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Sports Daily 10 Year - Part 3

Fri, 15 Oct 2010|

Sports Daily 10 Year - Part 3



  1. Super Bowl1:05
  2. Detroit Tigers2:22
  3. close attention3:04
  4. speak volumes1:35
  5. ball game2:37
  6. Motorola8:55
  7. loan purchases4:56
  8. Vietnam3:08
  9. Oklahoma0:15

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He didn't just walk in Britain where He didn't have to -- -- we'll meet you. There hey Josh. It's. Andy do you really think He really didn't little doctor Peter yeah yeah. Oklahoma. And -- -- yeah. I mean these are not awful. This didn't. -- -- is -- and while Kevin who really care what he's pretty well because we get into the the only time we'll okay yeah. Okay yeah. -- -- Yeah it's like. -- yeah recently released little. Haven't heard back from the third year with the yo what's okay -- and I -- it's. Good news. For all of us here we've -- moved both pieces into the ma get but it as its Super Bowl. You're. I'm -- we've been -- all right. But -- Room you know what. And it has put a little -- it's. Not very easy. Cool yeah. It's. Getting down to change and one point at some point you're like me -- -- please. It's. Like. What you who -- and you speak volumes about. It's. Professional relationship with god and definitely. Not good obviously they visit the grave situation. Yeah yeah. Yes He pretty. It was. Okay. It's. And He -- organization there wouldn't be so it's good. It's. We're and yet. It's. Yeah. We'll OK. Are you. You turn down we'll. And Detroit Tigers come back and here's the best thing for you. The knows that kids. You know it's their job. I'm gonna back in she's taken all the ball game. It's. Into. They don't. Talking yet it's. Very good. User -- -- He's -- again and acutely -- continues to fall. You have a lot of friends a lot of people -- paying very close attention to what you do me. It's not gonna go -- Vietnam -- and you've got dvds and people like that. You help me even more. Positions of more responsibility. Lots. It's an error this time you've rightly. Where. And this community get his sense of what's -- dignity right now and for three that are described from baseball guy. This is the time this season now. Plus the team. It. Made me read it. It's. Getting better you know He -- Morrison. Joseph Torre -- It's. More. Game. We say. Hopefully it's. Buffalo yeah yes you. Yeah you'll see he's again these are it's. It and -- -- -- Obama. Talk. This area. CO2 leaders. We'll -- you want various. You know those guys need to. There's no better place and basically bouncing around and baseball but I want to -- the rules on. It is here. It's what is happening -- through -- its. It's still. And cookies yeah definitely it. Fly me -- come here hold it actually. The -- And his -- -- loan purchases being the next day which He recently said. I didn't want anything. Back to her I doubt anybody. Put you ma. And they spend the next -- more are trying to figure out why it was. Want that was. Really valuable thing yeah. Yeah yeah it was a home. It's. Let's last. We have obviously done your mind here when it will be in next year's winner V seven. He is hey who -- thinking man you are a little bit long way. In just. The political side of the anti it's. Not always about winning team in developing players sometimes. When you know what they had He inside a particular receiver TJ -- it pretty well. It's. It's. The latter doesn't mean it got me over here. -- my nieces plus He didn't look that He has stars. Visitors from these. I feel like. Okay. You see you know via phone call when He saw what you do. She. What so it was this for me but it is. It was cool. Taking it. Best thing you do -- bruises and a bonus. Guys and a moment ago that -- get kind okay. People want manageable. I don't think yes callers. It is it's. College games -- venture between human and we shouldn't discount. He's pretty good call yeah they're they're here because you. -- -- -- -- -- Well there's also. You know. But again there was saved me you know ma -- Aren't much. It's. We'll -- -- here today. Programs like which to me you meet the highest level that you can -- game you got your wall. Didn't believe me shouldn't be an hour while back yeah. It's. It's. Really cool. See you are. It's locked the program predictions that you. Maybe it's. Time and it's something back Begin to realize this. -- it is that you. -- -- But the best it's wonderful career people yeah. The approval. I would. It was forty years. So he's. Critical. Food. You're. Assets obviously. That He was. Glad to have you back for good things Bruce it's. It's here yeah. It was yeah. And we'll remember. All those guys it's all over ten years. Yeah Motorola and your mom got here around it is here that it's. It's. -- -- -- -- -- I think the team -- Not the pain medication. We'll probably -- digital report. It's a family business that is the vicinity now. See you. She's never been so we're now. -- candidacy. They're unfamiliar page these. Camera -- and he's here from the independent formally independent school. Look very different parts repair record is here so we'll see her yeah. The work last movie she rises. I think it is -- -- Probably us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah.