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  1. Hour 3: Stugotz


    Thu, 3 May 2018

    Adnan Virk in for Trey. The guys talk with Stugotz of the Dan Le Batard Show and then play another edition of Love It Or Shove It and more.

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  2. Hour 1: Cavs Outlast Pacers


    Thu, 19 Apr 2018

    The guys talk about LeBron's amazing effort to help the Cavs even up the series with Pacers 1-1 and talk about Kevin Love's injury scare and more.

  3. Hour 4: John Shuster


    Tue, 27 Feb 2018

    Adnan Virk in for Mike. The guys talk with U.S. Curling Skip John Shuster about winning the gold and then continue the conversation about Jerry Jones and more.

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