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  1. Hour 1: NFL vs NFLPA


    Fri, 18 Aug 2017

    Greeny and Will Cain talk about the dynamics between the NFL and NFLPA and what might come down the line between the two sides.

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  2. Hour 1: Stanton HR Chase


    Wed, 16 Aug 2017

    Greeny & Golic return & talk about the insane Home Run pace for Miami's Giancarlo Stanton. Plus we hear sound from Tom Brady who's not trying to worry about going 16-0.

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  3. NFL Players Protesting


    Mon, 14 Aug 2017

    Greeny & Golic talked about NFL Players sitting during the anthem, the horrific incident in Charlottesville and Bryce Harper injuring his knee. Plus, Justin Thomas

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  1. VIDEO: Man Proposing On Jumbotron Loses The Ring!


    Wed, 28 Sep 2016

    ring fall? We got to the bottom of #RingGate 2016 with @GaryGHamilton See what this couple had to say about the memorable proposal here: — New York Yankees (@Yankees) September 28, 2016 -Mike Draup

  2. The Song That Got The Chicago Cubs' DJ Fired


    Mon, 15 Aug 2016

    environment, the song was also a dig at Chapman. He served a 30-game suspension earlier this year when he played with the Yankees because he violated the MLB's domestic abuse policy. The Chicago Tribune reported that he was accused of choking his girlfirend