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Baltimore Orioles

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  1. Hour 3: Will Cain: 6/21/17


    Wed, 21 Jun 2017

    ESPN's Will Cain joins the guys to discuss Phil Jackson and the Knicks, among other things. Plus, why is one season-ticket holder suing the Bears?

  2. Golic Returns Home: 5/31/17


    Wed, 31 May 2017

    Live in Cleveland, Greeny & Golic discussed the Nationals/Giants brawl, Tiger Woods and the NBA Finals. Plus, they talked with Adam Silver and Terry Francona

  3. Hour 3: Stugotz, Barry Melrose: 5/30/17


    Tue, 30 May 2017

    Stugotz joins the guys to discuss the NBA Finals, the Bryce Harper brawl and more. Plus, Barry Melrose on the Stanley Cup Final, and Greeny shares an amazing non-sports story.

    The Orioles found at 2:17



  1. The Reason Michael Phelps Cracked Up During The National Anthem


    Wed, 10 Aug 2016

    eSYQjxRQDk — Cut4 (@Cut4) August 10, 2016 He had a great reason for laughing, one that Baltimore Orioles fans will get. Phelps is from Baltimore, and at Orioles games at a certain part of the anthem the fans all yell "Oh

  2. VIDEO: Bench Clearing Brawl Between The Orioles And Royals


    Tue, 7 Jun 2016

    Machado charges the mound swinging. #Royals — Chris Lilly (@wibwChrisLilly) June 8, 2016 The Orioles ended up winning 9-1 but the 2 teams play again on Wednesday night. On the bright side... Rusty's hair is ALWAYS amazing

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