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Brazil Soccer

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  1. Doug Gottlieb Show 4-5-17 Hour 2


    Wed, 5 Apr 2017

    Tony Romo / New England Patriots l Sage Steele l Zoning In: Cleveland Cavaliers l Seattle Seahawks l Houston Texans

    Brazil found at 5:33

  2. Doug Gottlieb Show 11-22-16 Hour 2


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016

    Tom Herman / Jim Harbaugh l Joe Thomas Sr., South Carolina State 55-Year Old Football Player joins the show l Zoning In: Soccer l Houston Texans l Indianapolis Colts

    Brazil found at 28:13

  3. Doug Gottlieb Show 11-21-16 Hour 3


    Mon, 21 Nov 2016

    Jimbo Fisher / Ray Lewis l Jon Solomon, CBS Sports CFB witer joins the show l The Press: Tony Romo l Baseball Hall of Fame l Mike Tomlin l Oklahoma State football l Steve Smith Sr.

    Brazil found at 4:15

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