin Anderson in some isolation is Kevin Anderson. Don't had to. I actually anticipates or ruining Wimbledon Internet news and Kevin Anderson played really well give moment credible world which we're doing. I'm not sure Roger Federer is this this was Roger after the match. I wasn't feeling particularly well off the baseline and I couldn't really get the Rezko into it I want it to specially 12 punch -- work at all today I don't know if it's that had something to do was agrees or just you know a bad day from my side except the first set after that I never really felt exactly 100% to does nothing to do with my opponent is one of those days where you hope to get by somehow once almost could have should have Sanaa wasn't surprised that you know once I couldn't get the 12 punch going that once it was in the rally it's hard to to get him moving because like you said he hits hard and strong. Checked in with the members of team sat on this one because we always hear about the class of Roger Federer just class include dismissing your opponent blaming the breeze got the wind got more credited the opponent I mean lets me out. If LeBron did on the sandy LeBron and a finals game came up with three points and afterwards as I can out. Really had nothing to do with the opponent I just. Sort of was issued as well as I wanna tune and you know it's all about that we would be crushing and San Antonio turned the AC off again this is all. A little windy outside I mean he did more than three points and had exactly he did take the first two sets broken three times in the first habit I get it. The same when you come out afterwards you know I stare at him it's surprising considering the source because it goes against everything we always hear about Roger what I what I love about Federer he will always be honest you know it's like yeah. I played better right I probably should astray if this guy instead I had some issues about giving a look I watched that match. I was like. Intuition is not given up anything. You can run that clock all you want it doesn't matter they're not heard any good here you can't bomb our heart and holy thing that I feel better is that I know I feel better right now than at Denver to some are had a America's crushed in a plot point someone check on the captain please we make sure he's actually okay. Bob what's what's really interesting now is John Isner of the American the ninth seed up by new us round it's a Canadian so again at a really bad day. As a candidate goes down and now you have Kevin Anderson who 68 against John Isner who's 610. And is in a Wimbledon and so this is like rebounding title yes bunch of guys who clearly couldn't play basketball I suddenly wanna know Brian Collins can play. An attendance like that's an Alice in house Ryan Hollins and a tennis courts and future. By the way Jason fits it's nice to have a year could as I said again it's nice that Jason this year. For the show fodder but then it's been and what better welcome. An item about that yeah stands it does this data to show that drunk with power areas and now we continue what's trending and we continue with my miserable day. I really hate this not to be oh it's not a whole. Play the song what more time dislike him at joint. A I meant the other one the idea Daryn now or play or play in the right. Croatia. Overcame an early England goal to win 21 an extra time. And he. So bad but Theo what I got to give praise to the all the credit in the world they were down early. That was that they've that's the most they've been behind and mr. represented the behind the term they came back and scored again like five minutes. But really after that goal and after about the 45 minute of the first half. Which was by far the better team by far the better team by far so much so I'm not just to give me credit. DeMar VP moment of the week please do it because I can't let the music cliff. The music I wanna give it to the Croatian songs. Croatia power musical lifting damage brought you by sport clubs did a double MVP it's sport clips haircuts for the price of an MVP hurried ends July 31. Believe by July 31. Crucial already be World Cup champion so I really looking forward and I wanted to say hello whenever donate it was a Croatian training should really get a not for this one because absolute goal legs are those guys later in this game into extra time when England the capsule. Gas and you mentioned as you mentioned extra time. Three three games that they acknowledge prejudice and it's and that's I'd never been number four I made the final that's a significant moment and also. I felt like early on and I came to into the cut into your centric. England looks so much faster Omar diving and I father get up to nobody by far than I missed a bunch opportunities early and I was Watson I think thing in this is about to get out of control. And then the opposite happened once in Clinton's Croatia that was missing opportunities late in the game. For them to have the legs that they had late was really is surprising to me and I think it plays Ford into the final I think you're right Croatia's going to be the World Cup I don't know maybe they were the. Stay the second smallest country ever. To make it to a World Cup final word wide in terms of population is smaller countries of course that sets up the World Cup final. Which would France. Against Croatia on Sunday the third place game by the way. Also between England and Belgium which is it to sink. Now they're coming on that particular Brock coming home to third where it takes a bronze medal that's all that matters. The interesting thing there is that this will be the second time that England and Belgium will meet. With literally nothing on the line member they they had that one game where they play each other neither one wanted to win Daria because it would have it would hurt the seeding in the brackets where they would fall. But if we are setting up for what could be an epic weekend in France because Saturday is Bastille day bear fourth of July essentially. And then they're gonna wake up the next day and through bleary eyes watch. I'll let live blue bring it home France over Croatia not only by the way is Croatia and it is a song better there's celebration. I celebrations better than party industry with road flares yeah I'm all in for that like that that's just seems more citing I want things to be light on fire when I'm party they did they understand it now we need to understand something here because this third place game introduces. A bit of a conundrum for us our World Cup standings now. Aggies so here's the deal I ate I'm out. The staff is out so it's now between you and your debt essentially is your dad has France and you guys have value in DeVon bubble boy have Croatia however. In the third place game. Belgium is playing England so I think it's a meaningless points but yes if Belgium should win the third place game. Your dad could put a stranglehold on this tournament so we need to decide in junior Devin cannot be part of this because they haven't heard biased. Should we be awarding points in our fantasy World Cup draft. For the world play the for the third when skim the World Cup but the forty thing. Absolutely not okay. This I don't think we're kind of in this two adding Jason it's the only one without a dog and all we needed totally unbiased third party got to decide and every match so far has had some sort of point rewarded you can't suddenly or not allow points per amassed its happening so. There's got to be some sort of point of how many points you get for winning at all well what Gavin above for the World Cup final rival what we give to the third place Jason fit test the decide Jacob knew what we get to the semi final seconds everything lives three points in the that has stated that it is. More for the round of sixteen and five in this day and seven so what can you kick you seven to 9170. That that a certain places like in between the semis in the final session to be six and a half full half point. Makes things very bread is bread is grimacing in pain with the idea of a half point. I'm just grimacing in pain because it makes no sense to get anywhere near the amount of points