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Hour 2: 5-Point Stance

Sep 14, 2018|

The guys go through a 5-Point Stance previewing the best games from this weekend before talking with Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards about his best bets in football & more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remember when you couldn't order arrived at the principal. Or get online without hearing. Or did dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hot spots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark are not a no not a problem quite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them anything because we get dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are listening very respected by his comes on top and he tells them as a. Why do it doesn't Friday morning goal do we go ESPN radio when he has pinned to we are presented by progressive insurance all phone just join us on the show pencil performance line. Michael Michael junior tree we go here with you okay I didn't notice this phenomenon that's happening behind glass reports that well somehow they've got a challenge flag in their from an NFL game. And they just continue to throw that flag around inside the Booth all the time that each told what guys should somebody speak up what's the Genesis bubble boy why they Galley why are we thrown around like herald flag on on in there withdrawn. You give me flag and a throng I had no idea why don't lose no real reason digital you have a toy and you're just playing with a partner countries I honestly will run out honestly I except that. And you guys race that you guys have a millennial staff on here I don't often said that on this show I identify it much more with the people behind us open you guys just because of the age Dampier and it. It creates an interesting dynamic for us to talk about does but I also can understand like if George is given something like that you've got to throw and play with it were a generation that was force fed sugar and a lot of different forms plural messed up because of pixie sticks digits manners you guys they just I just found my digits bitter the other day wanted to treat one's. What. I don't understand that one at all look at this thing Imus I don't know much finger it's intoxicating. You just get this thing you could feel the weight about a little birdie things that you could balance on your finger there waited so you've put the little begun your finger there forever watching on ESPN two you're getting a real treat right now for radio theater of the mind those little birds that have the way to beat did you put the pointing your finger and it balances there and it's like magic. That's basically the exact version of what you're dealing with a fitted Spinner booted moved salsa it's been there's nothing like that Alfred just there's just something that spins it doesn't mean that I get the balancing bird thing that's pretty wild the release of stress ball boy one you spin instead just something mindless to do to kind of relax you and all this. Because again I would generation that spent time chugging pixie sticks aging funded a give us a candy so messed up and full of sugar that you could it. You pencil upon which you clearly the sugar TE. Lazar your dad and I can top that kind of sugar wheat recent proposal goksel a piece of paper oh yeah it was just a little dots on a piece of paper you just let them off that. Quit and then and then let's not in forget about the little recruiting does that swallow the whole thing and leading plastic we seek class and ensure you guys you realize you don't have been the corners street I and I'm sure he'll products OK okay draw on for a long time ours are better. All too well I know you guys failed to do is be able hold your attention span for more than merit on any thing Varity is Holy See what these there was and I couldn't hero let's let's let's move on. I think we'll what we'll come back to it. Any dogs on to some than. Through four in saves on something I said he's all does something for touchdown passes in the first half three to eight real Jeremiah agree he's to propel the bagels. Over the Baltimore Ravens 3423 Thursday summit on assays up and they just don't then they jumped. Or let you read and I heard there was all this up Riyadh they jumped all over a Baltimore in this one we're we're wondered which of these two teams could possibly. Challenge Pittsburg bill pitched for I don't know if we know to show what we're getting right there because we know late guns out there or James Connor did your game and elegant and noble Roethlisberger or not. Sure about either. But Cincinnati for our offense we talked about their weaponry even though they did go after these touchdowns five street series of punting so the consistency factor may not be there yet. But these two teams that are trade the end of the show both you and I picked Cincinnati thinking they had more fire power on offense and in the first few weeks that show. It has put out to Joseph Flacco in this ravens out their credit they're all points in the third quarter in the fourth quarter where they really got humming John