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Best Of: Tedy & Teddy

Sep 14, 2018|

The guys talk about the Bengals big win last night, Jalen Ramsey continuing his trash talk before playing 5-Point Stance and talking with Tedy Bruschi, Teddy Atlas & more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remember when you couldn't order arrived at the principal. Or get online without hearing. Or did dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hot spots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark are not a no not a problem quite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them anything because we get dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are listening very respected by his comes on top and he tells them as a. This is the best ability and we go podcasts. Gay man buddy. Good morning welcome into another edition a goal can we Gilani is the radio ESP into the first two hours of the program henceforth now and forever glad you'll let us. On a football Friday Michael and Michael go junior tree we go here. Fellows we made it. We made it through another week another weekend to read through FL starts last night hole lock on on the army in the baseball races negate undercover amount of the and we got a big fight coming up. This weekend as well so law while football is certainly the that the main course there there's certainly a you can drink in the vapors of that sound but we do have some good sides. In this weekend has been a solid week of that overall and a week you tell hopefully at some point today did to my favorite headline I heard about not alas we spent a lot of time monitor first the last I trust will do the right thing that's it teased junior you're good at drew one job well done and where it would get all of that plus I'm here for as much trash talk between jail Ramsey and the patriots. As you wanna give me. I want all. I want all of I would swim and all I do as well what I was doing tired of some of the lines that that you hear yeah we ask why it's five Aaron Douglas drive. Oh -- very -- Is good enough -- and we -- we -- -- all of -- like -- -- -- that are really not -- -- -- -- exactly -- I didn't exactly where -- -- all of -- but we have to get an update on the most importance yes -- we -- a duel with this yesterday we had -- global on the plane and she blew our mind she just drops this little -- That via the plaintiff flying on an adult was trying a new boarding snowboarding yes which was window people who went first. Followed by people that sitting you know what it's a little. And then the aisle people. And we needed an updated she said well you know it's hard to tell because the plane was full player was in full flight attendant wasn't where they were doing as we're Rebecca said I'll party elected new boarding procedure to with a flight attendants. The unborn procedure but we have a witness we have eyewitness to this mind blowing event our researcher Riley is back with us after doing. While some humans work on the WNBA finals Riley you work through the new process the boarding procedure we need to know was a revolutionary. I got to seat when he sex and when Nancy. And record time Ozzy hello wheeled her written off to a window purse. So one of the first ones on lies so what are things Rebecca said was it was not a full flight so does that make it tougher to judge because it wasn't a full flight. Yeah I think she has a point there is luckily no and in the middle seat next to me sent off the legs don't win very judge blessings Wilson's that was a bass was that the best boarding you've ever been a part of I thought. So you would do it again. Used Sutton do you sign up for this boarding procedure going forward if they said every I don't know what you're born in. Are. Ordered to abort this honor Yelp review brought out via ha ha ha ha look this is important as I still think back to front. Most bit but there's said that was actually the slow I know and I I get a I just disagree. I mean I if I choose the version more I just have a carry on and don't need your overhead space and in Waltz into Miley here although she did a holy Grail is right there is walking into a situation where you don't have a seat mate that is the ultimate look what god did moment where does your next year in the infinite space there's been provided by the good lord now that is where it's not that structure out right there did you ever overhead bag. That your I deny checked bag okay so so that Rudy does that that no matter what process it is that is always gonna be. You know that's always going to be the way there to be overhead baggage say that it did not already said he did not have today off I'd say that's a listen. That's the most important information wouldn't give an exact or what I know it's everybody flies like Mike and I are both flying today or gonna see if airlines Orion and over on the same airlines or not it will we'll see if they change boarding procedures arrival owls throughout your wages they after the show about twenty minutes inducements and you're going to enjoy that myself and I know you're our. Let's start with what's trending and now what's trending as we're shaping up to have a really good battle for the final and a wild card spot potentially Manny Machado did this kind of thing. 32 but shot with a fly ball to center field meter gold back waved back at the wall and at the Holbrooke for management shadow. One night. Single or double a sac fly and I'll hold were on. The dodgers' lead it now and not deformed. That's a dull suits knows of one Charlie stood on AM 57 VOA's sports as much auto homered and drove in three. To back Clayton Kershaw on the Dodgers beat the cardinals 97. In the opener guise of a four game series now between these two playoff contenders which is going to go a long way to not only may be deciding the NL west and that's final wildcard spot as well now you're talking after the are done playing these last three game through about what 1012 more games that have. To decide to sell. Right now that's a battle for the spot it the Diamondbacks meanwhile put them in that conversation if you want put it through the cardinals and the Dodgers are not the beauty is. We always look toward the end of the season if you get those matchups of the two teams trying to decide is this idea of a couple of handful of the game after. This series is over it's nice to see where. Adds up after these next few games and this becomes I think it's interesting as we look at this certainly for the Dodgers from a national perspective I Saudi They did the other day the best and worst potential World Series matchup that we have out there are as you can imagine the doctors factor pretty prominently into a few of those being one of the bigger markets and one of the bigger brand names. But for them. You once Wong did bring in Manny Machado over there he's my Steelers it is just one big guy like ally to fire closed in today passing you get back and you wonder after the season what that holds if there're move doesn't pay off they don't get that playoff run out of the guy that's not guaranteed to be back with the. We're we sin and still have a shot at the divisions vote you talking game away for the second spot there with the cardinals put their game map out. Of the Colorado Rockies who lead that division and I hope we none of those scenarios. Where there are target about worst World Series like we were in new government well they were everyone they've read or Vanilla and best worlds and they were everyone no comment on. By the way sometimes you don't wanna move because the cardinals were 22 and six and August. They're five and seven and September we go back in time where we found out we can goods and ethnic at the top odds are really the cardinals would really like to go back in time just can we live in August and the answer sadly is no. Well this is. This a tough one Mets captain David Wright can return for the team's final homestand making what will probably be his last appearance as a big leader. The Mets that it planned activate right when they return to Citi Field on sept 1 September 20 against Atlanta. Right is scheduled to start at third base. On the second the last day of the season against might know what this is one of those were you sit there you look at the deal that was signed what 2030. You know I think eight years for 138 million dollars. And you sit and Mike I heard you talking about it this morning. Ruined talk about deals that don't working and you really can I I agree with you you can't factor injury into that if you make a deal. And the guy just plays horribly you say man we screwed that one up. But the guy's got all these these injuries that you just. And didn't have him going into yes I say I don't already damaged product and then side of that did you could be looked at you know little wait a minute. But it wasn't. He got all those injuries the last game you play was what may of 2016. Right crazy neck back shoulder injuries and he said basically the doctor told him. It's none of it's really going to get any better. So thirteen years and in a big league uniform for the Mets seven all stars and still has money already got twenty mil this year has got another 27 million over the next two years but. But it got Bobby Vinny event how about a guy everybody kind of rally in Iran and liked as the captain of that team fell accuser was a good leaderboard just. Very difficult when your only out on the field you know maybe a third of the time we. Contractor and Ed we talk about all the time what a lonely feeling that is drop back as players feel the burden of that like the one thing we've talked about this week with Aaron Rodgers. Wanting to be on the field is. He even said that's what you're paid to do is be out there and Aaron Rodgers the owner of a bright shiny new contract. David Wright on the other side that got that contract and I'm sure it's been difficult to say. Well as someone who is he talking about believes these colors for so long. Wants to be out there knowing full well all right this is what an organization that invest in the me I wanna be able to give back you can't well listen. Aaron's rod contract as the Chinese default