for the third place game but he would be the final riddles and Joseph to have our third place for me. Yeah so losing a third place game in the NCAA tournament by the way. He's played how we believe it or not until it based on based on absolutely nothing I would. Have the third place can be half as much as the championship three and a half points a lot of what do you wouldn't why don't you would Brett. During the first commercial break sort of come up with a plan animal will figure out what that plan is going to be in the next segment right like Jason just decided it's three and a hundred yeah sure you want you're always telling me to tease things hang them over so that's what occurred there. Are trying to give us a little nugget the figures are value. There's no announced that period. Oh my god I'm trying so hard not to like mommy and daddy are fighting and here's my issue and all of this is my understanding that there would be no match so I don't want to be a part of math so if you guys. Or have we decided. What would read I can thumb wrestle during the end of the Russell Wilson figured out you have you have a point you wanna make their juniors are now on our guard regard are ready to Gomorrah were worried about winning a forward about Croatia. I'm worried about my my lines and Padilla they will be back very young team. Four years it is. Meanwhile there will be homers in the district when the 2018 T-Mobile home run derby gets underway at Nationals Park on Monday night and now we know who will be hitting them. We've got the brackets and everything set up. We got these are zag you are from the brewers. Vs Reese Hopkins that's the 18 battle Alex Bregman against Kyle's former is the 45 and on the other side of the bracket Bryce Harper. Against Freddie Freeman Max Monty. And hobby Baez on the other side of the bracket really going to be all about the hometown kid though Bryce Harper rapping for the host nationals to 22 appearance he's gonna face Freddie Freeman. In the first round he lost to UN assessment is in the finals of the 2013. Home run derby and he's the only player in the naps slash Expos franchise history to advance past the first round and a home run derby five have competed including him. Yeah I can't decide if I love or hate the fact that there's so many new faces right now it's a non baseball and I'm the first to admit like I don't find myself gravitating to baseball day in and day out. So I you know I just sort of I have resigned myself to the fact that we were gonna get deceived Stanton a judge in the home run derby every year for the next ten years and that will be epic in and of itself so the fact that the best piece that we have a returning peace brand that people now is Bryce Harper. Is should be good for the sport so why don't feel like it like I don't I don't feel isn't deuces I thought it would I'm with you want to see the big guys just peel the skin off we'll just all what happened last year with judges say it was absolutely right epic and now to have them as candidates may be doing that. I would have been fun that would been farm well but maybe take the flip side of the argument we're gonna gets a lot of new guys maybe there's maybe there's some of that the arms are. To be folly positive I tell you offered or fifth I'm tell you amber and forest only Jeter closet door late mid season charge for Max Muncie there. Guy who had before this I think it no more than three career homer spent last year in triple way and it rattled off what took money faster than almost anyone before the all star break. Book at third third seed right now is another single. So don't don't get a heavier so you know hot bothered by the with a home run derby can be seen on ESPN heard on ESPN radio in the ESPN app Monday at 7 o'clock eastern on ESPN and again. Goal can we go reminding you that we will be live from the district winery on water street in Washington DC on Monday. Doors open at 5 AM and again the question we've been asking took one out and join us. Will the spigots be open and the vats of wind be flowing. At 5 AM because right now not to be honest I'm Riyaz leave I can usually get through get through today to what happened yesterday I got asked a question and I'm gonna be in DC and a going to be hanging out and I don't have to work in the morning so can I come to the winery. And just drink the wine even if you guys can't control you from yes absolutely this Amal and did I salary. The what were the pinot noir gallery. Are. There Basil and I had poster board Minnesota as district why it was on water street is I would just wondering on water street. Will be their doors open at 5 AM and hopefully the bats of wind will be flowing. And we'll get we'll get through this together like we're trying to get through this together today. Michelle what's driving with the final vote getters for the all star game Jeanne securities whose angle are head of the all star game after winning junior the online fan votes for the 32. And final roster spots on the American and National League teams secure a 28 year old Seattle shortstop hit 3292. In the majors to a 116 hits and angle are. The old 28 years old. First baseman for the first time the NL lead 23 homers so there you go we got diggers in full for. Yes I know I got twenty point two million votes second all time SOA. Everybody turned up forms a brewers fans can came out in droves as CDU looks more like this like the fans who just don't enemy like we wanna put its. Absolutely everybody been doing those campaigns a number of broke out of his stroke play that's the thing as long as you're rewarded for his stellar campaign right and I really did enjoy though we believe in his shoes which reads we believe in Jesus online so I arrived. Yeah doing the right things you deserve the war you know I am with you guys average guys talk about the fact I don't necessarily love that every team gets a represented about one mile stars all be all stars right correct but at the end of the day when you do something specific like this it's been initiated and let's and have a say in it. I think that's different by the way one other thing of baseball they're more rumors out there that the Yankees are ramping up the reference to get Manny Machado. And we still haven't heard about what happens if my child gets traded before Tuesday what happens is is he still going to be or you'll representative of the all star game is he now become a Yankee represented that they after replace him as the oil represented a there's a lot going on with another Aurilia it should be like that pro ball or they'll let arm Jeff Saturday July that you'll want more happy with Peyton Manning to just let him go back over put the o's cap are more more time and rip one yard just for just for the old time I want to trade reveal in the middle of the game like he comes under review comes out in the middle of the game throws one thing down puts the other and like all of a sudden reveals his new team right smack in the middle of the all star game after four or -- we had to bust on the that he thought the brewers were more bottom image on what we -- to play -- -- what -- what -- -- -- in a minute and Jamie's just site are. He walks and one dugout to the other puts on hundreds or I'll I don't know Landis a mile when those high school kids announce which college they're going to remaining to China with a bunch of hats out front of armies in their picks. No I'm gonna go to the Yankees and win a World Series I wonder if he'll be as excited as Gordon Hayward was with the gender bill the other day and obviously I gotta go here I got a dead he's always ask Al you know what we we can ask their Major League Baseball mr. rob Bradford because will be with us on Monday. From the district winery in DC on water sheets of come on out. And if we know if nothing else Jason this will be drunk as we're doing our shell which by the way I will be envious. Always good windows. Great way Bjorn and Michael senior. So again junior you wanna set up the premise because once again we're basically stealing material from leadership yes so essentially we created a bracket March Madness style to pay all the takes the you've heard