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  1. Hour 1: Greek Freak's Dominance: 4/17/17


    Mon, 17 Apr 2017

    Booger's in for Golic, and he and Greeny salivate over the Greek Freak's potential. Plus, Booger explains why he can relate to what Isaiah Thomas is going through.

  2. Sports Daily 03-02-17 Missouri Valley Conference, Teams That Are Capable Of Competing Well In The Conference


    Wed, 1 Mar 2017

    Bruce Heart & Paul Savage talk Missouri Valley Conference, Who's In and Who's out, more discussion on the status of Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles

  3. Sports Daily 01-17-17 More NFL, Who Suffered More The Cowboys Or The Chiefs? How Are The Fans Taking The Loss


    Tue, 17 Jan 2017

    Bruce Haertl & Jacob Albracht discuss the plays offs over the weekends and what they take away from the games, Chiefs will do better next year