Brown held an addition had a freak so catch for a touchdown for emulator Willie Snead they brought over free agency in a Michael Crabtree was the headliner certainly the biggest name of that group but it's a group that certainly. Both sides have given more to their quarterbacks to work with the mayor used to. It just so happens that. Andy Dalton has AJ green who is probably one of the handful of best receivers in the NFL and that offense read on the top and what they can be can they develop that consistency enough to be a real player I went always helps is when you get taken out of your game plan all of a sudden Baltimore strong the ball 55 times Cincinnati gets four sacks you know acting gets a couple of those. And that's what happens it'll all lime and worst fear earn a deal Limas best dream. Is when you know you gotta throw the ball it's just ten years back is at the line and get after it. As an old line all you have to do is pass block on my which is in the most fun thing in the world but it's also that difficulty in getting yourself out of that mindset when you have that big lead may talked about it within the after. The most difficult thing to do some times a play with a lead treasurer is Jim your natural tendency is to relax all the sudden you relaxed with that 34 touchdown lead and and get back into it yet okay we've got to wake up and do things the way we were early on yeah. I'm not I'm not given up on Baltimore but one thing that has to get fixed. They've had no running games are what the the first two weeks I mean Alex Collins I think had less than twenty yards 25 yards in week one he was nine a 35. In week two so they they have. For all the things we've seen out of Flacco and his ability to up that make plays of these new wide receivers there's been no consistency in the running game through two weeks of Baltimore Ravens. And that's some mid got to address by the way. Andy Dalton is only the third player for four touchdowns and happy and the ravens join the likes of Peyton Manning. And Ben Roethlisberger. Alternate never thrown more touchdowns in his first eighteen chorus starts. In prime post and we we have note Andy Dalton has had some pretty good seasons at time what's the hang up not only ball more this whole thing. All the post season play out all the postings is that what happens going forward. Well again we talked a little earlier Nick Young. Probably regrets doing this because now they're gonna he's gonna get asked about a by not showing up. He called a Gilbert Arenas agents are the former NBA player to compete in a shooting contest Serena said shore. He showed up. It showed up in a gym bag with a pair shoes. And a duffel bag with a hundred. K in the cash. Young didn't show. So Gilbert waited around for awhile zed boom may not Indy five of a 103 east 9500. And said no yet where yet. Yet that. How do you. Call somebody else like that and then during the show up. I mean Nick Young who is gonna get roasted big time for this one in this you know in his peer group or what without question minister realize talk about what how second play in the locker room. This is year old peer group wait a minute you challenge them do. He showed a beauty and show a lot. Now he show I'll be sure we're a bag of money your show off you might have been afraid of what else do we Arenas might ahead in the bad answer to. But the but I don't overdo Marvin and and make the big fat. And again all our challenge anybody that is in eight. Putting your money where your mouth is just talked about offered to do it that demonstrative way. A break I don't even know how you'd collect a hundred grain cash legitimate buried in your backyard as we've said. If you're walking into a gym and our thousand dollars and a duffel bag at first I'm done in new. Whenever you take it out of the wall somewhere that is I think it has. Man Jones wants shuttle to a strip club in Vegas without garbage bag I think full of a million dollars and just sort of thrown things around a mill. An idea that you typically that he spent a million that weekend he spent a million only August came in at a strip club does have is a bit and don't let it be a strong garbage now is dollars in tax. Video of that some armor seeing I remember seeing Obama and Hillary were backed that we can method that's that's a week and Sosa that that led us to that right sort question on goal and we what are you most confident in that you put a hundred gain a duffel bag. Where what were you put your money where your mouth as. And mine is simply on this amateur as a blocker like mother presence and most pleasant with a thousand look at that a report tomorrow if as. And as a way to exclude every time you say that rhyme and you don't say it wrong it's a little tongue twisting got beat. Oh so you wouldn't you would now. Donna I probably have a dozen times on the DO. If you walked toward the back a 100000 dollars and your own money you set it on the table you have conference you can do yes that you'd lose an undergrad if you didn't in any setting. Like I just did the air and I'm talking like I'm talking with a crowd at halftime of the Super Bowl win bonuses funeral and did just