across our airwaves and others over the years we rounded a mall and we pitted them against each other so the move on the face each other in successive rounds and we'll try and find the best take amongst the group and so we -- digs against each other like offensive line vs defense of line. Yesterday it was our paper playing college sports was a big topic of conversation in the hot dog is a sandwich is not a sandwich and today. We add to that chapter. Was another sit round of go leveled debates. Are today starting off with try something it's going to be interesting for you don't know as a newcomer on the scene I I don't feel like I'm even qualified to enter this discussion. But you put it out there. It is what's the hotter take Starbucks. Has the best coffee. Or Duncan. As the best coffee now of many people know or may not know I am very new dismal coffee thing I've been a diet soda guy my caffeine and forever I've sort of detested the taste of coffee. For a long long time and then suddenly. Over the last few days I'd. Don't have a little appreciation the last few days last few days welcome to the bank you. I'm not sure I'm happy to be there at the Phillip I'm giving up I'm coast cling on to childhood like a La Hoya a man clings to life. But I'm I'm biting a moved on to coffee and it's quite delicious really isn't shy house Galarraga I I have to tell you it as they all show as the aficionado of diet soda and you don't have to pick one or the other to go balls to him and that's the key is just because what I need is more caffeine right above us and I'm not I'm not hyped enough yet well you know you may or may not because people value is that this same studios to one and I'm usually in for benefits which you can hear Monday to Friday six to 9 PM eastern on EST radio. And I also am in aficionados could cost zeros which frequently you leave. There when I finish a show. 19 MM and out of accidentally drank your Coke zero because I thought it was Mike Coetzer it's allowed in a so you can do both Carney and those Angela it's been evolution of caffeine man over here because you've got trade who's in the Genesis of his caffeine love. You've gotten me who is right in the middle been pounding coffee for a while now and then you've got fits who's about to supernova and that moment because he's pouring coffee and espresso inside a monster energy throwing a five hour in there. And slowly slowly wearing away his life. But that's not what to discuss write about this discussion is about coffee coffee places so. We Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks fits where you fall as a very difficult conversation because there's two types coffee there's just I wanna go in and have a couple regular every day coffee like black coffee with a little bit agreement resplendent and that's my regular go to. If I'm gonna have the regular everyday coffee I usually lean towards Duncan however as you well know. I've got a passion. For every flavored drink that Starbucks is ever put out skinny Vanilla lots rule my world like ice skinny Vanilla lattes saw. You know so on and now stoppers ads this new nitro charged coffee you can get some cities that has the like the texture of Guinness with a little cream on top little sweet to it. So as much as I think the actual regular coffee goes Duncan if I'm taking the entire experience which I have to in this I gonna start. Here's my question and I'm a newbie on this completely and what makes a lot today. A lot tea as opposed to coffee is it just not coffee that's a different way I mean what what makes a lot tale lots and Rembrandt would like to chime in there's a shocker a lot today. As milk. Why did that milk based bing Brooke could put some milk and coffee but a lot today they have public steam the milk and a special machine. To make a lot reality is and is very is forms of foam and such they are all sorts yeah I would yeah I don't Maki Otto cappuccinos you try to have tried to having mainline Americana Wallace yeah I just mentioned days and then you ran down to our Starbucks here on campus. And immediately just said that first thing told me give you as much of it is possible. And then it went down so this is where becomes adjusting to this debate goes I think gain and Dylan Jacoby play this game all the time called cultural regional. And this is a very regional debate Dunkin' Donuts is everywhere on the East Coast you can find him across the street from one another out here. For God's sakes and your Starbucks certainly the Pacific northwest is home base but. I think that's word this argument is largely get a senator I'm not sure that's true anymore I think for a long time you're absolutely right but if you fly ever mean you go to the DFW airport you'll find Duncan's. Everywhere in this point air or really airport it was not our daughters Sasha start Sharon Claudia SharePoint if you make a really good point in part where my Starbucks sort of habit was formed is because when when I was on tour for so what's a life. You go drive that when I was on tour you know I was musical director have been very I don't wanna drop names are allowed to with my rocks our country transplant though when you're on tour will prevent their I want consistency like so if I go to our random city. I want I want to know what I'm getting coffee Obama spent five bucks for coffee I don't wanna go somewhere right no I David's going to be good and a lot of times they'll send like. You get money and they send somebody from the arena to go get coffee for everybody sing you're out five bucks you know like it's not like you can take act. So Starbucks becomes sort of got several dozen -- think for you when you're on tour with the very well at least I've been clean up my own code zero is that what I was apparently something about Jewish you bring something that well but though the point being I think if you look nationally there are a lot more Starbucks just street corners. Everywhere you go so that is spot I didn't I didn't remember Duncan known as being this big deal and element can OK so where are what's your take Starbucks what do you he Starbucks. This one hurts me because I grew up soul Duncan at the especially being someone who grew up on the East Coast but. I think I mean Starbucks at this point but again I want to remind everyone asks it this enemy was about to take so it's what you think is gonna make a bigger splash although this is a clash of two titans. This wasn't just coffee to right now food this is just coffee we announced you know anything else into it just makes it well but can you really take that into account and a vacuum because nobody's gonna. Said wiley and I like this about this or like just say it would just mean you may not you may think to yourself it's just about the coffee but you're not gonna stop yourself from going down that road you back Brothers decision I understand I'm asking everyone to put aside their biases as best they can't do I love the convenience of the Starbucks app that allows me and not have to talk to people are going absolutely don't want more drive throughs so you don't to get out of your car do I like being able to eat -- donuts in line while I wait for my coffee a Dunkin' Donuts yes absolutely blank Jim if we're factoring improved in the double talk Madonna makes its total different decision for me so language that that's why I think they would call yet you you have to do your way. Think people those thoughts will per mutate into the in the process for people and I will say this about again I'm a newbie on this. One of the things have to like about Duncan. Is that this is a business that has revolutionized itself number eight used to be. Dunkin' Donuts they made doughnuts one now I think most people go to Duncan for the drinks the coffees. And the breakfast sandwiches and outside the gold family. If they get don't series the gold cameras are all in on the donuts mostly like dug it yeah I'll give myself a beverage may be picked up some hash browns open like that needs to settle that I don't they day I don't listen you know. And they're named Joseph Duncan. You know what you're wells tried to change their name you know wells anyway I guess