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Hour 1: Bengals Are For Real

Sep 14, 2018|

The guys talk about Thursday Night Football where we see the Bengals blitz the Ravens before talking about Jalen Ramsey's trash talk continuing and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remember when you couldn't order arrived at the principal. Or get online without hearing. Or did dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hot spots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark are not a no not a problem quite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them anything because we get dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are listening very respected by his comes on top and he tells them as a. Yeah and buddy. Good morning welcome into another edition a goal it queuing Gilani is peer review and ESP into the first two of the program henceforth now and forever glad your latest. On a football Friday Michael Michael school junior tree we go here. Those we made. We made it through another weekend to read through FL start last night whole lock on on the army in the baseball races negate angered coming out of the and we got a big fight coming up. This weekend as well so law while football is certainly the but the main course there there's certainly a you can drink in the vapors of that down we do have some good sides in this weekend it's been a solid week of that overall and a week you tell hopefully at some point today did to my favorite headline heard about not alas we spent a lot of time on it first the last I trust will do the right thing that's it teased junior you're good it's a good one well done. And we would get all of that plus I'm here for as much trash talk between Jalen raising the patriots. As you wanna give me I want all. I want all of I would swim and all I do as well what I just did little tired of some of the lines that two here. We asked why his five. In the toughest job. Hormone averted by and it's good enough job and we got we got there does all of outspoken like me knew there really not good trash. Does exactly here I didn't exactly where did all of that but we have to get an update on the most important yes we do a duel with this yesterday we had Rebecca global on the plane that she blew our mind she just drops sizzle nugget. That via the plane is flying on an adult was trying a new boarding snowboarding yes which was window people who went first. Followed by people that sitting you know what it at all. And then the aisle people. And we needed an updated she said well you know it's hard to tell because the plane was full play it was a full flight attendant wasn't where they were to ask her Rebecca said I'll party elected new boarding procedure to with a flight attendants. The unborn procedure but we have a witness we have an eyewitness to this mind blowing about our researcher Riley is back with us after doing. Awesome humans work on the WNBA finals Riley you work through the new process the boarding procedure we need to know was a revolutionary. I got to seat when he sticks and when Nancy and record time policy wheeled her recent off to a window purse. So the first ones all eyes so what are things Rebecca said it was it was not a full flight so does that make it tougher to judge because ordered a full flight. Yeah I think she has a point there is luckily no and in the middle seat next may sank off the legs and all the windows eight united blessings Wilson so that was a bass was that the best boarding you've ever been a part of a five. So you would do it again. Do you not do you sign up for this boarding procedure going forward. If they said every I don't know what you're bored and are. Ordered to board this honor young review brought out by Jeff ha ha ha ha look this is important I I still think back to front. I was a bit but there's said that was actually the slow I know what I I get a I just disagree. I mean I if I choose the version more I just have a carry on and don't need your overhead space and in Waltz into Miley her although she did a holy Grail is right there is walking into a situation where you don't have a seat me that is the ultimate look what god did moment where notice here next year in the infinite space there's been provided by the good lord now that is good stuff that's structure are right there did you ever overhead bag. That your I denied sect back OK so so that Rudy does that that no matter what process it is. That is always gonna be you know that's always going to be the way they're at the overhead bag is say that it did not already stated not today though I'd say that's a listen. That's the most important information wouldn't you today exact terrible I know it's everybody flies like Mike and I are both flying today or gonna see if airlines aura around him over on the same airlines or not it will you'll see if they change boarding procedures arrival owls who don't let me just stay after the show about twenty minutes and his you're going to enjoy that myself and now here are. Let's start with what's trending and Mel what's trending as we're shaping up to have a really good battle for the final and a wild card spot potentially Manny Machado did this kind of thing. And 32 but shot with a fly ball to center field meter gold act will be back at the wall and it. Holbrooke for Manny Machado. Wow what a night. Single or double a sac fly and I'll hold were on. The dodgers' lead it now and not at the war. That could also chose of one Charlie stuck on AM 57 the only sport system that shuttle homered and drove in three. To back Clayton Kershaw on the Dodgers beat the cardinals 97. In the opener guys will be four game series now between these two playoff contenders which is going to go a long way to not only may be deciding the NL west but that's final wildcard spot as well now you're