contracts I mean bridge to that point you're right listen David Wright mean. Hasn't played just 116 he got really emotional talking about the news. So my teammates coaches and staff. At it's truly been an honor a life time to take the field of view and serve as your captain. So my closest friendships are formed. In that clubhouse and or certainly. You know we threaten be friends for life. It's a good stuff again man that's the good stuff right there you know you sit there and and but do you think your body size that deal in 2013. The big deal played a 112 games that your 134 games in 2014. Just got 382015. In just 37 and 2016 taught me. Yet it just like while this big deal and then. Injury cut him down such a likable guys while they're it's a shame it ends this way but Dallek a study here and for professional athlete by nobody wanting your anymore or your to beat up as in this case to any injuries to go on. And the we wish David all the best for the board to see in him one last time at Citi Field and that final homestand as they set against Atlanta. You mowing the rematch we've been waiting for and waiting for is finally happening this weekend triple Jeanne kanell Alvarez will meet Saturday in a rematch. For the WBA and a BC BC world middleweight titles again they had that controversial draw on 2017. Then there was this the steroids I mentioned so all kinds of stuff really we're all in this for a couple of reasons one deceive some likely way to do this is Stephen A Smith and Teddy Els. With the mouth against all remember this is off the heels of the Mayweather and Gregor I McGregor yeah kind of spectacle or him call that a fight of our respect that it's all about the price of the entertainment spectacles what that was and everybody was juiced up for an actual flight. Always thought would Callaway and triple G and then he got that draw so you're obviously new another almost common many as you mentioned the suspension. How I was looking at a lot of the expert what Teddy atlas and a little bit later. And it's scenery a few more liberal for triple AG you to look at Al over is that the kind of the technician the counter puncher. But triple AG a that is all the thought process and really had severe from. Teddy given he continuously tries to go to that body that he'll eventually Wear out Alvarez and and win this fight so Woolsey I mean I'm all in I'm definitely all anonymous to see it good boxing matches to his. I I love the show Mayweather. And I can't leave it twice Gregor I McGregor thank you very much I love that our dollar Gregor I now thank you Mayweather out I'd love that children I'm looking forward to lose by. To match Jack. I think just the substitute you got because that side too we can talk about forgetting Mayweather McGregor Mayweather and any fight who has been the defining boxer of a generation because of his defensive prowess yeah which never really make it even when we had may match a Mayweather and Pacquiao right yeah quite that was years after it should've happened. When the people still looks forward to because the names involved. Didn't produce a style that really excited of what these guys put on a very exciting brand of boxing it's an energy so much so that when I got the draw I don't really care because I. I had gotten out of that fight what I wanted which is being entertained by the process is so we have that to look for two again on Saturday night in a way that I think is unique in that sport right now which is. Kind of seemed more exciting matches pop up with this has been front and center sort caution before Barco you've you've you've you teach that in 84. This one Jibril you guys. Listen you guys got this far I'll be I'll be I'll be over a bridge a couple of snack. You guys can put ago apple will 4242 leader. I almost went right to override that makes all the sense in the world 42420. Right on back and forth to 42 snacks yes exactly right. Michelle what's trending would thus start a week two of the NFL season and ladies and gentlemen. RD Cincinnati Bengals for real listen it was quite the aerial show especially in the first half as indeed almost on touchdown passes day error about it. Dalton back to throw again looking right now throws over the middle part of the ten. It breaks. Into the end zone and be dolphins for a touchdown pass of the first half and the angles every store that three touchdown. Listen we don't have many parameters on the show we don't many foundations that we build on but we build on this when we are all four. Well local radio yeah. Play by play and then color homer guys and nobody does that better than Dave play from these are real enough forever used in 5030 in Cincinnati yet. Their goal you just didn't go for those watching on ESP into you sought you can physically you're. After the game on sports and the red rifled the ginger jar it. Andy Dalton was all. Happy and all he could say about a real Jeremiah green. Yeah I is wanna stay hot at that point you know keep give him opportunities Asia is so good and you know the way that he's making plays. Making guys miss after the cats in self. They Sammy gets instigating the ball where would we try to do that and nothing like gauges the best seemingly. He I may have been the best receiver in the league but obviously any Gomez a lot of confidence in April Jeremiah and company seem brought you by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans apply simply. Understand fully mortgage confidently and that is something interesting because I. I AJ green Antonio Brown all sort of there right right that last year AJ took a little step back and I think he sort of was left out of that discussion again it was I think he's trying to say guys I'm still and I look. Yeah I mean yeah team picture of about right here not at this point out many many people are gonna argue over the fact that happened at the Andy Dalton PR team out there last night he did hit after the game and he said he thinks AJ green is the best receiver early in the NFL that's it literally has played that sound OK good so far have seven argument the commerce. Well those sounds are still echoing earlier this is what happen to you ordered other road read the I would have. Good to show it in the show or all of a sudden I find out can't stand the car producers never had a nerd broke before and I'm aghast so how much this is a conversation hi guys or have employed as a way to produce I assume that I thought my shirt and everyone knows it's just not my register and let not let me just say. Look many job. Apple Elvis. We noticed so against whatever point you're making junior continues sorry did semi lucid and are dropping it is one of the greater Kennedy's out there at the fact that dance stands at an avid movie go to has never had a nerds are open is like I mean shocking and it has it all started with fund dip. Or. Statistics so our producer who which it put the days are Purdue. Upload all her producer whose job it is to keep everybody out there on the straight and pass the ball we're talking about your every decide conversation with my kids were talking about football about a nerd and I didn't have traded at confidence the India it will aren't we're trying to get on the lie Romero and standing is putting us over winding and why molded into this summer gradually are well some important all right guys opt nerve drove discussion for the summer book. Foot ball discussion for the fall book and if you're a Bengals fans ladies and gentlemen I have good news for years. The bagels have scored at least 34 points or the 34 exactly yes in their first two games over the last ten seasons. More teams have scored at least 34 points. In their first two games. And three of those four window into the soup ulcer drug suggests that nobody assets that. Will be dancing and it adds in Super Bowl fifty battery. In all serious this is. In this version of the AFC north where we just saw the Steelers and the browns don't I don't know what you are doing no we don't we don't know idea and in this AFC that we talked about much weaker looking conference on paper than a Tennessee town counterpart coming into the season. At least root for someone to step forward in sort of grab the reins and we'd want. Texans didn't look all that great for how much we hype them up in the offseason Andrew Luck and really the AFC south is still kind of coming into the four I did the titans some time because. Playing in the longest game and analysis tutor in history gives the dart on yeah not exactly the purest litmus test. This is a box from the Bengals who looked pretty balanced that Geno Atkins Carlos Dunlap on the defense there gonna get bonds has Bertha back from suspension. Some point you know our religious senate again I mean I don't know after week whatever rescinded crazier thought every saying the JETS jets jets jets. Well they play at a division without OT Trent your. By the way very interested to see a I just wanted to point this out because the Bengals player on Thursday night that they could be forgotten in the walk on and keep in mind for next week's top five man listen again when we get to next week's top five we have more than one game suited to match over with so it'll be a larger sample other things will come into play they'd be juror third ranked team in this week's top five handily by the yes I mean that get that is one of those days where it was closer to Baghdad later when repulsive course was this was they they announced their presence with a four they did ski tournament minus eleven. Go with good windows and great way Bjorn and Michael senior. By the way I just had like an oil change on the fly did a stock car race NASCAR performance might earpiece. Just fell off now. I don't know where as I was walking around it fellow cyclists to hear what's being played. You can hear there's a plastic two Moyer doesn't really help much so stanza came in like a good pit crew. Got Aminu went Bogut who are sort of headphones earbuds like Mike god were your reporter. That's what is what is got so sick about earbuds until -- hits the fan I don't and I won over your your program worsening an old school works out pretty well their home the only earbuds headphones that money