I -- yeah exactly how were they came crawling Mac that would have they did edit that was a total campaign that that was that they did that on purpose to have to get people talk about it and I think it failed miserably because we offer a stupid dot allegedly did this Domino's changed their name to guess are there still -- you go on their for the flat -- went about it whenever people when they had the pasta bowls that were in the little garlic -- the possible all the -- so -- and so I'm I'm gonna have to -- with -- just on the -- that they've managed to carve -- a new niche for themselves and they got -- started drink -- -- so put -- -- -- on -- -- W -- have the results to see which one moves on. As our summer brackets we got a Nolan coming up in just a little bit but gold and we door reminding that the 2018 as these auction is live now through July 18 at EB dot com slash years opinion. She could read that festivities in coffee. And it could be you me and wants that a lifetime sports experience like a one on one private quarterback session with Hasselbeck Brothers and one thing about that you'll never know which brother is which because there identically bald. People so you take a look at that you got a one on one private hitting session without Mark Teixeira that's awesome. And again the most important thing all of this benefits the V foundation for cancer research yesterday's auction now through July 18. At eBay dot com slash ESPN and remind you once again we are presented go can we go by progressive farm insurance get your quote at Today. All right we'll have the other half of our summer take brackets Knology showdown low but later coming up. The voice of Monday Night Football will join us ladies and don't. So what to expect we'll get to that after the so excited to talk to bugger McFarland. 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Whoa whoa whoa I was promised Boogaard what is what is going what do you mean your problems mean the voice of Monday Night Football that would be Joseph tested to. That would be Joseph Thomas at this until I will not stand this Lander. The voice of sordid little sordid support. Via de. It's. Not I would go with more in some goal with one. Around he's bleeding from the mouth is not coming up jumps this ending hate Gordon Georgia to the person or not you know it's. Can't be any doubt. And goal would join her down Dolan junior is down the corner mom and dad have thrown in the doll to Odessa. Torres won the congratulate. You know you are out nor what apple caught like nowhere you are I'd just been a lot of time looking at bad three star prospect is here I don't so I apologize directly to face a Monday Night Football and it ESPN's Joseph tacit or joining us in the show opens on performance line which is taking synthetic motor oil conformist to a whole new level make the switch to pens all synthetics today. Joseph you big coffee got by the way. My big got to guard were all about six Russell and by about seven yah okay so that's the debate we're having today on a summer about takes Starbucks does the best coffee. Duncan has the best coffee Joseph. Rest in the wrong guy about this man that's like saying you wanna buy yours so wall marker or Starbucks or Dunkin' stopped. I mean Lucy New Haven, Connecticut drive down Yale. In my America Ottawa blue state called the sit back watch all the I'd be leaders claim that they know all the temporary nuclear. I am all hardcore sport so guy nonstop. Every morning Starbucks is completely equal roasted that's why you have beaten forming book form labor Duncan at notes are brutal cops and the temperature that the merger would salt and not done. While Joseph has a minority when she got a strong opinion about it. Every 1 down this morning no one is safe who else do we go after John LC Holland area. Our experts expect no luck yet but I nearly two grew up waking up this morning with speaker started out robots to combat sports and football thank you discussed been taught the world who lived at the plate likely guides are calling a live event and blood splattering a court order it weren't stuck I. And mid reaction your children in the septic lights are easily once a week for me I cannot roll outs and two weeks ago. It's likely your boots and some hit man robots stop. Both John don't let me let me right away but we're gonna replay this for the rest of the two and a half hours so it's done I know yeah right I don't spend his. Fire up our notebook is getting on a plane to what you are forward. To go to the slight on Saturday night because we got five hours of boxing one you want at 7 o'clock with a student Regis for a great. I swear the next Erin prior to go back about thirty like dark. Your receipts that undisputed power punch and relentless attacker so borders going back to his home state to sit ringside doorway and watched it. And we got Pacquiao later and I it was an espresso ramp up is because that's yeah on air about five and a half hours. Listen as as a guy who sits through the draft for three days respect OK I quite understand a joke so let's does deal why we actually had you on but your takedown of both junior and Fitz made my morning. Are left with. Let's talk about Manny pac delegates and Grossman t.s in this fight on the his name plus the nine on Saturday. He's going to be forty years old is next birth you know what does he actually have left what what would we see out of many paktia. Contrary he's got quickness slapped YouTube booed or in an Al. He has the experience of having been a dark spots all on turn to you our global announcement when you're career he has all the still. It's what he doesn't have that makes this more interest and try. He's sensibly thought at this point we saw that lecture against shell or he's gonna take you to get hit by clutches like we saw lectured obscure or. He may get cut out like we saw assurance job or which happened to make for one of the most exciting fights which in the last ten years old boxing as this will be. Because that she saved Lucas TC brutal world champion and has now Q division. To better puncher. He's more on the attack he's more devastating and aggressive and when you get diminished duels in the deep all the on the auctions career. You can hit great action and sites you get a lesser skilled guy and a more exciting. Now that's not good Manny Pacquiao but that's good when you're a plate span I think this is going to be a wildly entertaining fight. On but Pacquiao. It's not gonna be with Freddie Roach anymore they have not spoken since last summer Pacquiao is not going to be the pack yell or yesteryear that eliminates aren't. Hasn't had a knock out some 2009. He's going to be in love you all action fights. Because they never can say no disputes the long standing story of oxygen whether it's Joseph Louis. Whether it's Roy Jones went virtually Leonard ports Tommy Burns are never ready. To retire. It's ego financial little bit in the case of Pacquiao. But time and time again it's used in the long or merited some. Our Joseph tested torque. ESPN a voice of Monday Night Football and boxing and getting ready to call. This many tax young Lucas Matisse like on ES PM plus 9 PM Saturday night so I Joseph what are we look at what you're at is you know if you had to look at this and say what's the likely. For this fight who we look way. Round secretly round tko. That's what I see you're this fighters over and all or Malaysia. On which to be a title wade all corporate support for Pacquiao and southeast Asia. You have to undersea I think we'd be unpacked yet a mega store state side. When you grow globally and see him like I am telling you are colder real that hurts call. Last year in Australia. Woods' 61000. People in a rugby stadium to see Warren who was a nobody at the time. Take our Pacquiao. There had to be 30000 Filipinos. That made the trip down to Australia. While import Malaysia's going to be poor. Her Manny Pacquiao and I think I'm back. That'll carry him to something late that's really exciting and I can rule you know late tko and all action Paul. Against the teacher the one thing that I find really interesting is this is another one of the slight I know. You