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Hour 4: Gary Patterson

Sep 14, 2018|

The guys talk with TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson about the big game against Ohio State this Saturday before talking with ESPN Boxing Analyst Teddy Atlas and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remember when you couldn't order arrive at the rest of them or get online without hearing. Or did dominoes delivered to over a 150000 unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hot spots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The plot more than Doug Clark are not a no not a problem quite an ominous odds but near you and get to medium to topping pizzas delivered provide 99 each to let them anything because you get your -- is limited time offer price dismissed the libertarians are listening very respected by his comes on top and he doesn't anonymous on July collapsed. Which I may do after the show. All deploying go we just did radio ESPN news forgot about the rest of insurance cellphone guess join us on the shell Pennzoil performance on. The song that motivated the entire goal from Dario there was. I was this was the one right. This was the one I. Wasn't this the one loses almost lose I don't know I lose no clue what you're talking -- I was of the centers over the you know it wasn't that or whatever was that was a lacklustre and that was an I did I know it had nothing do with our family earlier than they did it but you Newt to Michael and I sign no doubt. Okay all right let us now we'll know Friday colonel islands this. Probably a lot to get to we'll make. Some of our predictions for some of the bigger games in week two the NFL coming up in just a little bit. We have some college football and Israel as we're rejoined by Gary Patterson TCU head coach in just a few before you to any of that let's do it. What's trending. And let's start with a Andy Dalton trending in the right direction threw four touchdown passes in the first half my three to eight real Jeremiah green. As the Bengals beat the ravens 34 it's 43 Mike I'm stunned by this number. It's the first time in Bengals franchise history they've scored thirty points or more in each of their first two games of the season. If you go 34 more of those first two games who's 75% chance to make it to the Super Bowl there you go Bengals think bagel fans are already talking about that stacked. Well yeah and the team is looked good but we have seen them look good in the regular season before we know the issue is the post season. What we've talked about. The different of these two teams as the new weapons. Baltimore got a receiver and the same weapons basically since that he has. And really one of the big weapons are hoping can comeback form. Is gonna retire all right for you had a couple catches last night four and win an alkaline but yeah it did not provide nothing in that danger in the red zone like he was a couple of years ago before the injury so. If they can work themselves back to vet. Plus with AJ green what Joseph mix and brings a milieu he was a little in the class that went up but did come back and yeah I'd like on offense defense only four sacks get pressure on the quarterback so there are very impressive team right now we've said. Who may challenge Pittsburg or not really sure what Pittsburgh is right now wrecked reducing their the best team. In the north but obviously we have to give more time but Cincinnati without offered to fire power looking good. Yeah and listen the reason we sit make that joke about the Super Bowl they scored 34 points in each of their first two games over the last ten seasons there the fifth team to pull that off. A three the previous four went on to play in the soup are just 35% so congratulations now that being said for a bagel fan base was all too familiar with the fact that they haven't won a playoff game since Bo Jackson was in the league. Their problem would not diving all it on the Super Bowl ring yet. In fact I think the last team they beat was a team that no longer exists a franchise would can be used in oil Mario so I think they're going to probably. Pump the brakes on the Super Bowl talk but listen you're too and oh your offense is clicking and you know that defense is going to be good because of what you have there. A unit refueling. A good I would say so someone else. Pretty good about himself was Washington's running back Adrian Peterson. He's 33 years old. In his tenth season in the NFL. He says he wants to play three or four more years saying of course I plan on playing three or four more years I plan on playing those years at a high level. The Washington Redskins host the colts this on Sunday he says he wants to be the best running back ever yes he does. And right now we sitting tenth. Other top 25 rushers in the NFL there are true that our current one is number 108 your Peterson the other one gets no love and his number five. That's francoeur Yahoo! still playing by the way if you are short of well being for Paul exactly right just right on the heels the Curtis Martin. Ager Peterson you know your talkative he does play four more years including this year. Know you think could be another three to 4000 yards again remember. Yeah a thousand yards in the NFL today in sixteen games a 62 yards again exactly going to be difficult for him to do I completely understand that. But to move up the ranks pretty quickly