don't you address in my spare time minor by the wireless and hasn't but apparently haven't haven't how many bugs he had actually more than what you don't know I have I have these I have repair the wireless the same thing at the white wireless. I'd I would I was looking at you could you collect. All the shoes I thought you might have like in gold. In red know he had a guy like that I am truly know I I say that in jest Miami head don't present like I bought like these are the ones that came with my phone when I originally bought in 1942 I guess it's all right guys Shia carry it back with the ball well. Oh yeah the yeah. Yeah. Saban himself earlier sell her every here's our rescissions are you ever prime all mighty my thought about just how it can be an Iraq that is going to be in the hallway what color American issues you prefer quiet and all I'm going to go away. While obviously yellow or gold doing gaudy as Peter radio ideas into presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the cell pencil performance line. It is time for straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts and the street dodges. What color America. Right through the cheese battle may be later because we got its other people talking cheese that we are really excited about is a rematch. Of the AFC championship game from a year ago week two of the NFL's regular season except this time the party is in Jacksonville. As the jags coming off that week one when welcome in the New England Patriots also coming off from week one win over the Houston Texans now jailed Ramsey deed for lack of better term. Loquacious and I Jacksonville quarterback has had himself quite an offseason as the death which in an article GQ we basically ranked every quarterback by his metrics most of them were trashing us there were and many also went in on on. Rob Gronkowski. The patriots outstanding tight end. I've basically said yeah he's good. But he's not really good what he's matchup with a corner as supposedly smashed up with a linebacker. So Jalen was asked about that as he prepares to meet drunk on the field. It being good at not being exposed that he's good it is. You say this to me is supposedly bring fearsome as I'm not today a fair comment period. So he ought to come out there a lot of form or however it goes on me that you got to play got to play this issue. Yeah they are gonna play at the statistics do show run when you line up against quarterbacks. He has not has good games I think the completion percentage base who are around 50% and everybody else there was like. Read around 6970%. Completion percentage so by percentage. Jalen Ramsey has been correct so. Woolsey where that matchup coach here so obviously if Jalen was asked about those things you know Rogge was asked about the earnings. And people can think they've crawled is a big dumb animal he really isn't Mel I had. Actually much smarter. Than people wanna give credit to him at the beginning and at the end and correct yes and this is Ron being asked about that status and whether or not he is better. Against deep a linebackers that he is against quarterbacks and grown refused to take the bait in a way that only grown could. Criticism seems to be lost they now. Was that you didn't do your struggle against corners Europe reference to go into corners vs linebackers what's on these things. Now I burglars delighted. I mean not in the blocking game but when they dropped in the passing game. It's an awesome beautiful it's beautiful got a lot not taken the bait basically is what he said and I'll duel with a ha ha we Hugo I'll look yourself. Yeah he definitely doesn't with the stood the subtlety of a sledgehammer ego sometimes it motivates just sometimes it doesn't speaking of that. Sure I mean there's always the motivation you're looking for I mean it doesn't doesn't. It so happens trickier there. Doesn't get doesn't give you answers you looking for that. That was torture question you're trying to get really serious right. If it does or doesn't you know I mean. Yet does that mean it motivates you in that. You know obviously there's there's something out there that he saw on film stuff probably give better. A full book and in some certain categories I mean. You know we feel about us every single naming on the field so. That's how it feels a total news. Love love you man it sure sisters thought you're gonna get me so in keeping score yeah. What do we say about general Ramsey last week. O'Dell had eleven catches for over a hundred yards but didn't have that big Jacksonville of course afterwards saying he didn't get that big. Breakaway. Reception. You know that short catch that leads to a seventy yard touchdown. You have eleven well over a hundred. And Ely missed on a couple that could have been bigger. So in order give Jalen did you win or lose that match up against O'Dell would you say you know I mean it's imperfect too because not all of those were diggreel I'm sorry but all we talked about was that match here here's a here's what I would say that I would say. That if he didn't bust the game and break open the game that's a win. That's a win for the for the bottom line at Jacksonville got the win yet and and O'Dell didn't record the game road Elden wrecked again. O'Dell also oddly enough and we talked about everyone it Jalen Ramsey ran down a list of O'Dell was not mentioned in that not a jail and Ramsey was also very quiet in the week leading up to it. You have a filler because there are guys who work he clearly talks about guys he respected certain points and I had to measure O'Dell falls into that predict he's aware position DB is a lot like offensive line works you can spend the majority of your time doing very well and if you have a few instances where things go wrong you have about my game as opposed to being a wide receiver that's a lot like being a defensive climate only need one or two big play my game for a to look good for you know I. I completely agree and are gonna lie I can endure about. I fear no man thing is that one as I fear no man I mean McKellen is clear about I don't know man Omaha for a man woman dog now I just love though your spiders and I fewer students over a do as yours and you're no man thank you won't. You that you saw that we have here we did the snake alias ball out of body feeling out hard pass I believe how hard pass on the house down the house for sale this process start. From scratch but so going into this match up this weekend. Looking at these two teams because we talked about the week one when they got and for the jaguars they beat a giants team that we're all kind of unsure of but bad matchup for the giants certainly. Up front on the offensive line and the patriots beat Houston team that we remember the Houston patriots game from last year was not merely what we. And the patriots still didn't get a huge win that one so going into this week. Who do you think we learn more about coming out of this matchup is a new englanders in Jacksonville I think we know what the woodlands going to be rights or they will learn more about Jackson. That's a way I look at I think that's a known commodity. In the patriot. Really because I think the no commodity in the patriots Tom Brady I think we learned about the rest of the weapons on offense and a defense that's not a Matt Patricia outfit anymore I think it's worth noticing what you're going to see develop. Met here and here but I think I think we know from New England that Tom Brady leads a steaming you don't know how it's gonna get landed you don't know who remain receivers going to be they may run the ball ten straight times are fifteen straight times. You don't know where that's an ago and we Jacksonville we know. They don't wanna put the game unlike poor state listening in last week's number one first down wins the game in the third and six dive play. To. 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Ratio approval only doubt uncertain thirty year purchase transactions additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans data in comparison to public data record equal housing lender license and all fifty states. And MLS consumer access dot org number 33. Why do those on a Friday morning go doing go ESPN radio when he has into we are presented by progressive insurance all of the longest join us on the show opens a performance line. Michael Michael junior tree we go here with you okay I didn't notice this phenomenon that's happening behind glass reports that well somehow they've got a challenge flag in their from an NFL game. And they just continue to throw that flag around inside the Booth all the time that Asia so what guys should somebody speak up what's the judge whether bubble boy why they Galley why are we throwing around like herald flag on on in there withdrawn. You give me flag and it the wrong I had no idea why donors no real reason digital he is have a toy and you just play with. Aren't good concert I honestly welcome honestly I except that bush and you guys race that you guys have a millennial staff on here I don't often says bit on this show I identify. Much more with the people behind us open you guys just because of the age gap here and it creates an interesting dynamic for us to talk about does but I also can understand why give George is given something like that. You've got to throw and play with that word generation that was force fed sugar a lot of different forms coral messed up because of it pixie sticks digits manners you guys fittest I found my digits and the other day wanted to treat one's. What. I don't understand that one at all look at this thing luminous I don't know much thing it's intoxicating. You just get the speed you can feel the weight about a little birdie things that you could balance on your finger there waited so you've put a little behind your finger their fervor watching on ESPN two you're getting a real treat right now for radio theater of the mind goes a little birds that have the way to beat did you put the pointing your finger and it balances there and it's like magic. That's basically the exact version of what you're dealing with a fitted Spinner voted moved selflessness and there's nothing like that Alfred just there's