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Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open

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  1. Talking PGA Tournament


    Mon, 1 Aug 2016

    Bruce Haertl & Paul Savage

    Wichita Open found at 7:24

  2. Mike Kennedy and Jay Delling talk PGA Championship


    Fri, 29 Jul 2016

    Guest Steve Gotsche

    Wichita Open found at 13:10

  3. Just Sayin 06-25-16


    Sun, 26 Jun 2016

    class the air capital classic should we check who's leading that is leading here capital. Well I wanna normally known as Wichita open . Ryan brand and JT post and when I was eleven I was there yesterday we got up to the minute and Outkast are they are not

    Wichita Open found at 1:34