talking after they're done playing these last three games through about what 1012 more games that have. To decide to sell. Right now that's a battle for the spotted the Diamondbacks you wanna put them in that conversation if you want put it through the cardinals and the Dodgers are now and the beauty is. We always look toward the end of the season if you get those matchups of the two teams trying to decide is this idea of a couple of handful of the game after. This series is over it's nice to see where. And Tibet through these next few games and this becomes I think it's interesting as we look at this certainly for the Dodgers from a national perspective I sought They did the other day the best and worst potential World Series matchup that we have out there are as you can imagine the doctors factor pretty prominently into a few of those being one of the bigger markets are one of the bigger brand names. But for them. You once Wong did bring in Manny Machado over there he's my so it was it is just one big guy like ally to fire closed in today passing you get that and you wonder after the season what that holds if there herb move doesn't pay off they don't get that playoff run out of the guy that's not guaranteed to be back with the. Where we send and still may have a shot at the divisions vote you talking game away for the second spot with the cardinals with their game map out. Of the Colorado Rockies who lead that division and I hope we none of those scenarios. Where there are target about worst World Series like we went into government well they were everyone they've rhetoric Vanilla that we know best worlds and they were everyone no comment on. By the way sometimes you don't wanna move because the cardinals were 22 and six and August. They're five and seven and September we go back in time where we found out we can goods that has the top odds are really the cardinals would really like to go back in time just. Can we live in August and the answer sadly is no. Well this is. This a tough one that's captain David Wright can return for the team's final homestand making what will probably be his last appearance as a big leader. The Mets say they plan to activate right when they return to Citi Field owns 1 September 20 against Atlanta. Right is scheduled to start at third base. On the second the last day of the season against might know what this is one of those were you sit there you look at the deal that was signed what 2030. You know I think eight years for 138 million dollars. And you sit and Mike I heard you talking about this morning. Ruined talk about deals that don't working and you really can I I agree with you you can't factor injury into that if you make a deal. And the guy just plays horribly could say man we screw that one up. But the guy's got all these these injuries that you just. And didn't have him going into yes I say I don't already damaged product and then side of that did you could be looked at you know little wait a minute. But he wasn't. He got all those injuries the last game we played was what may of 2016. Right crazy neck back shoulder injuries and he said basically the doctor told him. It's none of it's really going to get any better. So thirteen years and in a big league uniform for the Mets seven all stars and still has money already got twenty mil this year has got another 27 million over the next two years but. But it got Bobby in the event that is how about it everybody kind of rallied around and like there's the captain of that team fell accuser was a good leaderboard just. Very difficult when your only out on the field you know maybe a third of the time. Contract and did we talk about all the time what a lonely feeling that is drop back as players feel the burden of that like the one thing we've talked about this week with Aaron Rodgers. Wanting to be on the field as. He even said that's what you're paid to do is be out there and Aaron Rodgers the owner of a bright shiny new contract. David Wright on the other side that got that contract and I'm sure it's been difficult to say. Well as someone who as he talked about believes these colors for so long. Wants to be out there knowing full well all right this is what an organization that invest in the me I wanna be able to give back. Can't well listen aaron's rod contract as the Chinese default contracts I mean bridge to that point your right listen David Wright mean. Hasn't played just 116 he got really emotional talking about us. So my teammates coaches and staff. And I it's truly been an honor a life time to take the field of view and serve as your captain. So my closest friendships are formed. In that call us and I almost certainly. You know we track meet friends for life. That's a good stuff again man that's the good stuff right there you know you sit there and and but do you think your body size that deal in 2013. The big deal played a 112 games that your 134 games in 2014. Just 382015. In just 37 and 2016 so I mean. Yet it just like while this big deal and then. Injury cut him down such a likable guy as well out there it's a shame it ends this way but Dallek a study here and for professional athlete by nobody wanting your anymore or your to beat up as in this case to any injuries to go on. And we wish David all the best for the reported seeing him one last time at Citi Field and that final homestand as they set against atlas. Mowing the rematch we've been waiting for and waiting for is finally happening this weekend triple Jeanne kanell Alvarez will meet Saturday. In a rematch. For the WBA and at least BC world middleweight titles again they had that controversial draw and 2017. Then there was this the steroids I mentioned so all kinds of stuff really we're all in this for a couple of reasons one deceive some likely way to do this is Stephen A Smith and Teddy Apple's phone with a