NeuStar compiling some numbers or next three or four years pretty guy lets you are francoeur ends up. Second as well and he is sitting at number five about to be number four. Well this is an interesting question. When you look at Frank Gore. It's it's sort of lose the argument you make in baseball but I stays around long enough we get from what I was is it compiler is the hall of Famer. To meet. That's an easy label to do in baseball. I don't think you can be a compiler. In football because one of the skill sets is that the biggest skill set. Is staying available yes right. So I don't know if they weren't if you are available to be a compiler I think that puts you in the hall of fame discussion because it's a very rare thing. Longevity is the hardest thing to do in any sport it is being hardest thing to do in football so if you could be productive. Over a long period of time I think by the nature of the sport. That make sure all Famer Don gar frank. Oh yeah now francoeur sent to 35 years old out of Miami now the first week at nine carries for 6169. You like I'm one little under seven yards a carry why do any more carries five years old salt. You know I AP Edgar Peters and understand Woolsey you looked really good out in week one against Washington but. Let's let's also remember the ball for an hour let's make sure meant to francoeur whose five spots ahead of him. On the all time list right let me ask you this then because Adrian Peterson says he wants to be the best running back ever. What would it take for you to consider Adrian Peterson being the best running back ever would it be passing Emmitt Smith's record if I'm the anybody's touch and that one. What what do you think it would be that you could say yeah he's the best to vault quite away do I think my quick map I looked at that the numbers or the as 5983. Yards short of of amidst threats yeah yes he got to play a while longer listen it's my understanding that there would be no match I am amazed that you can fire that I don't think Ager piercings are around integrated turn back. Of all time and I understand that's what we want to being considered he's gonna hurt I was one of the great runners of all time there is zero doubt about that. But I don't I don't think he's gonna allows greater for honorable I don't know what he can do it in Mena I. People are gonna say passing general what hell yeah they're good people are gonna say Walter Payton they're gonna say Jim Brown member out now a lot of people did OJ Simpson a lot for me to go past Jimmer are Walter Payton yeah well I agree and and them. Via via Emmitt Smith people say well. Nobody read from right that's usually running an adult and let me tell you I'd the running back I play yet to most of my career was Emmitt Smith one of the toughest runners. I've ever gone against in my life totally let me ask you the question to because a lot of people say it was always and look we get it the great wall that they did. An NFL network's special on the offensive line of the dal Scott was you don't do specials on office supplies it doesn't exist. How much do you think that was that offensive line and how much you think Emmitt Smith being a great runner up again I think a lot of it is availability I'm eager to run the ball and get hit as many times. Here's the thing you can gain yards but what are you doing even if you game two yards or five yards what's happening after each run yeah it hit exactly it hits are used to getting hit every time you carry the ball. And we we know this guy played with a separated shoulder you play were the other injures a lot of guys have done that but availability is one of the best abilities out there and he was able. To do that so yes it has to go into it and how we always talk about where you. You know a lot of people think of Al tomb was in the position of Jerry Rice the widest ever little jets what it would have been one of the great ones as well so you know you can't put that into it in some cases as well but. Emmitt Smith man with TV music hall talk for monitoring down he was and he's done the one thing that nobody has ever done and I don't think anyone will. Are doing an eleven straight seasons but at least a thousand yards rushing eleven state of the other way on either and that his rookie year he had 937. And the year after his last thousand yard season got 975 hot. It was reflects sixty yards away from Julia thirteen straight seasons impressive what he dared to impressive what Frank Gore still going a processor were bigger Peterson spoke to a node out about and it's also impressive what our next guest has done at his university of building TCU and consistent winner. In football so we're delighted to be joined now on the shell Pennzoil perform assigned by TCU head coach. Gary Patterson he's brought to you by Goodyear when you put in the hours the reps in the heart nothing can keep you from being blimp for the Goodyear. More driven. A coach thanks for being with us this morning a huge showdown for you guys as you welcome in on a pseudo home game for you it's it's not on campus but it's at AT&T stadium is TCU plays Ohio State. What does this game mean for you guys this week. Well I. It's a surgeon you know every year you're trying to. No the ultimate goals were more commerce chairmanship some more forward and to play well that's why you know you schedule I was states GG have a game that if you can win let them you know at