guys have witnessed Yost you know going all in on the top local boxing in the course last orders of the year and continue now for many years to talk and this is the paradigm shift in the sport. Whenever Manny Pacquiao fights. It's a paper reported over seventy dollars eighty dollars even at this stage of his career not the case last year you ought to be one. This week he's fighting and yes can close looks or ninety nine's streaming service. This just business change in boxing as much as the only change in the rear Pacquiao we saw last month but also want to pound on us letters in the world slightly idiots can. Because we can be monetized and just looks like a bad way. So it's great for the sting it's much better experience for the Stanford eighty dollars and you're disappointed or 99 galway and apple like. That's gonna be great and Joseph we're glad you're with us but a before we let you go. We're getting closer and closer to the start training camps in the NFL how's the preparation gone fir your first season in the Monday night Booth with Jason Witten. NORAD tracks and we're on the border menorah mean these guys are not commit a major September based on the state house dinners we have every other week where it's at Connecticut or Dallas over personal. They like that's fine this is a dynamic approach we lower the boot unique perspective of having you all pro. You know it's going to be altering tired and had a beau Garrett we know ultimate terror stirs up that. That nose tackle mentality and into actual while throwing up to the strong opinion. On things have been great we're having a lot of fun in the leader Brett but we can not wait. The rams leaders opening night I think that game is going to be sensational so intrigued regent Steve on one side. And then chalk he's back. In the black hole I cannot wait to come on here with the boards. Joseph listen that was awesome and we're gonna try and live up to that segment for the rest of the show that we may just replace the segment for the rest of the show appreciate it was a warning about him earlier. And Melinda. It was all sort of one big Jaya jello molded very interest in where that went. All doing your earliest in radio and ESPN news we are presented by progressive insurance on fungus join us on the show opens on performance line. You can get in touch with us via the 100 flowers dot com Twitter feed at Gordon we go for. War or war or you can call us and our voice mail on 8605065505. How are you handling what was the most disappointing day in recent memory that I can remember. That both Roger Federer and the lines of England went down on the same day let us know how you're coping or bureau Hughes corporation Kevin Anderson fan. We'll go their own a valid to let us know how you feel like zero really want to preserve open. And we still have tranda you're a big tennis I was of the potential for two Americans to reach the Wimbledon final blow the men's side and the women's side we're selling the women's side seems a lot more likely is Irina. Serena but we got Eisner on the men's side is there is a good job. On good job it is not Michael Eisner John Isner John Isner 610 by the way that's most fascinating about this little semi final Kevin Anderson 68. John Isner 610. Somewhere summer league guys run away how are you guys not play well like I don't that means they are god awful hoops wiretap you have to be here horrible basketball player isn't executed in Carolina and answers and he's on the keep pounding thing on the he's he's good did that. He is he is serve and serve again so that this one could be a if those two meet it could be a really interesting situation going for a they welcomed me cited it's going to be an interest in slugfest between those two are this hour of gold doing. Is brought to you by linking to inns and suites. Look at LQ dot com and when a business and we've been doing our summer takes. So yeah today. These are hot takes were whittling them down from sixteen all the way bracket style NCAA tournament shall champion our first went out there today Starbucks coffee. Is better is the best coffee or Duncan is the best coffee. And that one is going the way of Dunkin' Donuts right now and there isn't there is time buys in wages are we did say due west coasters and a very big disadvantage West Coast and no it's. 503 in the morning right now so we need to give this pole time to run for the West Coast coffee drinkers to come get every gender waiting to take this sort of seems about even as far as what the heat of the tape is going to big yep and so. We really look to the next when the next one is our goal to introduce this would probably be a one seed if we had ceded all of these takes going into the tournament this would be the top of the bracket and without with further ado I present. The next debate what is at TD number one argument had a world of sports in the sports talk greatest hits album this is the number one track often re played. In your CD changer it is LeBron vs Jordan. Mean this is being bid details did as in the goat MJ is the goat or LeBron Jess is exactly this the conversation that we spent the last four months having. On every platform could die at the last ten years to be eternally as early as well I just say recently we have it every single year you're right we have since LeBron. I think really this ramp up when LeBron won the championship in Cleveland because that was the one that validated him in a way it almost nothing else is gonna be able to go and so. Guys I mean were going to get into with a guest it's way more qualified to do this than us but initial gut reactions were we all fall on this one. The bronze greatest of all time and you know that here's artist part about this idea called LeBron hater all the time because I constantly point out that things and I think he should do better. There's a piece of that is for me it's because I think he agrees small times so when I miss this is about the quality of the tape not the validity of the argument. How weird it's like it's like I was. We always leaking. They are just listen to better take as far as a wave of LeBron James is the greatest of all time yet I would agree out of a but here's the thing about this argument general everybody's dug in right if you grow and you're not being swayed one way we don't know yet you I've never heard anybody say you know. Compelling argument. I changed my mind that's never been set after the debate but overall as a result. Junior. I always fall of a broadside at this is well my fifth as far as the tape of those 20 this is my favorite to drop in the locker room because even when I was playing you could just walk by if you saw any group of players together in a locker room and you want to incite a riot. You just walk by news randomly go I don't know guys I think LeBron might pass Jordan happening just walk away and you like the movie when you throw a match and and you wait for the explosion you walk away just wait for this massive sound and arguing because it is guaranteed and every time. That guy all on obscenities you just toss a grenade waterway on Baghdad for two hours a day here the quality team today you had guys for four to Syria and just so you know what. And so I'd here's. I'm I'm very conflicted on this because I'm I'm firmly entrenched in my belief. That Michael Jordan is ago. I just am. Okay yeah that's an old man right opponent and if you bygone George Mike can you could play dot SEI does seem more your speed I like Michael Jordan no sorry to ignite a viking dad are flat one he's a big guy yeah big Mike and lakers view to resign Obama big George Michael not yet George mica and I'm George Michael the other sing a love and on towards Arlington area. Is that we do is we'll direct her bed net necessarily that it expects you to tell me that he played Notre Dame on these things never come up moll. But about that I don't I agree love it yes and I also do think that the hotter take is LeBron James is the go because of what you just talked about because you can't get around. Six NBA. I had finals MVPs. Six NBA finals wins. And everything else that goes what because. Whether it's right or wrong in the goat