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AFC South

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  1. Doug Gottlieb Show 3-8-17 Hour 1


    Wed, 8 Mar 2017

    Tony Romo / Tyrod Taylor l James Conner, 2017 NFL Draft Prospect joins the show l Gametime: Aaron Rodgers l Adrian Peterson l Joe Mixon l Darrelle Revis l Markelle Fultz

    AFC South found at 9:02

  2. Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-17 Hour 1


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017

    DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans Wide Receiver joins the show l Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers Running Back joins the show l Reggie Wayne, NFL Network Analyst joins the show

    AFC South found at 12:51

  3. Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-17 DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans Wide Receiver


    Wed, 1 Feb 2017

    On his performance in 2016, thoughts on how Brock Osweiler played, and how close he believes they are to competing for a Super Bowl

    AFC South found at 11:53

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