mouth against all remember this is off the heels of the Mayweather and McGregor McGregor yeah. Kind of spectacle or him call that a fight of our respect that was all but the price is an entertainment spectacles what that was and everybody was juiced up for an actual flight. With with Callaway and triple G and then he got that draw so you're obviously new another what was common men as you mentioned the suspension. How I was looking at a lot of the expert what Teddy atlas and a little bit later. In its scenery a few more liberal for triple AG you to look at Al over is that the kind of the technician the counter puncher but true apology that. Although the thought process and really had severe from. Teddy if they he continuously tries to go to that body that he'll eventually Wear out Alvarez and and win this fight so Woolsey I mean I'm all in I'm definitely all anonymous to see a good boxing match as soon as. I I love the show Mayweather and can't believe it twice Gregor I McGregor thank you very much I love that I'll McGregor I know thank you Mayweather out I'd love that children I'm looking forward to the bought. To match Jack. I think just the substitute you've got because that side too we can talk about forgetting Mayweather McGregor Mayweather and Manny fight who has been the defining boxer of his generation because of his defensive prowess yeah which never really may keep it below we had may Mayweather and Pacquiao right yeah quite that was years after it should've happened but one that people still looks forward to because of the names involved. Didn't produce a style that really excited of what these guys put on a very exciting brand of boxing it's an energy so what so when I got the draw I don't really care because I. I had gotten out of that fight what I wanted which is being entertained by the process is so we have that to look forward to again on Saturday night in a way that I think is unique in that sport right now which is. Kind of seemed more exciting matches pop up but this has been front and center throw caution before box you've you've you've you teach dividend 84. The slump everywhere you guys. Listen you guys got this far I'll be I'll be I'll be over a bridge a couple of snack. You guys can put ago apple will 4242 leader. Apple Apple's letter right doesn't all right adds that gentle sense of the world 42420. Right on back and forth to 42 snacks yes I exaggerate. Campbell's vanished job what's trending with us start week two of the NFL season and ladies and gentlemen. RD Cincinnati Bengals for real listen it was quite the aerial show especially in the first half as indeed almost on touchdown pass Tuesday error about it. Dalton back to throw again looking right now throws over the middle but at the ten. Right now had they into the end zone Eddie doesn't score a touchdown pass out the first. Out and the angles every store that three touchdown lead. Listen we don't have many parameters on the show we don't know many foundations that we build on but we build on this when we all four. Well local radio oh yeah play by play and then color homer guys and nobody does that better than they've labeled these are real enough forever used in 5030 insists that it. Yes. Their goal you just didn't go for those watching on ESP into your sought you can physically you're a fist pump all I don't meet disloyal what he was putting on their denote of their Richards wild fist pump or read a lot more. Show that Cincinnati is putting I knew we both picked him yesterday did. In this one and biggest have more firepower on offense in this one you know AJ green gets three touchdowns by what thirteen. You know thirteen minute mark of the second quarter right he's got his third touchdown for touchdown passes. For Dalton in the first half. What was interesting is it. Keep trying to figure out that identity that with 122 left in the half the next five possessions. For the the bagels were parts you know all parts north like. You know what what is this team will that her now our ticket a lot of him in that context of what is sort of against a better team so war. Were reporting this team a team that. Got rid of some age party some youth and they're certainly getting some production Jesse base to rookie gets his first interception Sam Hubbard a rookie DN auto house take it's his first sack player for you Michael Johnson got hurt Joseph Joseph mix and this is a young player obviously Billy price at center who ended up getting hurt toe and leave in this game didn't come back in this game mixing Saturday and ended come back so you like the youth black. Or get a lot of success with these using Andy Dalton six touchdowns one interception all only this year. We know they have the firepower on this team and can they make you can they do it consistently. Well we talked to in the last few days a lot about coordinators in the NFL in delay always Brad came over midway through last right here act your office according to persist in the profits yes profits recorded for the vandals came over midway through last year they talked about on the broadcast last night didn't have the time and the ability in the middle of a season to implement a lot of the language of his offense a lot of the specifics it's and now you've got a full offseason to lay the ground work for that to routier's through mini camp through training camp of the offense that he truly wants to one run and you saw that on display last night. It's a lot like some of the other modern NFL offenses that were seen since bright element some run pass option elements that have trickled up from college football. And it's all given them the ability to go out and score three times four times in the first half in the first fifteen minutes of game play. Yes the amazing thing was I think that was the first time in in atrial Jeremiah full name credit by