just something that spins it doesn't that I get the balancing bird thing that's pretty wild the release of stress ball bowl one you spin instead just something mindless to do to kind of relax you and all this because. I would generation that spent time chugging its. Pixie sticks aging funded a big give us a candy so messed up and full of sugar that you could eat the U potential upon which you clearly the sugar TE pleaser your dad and I can top that kind of sugar wheat recent proposal. Goksel a piece of paper all your hours it was just a little dots on a piece of paper you just licked them off back. And then and then let's not him forget about the little recruiting resort swallow the whole thing and leading plastic we eat plastic and insure you guys you realize you don't have been the corners street are and I'm sure she'll products OK okay we're going on for a long time ours are better. While T well I know you guys failed to do is be able hold your attention span for more than bearing on any thing there it is whole Luis Ortiz there was an idea that era let's let's let's move on. I believe it or what we'll come back to a any dogs on to some than. Through four in saves on something I said he's all into something board touchdown passes in the first half three to eight real Jeremiah agree he's to propel the bagels. Over the Baltimore Ravens 3423 Thursday summit on assays up and they jump out then they jump. Or let you read it and I heard there was all this up Riyadh they jumped all over a Baltimore in this one we're we're wondered which of these two teams could possibly. Challenge Pittsburg open thread are all we know to show what we're getting right there because we know waving guns out there or James Connor did your game and elegant and noble Roethlisberger or not. Sure about either but Cincinnati for our offense we talked about their weaponry even though they did go after these touchdowns five streeters are out punting so. The consistency factor may not be there yet. But these two teams that are trade the end of the show both you and I picked Cincinnati thinking they had more fire power on offense in the first few weeks that show. It has put out to Joseph Flacco in this ravens out their credit they're all points in the third quarter in the fourth quarter where they really got humming John Brown held an addition had a freak so catch for a touchdown for emulator Willie seeded they brought over free agency in a Michael Crabtree was the headliner certainly the biggest name of that group but it's a group that certainly. Both sides have given more to their quarterbacks to work with the mayor used to. It just so happens that. Andy Dalton has AJ green who is probably one of the handful of best receivers. In the NFL and that offense read on the top and what they can be can may develop that consistency enough to be a real player went always helps is when you get taken out your game plan all the sudden Baltimore thrown the ball 55 times Cincinnati gets four sacks you know lacking it's a couple of those. And that's what happens it'll all Lyman worst fear Ernie did Limas best dream. Is when you know you gotta throw the ball it's just ten years back is at the line to get after it as an old line all you have to do is pass block all my which is in the most fun thing in the world but it's also that difficulty in getting yourself out of that mindset when you have that big lead may talked about it within the after. The most difficult thing to do some times a play with a lead treasurer is Jim your natural tendency is to relax all the sudden you relaxed with that 34 touchdown lead and and get back into it yet okay we've got to wake up and do things the way we were early on yeah. I'm not I'm not given up on Baltimore but one thing that has to get fixed. They've had no running game sorry for the first two weeks I mean. Alex Collins I think had less than twenty yards 25 yards in week one is nine a 35. In week two so they they have. Broke all the things we've seen out of Flacco and his ability to up they'll make plays of these new wide receivers there's been no consistency in the running game through two weeks of the Baltimore Ravens. And that's some mid got to address by the way. Andy Dalton is only the third player to for four touchdowns and happy and the ravens join the likes of Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Ultimate never thrown more touchdowns in his first eighteen career starts. In primed to listen we we of note any dog has had some pretty good seasons at time what's the hang up not our ball more this whole thing. Thought OK to play out all the postings is that what happens going forward. Well again we talked about the slow earlier Nick Young. Probably regrets doing this because now they're gonna he's gonna get asked about a by not showing up. He called a guild glorious agent zero the former NBA player to compete in a shooting contest Serena said shore he showed up. And showed up in a gym bag with a pair shoes. And a duffel bag with a hundred. K in cash. Young didn't show. So Gilbert waited around for awhile zed boom may not Indy five of a hundred three's 9500. And said no yet where yet. Yet nick. How do you. Call somebody else like that and then during the show up. I mean Nick Young who is gonna get roasted big time for this one in this you know in his peer group or what without question minister realize talk about what how second play in the locker room. This is year old peer group where the minute you challenge them do. He showed a beauty show lot. Now he should all be show what do bag of money here to show off you might have been afraid of what else do what Arenas might ahead in the bad answer to. But the but they don't overdo Marvin and and make make that. Joining me in all of our challenge anybody that is in eight putting your money where your mouth is just talked about offered to do it that demonstrative way. A break I don't even know how you'd collect a hundred grain cash legitimate buried in your backyard as we've said. If you're walking into her gym and our thousand dollars and a duffel bag at first I redundant news. Whenever you take it out of the wall somewhere that if I as it hack. Man Jones when shuttle to a strip club in Vegas without garbage bag I think full of a million dollars and just started throwing things around a Miller. An idea that you typically that he spent a million that weekend he spent a million early August came in at a strip club is of is a bit and don't let it be a strong garbage now is dollars in tax. Video of that someone overseeing I remember seeing Obama and Hillary were that that we can that's that that's a weakens us that that led us to that rice or question on goal and we what are you most confident in that you put a hundred gain a duffel bag. Where what were you put your money where your mouth as. And mine is simply on this I am a thousand blocker like mother presence on the plus some of the doesn't look at their report to monetize. And as always go out and exclude every time you say that rhyme that you don't say it wrong it's a little tongue twister you got beat Joseph so and. You would now. John I probably have a dozen times on the hill. If you walked toward the back a 100000 dollars and your own money you set it on that table yet conference you can do yes that you would lose I don't read if you didn't in any setting. Like I just did the air I don't know I'm talking like hello I'm talking with a crowd at halftime of the Super Bowl win thomas' funeral or did you just like you can make a four foot putt out today viewer I play a bit of a 100000 dollar lol why I was there I would much be much more scared about a four foot putt that in about nail that so you can put our what would you put on. Rendell for I heard you know what I would a hundred grand down for me. Would probably be finishing meals on calm after police fast or if I had to do something actually competitive I'll get somebody yeah in my reply and I wanna run that would anyone who wanted to admire a day OK what about you real quickly to stanza suddenly what recession whatever. Our mind would be when. Us through got through that that was me. Even the donuts Arianna how many DAX amount of doughnuts and like two hours on the show like five minutes this guy he did that I ordered easily what went and I destroyed by a 38 doughnuts in 38 many donuts in like eight minutes. I destroyed him I ordered easily that morning brought in Hiram I'll money related on the table. Knowing full well how do I say if it comes to any competition was duke got to bring that money now he will steal that money when you're not looking good. I did what I that was an actual competition I had with him and one that I I would have brought it on a thousand dollars a mile money out was that this is about confidence. I just as Dover is so that problem I was that confident. That I could be more doughnuts the two guys and not that company the stands is like please mother of god all of us and who's talking about nerd and mural was in football it's plea nacho so you know let's get back dogged the ball with the five point six. This is five point stand on goal McGinley no. All right here we go five points to Israel we do the National Football League let's start here. No in his career against the jaguars including playoffs is most wins without a loss pursue a single point. He's thrown nineteen touchdown passes in two receptions both in one game in those eight games this week. Will be Brady's third game at Jacksonville what do we expect. Man. I'm such a fans Jacksonville defense music they do have many homes as well. I'm looking forward to the gronkowski match up were granted always if they're saying I don't know how many times ran two elected beyond broker gronkowski we have no idea about that what Kuwait's state. And here is always wonder about. What doing what is going to doing this particular game who is going to be that guy. And art are I have I have a lot of confidence in the Jacksonville defense what worries me. Newsletter Cornet. I don't think he's going to play without him yet to practice this week so I don't I don't think he's going to play and I think that that hurts them offensively. But yelled that would