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  1. Hour 4: Time for Trubisky


    Fri, 29 Sep 2017

    Golic & Trey Wingo talked about Packers/Bears from Thursday night and if it's time to start Mitchell Trubisky

    NFC West found at 13:15

  2. Hour 2: Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA Insider


    Tue, 26 Sep 2017

    ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski gives us the latest news on how Melo ended up in OKC. Plus it's another #TooFarTuesday and we are reading the best tweets on air.

    NFC West found at 8:52

  3. NFL to London?


    Fri, 22 Sep 2017

    Golic & Trey Wingo talked about the NFL wanting a team in London by 2022. Plus they talked with Brian Billick

    NFC West found at 8:43