like you can make a 44 report out today viewer I play a bit of a 100000 dollar lol why would there are much be much more scared about a four foot putt and I am about nail that so you can put our school. You put on her now for I heard you know what I would do a hundred grand down for me. Would probably be finishing meals on calm after police fast or if I had to do something actually competitive I guess somebody got in my climb he could choose super smash Brothers I was in college it was instant for adults can tune super super smash Brothers game he could chew my character is the best character in the game okay. And run and run that would anyone who want and in my heyday OK what about you real likely to stanza suddenly wants recession whatever. Our mind would be when. Us through got through that that was me. Eat the donuts are asked how many DAX amount of doughnuts and like two hours on the show like five minutes isn't guy he did that I would have easily went went and I destroyed by a 38 doughnuts in 38 many donuts in like eight minutes. I destroyed him. I would've easily that morning brought in Hiram I'll money related on the table. Knowing full on all regards to if it comes to any competition with Stu got to bring that money now you'll still that money when you're not looking to other. I'd say that was an actual competition I had with him and one that I I would have brought it on a thousand dollars a mile money out was that this is about confidence. I just as old order is through that problem I was that confident. That I could be more doughnuts the two guys and I'm that confident the stands is like please mother of god all of us and who's talking about nerd and do not rule was in football it's plea not grow so you know let's get back dog football wit da five point six. This is five point stand on goalie can lean now. All right here we go five point stands out week to the National Football League let's start here. No in his career against the jaguars including playoffs his most wins without a loss vs a single part. He's thrown nineteen touchdown passes and two interceptions both in one game in those eight games this week. Will be Brady's third game at Jacksonville what do we expect. Man. I'm such a fan was Jacksonville defense because they do have met home as well. I'm looking forward to the gronkowski match up were granted always if they're saying I don't know how many times ran two elected beyond broker gronkowski we have no idea about that what Kuwait's state. And here is always wonder about. What doing what is going to doing this particular game who is going to be that guy. And art are I have I have a lot of confidence in the Jacksonville defense what worries me is letter Cornet. I don't think he's going to play without him yet to practice this week so I don't I don't think he's going to play and I think that that hurts them offensively. But yelled that would be that the Bellwether now a case. It is very tough it's tough for me to go ensuing would in this one here and I love rejects the deep and you'd be Jack's office doesn't do enough for me. Yet worth noting too for the New England offense wrecked her Rex Burkhead was limited yesterday did you still in the concussion protocol what they have the other they'll find another bad as what they do they'll unveil a guy and I guess I'm saying they're starting to lose out on guys define because Sony Michelle also been limited we're dead even since the pre season so. You couple that. I'm gonna pick New England in this one for the same reason I think. Public morals is too limited to have that success especially early on now we saw the way public morals develop down the stretch last season and had a month of December bit out of all kind of questioning threatening. Breading it's gonna take awhile to get back to that we're especially with the new faces on this offense listen here's the biggest thing if you wanna be honest about this rematch if you wanna call that in the AFC champs of game. Leonard hornet may not be on the field. Rob Gronkowski is going to be on the field number that hit from Barry church Friday whether it was not a dirty hit there's nothing you do thought came down and landed on his helmet basically. That's what happens when your dancing bear you play above everybody. If Brock is on the field I have all the respect jailed Ramsey elect ourself he's difference maker and he's on the field. And that really a staple of their office to Jacksonville isn't that's going to be a problem and I projects and for new England's defense on that side as we continue to look for things to bust open his jaguars offense. Adrian Claiborne who they brought over this offseason from Atlanta was gotten already popped off the screen a bit their first game where great. No far Riley computers for if you should the line for New England Jackson goes currently eighth pick up. That means Tom Brady's streak of 51 straight games as a favorite. In jeopardy. And we'll get into more bright Las Vegas insider Doug and I talk about Valentin Riley she's not just updating us on morning distinction you're not she brings a lot more than table by the way five point since brought you like Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% more on car insurance. Visit us at Geico dot com or call 180947. Auto HUTO. Well second part of our five point CA it's Sam don't know what you front encore performance in week two after story for two touchdowns in week one Monday night against the lions. Since the AFL NFL merger of 1970. The only rookie quarterback to throw multiple touchdown passes in each of his first two games of the season. Marcus Mario into 150. Men. And going against Miami here Miami played you know the long been known to mankind against Tennessee with those couple of delays there. This isn't the most you know difficult defense in the world. Jeff certainly riding off that high and it. I know everybody's anointing Sam I particularly am gonna wait for a little while he certainly looks good in the pocket but I. I don't see why Mike he can't continuing this offense can continue to have success this week against his mind before. Well and I did I look more on the other side in the jets' defense Bibi sure commodity Wally young quarterback grows because. Over the years we've talked about quarterback coming into their prominence it's been Ben Roethlisberger Tom Brady coming into situations where they inherited great defense and there are allowed to grow into being the focal point of an offense. In this jets' coaching staff on offense. Continued to give him a chance create a game plan that allow him to take. Reasonable shots like we saw last week. But then have a defense led by Jamal Adams and companies who goes out there and can dominating stretches especially against the dolphins offense that still. Trying to find itself this the first time they've had Ryan can ill health the it would feels like forever so Adam gays in this offense. Working out the kinks. Yeah with all due respect to Sam Arnold things he did the thing that stood out to me on that money that game was that jets defense. New Jack city even though that was a new and on the right right greasy. That to me was what stood out and that's what I'm most curious about seeing if they can do that again. In week two that is an odd stat though that only Marcus Mario. Pistol from multiple touchdown passes its first. Two games of the spirit you just that would think that that would be the case with all these great rookie you know quarterbacks we've seen the cost us in the last few years Russell west I'm Russell Wilson done and that mixes are well three the first two years of is is for two years is seasonably for the year set the world on fire. Really really bizarre we continue. The chiefs are taken on the Steelers in Pittsburgh Kansas City one and four including playoffs against the Steelers under Andy Reid. Who should be since Tony thirteen. That is their worst record against any of the seventeen teams they've face multiple times including playoffs over that time frame. It's even worse in Pittsburgh. The chiefs have not won since 1986. Lost six straight now take that for what it is that's more what odd quirky schedule because none of these guys replaying back in 1906. That's just one of those statistical things from stands up for no real reason whatsoever. But the fact at Indy Reid's some house out found a way to beat Pittsburg. Would any irregularities at Torrey thirteenth is a little more noble. Yeah it definitely is a thing I look for in this game he is the pass rush of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And that defense of line against feel alive for Kansas City and just where that is good McCain had seven sacks. Seven sacks against Cleveland now that we've been alive and I know I've been struggling. Cantu lie and I think you'd better than the Cleveland line. With seven sacks they get pressure young quarterback in the Holmes I know as the big arm and he moves very very well so not only the pressure on him but can you keep in the pocket. But do you get rid of the ball like getting conflicting get a downfield. But that kind of pressure on a young quarterback taken to get rid of the ball off schedule. Megan get rid of the ball maybe more radically than I would want to that to me is when I'm the one penetration kills you know TJ watt put up the stat line up of the week one on defense. And a lot of it was getting behind the line of scrimmage and in the sandy Reid offense we've got a guy like tie every kill. Sure move player you're gadget player your guy behind the line of scrimmage as well as a downfield threat. Can you get in the backfield and disrupt that and entities run pass option because some of the plays that Patrick Mahoney hit on were short plays were run pass options worries hitting these guys on slant. For big yards the Steelers linebacker corps they lost Brian. Dropped markedly and athleticism and you rely a lot on your linebackers and those instances he did in those passing windows so could TJ watt and ideal line help make up for some of that getting their hands up in the U kick into the quarterback you know this is walls are unemployed and don't get there. Get up and try and make sure you can affect the pro I didn't just. A lot for the block if you listen that that's a bang it out if you really