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Argentina Soccer

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  1. Doug Gottlieb Show 3-29-17 Hour 1


    Wed, 29 Mar 2017

    Golden State Warriors / Oakland Raiders l Gametime: US Men’s Soccer l Washington Wizards l NBA Coach of the Year l Tony Romo l Paul George l Bernie Williams, Former New York Yankees Outfielder joins the show

    Argentina found at 14:32

  2. Doug Gottlieb Show 12-14-16


    Wed, 14 Dec 2016

    Phil Jackson l Jordan Morris, MLS and USMNT Soccer Player, joins the show in studio l The Press: LSU Football l Ty Lue l Morehead State basketball / Sean Woods l Orlando Magic l Dirk Nowitzki

    Argentina found at 21:49

  3. Doug Gottlieb Show 12-14-16 Jordan Morris, MLS and USMNT Soccer Player


    Wed, 14 Dec 2016

    What his reaction was to Jürgen Klinsmann being fired and what we have to do to become better at soccer as a country

    Argentina found at 7:03

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