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Washington Redskins

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  1. NFL draft full or surprises : 4/28/17


    Fri, 28 Apr 2017

    Greeny & Golic discuss round one of the NFL draft. Plus, they chatted with the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell and Eagles QB Carson Wentz

  2. Hour 3: Mel Kiper Jr. : 4/28/17


    Fri, 28 Apr 2017

    Mel Kiper Jr. joins Greeny & Golic to break down the first round of the NFL Draft and to look ahead to the prospects that are still available.

  3. Hour 4: Dalvin Cook: 4/20/17


    Thu, 20 Apr 2017

    Greeny & Golic talked about the NFL Draft and chatted with Dalvin Cook

    The Redskins found at 21:25



  1. The Dallas Cowboys Are Worth How Many Billion!?!


    Thu, 14 Jul 2016

    Forbes released a list of the world's most valuable sports teams, and #1 on the list were the Dallas Cowboys. They are valued at FOUR BILLION DOLLARS! That's 25% more than last year. Get a slide show of the next 49 most valuable teams here. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today

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