shut deadly rise well wait read the quarterback's eyes eligible we get a Don T did brother JJ doesn't back up wells anyone I know her better in the league without question and I'm really curious to see what we're gonna get him. From Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger I think he's gonna. The play is always told. He Ono thinks he's gonna play. I'm curious how they respond against a really quality opponent of accuracy off at home does. A really blast one last year on the road in Denver final game of the regular season is a different dynamic. You can beat this Kansas City Chiefs defense up the middle to that's the other thing that's for Pittsburgh wanted but let's go or more in here. My goodness that's aggressive. The vikings have won four of their last five meetings the Packers and look to win three straight against him for the first time since 0809. In between those runs the vikings went 110 and one including playoffs against me today. This will be Kirk cousins first heard game at Lambeau Field and we don't only Aaron Rodgers second game this season at Lambeau Field yet. Know what we do not I I am leaning toward I don't think he's going to play at a practice yet not like he can still step in and get the job done and beat anybody doubts that. The knee sprain and I think it's something if it is just a great water up through you know in the area of great one great conducts bill. A couple of weeks with torn up with a great to a good moral Oval Office definite soreness. And lack of moving around. And this Minnesota defense to stifle. From depression they can put on the quarterback Eric Schmidt had a monster game. Last week you all over the place as the safety yourself. I just have way more faith. Right now in this Minnesota defense I know Aaron Rodgers can be the cure all but I'm not a huge fan of their running game yet by any stretch of the imagination itself. I give I give a big plus to the Minnesota defense. Twice today twice you don't quite hit me when I'm Michelle I did do it yet as did heinous now if Minnesota should absolutely win this game. Aaron Rodgers is playing who write it off completely. The areas that I look for your Green Day Kazaa for I think three days actually pretty interesting Mohammed wilders and you combine him with what they've got Mike Daniels you've got a group look Daniel with Minnesota's offensive line to have teamed up that you've been susceptible blood. I still think. Too many weapons from Minnesota they get this done I'd we will get that was a four point stance we'll get to the fifth. Of the five points since are coming up after the break and balls which will be the highest rated as well. All week long even though both teams have yet to win a game trust me it won't even be close. Coming up how did their tie against the browns affect misty was re two point spread against chiefs. Kim Holmes engineer another upset we'll talk to a veteran handicap or. Remember when you couldn't order a ride in the rest of them or get online without hearing. Or get dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way. Introducing dominoes hotspots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. 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Presented by progressive insurance you've Ivan over the Virginia he's vibrant Biden ignited a toad I couldn't move my toes I drew my hand and I'm tapper all phone guess join us on the show pencil performance and boy we get torn I guess we have to finish up cliff with the finish up the five point stance. This is five point stand on goalie can lingo here we go. The giants are trying to avoid their second straight ode to start. It started 02 for the last five years the last time the giants sort of go into his over the last 2007 they did more suitable. That was also the last time any team in the NFC east started Owens who died the plants to what we think what you know that this is one of those nothing I'm. Either one of these teams really. While as me just say this can be a difference maker except. Photo of a computer. Result in the secondary is the problem for the cowboys' week eleven catches over our hundred yards last week and Jack minority have anyone of those game breakers but it's just a matter time he's gonna catch that short warn that people on whatever it is. And he is going to be the difference tonight. We just don't I think that old line for four. Dallas is just a little beat up with Trevor Frederick Miller and the center position. They're not what they've been. I just I'd just. I see the giants winning this one I see them winning it. Getting more running gamers take Lombard rhino a follow up follow up follow up and get that big run. But start to get more consistent there and I just POW in the difference too many weapons for the dad Dallas I think we forgot with the lack of balance last year for New York how good is. Defense can be and we saw shades of that last week a lot of talent there acting in New York Giants win this one pretty comfortable pretty comfortably says we'll get to more about this this game a little bit later. By the way you better not start 02 you'll have an 8% chance of making the postseason