Tony La Russa

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  1. Doug Gottlieb Show 2-23-17 Hour 2


    Thu, 23 Feb 2017

    Deontay Wilder, Professional Boxer joins the show l Sports Fans Rationalizations l Gametime: Charles Oakley l Jim Harbaugh l MLB Rule Changes l Kansas Men’s Basketball

  2. The Drive with Bob and Jeff 01-11-17 Who's The Coach


    Wed, 11 Jan 2017

    Bob and Jeff talk about the new NFL head coaches at Denver and Buffalo. Jeff likes the moves, Bob no

  3. The Drive with Bob and Jeff 12-14-16 We Are Family


    Wed, 14 Dec 2016

    Bob and Jeff debate if players and teams are "family" as Jeff claimed the Cleveland Indians are his family. bob scoffs at that notion but plays along making up a Cardinal's family tree.

    Tony La Russa found at 3:15