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  1. Sports Daily 02-21-17 Baseball, Royals, Contracts, Extended Contracts, It All Comes Down To Supply And Demand


    Tue, 21 Feb 2017

    Paul Savage & Jacob Albracht discuss how power players are becoming more expensive, mega deals, can the Royals afford to pay what the athletes are demanding?

    Alex Gordon found at 7:02, 14:57

  2. Sports Daily 02-20-17 What does Hosmer need to do this year to guarantee a big contract


    Mon, 20 Feb 2017

    Jacob Albracht & Paul Savage discuss the Royals/Hosmer contract discussions and whether or not the Royals should keep him.

    Alex Gordon found at 3:37

  3. Sports Daily 02-14-17 The Royals aquire LHP Travis Wood


    Tue, 14 Feb 2017

    Bruce Haertl & Jacob Albracht discuss the Royal's acquisition of left handed pitcher Travis Wood and what that means for them.

    Alex Gordon found at 8:37