be that the Bellwether now a case. It is a tough it's tough for me to go ensuing would in this one here and I love rejects who did that movie Jack's office doesn't do enough for me. Yet worth noting too for the New England offense racked her Rex Burkhead was limited yesterday I think he's still in the concussion protocol what they have the other they'll find another bad as what they do they'll find a guy and I guess I'm saying they're starting to lose out on guys define because Sony Michel also been limited were dead even since the pre season so. You couple that. I'm gonna pick New England in this one for the same reason I think. Blake morals is too limited to have that success especially early on now we saw the way public morals develop down the stretch last season ahead a month of December that I love all kind of questioning threatening. Breading it's gonna take awhile to get back to that we're especially with the new faces on this offense listen here's the biggest thing if you wanna be honest about this rematch if you wanna call that in the AFC champs of game. Leonard Cornet may not be on the field. Rob Gronkowski is going to be on field number that hit from Barry church right whether it was not a dirty hit there was nothing you do grant came down and landed on his helmet basically. That's what happens when your dancing bear you play above everybody. If Brock is on the field I I have all the respect jailed Ramsey elect ourself he's difference maker and he's on the field. And that really a staple of their office to Jacksonville isn't. That's going to be a problem and I projects and for new England's defense on that side as we continue to look for things to bust open his jaguars offense. Injuring Claiborne who they brought over this offseason from Atlanta was gotten already popped off the screen ended their first game. We're great no fire around you see this for she says the line for New England Jackson goes currently eighth pick up. That means Tom Brady's streak of 51 straight games as a favorite. In jeopardy. And we'll get into more bright Las Vegas insider Doug and I talking about Valentin Riley she's not just updating us on morning for engineers not she brings a lot more than table by to a five points is brought you like Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% for more on car insurance. Visit us at Geico dot com or call 180947. Auto HUT oh. Well second part of our five point CA it's Sam don't know what you're for an encore performance in week two after towards the two touchdowns in week one Monday night against the lions. Since the AFL NFL merger of 1970. The only rookie quarterback to throw multiple touchdown passes in each of his first two games of the season. Marcus Murray Gilda in 2050. Men. Pot and going against Miami here Miami played you know belongs been known to mankind against Tennessee with those couple of delays there. This isn't the most you know difficult defense in the world. The jets certainly riding off that high and it. I know everybody's anointing Sam I particularly am gonna wait for a little while he certainly looks good in the pocket but I don't. I don't see why Mike he can't continuing this offense can continue. To have success this week against his mind people who I did I was more on the other side in the jets' defense Bibi sure commodity Wally young quarterback grows because. Over the years we've talked about quarterback coming into their prominence it's been Ben Roethlisberger Tom Brady coming into situations where they inherited great defense and are allowed to grow into being the focal point of an offense in this jets' coaching staff on offense. Continued to give him a chance create game plans that allow him to take. Reasonable shots like we saw last week. But then have a defense led by Jamal Adams and companies who goes out there and can dominating stretches especially good to dolphins' offense that still. Trying to find itself this the first time they've had Ryan can ill health the wood feels like forever so Adam gays in this offense working out the kinks. Yeah with all due respect to Sam Garland things he did the thing that stood out to me on that Monday night game was that jets defense. New Jack city even though that was a new Phnom right Brian greasy. That to me was what stood out and that's what I'm most curious about seeing if they can do that again in week two that is an odd stat though that only Marcus Mario. As told from multiple touchdown passes its first. Two games of his career. You just that would think that that would be the case with all these great rookie no quarterbacks we've seen the cost us in the last few years Russell west I'm Russell Wilson done and that Nixon Karl -- the first two years of is is for two years is seasonably for it years set the world on fire. Really really bizarre we continue. The chiefs are taken on the Steelers in Pittsburgh Kansas City one in four including playoffs against the Steelers under Andy Reid. Who should be since Tony thirteen that is their worst record against any of the seventeen teams they faced multiple times it would. Playoffs over that time frame. It's even worse in Pittsburgh. The chiefs have not won since 1986. Lost six straight now take that for what it is that's more what odd quirky schedule because none of these guys were playing back in 96. That's just one of those statistical things sort of stands up for no real reason whatsoever. But the fact that Indy Reid's some house out found a way to beat Pittsburg. Would any irregularities at Torrey thirteen is a little more noble. Yeah it definitely is a thing I look for in this game is the pass rush. Of the Pittsburgh Steelers and that defensive line against fuel line for Kansas City and just where that is good McCain had seven sacks. Seven tax. Against Cleveland now that we've been alive and I know I've been struggling. Cantu lie and I think it's better than the Cleveland line with seven sacks they get pressure young quarterback in the hole I know as the big arm. He moves very very well so not only the pressure on him but can you keep in the pocket. To do you get rid of the ball like getting conflicting get a downfield. But that kind of pressure on a young quarterback taken and get rid of the ball off schedule. Megan get rid of the ball maybe more radically than I would want to do that to me as well most of what penetration kills you know TJ watt put up the stat line up of the week one on defense. And a lot of it was getting behind the line of scrimmage and in the sandy Reid offense we've got a guy like tiger retail. Your move player your gadget player your guy behind the line of scrimmage as well as a downfield threat. Can you get in the backfield just rough that and the Phillies run pass option because some of the plays that Patrick Mahoney did on were short plays were run pass options worries hitting these guys on slant. For big yards the Steelers linebacker corps they lost Ryan she's here. Dropped markedly and athleticism and you rely a lot on your linebackers and those instances begin those passing windows so could TJ watt and ideal line help make up for some of that getting their hands up for the do you kick it to the quarterback you know this is walls anyway all you don't get there. Get up and try and make sure you can affect the pro I didn't this. A lot for the block if you listen that that's a bang it out if you really shot yet they might well await re the quarterback's eyes eligible we get a Don T did brother JJ does that about a wells anyone I know her better in the league without question and I'm really curious to see what we're gonna get from. From Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger I think he's gonna play. There's always room. He Ono thinks he's gonna play. I I'm curious how they respond against a really quality opponent. And curtsy off at home does a really blast one last year on the road in Denver final game of the regular season this a different kind of you can beat this Kansas City Chiefs defense up the middle to that's the other thing that's for Pittsburgh wants to buy eligible more in here. My goodness that's aggressive. Of the vikings have won four of their last five meetings the Packers and look to win three straight against him for the first time since 0809. In between those runs the vikings went 110 and one including playoffs against me today. This will be Kirk cousins first per game at Lambeau Field that we don't normally Aaron Rodgers second game this season at Lambeau Field yet know what we do not I I am leaning toward I don't think he's going to play a practice yet not like he can't still Stephan hit the job Donovan anybody doubts that. The knee sprain and I think it's something if it is just a grade one or approved you know in the area of great one Greek debt still. A couple of weeks of soreness with a grade two it's going to be more Oval Office definite soreness and lack of moving around and this Minnesota defense to stifle. From depression they can put on the quarterback Harrison Smith had a monster game. Call last week you all over the place as the safety yourself. I just have way more faith. Right now in this Minnesota defense I know Aaron Rodgers can be the cure all but I'm not a huge fan of their running game yet by any stretch of the imagination so. I give I give a big loss to the Minnesota defense. Twice yeah twice you know it twice hit you know I'm desire distant yet it's dead heinous now if Minnesota should absolutely win this game. Aaron Rodgers isn't playing and write it off completely. The areas that I look forward to your Green Day who's up for I think three days actually pretty interesting Mohammad wilders saying you combine him with what they've got Mike Daniels you've got a group blog Daniel with. Minnesota's offensive line to have teamed up that we've been susceptible blood. I still think. Too many weapons from Minnesota they get this done. It was all sort of one big giant yellow molded very interest in where that's why. So why did to be joined as we will throughout the entire season but are finding ESPN and a finalist Tedy Bruschi in studio really given us the straight talk. Brought to buy straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts he's been doing it for a decade here now ESPN. I still can't believe in it yeah canoeing and understand there were by factors flies does yeah it is amazing. I think it's too and then this I love Friday although I don't I don't I don't Wear them at the weekend crew or anything like that this is really the end of my week is so. Football starts for me I drive home Aussie my my son's high school foot hey that's the good stuff it's it's as well as I would balk he's doing well yeah we're nearly his junior now. Much more skilled than I was actually a play Dallas offense guard defense just tackle right he's running back. I'm back today and always a linebacker shocked by how I. And it's taken rescue placed linebacker 2.0 oh. Do Bruschi 2.0 better aster data. Updated. They're got a nice Reba how that got the cool thing yeah odds are thought you were saying Friday of practice who's usually your favorite. Data week. Mine was always senator walk through this Friday when I was when we're playing a reporter Ryan if we have lost. We went pads. Or or at least shoppers right most of time pads as you go Wednesday Thursday Friday now I know you they can only really don't want to weaker fourteen for the season. So sometimes I hated Friday. Practice who's read Soviet pads the senator walked there was always about some especially one of the rookies running don't get there in the mortar right now rescuing the Dunkin' Donuts they're in that area ams and all that stuff I was that rookie had to bring them in a while to. Bring the whole box of cards yes yes that's good yeah that's up a bottle coffee and a plastic bag alignments are great time and are not. I Teddy let's get in the first and foremost we twos already underway with the Thursday night game. The Bengals for the first time in franchise history of scored thirty points and each of the first two games what do we make of what we think. To Cincinnati so far oh. I know how I mean I think the guard Jake Kirkpatrick and special 2.2 email to a though and things like that without breaks. Let him you gotta help me by you have nothing for the the entire weekend I can understand where he's from them employees how he's feeling right Greg we got the victory I don't got to worry about anything even another opponent until probably next week yeah we're pretty good. And they look pretty good last night I say offensively for this spurs Cincinnati. They looked different when Joseph mixed in with either in or out right it was just different what what Joseph was doing in terms of may be. A three yard run by Geovany Bernard was a 45 or six yard run by mixed in because of his strength and explosion and even a little check downs where. A burst he has from zero to five yards is is impressive to me is something that I noticed and so that type of efficiency in that running that running back having him in there there's a difference in that offense. AJ green. Is that you got to find I think that's we were how we would game plan them in the during the week is the first thing you would say it's where is easy and that is the outside is the inside and when he's inside you got to find some way to Dublin because it's it's a lot easier to have those combinations the double number it. They just find a way to get him open he had spectacular and two. He certainly did our first time in his career he's a red two touchdown catches in the first quarter beginning at three in the first half so that's how it got started. Arm and led them I think the one of the big marquee matchup this week is going to be the pitchers going down to Jacksonville. To take on the jaguars. Look obviously is a huge skittish quarterback and with Tom Brady overplayed portals but how much does it help that. That listen grub is going to be their memory missed most of the AFC championship game after that concussion when he sort of fell on very churches helmet coming out of the sky making that catch. He is going to be on the field that looks a letter for that may not be projects. I think that's a big thing for Jackson that that's that's who they don't have four net. I mean like I just talked about genomics and six rounds of six yard run rather than a three yard run by Geovany Bernard maybe that's the same that's that that's physical presence I don't know as a defender. If I got that back there. Your play actions going to be your collections gonna be more effective too because I'm when I respect that run a little bit more. And I heard how we talked about the quarterbacks trade portals and Brady there's a big difference but there's a big difference in terms of who they are but portals. The best Blake portals I've seen in the past as when he is simple and he's he doesn't like what he sees his number one receivers not open and he takes off. Because he's got a running tied in basically I mean he's 64236. However big he is and he's athletic and he can run and I remember that playoff run they had. He just take off and move those chains in the divisional round about. In Georgia's third and ten he's running third mate he'd convert that probably borders I think is dangerous. So and then there's that the fog or having because we're on the side in the microphone on the Jalen Ramsey kind of smack talk that he is had via ground are koskie had a very entertaining answer. To a lot of that but. The stats do bear out that when rockets are by linebacker safety he kept the ball base there on 7% of the time and by cornerback. 50% of the time. Why. I'm not sure. Maybe it's just the quarterback to when he sees that corner match up by means the placement of the ball he's a little bit more careful I'm not sure those those numbers depending on who with a quarterback I tell you wanna buy into no doubt but then David it's a pretty big difference in disparity of of a percentage against a quarterback you you probably gonna have tighter coverage if it is a linebacker or safety I tell you that because I mean in jail ends on him he's got that links that a lot of defenders don't have that. It's always gonna. Turned into a jump ball situation. It's at a UN gronkowski so. I mean that's that's where they would have success are anticipated Jalen on him on it every down basis but it's gonna happen right and I respect the trash talk I mean I mean. Mean they won't they'll suppress it in the wingman locker rooms until Sunday and beaten when they get between the lines I mean. He was before the AFC championship game last year when Brady even took a look them up but instead a few things to win this that the passage of time just all the toda. Every time even with without us in practice I mean it was trash talking this isn't yet a friend of mine you try to. You know China have that you wanna give them any bulletin board material I understand that that's the jailer Ramsey dusty Ty Law. Where he talked one of the great quarterback that. That play for us who was we put him on Jerry Rice Michael Irvin didn't matter in time I would say whatever he wanted to say for a time so you. You'll host disregard the corner with a big match. Well Nancy it already asked you what's gonna happen is exactly listen that's a position where you better have a lot of companies have short memories so it probably works to his advantage. And you mentioned build the build doughboy the trash talk a little listened to rock here. You know working with the media because I think people had this image of grunt of what he is and what he isn't and I think he's actually the exact opposite so this is. This is people in New England talking to rock about what Jill Ramsey says. Sure I mean there's always the motivation you're looking for I mean it doesn't doesn't. Mean it's so often happens trickier there. Doesn't get doesn't give you an answer are you looking for. That was torture question you're trying to get me to say sound very. If it does or doesn't you know I mean. Does that mean it motivates you in that. You know obviously there's there's something out there that he saw on film stuff that probably give better. A full book and in some certain categories I mean. You know how we feel best every single naming on the field so. The assumption is a terrible news. I mean I think people have this image abroad as this like sort of created in a lab. Idiots that just goes up their be play football Mimi had a lot smarter than people give. Four you have especially football Smart and he's learned how to deal with those things well but acted. Markets since the irritation in terms of saying maybe he sees that he sees something on film that I can improve that insurer may be added that that are that irritation comes out on Sunday all hit it really does and I remember gronkowski thrown some Indianapolis COLT offender into a camera. You know when they started talking some trash on Sunday night Gaby thrown out of the club had absolutely had no clock no T shirts and hear what do I look. How absolutely so it it it it boils it boils in this the asked the way bill likes it because he'll he'll build it up himself. In terms of plays and quo Regis some quotes on Wednesday. Talk to you about him in the media Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Night before the game maybe he'll just let it all out and and then tell you what he really feels he's done that before that you go to bed ready to play so. Along that that lime energy said it completely agree that it's not like were ever Broncos Jalen Ramsey is gonna go he's going to be matchup on some but I don't think a majority of the game but they will be matched up some. So through all listen you said it does get irritating but in front of the microphone you wanna play it off. So when that match up happens in the game obviously Tom sees it proxies it. Then you'd try and get to a man do you try and let him win that battle or does Tom still say. I'm so goal for the best coverage is going to be do you let me get that personal or you try to attack that. And try and win that battle do you ever try to prove the point. Yes through the point to the week and yes you do. And I've been in those situations on the sidelines where yes you wanna prove the point but the scores usually been we've been up by 2124. Round like that because OK because that is they don't voice