the way when you get three touchdown passes and guitar threw three touchdown catch in the game. There goes the first time in his career that he had two touchdown catches. In the first quarter ES three in the first half and let's just say. After the game on sports and the red rifle the ginger jar and Andy Dalton was a. All the happy and all he could say about eight real Jeremiah green daddy's wanna stay hot at that point you know keep give him opportunities Asia is so good and you know the way that he's making plays. Making guys miss after the catch and so it's gonna get serious again the ball where would we try to do. Feel like gauges the best seasonally. He I may have been the best receiver in the league but obviously any adult has a lot of confidence and Andrew Jeremiah and companies seem brought to you by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans apply simply. Understand fully mortgage confidently and that is something interesting because I. I AJ green Antonio Brown all sort of bare right right that last year aged Terkel step back and I think he sort of was left out of that discussion again it was I think he's trying to say guys I'm still and I look. Yeah I mean yeah team picture of about right here not at this point I only many people are gonna argue over the fact that happened at the Andy Dalton PR team out there last night he division after the game and he said he thinks AJ green is the best receiver early in the NFL that's it literally has played that sound OK good so far have seven argument that the commerce. Where those sounds are still echoing earlier this is what happened it'd be ordered other road read the I would have. Good to show it in the show all of a sudden I find out can't stand the car producers never had a nerd broke before and I'm aghast so how much this is a conversation hi guys are having said that way to produced I listen that I bought my shirt and several news that's just my largest and let not let me just say. We'll patty yeah. Apple Elvis. We don't is so against whatever point you're making junior continued sorry did semi lucid and are dropping it is one of the greater communities out there aren't affected dance stands at an avid movie go to has never had a nerds are open is like I mean Shockey and bears it all started width one dip. Or. It's statistics so our producer who and we have to foot the days are Purdue. The football or producer whose job it is to keep everybody out there on the straight and pass the ball we're talking about your every decide conversation with Mike is we're talking about football about a nerd and I didn't have trade you that confidence the it will aren't we're trying to get on the final narrow and -- is putting a soul winding and why all this isn't a suburban gradually are well some important all right I bring up north broad discussion for the summer book. Foot ball discussion for the fall book and if you or I Bengals fan ladies and gentlemen I have good news for years. The bagels have scored at least 34 points or the 34 exactly yes in their first two games over the last ten seasons. More teams have scored at least 34 points. In their first two games. And three of those four window into the soup almost have to talk to a jazz Senegal I'm gadgets that. Will be dancing and it lands in Super Bowl fifty battery. In all serious this is. In this version of the AFC north where we just saw the Steelers and the browns don't I don't know what you all are doing no we don't we don't know idea and in this AFC that we talked about much weaker looking conference on paper than a Tennessee count counterpart coming into the season. At least root for someone to step forward in sort of grab the reins and we'd want. Texans didn't look all that great for how much we hype them up in the offseason Andrew Luck and really AFC south is still kind of coming into the four I did the titans some time because. Playing in the longest game and analysis to their history against the dollar in gap not exactly the purest litmus test. Check this box from the Bengals who looked pretty balanced at that Geno Atkins Carlos Dunlap on the defense there gonna get bonds has Bertha back from suspension. Some point you know our religious suddenly ganymede yeah you know after week whatever rescinded crazier thought every saying the JETS jets jets jets. Well they play at a division with out of its trend from. I don't weigh very interested to see eight. I just wanted to point this out because the Bengals player on Thursday night that it could be forgotten in the walk on and keep in mind for next week's top man listen again when we get to next week's top five we have more than one game suited to match over with so it'll be a larger sample other things will come into play big feature film ranked team in this week's top five in the league by the guests I mean that get that is one of those days where it was closer now yeah they are repulsive course was this was they they announced their presence well before -- -- ski tournament minus eleven going for gold do we go presented by progressive insurance. And petty people everywhere with more than thirty unique coverage options available progressive no small business or more progressive commercial dot com or as we said. We have a double dose of trash talk for a matchup in the AFC this week and we are here for that we are here to swim in those waters as much as we possibly can. Remember when you couldn't order arrive at the principal who argued online without hearing. Or did dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hot spots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark are not a no not a problem quite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them anything because we get dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are listening very respected by his comes on top and he tells them as a. 