that elevate you in the computer rankings and all of those things that Darwin sort. Opportunities vehicles last fourteen so long you know this is this is why we're here where were to happen and we're excited about it. You know we always talk about coach the different one of the differences or college or pros those pre season games in college you don't get it. So this is your third game no soul where where do you put this team right now. Couple wins are against southern and SMU before you take out Ohio State stalwart where where do you evaluate this team now. Well I just I think you know what we're a little bit beat up I think we're a little bit behind are going into the season but I think he does come up with this ball we've played better on both sides of the ball. But in this you can't. Demo we did in the southern and strong and optional dinner one dollar schools should really didn't see much but these guys have been in big games before. Lot of these guys sort they're excited about it and so on certain is that. Watch from John little house to its play very well right now it doesn't sound guys but no Q she's been in this position. Thousand times were you the underdog and you do things you do when you know that's trying to work with guns got to where we want. That you got him in Texas that's for sure TCU head coach Gary Patterson would this have for those that may not know. This match up between TCU and Ohio State has interesting origins in 2010 TCU with Gary Patterson as a head coach in Andy Dalton. As their quarterback went through an undefeated season went to the Rose Bowl that year. And Gordon gave the then the president of Ohio State University was said something. Saying basically quote I do know having been both a Southeastern Conference president at a Big Ten president. That it's like the murderer's row every week for the school's dean declared we do not play a little sisters of the poor. We played very far schools on any given day referring to the schedule that you Gary and your team may have played that yearns wanted to and and really it was from that remark that's sort of got this match up going did it not. Well everybody always has an opinion you know I think I started in fifth place for my watch so in the weeks. That I'm gay bar next WW isn't everything everybody judges say you know you're muzzle destroying her on the market torture alkaline circus you don't have a chance so well know all you can do -- -- in the -- go prove people wrong and they know in the 21 years have been accused you that's what we've been trying to do and you know oh win or lose such as we boarded development and ourselves are we wanna be won forty games allows for years in the big twelve and and we've we've got to go try to win one more like that you do have a great seasons so world you know that's good fortunes are excited about that and think about it for a while and you'll go. I mean none of those kids are that team are going to be on this Tebow will you bring this up a cold apple have talked before the game begins. Oh no I don't I don't I'll need to bring up you know it's you know. Bottom line is doing is you're supposed to do after the game so you're supposed to win in the big games picture themselves I think everybody knows my marching that the plan allows state and how can football team that do aren't and then you know we always try to match our level of ability will the next you know we always play and so you know roster would play in the championship game against Oklahoma they're really good football team. We came up short. And so we're trying to get back to that. Position again so all Ohio State's next person in line and then you know there're there're going to be hard challenge because. I think they're playing very well there have been no doses said the that it just won't maybe one of their investment house state teams and so on we're gonna we're gonna. Her abilities up against them see how we we shot. Darting Gary Patterson keep your head coach through time AP coach of the year and that's. That's I think an attic I guess that's wrong and asked the frustration for you. Rises a top program I mean you've proven that for a number of years yet at times it doesn't feel like you guys are perceived that way. Is that frustrating to you. What do I do look at it I think just that allows for the last four years to five teams have been didn't demand only five teams have been without the top general can you talk about the ouster in Alabama. She's she's one of those groups Oklahoma. So when you know richer while those terms and you know you're one of those teams you've done that then on is somebody somebody's paying attention Richard over the over the years. You've got to find out that you got to do it that's why we've just we've just kept her head down and keep prove people wrong and I think that's so. Always been our motto do that would do that in the duke would play us coach in the depression they understand how long would play and how we do it turns. And I'm not. I don't think we've ever as I told somebody in the media day you mentioned about well we've. We've made Jews turn to these are guys do you their players are Shalala told that's what I was that are. That was the arrangements we've always elect adjourn usually the end almost. No startup the other day that are all we've got to have the most talked to block men all chuckles in the NFL was six. Nine total