going back to 1990 when this playoff. Format without a high percentage 8% why wouldn't gamble only 28 teams I would not give blood that but I wouldn't gamble. On the information from senior handicap for Vegas insider dot com Brian Edwards. Who joins us now on the shell Pennzoil performance line taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level make the switch depends also ducks today. And Brian let's just jump in right there how much do you guys look at a stat like that in in terms of wagering how much credibility do the the sharks in Vegas put in the ideas of how difficult that is start ode to get back to the post season. Well you know there's all sorts of terms like that and but no I I look at the game by game bait is each week it got Donald I don't put a whole lot of stock in that good morning gentlemen thank trapped. Off by just throwing water on what we are talking about time all right so I well let let's get right to the form one man and how do you handicap the game if if you're. Out there wanna put a few shekels down and Green Bay and Minnesota and you have no idea whether error Roger gonna start and how you create a line for this. Well right now there is no lion available look that we can't get an out Minnesota minus seven convert the conduct and got after it then. Two day to day getting locked and not gonna play out Lleyton and that a market that if it Rodgers doesn't go I made Minnesota minus one. He doesn't go but I think he's more than a big point it hurts the lion. Bit the way that injury look even if he doesn't play. We don't have to get lapped the whole game that while it made Minnesota my my one. Our Brian Edwards senior handicap bird Vegas insider. Dot com so from unknown commodity in that game let's go to one more trying to figure out more about Kansas City is getting four and a half visiting Pittsburgh this weekend. How do you look at the young quarterback to lead Kansas City offense going into this. Why Ludlow detect the deck and he looked spectacular lap we in the -- career start to earn it like after yards or touchdowns without an interception. Tyreke kill looked like the most explosive player in the NFL eleven cuts is 268 all purpose yards. In the city thirteen and nine against the spread as a road underdog under and you read it certainly doesn't hurt our cause that you are kind of like five quarters. Last week blog began. He's starting to show the states or Europe turnover last week at 46 pick. I'm glad we want to start. So it was staying with a young quarterbacks what does it do week one whatever the line was for the jets in week one to now right against Miami in week two not a great defense and the game Sam Arnold had the incredible 76% completion percentage. What does that do when when trying to figure out a number. All certainly didn't how rating why did get have been upgraded. Donald took off that picnic and played out daily. Who you know. A lot of heated dapper probably would have bit. Our nickel lucky. I didn't get rehab right now who perhaps are we there yet but I don't know that will make the cut. I'd Vegas insider Brian senior handicap or rather from basins that are dot com Brian Edwards is with a to make sure got that once that ripe for ask my next question you said Big Ben has 46 picks in his last 41 games. Is that including playoffs are just regular season. All but. I. I'm not you know we'll edit. Player are reminded that great OK gotcha rummage around that Nellie asked about another look is Westgate has this one has a pick him. Between the patriots in the jaguars where we standing on this. Oh we're just a matter of principle Tom Brady and Belichick against the jaguars. Deadly lead to the pat I'm not there that's going to be one mile leg that without question I'll go to. It's probably good a good principal Alina and I just a few problems and Lonnie Julie got Bryant. Eddie Eddie quarterback in the debate about. What what is your Brian what is your. For lack of better term your lock for this week in the pro before you do do a little bit colleges are one that you feel good it's good about than any other one. Although Carolina what they'd at Marc Malkin the injury to Dioner Neil went beyond Jones the real killers. But the falcons those guys both we're in the global last year. Thirty year guys that started that they're looking Eden the two leading tackler or Atlanta last year and I know. Read all been out of that doubt inside and the pampered and drop tackle. Daryl Williams the loop Heatley got upgraded to probable upper bracket yesterday. How can add a home favorite their lap per liter only eleven and ninety to get this whereas the and on the plus side Carolina is when he and eight. Against the spread and it flat 48 games as a road underdog won back a thousand well so how they'd mop top of the campers got six. Are gonna Brian Edwards cedar handicap or Vegas insider dot com let's move over to college Alabama I've used to some certainly big lines they're giving twenty and a half at Ole miss this weekend. Jordan Tom O mobile guy kinda similar skill set wise to Chad Kelly had and one of those teams that really challenged Alabama does he put any fear and