yeah yeah yeah don't want to. Let the distractions affect the plans. Right so the plan is. If gronkowski early on is Ramsey on you well if you get single coverage. I will throw it right right right ramseys outside wide I'm not thrown any receivers are you telling your. Now come and inside but you're up twenty Europe 21 was I don't know if it's gonna get or maybe it's late in the quarter that. A game they're ten or something like then it's like. Let's prove this point yes grown go ahead run and we'll throw it to you and then when we get in the end zone we'll see what happens spike in their faces and stayed in all that stuff so that's what I think that would happen but they don't let that distract the plan. They just you just can't because an intellectually. Mean there's so many adjustments that they have on can speak especially defensively pre snap and post snap that once it's over and it's been successful play. They knew you almost feel like letting it out because that's again. I Teddy look at Bruschi here for a little our analyst I think the only capped ever play in the NFL which we look at some research for that we think you're the only one. Joining us on a football Friday talk of a week to the NFL was and everybody was raving about Sam Arnold after the Monday night win in Detroit. Little could've got off to a worse start first pass picked sixth and leads into the 31 unanswered. But really to me Teddy as I watched that game against Detroit. What impressed me most was that defense of the jets now I don't know how much of that was alliance and how much of that when these young guns on defense but I'm telling you. Pharma jets fan right now I feel more comfortable on what are expecting out of that defense that I do I December. What a great game of linebacker Darren Lee Paul he was spectacularly had a couple backer tracker this week possible very possible let them know let how. Yeah. I did they don't reject a guy he's been trying he's been improving and actually struggling as a young linebacker as I've watched him but that might have been his best game saw bro that's kind of field in terms of then overall game and even taken away those big plays so to have you always want the young young. Up and coming teams when it was Carolina it was it was can that it was Lou key equally you know you almost had it in Oakland if they would've kept Julio Mac and then also dare car things like that but it. If Arnold and leave those type of players step up for that jet team I mean defensively I loved watching that young I'm back in the game he had it was it was great for that entire organization. Let's go to the other side of that in the amount appoint the jets put up against Detroit now led by Matt Patricia guy you certainly know right off Patricia before he was a deep corners and the offensive side of the ball knowing forbid middle linebackers coach I know. Are obviously as Marco as well as it was your court to us like say you know him well. What what was going on there do you believe I mean his first defense of Miami coach given up that many points his first time as a head coach. Even though so there is a fighter that happened this week was that I was of course they can about how they got blown out and how they can possibly do that and then. My son came up to me said he said do you remember last year's week one vs new England and what Kansas City did to them. You know and how it was it was like what's going on the wheels are falling often they have free runners in Korean hunt breaks through and all that stuff but they ended up settling down it was almost. The same thing in terms of does it take a young defense to grasp everything that that complex defense is trying to teach I think it does I think it does absolutely so. September being an extension of the pre season probably for Matt Patricia and that young defense and a pass Maloney is defensive coordinator may be they need to get on. No the same page maybe Patricia needs to have a little more input I don't know the inputs sort of percentage is there but Kansas City last year. Very similar to all so what happened to Detroit and then they'd at a price that is interest. And as far as the input there are I remember when it went Buddy Ryan was our coach Jeff Fisher was a running the defense and Jeff was kind of learning and under underneath them a little bit so that's a good point of of where is that. Responsibility between. Yeah and it's just laugh you know it's it's. It's the NFL then you know lions fans get emotional and motor city kidneys an article like this yes yeah after we caught the hard thing undergo win and not only try to teach at a culture change of hopefully winning not only to a team but two of Andy's also that. One week really isn't gonna tell you season. It's 161 week seasons that's everybody to understand Tedy Bruschi is what is and you guys understood that better than anyone. And you can understand maybe what's going on an Oakland better than anyone because. People why forget before 2003. Day here you guys released lawyer Malloy you saved one of the leaders on the defense was very upset you were. The area that was the most that was the most I've ever seen players upset at bill in in a patriot tenure. You've got smoked that first game 31 nothing in buffalo. And then obviously things went on to work welcomes you to go on with a Super Bowl that year but how. Danger aren't dangerous how. How cautious do they have to be in Oakland because they couldn't get any pressure on jerk off the rams after trading week will Mac they get outscored 23 to nothing in the second half. And now Teddy they go on the road to Denver. As long as case came isn't throwing three picks in the game I think Denver's going to be a really tough out for a lot of people especially at all. How critical is it for the raiders to find a win quick. Plea in September I think is huge because going back to that story of us when the lawyer was straight you guys in ski area seminoles talking about being more loyal to my high school in my college that was for the New England Patriots that sounds that I was by the we went on the road after that game to Philadelphia. And then when we and then we we got the victory there and then sort of accord was cut about all of our feelings that's what I think it's so critical for them to get that win because now I think Jon Gruden. With all of his guys supposedly that he's brought in how well does he really know them because how well other people that that believe in what's going on there. Are gonna step up and make plays for MM believer that's going so that's that's huge to look at. How they played. In terms of they play like it is it is them vs the world mentality. Because that's the best as the best feeling you can half in a locked room that no one thinks we can do this you know people think we're against our head coach but. Mick and winning a game and in him showing my way does work it's crucial for him to do that very soon. Go through your one and they can't do better it's going to be. The the high three game this week is going to be out without question giants at Dallas for sure. Told Owens who team out of this. How much trouble or are we looking out for the team. Huh. I don't wanna say I don't continue to kinda how they place I don't know and I don't wanna say as. Catastrophic to start or two and a lot of teams have had success and you gonna take a lot of tough mental toughness to get that. Man I just think. I really think. Those cowboys need this win and a whole game they were to go into via home game in also. Now I think Jason Jarrett as a head coach I just don't know how good he'd beat a rally in the troops and I think that's what would need to happen and if you're Owen to. Another coach I know he's been there awhile but to get these guys believe in that OK we do have some injuries we do have some things going on but still okay or often running coach we're with via. I think Dallas needs that mentality. Tried a deck press guy has thrown for under 200 yards not and the 300 UP under 200 yards in eight of his last eleven games. Obviously it was a problem make generator almost no offense we won at Carolina. How much of that do you blame on. A deck how much do you blame on a lack of play making wide receivers or that running game that offensive line not being what it was two years ago. I mean norm I mean I wanna focus specifically on the run game and realize in Lebanon. And Ezekiel Elliott is just the player you just have to lean on constantly because I think Jackson better quarterback that way. I distorting. If you trying to figure out who you have with debt and great he had a great rookie year and now we think we're on to something and now I think he's a guy that we can throw 3040 times a game you. That's not who years I just don't think he's that type of quarterback he is. He's solid quarterback that can win you a lot of football games if you do it the right way but. Mean if you think he's going to be that Drew Brees that next Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady. Mean your real weapon is the offensive line Ezekiel Elliott you got to play off that constantly. Yeah the numbers back that up the cowboys are twelve and two winning an 857 clip. When Dak has fewer than thirty pass attempts to starts over the last spa two seasons they are ten and eight colonias thirty attempts a more in that starting. He feels more comfortable yet this feels more comfortable because you can feel as a as a defender. And and I know you're not too and throw it forty plus times are over 35 times. I have a different mentality in terms of against the run game I mean I have to moderate more if I don't moderate and deeper in my stance as a linebacker I'm helping on the slot receiver because I just don't respect you and I think that it's just need to go away to go away from. So debt can feel that also so he's got to have that right. Right over wrong move Buffalo Bills going to rookie Josh Allen. It's the right move I mean finally you you hope that Nathan Peter mentioned that Abacha some more time than half for the kid. But that's about all I mean it's time you got to look into team ends to step away from an emotionally. And try to think. I