console. You know where bush is leaving the defense group. But you know you're talking about kind of brought all this blonde in the rehab so it's. Not elected and do yourself to develop them and make yourself better and get people to pay attention of the day it is only woman that you can pay the brands as it is to do it every day and not just and that once you do one time. Not gonna get it done and others so far. That doesn't change that attitude about how we approached things is going to be yours and save them and that gives us an opportunity every week to them. So let's look at the game the opportunity to win this week number four Ohio State playing number fifteen TCU. Let's look at that game and from your team's perspective what. What are the things that you can't afford to do and on the negative side in camp on the positive side to make sure you leave this this game with a win. Well at the bottom line is you can't you gotta start. Faster if you look at the poster broader range of postage plus they cut people down by 28 points on the second quarter and so long. Ago sort of pastor you know we can have an hour mobile. Type situation where you're trying to come back and vote gently trying to come back one point applause. So you know we've got to start fast you've got to deal to move the football score some points do you translate. Obviously you've got to handle what is permissible our state and you know what I don't think. More things that makes him a lot better on offense is really thrown the ball better with this football team what. But how can so long we've got to be able to come out. Gotta do try to get takeaways which is one of the ways you can slow people down to and then there's no doubt percentages like 73%. Right now. So how do you do that. And so you know I kind of look at the same way I would just play him a Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl I think they were. Averaging like seven once again in the last six games of the season in the Big Ten. When we play them in the rose born so I think you've got to get ready them and understand that that's why you play the games in any given day anybody can be anybody so world how'd you do that. Gary Patterson with a TCU head coach yes 73% completion. Our conversion on third down now I know you're really bad step for opposing defense is so labs slowly that one needs against change around we talk a little bit about how this thing got started Gary. Would that bill sisters of the port comet but this first time on ousting TCU. I've played since 1973. How he would how do you deal with someone an opponent like that that you really don't see a lot of. Number alone work yard I would respect. On the on the football side dog slit our coach Meyer's done a great job there are you Greg Schiavo. You know you have a coach they all those guys are gut. Went through four coaches need to be head coaches on the staff. And so you understand the kind of abilities their players. And doing man doing the things that they -- and so I think first ought to have a respect factor the other part of that I really respect Ohio State assemblies -- -- you know of their passionate about what to do -- have been doing a long time I think stated -- -- or more of those groups that you. That you like to -- because they've been -- -- -- anytime you play anybody like we've played LSU here in the AT&T stadium for a couple of years back. Anytime you play one of those kind of ambitions you have to you have to embrace the moment because that's it's what college football's -- -- that's why you play in the game and it's it's one of those things you respect your opponent which you don't you don't -- your opponent and -- get ready to go -- and if that's what that's what makes this big -- game that's -- -- -- -- that's why -- -- BA -- to -- yes -- doing that -- and that that's that's what you like to play the -- everybody wants to -- -- -- that's -- young -- what do they -- -- to -- over the plate and -- these kind of -- and so you have -- you have to give them an opportunity to be able to do -- and so it's -- -- coaches -- -- getting -- to baseball -- to it's it's it's what -- it's -- all the work. All the work did you put an emotional work that. So along those lines or Ernie Gary Patterson TCU head coach kick out of Ohio State yet a quarterback in Shaun Robinson. This third game is is a starter after replacing Kenny hill last year sophomore. So. In your coaching the way you coached you talk with Sean about the big game and and ways to deal whether or do you just kind of let him. You know go through the week how we naturally go through we cores are more emphasis put out with few. No I think she's you don't you don't need to tell them how important is I think you're the biggest thing for Sean this is too. Two lapel pins were performance not trying to do too much insult. That's from quarterback didn't trouble. You know this abuse charted their course and love it. Just Texas Tech cluster and in the very much on his she's these these and ultimately our team person you know he just wants to where and how to we do not. I don't get to that point on and I think that's that's what. Mentioned special you know judicial those guys that you love been around not just as a football player but just as a person. Insult. When you have a guy that you know that's gonna put in some opposition but you know when it. We try to understand you know it's kind of