discussion that's a card that's dropped right. And there's no way around as like what Phil was trying to do said that with tiger he's like a egos play the career cart. Like you always play I want 42 dimes grade of 179 I have five majors great he's got three times that many are almost a fourteen. So the hotter take may be a breakdown and understanding why LeBron might actually be the better player. But nobody gonna bite because there's dug in on the six and six thing and you can't get around yeah. Or it's it's all high you wanna structure argument you're usually requires you to dig into some outside things other than just stealing a bunch of outcomes and saying well he got all these rings so it must be all on the strength of his greatness and nothing else and that that's the boards isn't true by the labs said the difference between what you mentioned a tiger and Phil because it was a tiger and Phil they're responsible for their outcomes solely parade in those tournaments as opposed to be team game of basketball where we understand LeBron James has had to deal with. Seems like he had last year instilled in him to the finals vs anything Jordan had to do with those sixteen. That's why I think the championship discussion in general makes is for both sides makes it such Arctic mean as much as we wanna just take that one piece of MJ. And have that he's been the defining this is why he's the greatest of all time. There are so many variables and album we already had a discussion this morning that ball Dennis Rodman so way it's amazing how we look at one guy in a vacuum. We don't look at the other guy and accurate in its interest that the best way to make the argument for LeBron is is what you just said. There's no getting around most people woeful side I think most people's I would Jordan has something that's even close. Oh what LeBron did this year essentially and I made this point when I was all of waddle and still being used in Chicago. And you have to recognize what LeBron did this year getting that cast seemed to the finals. Was basically like what Jordan was never able to do which was get the bulls to the final before Scottie Pippen shall. I mean there's not a there's not another player on this cap Steve and watch it again all right out one the best of all time. Mean Michael Jordan as good as he was he could never get a Scottie Pippen was squad. To the NBA finals until one of the players who again was voted as one of the top fifty players at the time they made the ball in the history of the NBA. Until we had that second guy as good as Jordan was when he won that's had dropped 63 against the Celtics in the garden. That's what the bulls lost that game okay and they never could get to the finals until he got other pieces around him. Now sure he was the biggest piece but they had other options and the fact that LeBron brought this team to the finals. Might be the most compelling argument to make him. You're on the go outside there so again vote at. At gold going on a 100 flowers dot com Twitter feed weigh in there. On the strength of the tape we have someone like him probably helpless with the strength of the argument in general yes and since you mentioned one in her flowers dot com surprise or friend or loved one today with a bouquet from When you order a dozen multicolored for which 1999. Get another dozen absolutely free but one and arms are flowers dot com slash ESPN but now maybe to the voice of reason. Or to the voice of much more knowledge and not one of us on the subject we are delighted to be join in the show pencil performance on by Larry Hughes. Fourteen year NBA veteran played with Jordan on the wizards so not exactly the Jordan. All of his dominant time promote two or three I was with the cavs into those budget 2008 but more importantly. I government high school in Saint Louis and Larry Hughes joins us now so Larry this is the hot take a ball hot takes and we're doing this. Just because so I understand that's the premise here. You played with both so where does Larry Hughes the voice of reason stand on LeBron is the goat Jordan years ago. Or leave it is really simple. This is it is good to go through this server do it. In a battle because thus daughter watched them. As my early days of playing basketball which is this his accomplishments is serious attitude is. In this world you know everything he carried with them are so familiar it's it's really simple. So Larry I'm interested because train mentioned when you came to each of these guys in their career you know Michael Jordan was already already had that aura about him. And a young girl LeBron James I'm interested did you see anything what did you notice and LeBron James. That indicated that this might even be a potential conversation down the road for him. What I also don't know just know a little bit as he was in high school and they don't think I school protection. You're scared and so. You know his motivation this thought process. You know basketball a wicket to form and brilliance attention to detail. Is natural given no ability massage during the endorse the and then the things that you know learn you know throughout the year so if Syria magic. I mean you could just release yeah yeah yeah yeah you've received on his way. Larry Hughes said earlier that for you this is pretty cut and rides Jordan because of how eager about what you watched. So I ask you win for the next generation of player that's grown up and and watch LeBron have their answer be clear cut LeBron in your mind. I believe so. The lead so America because there's a transition there are no problem. There will do to read them you know doctor JD. My distinct if you know even with the guys to come before Stacy more and that's what would they know. So again Larry Hughes with a fourteen year NBA veteran the pride was CBC icicle right Larry. Here we are there no CBC eyes on Saint Louis fourteen year vet played with Jordan when he was with the wizards. And Obama the cavs at all by the way he's. He's the godfather to Jason Tatum. Of the Boston Celtics so Lilly knows greatness when it comes to basketball all the way around that there's there's no getting around. Absolutely an exit so I guess Larry would that would better and mine with understanding all that and being around both of these guys. And now seeing the movie LeBron James made this summer how does that factor into the way that. Other players look at there's certainly we see guys move in free agency all the time but it feels like there's a difference when it comes to guys that are in this elite group of ninety just hall of famers but all time greats. You know what I think that it is its interest to watch some of them are morbidly now I'd presume he clears these guys there and I just played us all there at the end or rules now. They're understanding with the legacy is there understand the conversation is broke ground there and now they're ordered that situation that can put them in the best situation. Albeit they're they're running into joining forces. But it's. You know that's how they're terrorists so. I actually liked it because these guys narrowly. Could that the cavs owner and good relationships that were created distance out of that's all. I have a certain Lara and their their team building to mean let's be honest they're doing that which I think has gotten people really offended which I can never understand as. Larry hughes' with a sold for you it's Jordan based on as you said growing up and and and it's made a great point that a lot of people look LeBron because that's what they saw growing up. But let's compare and contrast now. What is one thing you think may be Mitt maybe there isn't. One thing that you think LeBron is definitively better that than Jordan when it comes to basketball. I don't think anything. I've been around Mike entices brutality. Access and around the old are your basketball wise I don't think if you. While all right I I I love the fact educate strong without so so what do you make that a of LeBron and his teammates now in LA what do you think about the team. They're surrounding him with and the idea that they're trying to zig zag opposite of what the warriors are doing. Yeah