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Ratio approval only about uncertain thirty year purchase transactions additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans data in comparison to public at a record equal housing lender license and all fifty states. And MLS consumer access dot org number 33. By the way I just had like an oil change on the fly did a stock car race NASCAR performance might earpiece. Just fell off and a I don't know where as I was walking around it fellow cyclist I hear what's being played. You can hear there's a plastic two Moyer does really help much so stanza came in like a good pit crew. Got Aminu went Bogut drew got to sort of headphones earbuds like Mike they were eager to report it and. Is what is gets sent out the ear buds until -- hits the fan I don't and I won over year year program worsening an old school works out pretty well their home the only earbuds and headphones that Tommy don't you address in my spare time minor but the wireless and hasn't but apparently haven't haven't how many bullets you have actually more than when you don't know I have I have these I have repair the wireless the same thing to the white wireless I'd I would I was looking that you could you collect. All the shoes I thought you might help like in gold. In red know he had a title like that I am truly know I I say that in jest I MA headphone peasant like I bought like these are the ones that came with my phone when I originally bought in 1942 guests as so I had as are you back with the ball well. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Saving himself for her sell her every gators are rescissions are you ever prime all mighty my thought about just how candid. About discussing in the hallway what color American issues you prefer quiet and all our way you know I. While it's obviously yellow or gold Duane dog is Peter radio ideas into presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the cell pencil performance line. It is time for straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts and the straight argues. What color America. Brought through the cheese battle may be later because we got its other people talking cheese and we are really excited about is a rematch. Of the AFC championship game from a year ago week two of the NFL's regular season except this time the party is in Jacksonville. As the jags coming off that week one when welcome in the New England Patriots. Also coming off a week one win over the Houston Texans now. Jalen Ramsey V for lack of better term. Loquacious and not Jacksonville quarterback has had himself quite an offseason CNET which in an article GQ we basically ranked every quarterback by his metrics most of them were trash yes there were and then he also went in on on. Rob Gronkowski. You patriots outstanding tight end Ed basically said yeah he's good. But he's not really good what he's matchup with a corner as supposedly smashed up with a linebacker. So Jalen was asked about that as he prepares to meet drunk on the field. It is good and not being exposed that he's good of it is. You say this to me is supposedly very fierce and as I'm not today a fair comment period. Voting on the combined airline up form or wherever it goes on me. We got to play got to play this issue. Yeah they are gonna play at the statistics do show right when you lined up against quarterbacks. He has not had as good games I think the completion percentage base who are around 50% than everybody else it was like. Read around 6970%. Completion percentage so by percentage. Jalen Ramsey has been correct so. Woolsey where that matchup coach here so obviously. If Jalen was asked about those things you know rock was asked about the earnings. And people can think they've crawled is a big dumb animal. He really isn't dog is actually much smarter. The people wanna give him credit for him at the beginning and at the end and correct area and this is ground being asked about that status and whether or not he is better. Against deep a linebackers that he is against quarterbacks and grunt refused to take the bait in a way that only brought good. Criticism seems to be lost maybe now. Was that you didn't do your struggle against corners you have a preference go ahead score vs linebackers that's all these things. Now I burglars delighted. I mean not in the blocking game but when they dropped the pass game. It's an awesome beautiful it's beautiful got a lot not taken the bait basically is what he said and I'll do it with a ha ha we you know or yourself. Nader or he doesn't with the stood the subtlety of a sledgehammer he goes sometimes it motivates just sometimes it doesn't speak of that. Sure I mean there's always the motivation you're looking for I mean it doesn't doesn't. It's so often happens trickier there. Doesn't get doesn't give you answers you looking for that. That was torture question you're trying to get really serious right. Yeah but it does or doesn't you know I mean. Yet does that mean it motivates you in that. You know obviously there's there's something out there that he saw on film stuff probably give better. A full book and in some certain categories I mean. You know we feel about us every single naming on the field so. The assumption is let's go to news. Love love you meet the tracers thought you're gonna give me so in keeping score yeah. What do we say about general Ramsey last week. O'Dell had eleven catches for over a hundred yards but didn't have that big Jacksonville of course afterwards saying he didn't get that big. Breakaway. Reception. You know that short catch that leads to a seventy yard touchdown. You have eleven well brawl over a hundred. And Ely missed on a couple that could have been bigger. So minority give Jalen did you win or lose that match up against O'Donnell would you say you