like. Saying out there are you don't rise to change in mission to level of training hopefully what we've done us in on in his younger years we've we've. We've pardon in the mountain did you come into this because you're gonna have big delegate front it's going to be Russian and they're very talented. And allows state in the front four and so we we understand that they're going to be in group. That you got a Villa handled. Notes somewhere Asian channel that is what is capabilities all those guys and as I count doled it didn't give out. Did you get out of people's way because of his. Is being. Well listen it's one of the match it was were really looking Florida watching this weekend TCU sort of hosting Ohio stayed ahead. At AT&T stadium they Gary thanks freeway this morning best of luck this weekend thanks coach. You. Gary has such ocean to such a big thing John Roberts and can move absolut well and that rush. You know led by younger post up yet always Brothers gonna be one of their top Todd top picks in the draft. Rock coming out this year so. Sean May have to be on his give bill a high tailed a bit but he can so. That's gonna make it that part of a very interest absolutely and Gary is right do they have built they consistent winning pro they have they have and I telling your for a really one of the better programs. I guarantee you he feels they don't get the respect nationally that they deserve. So will say again a quarterback that can move at four linemen that were in camps flasher in the NFL so replacing some of those guys so. You know what let's hear we're those battles go you know a you know a lot of respect him beard Saturday that's for sure. 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And that left foot every time he talks about boxing is scored do we go presented by progressive insurance. So that in mind they huge fight the rematch is coming up this weekend biggest canola oil rose against triple G so of course we gotta talk to our guy. Teddy atlas arias did boxing analysts. Teddy there's been a few flights over the last couple of years that have been more hype than anything else but this one is a really really good fight. How much are you looking forward to seeing canola triple G back in the ring. Or not to give up the 6 in the morning to quote yeah. And and I like you guys like most of that border to do go home. Although security right now are here. Listen there's so many elements built around and recite the first site. Opening thing happened on the way to William the smallest guy can go. Local agent who literally mortal to a actual release cycle out in the big guy sort of opened the way and you collect a bigger guy. You know. And and then what happens can't pull off mostly that. Some suspensions will eat these later. Maybe we got pretty handsome. I think you know he says there was tainted beef at all that stalled in Mexico. And I would say that with all the bodies makes. Two times that happened you know what. How old COLT by vehicle to its coal Pete you know maybe only sold sooner than that thought slide absolutely so you gold. You're going to get this all the guy looks like a big guy the first are now. All of this thought Russell what happens this second time now the way and couldn't because they police secret already. The coach knows little and guess what information. You look slightly smaller guy. I don't let stop anymore a lot of people like to be spoken that that straight. Palestinian gonna say. Booklet that I can tell you what I know you imperil. It's really interesting. The locals don't consider her right governor because despite I didn't do this I doubt that he got the other side. Where you have got locked in the newspaper in this fighting is that they could because I want the first car quickly got about. Yeah I have had a year old dirty Suu Kyi is all I don't play. I don't those fighters. Chronological guys judge it by about options. But none at all sites to punishment great great and we get dirt in six years old and if not more apparently took like that nobody quite bloody simple level. Wanted out of despite the Balkans. I what it's a series so the hope I. Don't start this result I thought it was looked at already so I don't think you laid out he got all the things a little out. Also what also I. The card with the use physical in Columbus. Of all sort of thought. Optically bond well a lot of these people out there and he had yet I wanna get so those court put it this case. There's a little good tune to a out extra motivation. Global credit you don't even have been glad they want to do so it's a lot of bull crap so Kyra. Because I don't let it be that evil motivation. Colorado couple opening to what that meant. Yeah he took. They're popular is good career couldn't read it yet it still wouldn't order or an elderly usually go to hell pretty high school tomorrow who got quality people wanna look at the practice that wouldn't go cool clay as they beat these little boxes could look at the table they're so they don't really need extra motivated with a look at their tooling with a guy that you could get out of work with a little help with what the public know literally need extra motivation. And on that side of it. A lot of got a drop of course guys aren't. I doubt but he fight a guy who don't beat these and then we'll have to think that he's the guy who's got the actual motivation to try to. Particularly to kind. Because he