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  1. Hour 4: Players speaking up


    Fri, 18 Aug 2017

    Greeny & Will Cain talked about Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant and others taking an active role on social issues.

  2. Hour 3: Brian Billick


    Thu, 10 Aug 2017

    Greeny & Golic talk with Brian Billick for an early preview of the NFL season and then talk about the ongoing situation involving Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  3. Cavs Drama Continues


    Thu, 27 Jul 2017

    Greeny & Golic talked about the Cavs continued drama with their off-season and can the Patriots go undefeated. Plus, Dave McMenamin and Adam Schefter



  1. Oklahoma City Thunder Players Helped Co-Worker With Epic Proposal


    Mon, 30 May 2016

    It helps to have well connected friends! Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook , and Nick Collision from the Oklahoma City Thunder helped their equipment manger with his marriage proposal. His name is Wilson