all you on this or you side with the tide. Well whenever we hear you put in the I'm gonna also play over our great Alabama 48 point favorite here. I love all that adopt that AJ brown argued that slot receiver. In the country became Metcalf in the market blogger also gonna play. On Sunday's vote. Old let them do their op Ed is did the heat that. It's awful they get about 38 and or pap alone and Internet yet southern Illinois. Last week. No I think Alabama's going to be able to run the ball at little. I get all this is really a war. As indeed they won't but now but yet be over. Opera opted to go higher goal in Alabama football history is back the previous it was the and they are going at work total in the week. Ever into problems have been blacked do we Gilbert hit on but old political 47 to act the act. They're pretty big to get southern Illinois I think all of their. Maybe they're quite ordered 48 but Alabama will work didn't want. And they feel like you're going to gain a competitive golf later talk market going one of the Alabama and also over 71. Brian quickly let's finish up by LSU Auburn where alien in there. Slightly to elect new. I love the labor or look to get quietly I'm not gonna. You know that war cleaner than pretty last week that you know let them scenarios and what then I'll with a ground opponent so. I believe Ellis he'd gotten that big number I really liked what I saw out of them get Miami you know. Our Brian thanks we'll talk to Iran appreciated thanks Brian. Out. Icon of two huge games in one stadium this weekend one in the NFL one in college in one of those teams playing one of those two games. Still other head coach. 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Are equal housing lender license and all fifty states. And MLS consumer access dot org number 33. This could struggle. Tackle Holmes did not play your rookie year at barely at all there's no chance I've got greater if you come the next you're like Saddam there's something amazing to me about the fact that he had to achieve chief executive win now that you have a goal now to a young quarterback I I'm a little surprised. And you wouldn't be ready sports that are brought you by progressive home insurance get recorded for our Today too busy talking to stand it again I you don't their job third row Mario hard whatever we can't let let's let's make people understand the guy who's producing yeah no doubt whose job that is the main. Still don't. That might have bad read and yet you're talking to him and his hair. Out that I had to do that you can read to your order you know what is the I. I am the thin fabric because actually to help because again we have a very millennial driven group behind the glass we've got you guys out here. And so I like to bridge the gap in the duke the problem is that a lot of times that means I have to conversation that's going to lie ahead at once. And at times. I don't do the best in dealing with I will admit my fault them. I think you just like using the word thin and yourself on the same page I patterned I understand that though because I always do two shows the one that comes out earlier in the one in my head. So were we I have to going on most of the Taj so I do appreciate I do those precede the skill with which you I am very thin and you while you're there are active. Singletary we should've stopped with but we got such a big fat wc games and tell us we're all including what we're gonna talk to the head coach TCU a little bit. As they welcome in Ohio State and you'll there's a lot of sort of layers to this day in the go back a few years wasn't that Ohio State president Gordon geek. A few years ago took that shot it right see as he did saying that they built what was the little sisters of the hour right now what I whereas he had of course apologize for that and such data those who Obey his. Here but did this game you know it's Ohio State team that that has been dominant or use or wherever obviously Urban Meyer goes bad the dominant talent and TCU that. I think. They're kind of caught between date they're looking to beat that they have a defense of minded coach Gary Patterson uses tough defense but in a conference where you don't see. A lot of that. But date they wanna be in that stratosphere but they're not in that stratosphere. So. There are good team that really plays well I think a chip on their shoulder all the time. Yeah I would qualify them as best to the arrest right we have the warrior early yet how would pull out all the teams that we knowing considers serious contenders. And then you have the best of the rest Mets headlined by. Gary Patterson is program web rewrite bid is consistently define they have they are pass. As anything you can think of especially in a conference work dirt definition differs from the norm what. I don't think I mean they're two touchdown underdogs that's an area us and I think with good reason like I think Ohio State could go out there and run these guys you think there's any effect on me for from. I'm I'm just for your time on the field. This is the last game more ram our will not be on the sideline for game day and this is the biggest. The best team