called total place. It grows legend in the Mexican fighters they can call elections those guys. They have so the greatest white balance in the world out there and sports they have soccer they have boxing. And they really low the only war they're in their latest. Really do that I'll Paris this they're citizens to ship glances. Around. But whoever is all those guys will do it with a legend or leader. It is the right way these are all hard working people just like we have a ball coach you know hardworking people that go out there. And then they put this morning they don't make a lot of money you put it got to back these guys and they may be great deals. And they don't like to beat Connecticut they want to be real they won't have to be honest. They want to be the site is that date back. And you don't want. He's not right now a lot of the Mexican fans don't feel that way about it I talked to a lot of liquor and although we all we don't like him so much. Going to be out there will be plenty about that there's going to be I think that is the way I just finished college that. And now suggested to get redemption would post where that's something that's real. We're talking did Teddy atlas live from Vegas on Michael we love your hash out that is what you know not let let's keep that going now let's go guys let's go in the ring because I feel the same way that doctor would you got robbed in the first one bought. For each fighter and start with a start with a whoever you want. What does that fighter have to do different in this fight that they did the last fight. A little thought with that let's go right question nobody thought would actually bigger guys that don't get he is the bigger guys nobody spoke a lot of great. You know what more. Indelible inaudible. Several. In that fight and guess what he did he let more people you know local they listen a lot of people out that it was. Gonna say daddy was a way to get current guess what. Oh crap what did a pretty good talent early are good the guy was trying to supplied early aren't exactly true respectful that we have to ample. Maybe maybe. I kind of knew why they maybe may be demonstrate a little too much know what. He would not saying there is no I don't play who hold the good accounting local guy. They're difficult to go to the body can't go to the body. A lot can that it. No actually went to the body more too good. You want the bigger guys. When you get inside. Alien side. Not cope act out like a little walk the walk yeah how this got loose side. Act outlawing. Well that's what I'll. You're bit smaller guy direct route and that bad as you all sit there more than gloat about all I want some. Album my muscle and I got this big eight. You didn't win the first time maybe you wouldn't bite the EU. The fact that guard the smartest guy in the book the road crew guy good you won't vote on our. As much a lot to a big lead then I mean everybody loves the you know what he's one dimensional. Old huge hook multi dimensional. How to launch. Won't rule out that he'd have more power he can't be the big guy it it'll let him get that get even more helpful guy you know little bit. And exit. You know what. Some time to go look in the mirror. And you revealed that rocky will be the war where the big key tool lucky and you know let's let's hope that. Fictional look at some current typical real real lucky. We'll rocky there he didn't wanna fight and that means that. But I people those guys hitting it pales setup path for a better look I asked this. And not let well you know what. Don't go look at the mirror now that he was orange juice without fight those who was arduous struggle right. If you look at that it'll say what headline. Limbaugh. I read this sixteen year old Mexican is a total current role portal world I don't have all these are good they're currently. I'd call legacy of great great great writers. There are a lot of my got a 2 week I am. We're going to we'll find out who I am an old 1 AM. I'm looking now. Let's I'll I can't win this right now unfortunately I'd I'd like the rest of the show that we got to go and send any other NASA brother we appreciate it great Penn bank we got a great note or pentagon now I want to punch and just a lot of punch somebody dared there can be no more straight talk yeah and him he's less than half of it as less setups correct. Well luckily slowed this is how great Teddy is clock integrity out the window when Teddy atlas and on the line by me ma'am we are gonna deliver like back off chills. Why are you know this was it. Remember when you couldn't order riding the crest of the bargain online without hearing. Or did Domino's delivery to over a 150000. Unexpected outdoor locations way let. Introducing dominoes hotspots you can finally get pizza delivered right to the beach. The quad. 