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  1. Hour 4: Stugotz


    Thu, 20 Sep 2018

    The guys talk with Stugotz of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz about the Jets/Browns game tonight before talking playing Love It or Shove with Bubba and more.

    Larry Johnson found at 7:50

  2. Hour 4: Bobby Marks


    Wed, 7 Feb 2018

    Jason Fitz in for Trey today. The guys talk with Bobby Marks about the NBA trade deadline and then revisit the Josh McDaniels story and more.

  3. Big Hits in The NFL


    Thu, 7 Dec 2017

    The guys break down Mike Mitchell's rant on NFL officiating, play Fill in The Blank and then talk with Adam Schefter, Jared Goff, Teddy Atlas and more