it's it's so Americans especially coming into a building younger. They yeah they are too mature and they haven't. Completely given the way there's there's there's still to be you know completely limited happening because a lot of college and there are doing a good job and voting that. Let rod go to a completely different team that you're the number of your guys to do have to call. So it's got to be tough but not a person they know the final on Coca he's he's gonna continue to be great that the final form over. Larry I wanna go back to something you mentioned earlier armed players understand their legacy so in the current structure where players are bound to back and forth all over the place to get the right tandem. In championships or even harder to win because of the Golden State situation. What does a player considered to be his legacy is all about championships so. Home. You know what I thought talked with a number of guys and their would sort of based on all this to sound more shakes out. A lot of guys wanna make an impact brought to court so. Relying heavily on these two dual core to YouTube so recognition and bring our posts in the what's going moment. We are talking to a lot of guys that are your trying to cabinet peck all court as we're. NBA veteran on the shell Pennzoil performance like do you think that's starting to have just as much a factor in free agent decisions that guys make I mean obviously that the burden of winning a championship is still how other judge but. When we see you LeBron James and Paul George and new choir letter and some of these marquee names coming up. In the next couple of years do you think that having a social impact and a business present are starting to weigh in on these decisions may be close to as much as the basketball side. I think so you know a select or understanding but at all. And when it really means to try to organize the stepping up Lehman's huge dollars to be. If given way produces and it in the short their time period I think guys recruit focused on. Picture that would successful you have to the game is over. Larry so much of it is about the legacy what they can do off the court how to teams in and nontraditional markets like Memphis and Milwaukee how to places like that eventually separate in gets our players to band together and go there. I think it's culture. It's coaching your management know players see the postings are relied on the new ticket hero. We'll be supported. Costume you know pushed you to be there and have the successful. I blew that snow. Hum we're in the conference where it's at which are produced and your route be competitive. They're not they could they have a chance and to give people in their. Larry here's what those fourteen year veteran in the NBA played with Jordan played with LeBron helping us tried to sell hot take debate LeBron is the go to MJ is a go to decidedly in the a Michael Jordan a camp on this. But I have to ask you something else Larry again you want to CBC high school in Saint Louis. Taylor Twellman who of course is our soccer analyst here I grew up in Saint Louis played at Saint Louis Saint Louis University high school. Was a member of the junior billikens he said he gave up any career basketball one time because you dropped 35 points on is that true. I've got to believe that is certainly good man's. The. Yeah I love that idea I. Have dropped 35 I dropped 35 odds so many guys collide nods Euro was brilliant dormant time finding Taylor's name in the box score when you don't scored two points that's also grown so you crushed his dreams of playing college basketball but it that again he went on to have a pretty good grew as a soccer player but just so you know you ended the whole thing for him. Oh I was happy to do. We don't care taker you go oh Larry the goat that's per event Larry we appreciate you being with us this morning thanks man. Well let you do you got it Larry Hughes. So course I kid I'm sure Taylor scored you know six no I'm not I'm not willing take that baton that we have no idea well I'll find out you know different I would love to put Taylor on the court against you know I don't want anything to do with that I'd I'd I'd. In my miserables I understand when I'm up against I can also look at some of the innocence he would there probably up against. Com he was pretty definitive there on the LeBron. Vs MJ discussion I was shocked for someone who like you said saw Jordan very much at the end of his career as a teammate yeah as intimidated at the end of his curbing no experience him as opposed to seeing and experiencing LeBron James when he is coming up. And you know at the height of his apple lettuce is a maybe not as polished as we've seen him because LeBron has combined. Age and experience and still that physical prowess in a way that we rarely ever get to see regardless of sport. Yeah I mean I think it is a valid point he saw the end of Jordan he saw sort of pumping Jordan you know for the wizards that was not exactly the Jordan it. We think when he when he gets a highlight rip you don't get that version of it so for him to be so definitive. While still acknowledging app part of that's how we girl but it but I thought how definitive he was the there's. Nothing in his mind LeBron does better that was actually the the thing that I thought was the most important thing I thought does that well I like this about LeBron at. No we expect that it in his mind there's nothing that LeBron does that is better than what Michael Jordan to do. It's as if the aura that we always come into people with too because when you're kidding you're watching someone deserves a mystique about it you just can't replicate because at that point you know so much less than you do once you see guys as an adult as a fully formed person. And so the guys coming in the NBA and our why I always think about because you get a lot of these rookies that have come in and have been watching LeBron for their entire lives well too. That point there's a picture of Jason Tatum when he was a kid yeah outstanding next to LeBron and of course now they played against each other last year and did all the way to game 7 of the eastern governs vinyl cat we that was set up by Larry humid and let's remember that a part of the legacy because part of that conversation was paid generational what are you going up around part of the legacy that the players now going up around. On the legacy of players and understand their their business form and their ability to monetize and abilities essentially do more with their brand so. It will be interesting to see what the next generation of NBA and it player does because the more empowered and have. Always say this too is the MBA players are really all the app. Athletes of whole old. Have an advantage when it comes to creating this mystique. Because now we get so much exposure we see so much of these guys they give us so much whether it's on their social media platforms or the things that they've created. You don't get that you heard everything about Michael Jordan. Through media through the beat writers had default and it became folk lore a lot quicker as opposed to now worried rumors it's tabloids it's all these things that seem much more data data are so I think it's harder to manufacture that feeling of someone being that special yeah but again bit the hot they close up there. And we'll see which one moves on MJ as the goat or LeBron is the goat. Larry Hughes squarely in the MJ is the goat category. Anyway yeah. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that spectrum way too much harder this guy surely we know that is within his father. I don't know squeaky tooling and I've got one job in champ down by this little ankle sniffer so important need for feeling and that's compared to Geico who does so much more like one getting slaughtered on. Geico is critical technology like normal black which lets people pay their bills or file a claim plus Geico is the fastest growing auto insurer for the last ten years. For me ask for one more feature fast and friendly claims service like Geico may be. Harry and. Any married again Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. Still got from the download Georgia was who got. Joins on the shell pencil performance like and is calling is on the phone so we won't be late for once. As he does that took account for the traffic on I 95 around a Miami and South Beach which is currently a problem. Got dragged him late like every right to meet current and regarding the current record. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I had. George new York and my dedication is so. I will always be airport I. I appreciate that my friend of late George by the way gorgeous abdomen their very very nice part of the country here. Paragraph is part of the state okay so you know that we are and where and we're doing your show basically we're doing still got today. It also more than you can blame junior foreign. Were red red hot take hell. Our first and foremost and and that's where we are right now and that today's Brack technology breakdown is. Your favorite argument of all time I belabor your favor discussion. MJ is the goat vs LeBron is I don't know I heard Dan many times on your show saying we got a stop having this debate. Yet we're perpetuating it and don't you like it as well so go ahead fill freeway and worry on this. Never ordered not having it but then it wouldn't be any debate apparently normal on the radio at the current. Tour. Our poll. And it oh. The staple. Sports Radio personal. If you want great Michael act that are that the outlook Michael a local art is we are you. Yet BA finals or those darn good record at your. What our government law. Six start NBA finals six skipping cure rate local I don't agree I am sure there are there in those two years. And never put on the ownership yet sort of ahead. Eight years that's like east and he most of his career. At the right way by Eddie you know Scotty Pippen and orders. And eventually got. He heard BJ and surely dorm hack your art got Packard or. It is irrelevant to the noting that the project Egypt's attitude discussion. That won't. He wouldn't buy it in the ordered. You got LeBron James fraud. I mean. Nobody knew the thing about record not because I know it's like. He couldn't beat they eat so you what do we look at chilling BC. Because he couldn't be applied so like Kevin ran a little. We're going to go there with a brighter what you're look a little bit and particularly as it did it basically. The white flag here you hit your target now are separate act which. As well. Go liquor. I think the way to duplicate. This senior note on the beat we interrupt your life which is that the shoot the order. Total it's not gonna do with your future. I don't know up I've fallen by bad but I. I am I and I know I had this conversation a Mike Brian your guys producer on the lebed charge show I am surprised that he's basically willing to punt on a season this late in his career because that's essentially what this year is. Is him saying are working to build towards next summer I fully believe he can still win a jet engine because the warriors are gonna have to address Klay Thompson's mother free agents as they come up in the next few years that luxury tax isn't going away so I think it's the what do championship but still got I'm shocked. He is in this late stage in his career I get that he's still great. Willing to just take a season off the central. Yeah nice circular that ordered his. But he actually did little to eat their Parker all by. He is the current character. And that's where recruit well and so. Oh to see Greg it would boost to go out there really. Again and so I can't sit it will stay. Or bolt it in there and probably the claim. It to. An extent. So you so. Ticket at Augusta is also let you know about to let it won't be you know. The mile and a quarter. Although. It didn't snag all. You okay. Are actually in order. To look into a lot of the war. Okay we're artists who got some of them have a dart show. It was two dots all right so you're saying that LeBron go in there to sort of just off into the sunset if that's the case why next summer will anybody wanna go to Hilton to LA to play with him at the get when it championship. And he's not engaged in trying to win a championship. At about what it acting. Like you're some guy that doesn't please you look at the total market though they're the better. I'd be pointing ticket which is eating. It ought. The coaches know each of the Christian. That Egypt Egypt which Allah. No I actually I totally agree with you I'm just tired and vilified by lakers fans and also that I'm anti Laker because I don't think anybody's gonna go Glenn the brunt I won. Once and I do got a and do the best record us that's is never the bad guy you'd understand. How to steal God's army works in speaking up and we're really going to the canons do God's army where we go to all the Brothers right now Steve Jobs. Yeah. At all or a little. While others are all on the radio show hurt you are about. I don't know all the odds are just some people because we all know is not explain in a broader context. How exactly you at the damn weapons charge show with suit God's got to be in some sort of beef. With the Baldwin Brothers says in the book the acting Baldwin Brothers wanted to. Do we we were discussing did discuss. It. Our market where the debt that we haven't had all of like. It or one of those is on repeat all the where it. Open to mop and it was very much. All but he also how all the way to. This is rather. Our recruiting. Now this was done that it now I know it. Delicate. A lot of what I thought about the outlook battle the Jews that'll. That's the cover this order trick that the older brother. And I were talking about the only public in an area it. And tonight we try to keep the lead and it overlooked the ebitda in all lit. Well they're not all Lenovo later about. All went on but those are the the radio until they were he to accept our conversation. And so yesterday you know I just thought. Yet I don't let god and it sort of it got it. The eight inch eight and believable. Sister got I know you're judge author on vacation and Al want anyone perceiving as the you're running from this conversation so you have anything you wanna say to the Baldwin's on IR. Running ticker triggered our intrepid mark at all. The series what they do in order a call out. And obviously. They felt so laid out there are only a quarter two little piece and they're all know that there. The Sarah. And this. And like your. Show on. Don't go there. When. All. You all in general especially your outlook but there are urged to order. A we look it. Latin. What would that you know. Alison hey man blood is thicker than water we we all know that's a stupid just before we let you go. And have a glorious day golf because I'm sure it's about 78 degrees and no humidity as it always is in the lake George area. On Duncan Starbucks are the hotly debate today. At a coffee. I'll learn how to enable a little you're also. The developing news at pocono like it's the use there are some smaller but that is. When we still got only drinks espresso in mainland this order that is like I was a little easier than I expected from still got a slight edge it. I don't remember that the but I think that they would like very much like let's get the bullet but why couldn't it be your record at all I've got to feel it. But that they bought it bought that ball without a little bit a little bit but they referred to it that's it forget it. It's all about the end results to gods is the minimalist dialogue that's no reported to have been stripped my friend did and straight. Is that the best of go can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESP NF. I guess more. Just ask your smarts they could play go. Oregon lingo plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern on ESPN radio and on ESPN news. Now yep you guessed it promised beat them so I've got one job. I slow it down so imagine I feel about guy who does way more. Like not only could they save you money on car insurance they've been around for over 75 years given people finish defendant claims service. Out plus they got a nifty mobile app that gives you 24/7 axis the well. Just doing my job Buddy Guy ago expect great savings and a whole lot more.