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Visit us a Geico dot com or call 180947. Auto so let's do. Good deep dive right here in to big games in both college and the NFL start. With two with a three in the OK let's start with the patriots at the jaguars it is the rematch of the AFC championship game. You know the jags are cocky confidence they had that ten point lead in the second half of the AFC champs of game of Foxborough and they let it slip away. Now they get the pats. At their plea out and again I love the Jacksonville defense and I'd love to just leaned that defense is nowhere in there. No I don't think you're gonna get letter for now I do like TJ Elvin not like I don't like kemba for matters is hammering there's no doubt. About that cell missing him I think that hurt them. New England just they they are so good it just finding a way. You have the whole gronkowski Jalen Ramsey thing how working as well here I think rock has another. A big game. I wanna they're really a big part of me wants to pick Jacksonville with that defense by about four net in helping that offense run I think number to stick with doing a missile on the road. I'm with you if Ford that was there and if he's healthy I'm I think I would have gone with Jacksonville but he's not and grown kids and remember rob missed a large part of that AFC champs you right last year when he got can cost on the attached. By Barry church so because the best weapon for the patriots is there and arguably the best weapon is in for Jacksonville. I'm also going with New England right below one Dallas hosting all in one giants. Fog again mill. This new thing for me is who were the playmakers right now for Dallas I know is Zeke Elliott running out of the backfield but that line is nicked up. They don't committee have any heavy hitters at the receiving corps. And the giants you're the giants have a lot of computing that is sought any play while he wasn't able to do it against the Jacksonville defense so we did have eleven. Catches for over a hundred did have that break away. You get one against that Dallas defense I think that. That won't be the different another week that Dallas offensive line trying to gel little more would say quite so you don't get the two yard to yard to yard sixty yards right you'd like more consistency there. But I think overall the giants. I think are better team right now slumped pick in two road teams right now a growing giants over cowboys. Well road team with the patriots is totally understandable I allocated to nobody instruct you Eli has done really well at AT&T stadium major world over the years but you know and you mentioned it that giants' offensive line did not look good against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the cowboys defense obliges the strength of their team right now it's certainly the strength of their defense. I think eating get after a little bit. I think deck is little offended. If you should be because that's the right thing to do is what they said how to beat them on the cowboys are on and aren't a lot if you look at the dark complex I will through married okay. Off goods and well obviously god there's a cover all bases he has and then this morning as great a mill vikings and Packers have we don't know what's gonna happen right there Roger. Well without and I think people would there Rogers less than a knee sprain I don't care for Stephen just. Our grade won it takes more than a week to feel better he gets a practice all week not that he needs it. But moving around a deaf we're gonna take a little bit to loosen up and it's gonna get tight again and soar again. And then Minnesota defense can be stifling via sole. I I like that for from that part of it now. The Green Bay defensive line led by Mike Daniels on the inside and that the that the mid Minnesota offensive line little shaky I think in the beginning here. That could make it it just seemed to me I'll go with the Minnesota defense in this one now get them with a win over Green Bay. Look if Aaron Rodgers is playing a modified Imus say Aaron Rodgers has a way to with them to a win at home. But we don't know Solomon a goal with Minnesota and then of Aaron Rodgers shows up and I'm not and if you look at dot com II group mounted video that literally Stewart did two in college football Earl quick Ohio State. At TCU don't really cute yeah I do I do say that. It's been like a thirteen point spread I just think. And you heard Gary Patterson say don't let Ohio State off to a fast start certainly while I agree with that I still think Ohio State has the ability to roll through a game and eventually. Just I'll play you know just keep going and keep the pressure on you the entire game. And I see that happening here. I see them maybe not getting out to that fast start for a pretty eventually just rolling through and getting the win duvet cover thirteen to big number. But I think louse it does win this game and lastly LSU goes to Auburn last year LSU upset Auburn it just felt I love the LSU defense death lettuce is a new low against adamant that Auburn offense I think the difference could be Burrough needs to be better. I completion percentage is under 50% right now so that worries me a little bit calmer take Auburn at home by the registry I didn't pick. I'll also take Ohio State guide Gary L and I think I'm gonna go of Auburn as well carry sewage urged atom can do so it's a huge weekend. We hope you enjoy the football on Saturday and Sunday will be back here Monday morning did you set clustered up a fight. Setup it's all in on Teddy analyst OK real quickly but what golf party know Pete. There are. When it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste any help getting your short list of qualified candidates. Fast that's why you need indeed dot com posted job in minutes set up screener questions and zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new users can try for free and indeed dot com slash podcast that's indeed dot com slash podcast terms conditions and quality standards apply.