gotta keep my team believe in that. What to do what's best for the team. And I gotta take this kid out because the conclusion in the book can probably be close based on what your team has seen Peter men do in regular season action to apps I have the shadow on what I understand in the pre season I saw him to only get. Right he did deserve our ML break we don't know about and hopefully get about Alan maybe 23 games that time unfortunately was barely three quarters now but. That's who it is you've got to go with the kids. A Teddy mall most importantly as we always do you show up every day you're trying to win one championship and why they keep taking away your championships on an excellent team ball while it's possible he'll have a runner. This week Teddy puts together these amazing tapes he wins the popular vote and by some Barbara Terry Taylor judge they take it away given to somebody. I don't know what's after you know maybe it's some type of rewards system that would Woodson has with him I mean I've been trying to tell which after I'm reading this book. You know so that I did I thought that I can get a voter Tony topic I. I'm not underestimate him I retire out of your winning championships and they are taken away from you and that's not right so I was not right here if you like baloney you like today's tape a ball and on well. We're big on baloney on the show and trust me I'm truly not gonna feel too bad fraternity guys have a little bit of success and managed to what do you have this it's just that you're either. It's our addiction is now did you now he's big into winning he's all about championship. And window. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that spectrum way too much a part of this guy surely we know that is it is his father. Remember when you couldn't order a ride in the rest of them. Bargain online without hearing. Or get dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way. Introducing dominoes hotspots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot for the dog parks are not a no not a problem despite a Domino's house but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered for 599 each to let them in his and he gets dressed as limited time offer price for discussion libertarians are Disney apparently to apply his comes on top of details of Amazon's. Teddy atlas RE ST a boxing analyst. Teddy there's been a few flights over the last couple of years that have been more hype than anything else but this one is a really really good fight. How much are you looking forward to seeing canola triple G back in the ring. Or not to give up the 6 in the morning to gloat or how it's good. And and I like you guys is very most of that border to do little home. Although security right now we're right here. Listen there's so many elements will arrive at this site of first site to anything happen on the way to Williams the smaller guys control. Actual release cycle out in the big guy sort of opened the way and you click the bigger guy you know. And and suspensions full. That being you know he says there was tainted beef at all that skull electrical. And I would say. Two current center happened you know what. How old COLT by US open is Cole Pete. You know maybe I'm sold sooner than slightly. So that gold. You're going to get this cool guy looks like the biggest guy the first are now. All this one right. What happens this second time now the way into the speaker April received could already. Knows so little and guess what. Information. You look like this all the guys. Well let's open anymore a lot of people likely to be spoken like a straight let Palestinians and say. Booklet is the only head coach who. What the closure of colonel. Pieces well look all right so it's really interesting. When the local level would sit there are you got there because despite how you gonna do this by not. I bet he got the other side. Where you have got locked in the newspaper in this fighting is debated the growth are quite good want or are quickly got about. You have to have a year old dirty Suu Kyi is all I don't play. I don't dogs tigers. Let them down at all quite the punishment they take it. I would get carded six years old and you've got more the stroke like that nobody quite young supplemental. Born without an important market. Is that what they're the experience of a multi. Thought this is so I thought it was split but already so I don't a year later he got all the good little. It makes bush is conducting house to exploit it try to act because all the oil port side. Apparently he uses that goes in Columbus. Oh all sort of thought. Optical leaned on well a lot of these people out there looking idea I wanna get so those court. Put it this case there's a little bit between two with. Out extra motivation. Global credit you don't need anything too late they want to do good it's a lot of perhaps Kyra. The court. Don't think why didn't he didn't go motivation. Colorado couple opening to put that let. Did you don't put the ball deal is good career -- that date yet it still wouldn't go to war and the elderly usually don't have a pretty high school tomorrow and whatever else he gave up one regret the fact is that the goal clay as they beat these little boxes they couldn't pay their pick so they don't really need extra motivated we look at that who went with a guy that you could get out of there. And on that side of it you'll have a lot in a drop of course are. I doubt that the excitement guy who bought CDs. And then we'll people think that he's the guy who's got that you go to places like they. Particularly the guy. Because he called total lace. It grows legend in the Mexican crisis because elections those guys. They have some of the great despite their parents to look other sports they have soccer they're boxing. And they really low the only tool there they have waited until the I'll look Paris this data services to surprises. Around. All those guys will do it. It what reason it is the right way these all hard working people just like we had the ball coach you know hardworking people that go out there and the eight. Put this morning they don't make a lot of money he put out the back these guys and they need these great deals and they'd all like to be anchored. They want to be real they won't have to be honest they want to be that I didn't. That date back. And you don't want. He's not right now. A lot of the Mexican fans don't feel that way about I've talked to a lot of public and although we all we don't like them so much going to be out there will be plenty about that. There's going to be bloody that is the way I just finished college yet. And now to chip into debt reduction would post there that's something that's real. Or talk did Teddy atlas live from Vegas on Michael we love your hash out dead once you know not let let's keep that going now they don't go to let's go in the ring because I feel the same way that that troubled you got robbed in the first one bought. For each fighter and start with a start with a whoever you want. What does that fighter have to do different in this fight that they did the last fight. Good luck with that that's the right question nobody thought. With the actually bigger guys that don't get even bigger guy that would look a lot right. You know what more. Indelible inaudible. Civil rights. In that fight and guess what he did little more beatable you know local they listen a lot of people out there that are over they're gonna create Teddy would've way to get characterize what. Crap you wanted to try to get gathered early on go to guy trying to survive early art would we had to respectful would we have to temple. Maybe they beat. That kind of knew why they maybe made him think a little too much know what. He was not. Saying there is gold medal play who holed a good accounting local guy and as they call to go to the body can't go to the body. A lot and that is. No actually went to the body more so they aren't you want the bigger guys when you get inside. Alien side. Not cope act outside a little walk the walk. Yeah how they got this guy who boarded economic we're all called act. Well guess what now. You know a bit smaller guy you'd direct. You know being embedded in all sit there more than gloat about all I want on the my muscle and I got that they hate. You didn't win the first time maybe you wouldn't bite the EU. The fact regard it is not a guy in the book but let recruit guys good you won't vote on our. As much a lot to look at these bad I mean everybody loves the you know what he's one dimensional. Sold huge hook. Multi dimensional. Crowd applauds. Carter won't go up even more. He can't be the biggest guy if you're a little bit let it get even more helpful guy. You know a little bit. It took to Teddy real quickly does the world up against the clock you're who'd you everything's walking out of his way to the ring with a win Saturday. You know what. I mean sometimes you go look in the mirror. And you can go that route people who didn't want to let the big key tool rocky and you know that's etched you know. Directional of that but some kind of typical real lucky. A little rocky. He didn't wanna fight and that means that. But I people those guys it means that they might setup. For a better look at us today. And let not then well you know what. Developed a look at the mirror now and then he went on Jews without a fight they assumed it was all Jews for the right. Don't look at it you know say what they have money whoever. Have read this sixteen year old Mexican kids that Drupal took the ball immortal world I don't have all these that it could then currently. I throw a legacy of great great great fighters who have. I wanna play about group which I am undergoing. You know we'll find out who I am and you know what yeah. A gold hill. Let's wow I can't win this right now unfortunately I'd I'd like the rest of the show that we don't know any other that's our brother we appreciate it great and thank god you guys are great though I guess that is. Is that the best of go what can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESP NF. Podcast boy. Just ask your smarts they could play goal. 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