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  1. Best Of: Super Bowl Ratings Down


    Tue, 5 Feb 2019

    The NBA Trade Deadline is looming and the guys continue to discuss with ESPN NBA Analyst Doris Burke. They also talk Super Bowl with John Fox, Joe Thomas and more.

  2. Hour 2: ESPN NFL Analyst John Fox


    Tue, 5 Feb 2019

    The guys talk about a survey that says many people who drink during the Super Bowl don't remember the commercials and the guys talk with ESPN NFL Analyst John Fox & more.

  3. Clemson Takes Down Bama


    Tue, 8 Jan 2019

    The guys talk about Clemson beating Alabama in the National Championship with the help of Mike Golic Jr. and Jason Fitz before going through "Tweet It or Delete It" and more.



  1. New Stadium Name Is Terrible, Chicago Fans Try To Fix It


    Fri, 26 Aug 2016

    Guaranteed fate. — Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) August 24, 2016 BREAKING: Still Soldier Field . — Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) August 24, 2016 -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today