they've played for the last two games or hasn't been either but he's been a practice. Since after week one he's been at practice but not on the field. Are on the on the sideline thinking time. I know for me. Wasn't it would've been and a an effect as a defense of climate and the age you'll know one of the people don't know author. Players spend way more time with their position coaches yeah as a head coach one more time now it all depends on the head coach is that head coach depending on what team. Are they calling the offer to plays are they calling the defense to play so. That could make it a little more intimate if they're not on the sideline. But but other than that players are dealing with their bare our coaches a little more so. I'm while I'm sure there's an effective not have them on the sideline I don't think it's it as devastating an effect as some may think that out of your head coach on the sideline well listen. At the end of the day the head coaches the CEO right he sets all the wheels in motion that Wales does their job that that's sort of the way this works right so you wanna make sure that head coach who's out there is healthy. And we had an issue recently in college football with the head coach who who couldn't get out there because of some serious. Not some series issues yeah yeah we did not Georgia State coach. They lost their game 41 to seven. But it Iger was either out or what play it was and after that the only touchdown they got or another big play their head coach Sean Elliott. Not really happy in fist pump really hard. You fist pumps all hardy tours spice up. And that was opposed TD fit a fist pump into eventual 41 to seven loss tours advisor could you imagine that. Being happy throwing up your fist and you're turning your vice. Wait is George is not the same school with a college basketball coach in the NCAA tournament wiped out. And towards Achilles in the in this net up so there's so front runner yet there's something with that with the coaches the Georgia State that they can't stop arming themselves they're real. Around on this like as a voter screwed out after that but that's tough call. One of those situations where I would rather do on the famed by five you don't receipts you guys take biceps and inner locket that midpoint instead of a high five all right I got some alternative nicknames but the by five is what will go with right now -- -- -- in that situation that seems like more could you get the port going the other way to mean dornin at a fist bump indicates a lack of training on this coach's part you're properly trained your biceps in awhile so they weren't ready for the kind of force you were trying to generate that scenario for your very limited success to meet got to look at the strength conditioning staff so you'll you call that the by five is that there are revitalized the 55 when you go inner part of the vice to inner part of the vice I will say this that's too. I give you could you slip this what an outing anybody heard it really hurt. When you when you were talking that we don't Brian Edwards senior any cover for Vegas insider. You said are you gonna side with the tide talking about the Alabama game. That's a teacher. I side with the tide Tunisia Pat Summitt a political plus side for the tide before your call homicide Tyler let me go back to your house they thorough court do you think there's an effective and I have an Urban Meyer on the sidelines aren't effective figured I think so just because head coaches used to handling all the things that come with game day option rights and that's one thing you're being asked I think having him back during the week is the bigger net benefit though because your point yet you work a lot more your position coach what if practices going a ride the beginning who's more likely to notice those things and stop it if need be who's used to spotting the signs. In a way to head coaches really uniquely capable of and I think it's applying that standard. Over and over into that's the difference to the Urban Meyers and Nick Saban is. They're used to applying that standard no way it raises everyone's. And they've already had two games where they had another person as the acting coach of the kind of used to that now as well Sally goes a one game they were all the sudden runners the first game without your head coach on the sideline and I'm more curious to see exactly how how how Hampton by five there are when he comes back on REI did. They'll Dobie high energy level in the bill absolutely I junior. Stay classy coming up brought might lose the trash talking battle was jailed Ramsey but how will play out on the field would get to that. Remember when you couldn't order arrive at the principal. Or get online without hearing. Or did Domino's delivery to over a 150000. Unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hotspots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark's not a no not a problem fight and ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them innocent people get dressed as limited time offer price for dismissed the libertarians are listening very respected by his numbers on topic he doesn't come as a.