know I mean it's imperfect too because not all of those were dealt guerrilla I'm sorry but all we talked about was that match you here now here's what I would say that I would say. If he didn't bus the gain and break open the game that's a win. That's a win for the for the bottom line at Jacksonville got nowhere yet and and Modell didn't record the game road Elden wrecked again. Dell also oddly enough when we talked about everyone but Jalen Ramsey ran down a list of O'Dell was not mentioned in that not in jail and Ramsey was also very quiet in the week leading up to it. You have a time because there are guys work he clearly talks about guys he respected certain points and I can't imagine O'Dell falls into that predict he's aware position DB is a lot like offensive line where you can spend the majority of your time doing very well and if you have a few instances where things go wrong you have a bad night game as opposed to being a wide receiver that's a lot like being a defensive climate only need one or two big play my game for it to look good for you know I. I completely agree and are gonna lie I can endure about. I fear no man thing has that one as I fear no man I mean look at what is clear but I don't I don't mental mental or man woman dog now I just love them your spiders and I fiercest Obama I do here's your snowman thank you we'll. You you saw guys we have here we did the snake various ball out of body feeling out hard pass Alia. Hard pass on the house down the house for sale this process start. From scratch but go so going into this match up. This weekend. Looking at these two teams because we talked about the week one when they got and for the jaguars they beat a giants team oral kind of unsure of but bad matchup for the giants certainly. Up front on the offensive line and the patriots beat Houston team that we remembered the Houston patriots game from last year was not nearly what we got. And the patriots still didn't get a huge win that one so going into this week who do you think we learn more about coming out of this matchup is a new englanders in Jacksonville I think we know what new England's going to be right so they will learn more about Jackson. That's a way I look at I think that's a known commodity in the patriot. Because I think the no to money the patriots Tom Brady I think we learned about the rest of the weapons on offense and a defense that's not a Matt Patricia outfit anymore I think it's worth noticing we're going to see develop on. Here here but I think I think we know from New England that Tom Brady leads a steaming you don't know how what's the biggest lead you don't know who remain receivers going to be they may run the ball ten straight times are fifteen straight times. You don't know where that's an ago and we Jacksonville we know. They don't wanna put the game unlike for a state listen they didn't last week's number one. First down wins the game in the third and six died. We got more trash talk. Off from jail Ramsey plus a challenge than a presented an accepted and that is straight talk brought to my straight talk wireless. Nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable Ford GL TE networks again more stuff from Jalen and a challenge accepted. 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Really looking forward to dad's Gul Agha rejoin coming to show near you stellar job you just mess up he said go log out. Don't wanna explain to them that I did that on purpose I'll probably the percentages and our purpose sports senator. How broad view by straight talk wireless what do players alike to contract may hold out right. The straight talk wireless never have to be there is no contract and they use the same exact four GL TE towers as the big carriers before a lot less straight talk wireless only a Wal-Mart for terms and conditions of service at street talked. Our goal doing your Wii has been really is paean to present about the rest insurance cellphone guest join us on the show pencil performance and so we had a little bit of jailed Ramsey and Rob Gronkowski is trash talk back and forth. Basically it was jailed Ramsey. Doing jail Ramsey things in grunts and not to do not that I did get debate you know bullion to someone who is taking debates sort of let's play one more Jim Ramsey just because we can't. We've played info Aurora flight bound to respect the game you have to play it fears that a play it I don't believe him have a free is on the field let me and my brother my dad. My mom demo that tailored this is long. After the game we can be cool it don't matter that's hostile and got respected and we'll vote for football and I gave it to be played in my seats. And our medical. Ambassador game's over with that's cool you wouldn't really not did he listen. I don't know Iran would he was another. Was it you bet. The woman like you know formally sign up. At least we'll restate these entertained and we know he fears no man and you know take out is great here's a grandmother. That's equal opportunity right like in the article meantime drove freest in the magazine about Jalen mentioned something about he was Duncan on his little cousins and his mom walked out to court she got dumped on to what anybody can get it. Now and that you have to respect that he's of these consist now what did he ought to all sorts say about you what to tell you how tough they are. Now you illustrates OK I never really got talents now can you tell us he is Ferrell man got tells that they got grandma blob live I don't hear you miss her and I should be I'd I'd I'd rather hear him give his rating of other players and tell dummy out coffee news or take I was Graham I mean come on that's a soul. Singing these topics that's in the. You salmon anybody is on the field. Are very man very nomad. Really I don't know that all I can play a little hands on this role I played yielding a sound effort forgot fertile seriously. Again I'd play earlier on its so played out I don't journal man you're we are having a Good Friday work we're we're vibe that we're not fighting it were Biden ought jail and Ramsey and your plans jailed army now that he knew where that comedy brought me down bringing you brought me to art digital media will see we lift you up is oh my job to try to lift your dad left me so we had Landon Collins a giants safety basically saying nothing. Relief abrupt groundbreaking year but if you're gonna beat the cowboys you want but the ball Dax in had to make Jersey doesn't run albeit. And so this was a Dak Prescott's response to basically saying hey I'm the weekly in the off. It's salads except. Touts itself. And play well and all wet not a fake voters go to work and output in the topic in the tolerant with the right focus and has them often partly they let the I'll listen I've Mike I again I'd sit there and steal from you because I feel the exact same way but a what you say were geez I completely agree with what you said this morning. This offense is built around the running game and had the ball index and anyway. It's not an indictment now that we had big bear I think a very real conversation about wood decks value can be you. When you were in this offense and you have structured in such a way from the time these guys stepped foot in the building the plan was we had built up this offensive line we want to run ground and pound amid set up everything else off of that. Now you build that up that way so close any opposing defense is gonna look at that say we know how to stop you because now. It's a Dallas really has many other options there proven yet outside of that. Let's remember what the grand plan laws. Zeke Elliott in the backfield the great offensive line and Tony Romo is the quarterback like art it wasn't they didn't draft deck press got in the fourth round of let's say let's start right away I mean there's always did that doesn't enhance your guy has an injured are normal yeah so that I agree with you Mike it's not an indictment now. Deck certainly feel singled out in minutes because there's only one quarterback on the field and if you want the ball quarterbacks and you're gonna be the guy named but that is. The Dallas offense we wanna ground and pound you and not have to throw the ball awful lot so we want the ball the quarterback can do wanna chance to beat. All right so here's the question Dak has thrown for under 200 yards and it ended in a passing era. In eight of his last eleven games how much of that we think is. The absence of Zeke for a lot of those games how much do we think that is the absence of a play making wide receiver which states they seriously don't have as they do not and how much do we think. Is that is on deck press. I think like anything that the combination like us I mean where we are again and again look through our deck press start came in as a fourth round her dad Jack Jack Scott was not drafted as. He was going to be the franchise quarterback over organization. He was drafted as you know what. We think this guy could have some potential sometimes you draft a quarterback you let him go for the draft is over he's taken I mean you feel you get a first feel a little bit and then you see. What do we get out of this guy they're finding they got a lot out of him but the year they did that they had been offensive line that was healthy. Zeke had that monster year they certainly were still working on the defense. I listen. A lot of people wonder can deck live up to what he did that rookie year I don't know if that offensive line can't. Perk up earlier that audio bigger shares are the injuries they had in words Nick's career instance that if some injury and certainly some suspension so. I think that's a question for all of them let alone just as the deck press got the biggest deficiencies in his cowboy teams get a continue to. If you lack of offensive weaponry like out. Outside of that core unit there what do they really been able to hang their hat on Dez Bryant is out of town because that relationship the field between right and Jack was not hitting in a way that the many games Jason Witten was great I know our colleague here now when he was grid for first down in the middle the feeling wasn't a deal breaker on the outside in a way that they expected Dez debate but based on the way his skills diminished he wasn't any longer so I think that's always going to be the big indict. And against a soft team speed has been a big problem for the doubtless mean they're they're they're they're powerful on offense they're strong. They're not super fast they need to finally got little wiggle a little shake and that's why junior we thought it was interesting and Michael we Rauf Wednesday we observed. That photo we just observe that photo Jerry Jones cowboys owner sitting next to one Dez Bryant. I beyoncé concert are in AT&T stadium which is observed that we're reporting. But let me out of just observed that solve all they like it at this point it couldn't hurt and it couldn't hurt. May I make it better so there can be worse that much we know coming up more on the ultimate example putting your money. William mouth is and worry the guy who melt off you isn't get to that golden window petty now. Revive and remember when you couldn't order arrive at the rest of the bargain online without hearing. Or did Domino's delivery to over a 150000. Unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hotspots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot for the Doug Clark's not a no not a problem despite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them innocent people get dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are listening very respected flight as it comes on top but he doesn't Amazon's.